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FTM Haircuts: 23 Fabulous Variations For A Masculine Look

FTM transition is crucial in a concerned individual’s life. FTM is also known as “Female-To-Male” in terms of transitioning from the assigned-at-birth female gender to the chosen male gender. Since hair plays a vital role in affirming gender identities, it is important to know all about FTM Haircuts during and after the transition.

Hair allows an individual to express themselves as they like it. However, binary male haircuts do not fit these transitioning people. So, FTM haircuts are there as a solution that is suitable for Female-To-Male transitioning individuals to feel comfortable in their new gender identity. Depending on the face shape, FTM Haircuts conceal feminine attributes and bring out masculine features of FTM individuals.

In this article, we are set to explore various factors behind choosing the perfect FTM hairstyle. Then we will discuss 23 staggering FTM Haircut variations that you can consider for the best style. We will also cover FTM Haircuts more through the FAQ section.

Let’s get going!

FTM Haircuts: Factors to Consider

FTM Haircuts may seem complex to the interested party for a few important reasons. There are several factors at play that must be considered when you are trying to choose your FTM style. We will discuss those factors in detail right below.

Face Shape

Face shapes are extremely important and must be given thought before choosing an FTM haircut. There are mainly six face shapes: Round, Oval, Diamond, Heart, Square, and Rectangular.

The Round face shape is harder to work with for its feminine features. However, you can get Pompadours and Quiffs for a good outcome.

Next, the Oval face shape also throws some challenges when you are trying to find a haircut that may add masculine features to your look. You can try all the messy hairstyles for this face shape.

Now, the Diamond face shape is much easier to work with for a masculine haircut. Cheekbones and jawlines are more visible in these faces. Any type of brushed-back look will fit this face shape.

Like the Oval face, the Heart face shapes also look great with messy hairstyles. And the Square face shape is the easiest to choose a masculine haircut for because the face looks chiseled and more prominent than the other shapes.

Finally, the Rectangular face shape can be a challenge to many FTM people out there. Stay with side-part styles for this facial structure and everything will be fine!

Hair Type

Hair type also determines which kind of FTM haircuts you should choose. If you have thin hair, you can try Buzz Cut, Slick Back styles, Pompadours, Quiffs, etc. You may also get different types of fades for your style with your thin hair.

On the other hand, if your hair is on the thicker side, you can try out simply any styles you prefer. Especially long hairstyles will make you fly with your thick strands.

23 Astonishing FTM Haircuts

Choosing a haircut can be a complex experience. Since there are so many styles out there, knowing what to pick is necessary for an individual’s appearance.

FTM Haircuts are even harder to pick. Due to various factors, typical hairdos that binary men wear will not always suit an FTM trans male. For this reason, we have curated 23 awesome variations of FTM Haircuts here. You can easily choose your option from our guide.

Our selection ranges from short to long hairstyles. We also considered face shapes during our research and presented the perfect option for each of those shapes.

High Buzz

High Buzz

As a short haircut with enough masculine vibe, the High Buzz variation could be an excellent option for all the FTM people. This Buzz comes with a rough and tough appearance that is hard to topple with any other short hairstyle.

The sides are usually shaved for this Buzz variation. They can also be trimmed down if you want to avoid shaving. The top hair has one inch in length all over the head. And, the sharp and rugged Flat Top-styled hair on the head maintains the energy with the trimmed or shaved sides.

Messy Quiff

Messy Quiff

In terms of having classic masculine looks, Quiffs arguably belong around the top of the list. But instead of a tidy quiff, we are talking about a messy variation here. Its spiky front brings more to the table that the typical quiff does not.

The sides and the back are low faded for this look. And the top hair can utilize some spray of silver to introduce a bolder and more acute appearance. Also, it may resemble a Silver Fox look which holds a more masculine aura around it.

Simple Slick Back

Simple Slick Back

In terms of classy haircuts, the Simple Slick Back style never stops delivering some charming attitudes. The hair should be smooth and silky for this variation of FTM Haircuts. The sides will have a Short Taper right above the ears. And the back will rock a layered look.

It is another short hairstyle that may be the top choice for anyone interested in FTM haircut variations. The standard look of this Slick Back is enough to give you a huge boost if you want to appear confident without too much hassle.

Fringe with Short Sides

Fringe with Short Sides

Short haircuts have been synonymous with the masculine appearance since the beginning of modern times. Unless you are trying to wear an edgy style, keeping the hair short is preferable. Following this line of thought, we give you this short style where excellent fringes make this look really attractive for any FTM person.

The sides are shorter than the top in this style. And the fringes at the front have the energy of spiky hairstyles to make everything even better!

