The wax is handmade and tested fully in Mississippi. John Pitts created this wax because the business whose wax he used before ran went of business and he couldn’t find a replacement. Wax used in Mississippi needs to be strong enough to withstand all the conditions in that area. Since he couldn’t find a wax suitable enough in those conditions, he made a new one just for himself! This wax comes in 3 forms; Light Wax, Dark Wax, and the Wacky Tacky. This article is aimed at discussing the pros and cons of this wax.

Overall Specification

Created byFireman & Farrier John Pitts
Weight2.4 Ounces
Application Areaany kind of hair
types of waxesLight Wax, Dark Wax & Wacky Tacky
Ingredients & Scentnatural (Hand made)
Working & Weather ConditionAll Day & Any Weather
ColorAppears Dark but goes on Lighter in color
Price Range$10-$20
Rating4.3 Rates By 284

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This wax is quite different from many of the other hair waxes. Firstly, you can use this wax for any kind of hair, not only that which you have on your head. It can be used for your facial hair as well and that is a big plus for this type of wax. Furthermore, this wax is not a cream or paste like many other branded waxes. This one is more like real wax and therefore is still and holds excellently.


There’s always the bad side to all products and Firehouse Wax is no different. Since the wax is more like ‘real’ wax, it will take some time to get used to. The methods of application are different from other waxes. It is similar to the other waxes as well in terms of applying it; you have to rub the wax a few times between your index finger and thumb initially so that it loosens up a little. After this, you can use either your index finger or both index finger and thumb to apply the wax.

Be careful when applying the wax and make sure it is at room temperature or warmer. This task is a bit tedious and is not really required from the other waxes, hence making this wax a bit difficult to use. Moreover, the wax tends to be a bit extra stiff at room temperature. To avoid this, you could carry the can in your pocket and your body temperature will keep it warm and in perfect working condition. One last disadvantage is that the wax is difficult to get out of the container itself. You have to use your fingernails a little because it sticks to its container.

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FM Wax Wacky

All in all, this wax seems to have more disadvantages than advantages. The main problem with this wax is that it is quite different from what is already available on the market. The wax is of good quality and works well on facial hair as well and that is a big advantage for this brand. I would recommend this to anyone else but with caution on the way to use it. If not used properly, it could cause problems. Be careful when applying it as well because it needs to be handled with extreme caution.


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