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Freedom Grooming vs. Skull Shaver: Things To Consider Before Making Your Pick!

As you get older, you start to realise how placing your trust in the right people and right things in life can lead to monumental outcomes. For instance, when it comes to clothing, wearing an outfit that caters to your body type with the right dimensions is almost always crucial.

The formula is just as relevant in the world of body grooming and haircutting. Regardless of whether you’re trying to get rid of the excessive hair that covers your body or just searching for the best possible results at shaving your head, investing in the right piece of equipment is absolutely necessary.

While most head shavers are just about adequate enough to give you a nice and tidy bald look, two items that perform at an elite level for both and offer even more are Freedom Grooming and Skull Shaver.

Despite having various distinct features on their own, both Freedom Grooming and Skull Shaver offer the mandatory essentials that bring to the table exceptional results; a subject that we will deeply cover in this article. Within this article, we will also cover the technological features and the hardware of each product, eventually unveiling the product that stands out amongst the two when they’re pitted against each other.

Freedom Grooming vs. Skull Shaver: Summary Table

While shaving the head is one of the easier activities that this world has to offer, not every tool meshes well with your scalp. Therefore, prior to investing in a kit, it is extremely important to look into the mechanics to make sure that the candidate is a perfect fit for you and your skin.

If you’ve stumbled upon this article, we hope it’s safe for us to assume that you’ve carried out adequate amounts of research on either one of the two items. However, if you’ve opened it without obtaining any prior knowledge, we hope the table below that comprises all the promising aspects of both Freedom Grooming and Skull Shaver is sufficient!

ModelFreedom Grooming Skull Shaver
Rotary Blades 54
Battery Life 30 Minutes 90 Minutes
Wet Shave AvailableAvailable
Extra Attachments Nose and Ear Trimmer, Exfoliation Brush, Pre-shave Massager, Charging Cable Charger, 1 Rotary Blade
Key Features Easy to use; Fast Charging, Durable, Flexible, Multiple Attachments Easy Grip, Li-Ion Battery, Easy to maintain, Display for Battery Life
Price Check Price Check Price

The Flex Series Ultimate Grooming Kit: Freedom Grooming

Flex Series Freedom Grooming

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When it comes to useful features, Freedom Grooming’s Flex Series seems to have endless of them.

From having 5 rotary blades that will give your head a precise and tight shave to offering tons of flexibility and fluidity when being used, Freedom Grooming’s shaver is the best piece of equipment to invest in for beginners as well as veterans.

An element that makes this piece of equipment so special is its design and hardware. While using 5 rotary blades could be a difficult activity to fathom when you’re as clumsy as I am, the control, flexibility, and durability that Freedom Grooming’s shaver offers will be enough to give you a clean shave without causing any nicks or irritation on the scalp.

In addition to being a shaver with waterproof razor blades, Freedom Grooming comes with a USB port that enables fast charging. However, the product only runs for 30 minutes, which could be difficult to work around if you’re a newbie who is shaving their head for the first time. It also takes around 90 minutes for the piece of equipment to recharge to the fullest, which tarnishes its reputation as a reliable head shaver even further.

The device comes with an LED light which acts as a battery indicator. When plugged in, the LED usually flashed a bright hue of red. When fully charged, however, it turns green.

In addition to receiving the head shaver itself, Freedom Grooming’s Flex Series comes with 3 differently sized clipper guards, an exfoliation brush to gently clean the scalp, a pre-shave massager to enable blood circulation, and another attachment for the nose and ear hair.

Skull Shaver Gold Pro

Skull Shaver Gold Pro

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Any kind of activity related to male grooming, especially around the scalp, is more or less extremely time consuming. While the formerly-mentioned grooming kit of Freedom Grooming offers tons of versatility and definitely has what it takes to cater to one’s grooming needs to the fullest, the Skull Shaver Gold Pro is also just as efficient at its job and can definitely be considered another potential candidate to handle your grooming needs.

The Skull Shaver Gold Pro is what we’d like to call straightforward, since it only comprises exactly what it needs to. The piece of equipment comprises 4 rotary blades that seamlessly wipe away any and every hair strand from the scalp, typically without causing any harm to the surface of one’s scalp.

In addition to having rotary blades that generously shave off hair follicles without irritating the scalp, another impressive feature of the Skull Shaver lies behind its Li-Ion battery, which provides a usage time of 90 minutes with precision and consistency before draining out. The product also comprises an LCD display right underneath the blades that serves as the battery indicator.

Just like its counterpart, the Gold Pro is extremely easy to use. In addition to being resistant to water damage, the shaver also offers exceptional control time to the users; which could further aid those that are seeking to shave their head to the fullest without a mishap.

Freedom Grooming vs. Skull Shaver: A Deep Dive Into The Differences and Similarities Of The Two Products

A known common element between the Flex Series of Freedom Grooming and Skull Shaver Pitbull Gold Pro is its purpose. Regardless of whether you invest in the kit of Freedom Grooming or rely on the Skull Shaver to give you a decent clean up, both the options will cater to that need of yours.