Side-Swept with Buzz Fade

Side-swept with Buzz Fade

This variation of FTM Haircuts may appear snappy for the extreme Buzz Fade on the sides. The top hair follows the side-swept prescription which helps make the overall style more attractive. The back also has a nice fade to go along with the buzz look.

How you will look in this style depends highly on your facial shape. If you have an oval or square-shaped face, you can pull off this haircut wonderfully.

Swept Black & Silver with Fringes

Swept Black and Silver with Fringes

If your goal is to get a look with sharp textures and some bright colors then this variation could intrigue you well. The hair at the back and on the sides is mostly black. The front has a shiny silver that spreads toward the top.

Now, the biggest part of this style is its textured fringes. Also, those fringes are kept slightly long to give enough boost to make this style an excellent proposition to FTM people.

Fierce Red with Taper

Fierce Red With Taper

In yet another short FTM haircut, you are looking at a style that maintains a great balance between the color Red and the faux-side shaved appearance. The hair on the left side can be trimmed close to the skin to achieve the most effective look.

But as you can see in the picture here, you can do well with a nice and clean Taper to get a close result. After managing the side, apply a good shade of red like Crimson Red on your hair. Then sweep your hair away from the short side. That’s it!

Drop Fade Quiff

Drop Fade Quiff

In terms of masculine appearances, Quiff hairstyle has its place cemented at the upper part of the list of best hairstyles. For an FTM person, the Quiff can be a good proposition due to its defining look. And with a Drop Fade, the Quiff gets a much-deserved prominence.

While the room is there to choose any fades at all, we strongly recommend getting the Drop Fade because of its keen look. But if you don’t like exposing your skin, you can get a Short Taper instead to produce a great combination.

Semi Comb-Over with Toned Front

Semi Comb-Over with Toned Front

Comb-Over styles have always been popular for a masculine short style. Primarily, a layered Comb-Over has more popularity than other variations of it. The sides and the back have half an inch of length for the hair.

The top hair gets the game going with its slightly curvy appearance. To take it to another level, you can apply some highlights to the front and make it more remarkable than it already is!

Short Perms

Short Perm

These Short Perms look extra crispy if you feel interested. It is a magnificent short hairstyle for people with natural curls or perms. But if you have long hair, you can also trim your hair short and perm those locks. Not a single spot should be left to perm in this variation.

In case you feel adventurous, you have the option to fade your sides and wear a faux-hawk look with this Short Perms style. As an FTM person, this style will always make sure to deliver one of the grandest looks you can ever get.

Messy Pompadour

Messy Pompadour

Pompadours have a reputation for being a clean-looking style. But like it is with any haircut, Pompadours can be customized too according to your taste. For this reason, the Messy Pompadour has emerged as an excellent option for FTM people.

In this particular variation, you can dye your Pompadour blonde to make things more interesting. Half of the hair at the front will rock the blonde look while the sides will be tapered down. This is one of the brightest styles for an FTM person without any doubt.

Medium Waves

Medium Waves

Looking for some majestic waves? This variation of FTM Haircuts is ready to give it to you! It is an incredible style with medium hair all over the head. The waves are moderate in this style to maintain a natural touch.

To get the waves, you need to get a curling iron. Alternatively, you may use some curl cream and apply them to your hair before going to sleep. You should also braid your medium hair loosely before sleeping to achieve the waves faster.

Long Textured Fringes

Long Textured Fringes

If you are into Edgy Boy Hairstyles, as an FTM person, you can rock this Long Textured Fringes style easily. Here, mainly the top hair and the front portion will have superb textured fringes to grab all the attention.

The sides and the back can be layered for the maximum result. And if you want to apply some color to your textured locks, be sure to choose darker shades for a great appearance!

Curly Top

Curly Top

Love curls? To satisfy you, we are offering a great hairstyle called Curly Top here. The top hair is permed to perfection for this haircut. Both sides and the back hair stay intact to give those perms some contrast to work with.

Make sure that the front hair has a more curly look than the rest of your head. Also, this style looks most amazing if you have a diamond-shaped face.

Long Waves with Faded Sides

Long Weaves With Faded Sides

This wonderful variation of FTM Haircuts has the capacity to surprise many hairstyle enthusiasts with its imitated side-shaved long waves. As you can see, the right side of the head is faded instead of being shaved off completely.

The top hair then goes in the opposite direction from the side with a fade. To improve the look, you can wear a Redhead variation of this style too if that aligns with your taste.

Slick Undercut

Slick Undercut

Undercut and masculine vibes go hand in hand. The undercut used to be THE haircut for macho men. And as an FTM style, it ticks all the checkboxes as a great option. The hair is brushed back prominently to make the style become more visible which in turn increases the appeal of the Undercut as well.

Usually, a Drop Fade is coupled with an Undercut style. You have the freedom to get other types of fades instead as well. But the combination of the Drop Fade and the clean Undercut is still unbeatable even today!

Silver Bowl

Silver Bowl

Do Bowl hairstyles fascinate you? Look at this magnificent FTM Haircut, the Silver Bowl. The bowls may remind everyone of Moe Howard from Three Stooges but it goes way beyond that legendary character. The bowl is a strong expression of your radiant personality.

A high bowl cut works out fine in this Silver Bowl variation. The hair at your crown may have some strands standing up. But even naturally, it looks amazing with the bowl cut. Do give it a try if you like the bowl and prefer a silver hairstyle.

Messy Waves with Cinnamon

Messy Waves with Cinnamon


Sometimes, subtle use of colors can bring out the best in a hairstyle. Take this Messy Waves with Cinnamon for example. The waves form a serious impression with their slightly messy-looking strands. However, it does not stop there.

Some hair at the front-left is highlighted with the Cinnamon shade for the ultimate effect. While the waves keep the magnificent vibe alive with their presence, this light application of a bright color takes the whole style to the next level.

Curly Mullet

Curly Mullet

Mullets belong to the list of proper androgynous haircuts. Therefore, mullets turn up as an excellent choice for an FTM person. Furthermore, if you have curly hair or just got your hair permed, this Curly Mullet look may just be the thing you are looking for.

You must perm the front hair more than the rest of your head. The curls should have more frequency and look voluminous in their final look.

Turquoise & Royal Blue

Turquoise and Royal Blue

This FTM Haircut variation has its root in being a top colorful style. In terms of the haircut itself, it is a semi-side-shaved excellence with the mighty Turquoise and Royal Blue combination. The hair is swept over and rocks highlights of Turquoise and Blue proportionately.

While you can get this look in a two-tone style, we recommend using an Ombre approach if you want to introduce something different to it.

Curly Middle-Part Blowout

Curly Middle-Part Blowout

Long haircuts are usually avoided when the conversation is about masculine hairstyles. You only get it when you are trying to look edgy and bold through your appearance. The appeal of being non-conforming to society is really high in this case.

But non-conformity is a huge part of the whole FTM experience. So, you can try out this middle-part brilliance without any extra thought. The curly long hair looks wonderful enough as a stunning sight. And the blowout style only contributes some additional elements to the whole package.

Ginger Mullet

Ginger Mullet

This Ginger Mullet variation comes with the complete Mullet experience due to its length and the way the hair is managed here. There are long mullet tails involved in this look. To keep up with the original energy of the mullet, the hair is slightly permed to catch the greatness to the fullest.

As an FTM haircut, this style has all the potential to deliver the most for your stunning presence.

Long & Sharp with Silver Front

Long and Sharp with Silver Front

For the last FTM Haircuts variation of this guide, we show you an exhilarating style that includes textured long hair and a silver front. This style is mostly Gothic for its color combination and hair arrangements. The long parts at the back are textured to maintain a sharp look.

The front hair has taken an influence from the side-swept style. Some of the strands around the front are colored silver to attain a pure Gothic vibe. All in all, it is a perfect FTM haircut if you are looking for a long style with a razor-sharp appearance.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

In this part of the guide, we will answer some of the most asked questions regarding FTM haircuts. You can find more information about these styles through these answers.

Q: Can FTM individuals change their haircut style during the transitioning process?

Ans: Yes, they can. Make sure to take your time to think it through before you wear a style. Try to go from long to short hairstyles for a good experience.

Q: What kind of FTM haircuts should people with sensitive scalps avoid?

Ans: Any haircut that has sharp edges must be avoided by people with sensitive scalps.

Q: Can FTM individuals get haircuts to minimize the appearance of a larger forehead?

Ans: It is possible to minimize the larger forehead by wearing long hairstyles that have nice textures.

Q: Are there FTM haircuts that require less maintenance?

Ans: Yes. Haircuts like a Buzz Cut require low maintenance. It is also a minimal style.

Final Thoughts

FTM Haircuts play a pivotal role in the transition process of an FTM individual. These variations act as an immensely powerful tool for your self-expression. They also help gain confidence and portray your true self to the world.

We understand that an individual going through the Female-To-Male transition can use their hairstyles to appear more authentic. For this reason, choosing the most appropriate style is necessary. In this article, we discussed 23 such FTM Haircuts that can represent you well and bring more joy to life.

We are confident that you will find your new favorite FTM haircut from our guide pretty easily. Just keep your face shape and hair type in mind while you go through your FTM style selection process.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask in the comment section below.

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