While the formerly-mentioned trait surely brings the two opponents together, on the other end are various characteristics that set them apart and makes the Skull Shaver Gold Pro a better fit than the Flex Series kit by Freedom Grooming.

From offering a completely different experience to users through its impressive attributes to bringing to the table a range of attachments, here are all the ways in which the Skull Shaver Pro is different from the Flex Series of Freedom Grooming.

Freedom Grooming Rotary Blades

Freedom Grooming Has 5 Rotary Blades

An aspect that gives the Flex Series by Freedom Grooming the upper hand is the fact that it contains 5 rotary blades. In addition to being generously built, the 5 rotary blades effectively shave off any and every hair strand from the scalp when a zero guard is attached to it.

While the Skull Shaver Gold Pro is just as promising when it comes to performance, it falls a bit short at being better than its counterpart due to the 4 rotary blades it has instead of 5. It does, however, have rotary blades that are known for being gentle when giving the scalp a much needed shave, making it a better fit for those with severe scalp conditions.

Skull Shaver Has An LCD For Battery Life

The Skull Shaver comprises a build that could be extremely useful to the beginners. In contrast to the LED indicator of the Flex Series which typically flashes red when being charged and green once it’s fully charged, the Skull Shaver has an LCD display which monitors the battery life; a feature that is easier to understand for the newbies.

Freedom Grooming Attachments

Freedom Grooming Offers More Attachments

Freedom Grooming does lack crucial elements that could be compulsory to achieve a better shave, but it could win the hearts of many with the tools that it offers.

With the shaver, users will get 5 different attachments; 3 guards, a nose and ear trimmer, a pre-shave massager, and an exfoliation brush. It also comes with a USB cable that offers fast charging.

As opposed to Freedom Grooming, the Skull Shaver Gold Pro only comes with an extra set of rotary blades. However, the charger helps the tool to run continuously for 90 minutes, which could be a crucial component to take into consideration when shaving your head.

The Skull Shaver Gold Has A 90 Minute Battery Life

If you pick the Skull Shaver Pro, worrying about the battery life will only exist in theory. This is because the Skull Shaver offers a running time of 90 minutes once it’s been charged up to the fullest. In other words, the Skull Shaver Gold Pro won’t just give your scalp the best shave possible, but will also give you the option to shave each region of the scalp carefully before draining out.

Additionally, if you happen to be a veteran at giving yourself a buzz cut, you can use the Skull Shaver Gold for multiple sessions at a time.

While the Flex Series pleases people with all its attachments, the shoddy battery life of 30 minutes that it contains could be just about right if you happen to be a professional in the art of head shaving, but could be difficult for beginners and require them to charge the device for another 90 minutes.

The Skull Shaver Is A Bit Expensive

The Skull Shaver is without a doubt the better option to side with due to its minimalist approach and its efficiency, but the price tag that it comes with could be a bit tough to fathom.

At the moment, The Skull Shaver Gold Pro starts at $105. In comparison, the Flex Series seems to have a more convenient price tag, starting at $59.95.


Similarities Among Freedom Grooming and Gold Pro

Now that you’ve learned just how dominant Freedom Grooming’s Flex Series kit is in contrast to Skull Shaver’s Gold Pro, here are two major specialities that the Skull Shaver Gold Pro shares with its opponent.

Both Of Them Are Water Resistant

Since both the items were manufactured and released rather recently, Freedom Grooming and Skull Shaver Gold Pro are water resistant. Therefore, if you believe that your hair is more cooperative when its damp, don’t hesitate to reach out to both the candidates to shave your head effectively!

Both Of Them Are Easy To Use

Although using the Skull Shaver will bring to the table a better outcome, a common feature that it shares with the Flex Series is how user-friendly both of them are. The Skull Shaver offers users a beneficial outcome when shaving their head with its easy grip and fluid flexibility, while the Flex Series by Freedom Grooming offers exceptional handling with its ergonomically built design.

Final Takeaway

Despite having a significantly different price tag, the Skull Shaver Gold Pro is very much the dominant option when put in the same room as the Flex Series, especially if your main priority is to give your head an incredible shave with sublime results.

The 4 rotary blades are extremely easy to use on the scalp and are very generous on the skin. The battery indicator and generous materials that it comprises makes it an easy tool to use for the newbies, and a safe head shaver for those that have severe scalp conditions.

However, it is its impressive Li-Ion battery that provides a battery life of 90 minutes which gives it the edge over the Flex Series as well as any other head shaver that it comes across, and makes it our recommended pick.

On the contrary, even though the Skull Shaver Gold Pro is our preferred pick with its impressively sound battery life, low-maintenance build and delightful grip, the Flex Series by Freedom Grooming definitely takes the cake on this one with its attachments, smooth handling, and flexibility.

Although the 30 minute running time it provides could be a dealbreaker to some and should definitely be a no from you if you too happen to be an amateur, the price tag of $59.99 that it has could make the head shaver a convenient option to consider if you’re looking to invest in a budget-friendly head shaver without leaving a dent on your bank account.

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