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GHD vs T3 [Flat Iron, Hair Dryer And Curling Iron]: Finding The Winners!

Regardless of how new you are to personal grooming, GHD, also known as Good Hair Day, is a brand that you must have heard of by now. Indeed, Ghd is currently perceived as the most reliable brand for styling tools. However, despite being at the top of the food chain, GHD constantly battles against other prominent brands in the world of beauty to keep its crown, especially against T3.

Ultimately, the equipment under the brands GHD and T3 are some of the best items to date. Their styling tools, especially their flat irons, blow dryers and curling irons, play a pivotal role in their influence, and are also the main reasons why the two brands constantly clash heads.

To end the debate, once and for all, I’ve picked 3 items from GHD and 3 items from T3, pitting the pairs against one another. At the end of each segment, I’ve also provided the names of the winners, backed up by reasonable takes based on my experience.

Move on to the portion below to discover how the battle between GHD and T3 pans out through my lens!

T3 vs. GHD: Using Their Best Curling Irons, Flat Irons, and Blow Dryers For A Clearer Perception!

In today’s bout, I have made the vow of indefinitely finishing the debate between T3 vs. GHD. To make things as unbiased as possible, I have taken the three best products under 3 of their product lines.

The first bout revolves around two of their best flat irons, while the latter features a stand-off between two of their best blow dryers. The final one, which will shape the outcome of the decision-making, contains a draw between the T3 Singlepass curling iron and GHD’s Curve Soft Curling iron, which is closer than you think it is. Move on to the following segment to begin your journey to the finish line!

T3 Lucea vs. GHD Platinum+ Styler Flat Iron

With exceptional hardware development and dominant technological advancements within their systems, GHD’s Platinum+ Styler and the T3 Lucea Straightening iron are two of the biggest hits among flat irons and will continue leading the charts for another couple of years. However, when compared with one another, the bout seems rather lopsided. Advance to the following segment to discover the model that comes out victorious in this tug-of-war.

GHD Platinum+ Styler

The first representative of GHD is GHD’s Platinum Styler, which held up GHD’s name like none other with a remarkable performance.

The device is everything that one hopes for in a flat iron and more, and had zero difficulties when styling my hair. It contains a wishbone hinge that seamlessly moves around my mane, and Ultra Gloss plates that enhance the appearance of my hair with tons of moisture.

GHD Platinum Plus Styler

What I really like about this device is its newly formed Ultra Zone technology, a software that enables the device to analyze the hair quality of the user. The device not only measures the density to provide a safer procedure, but also brings forward accurate results. I personally didn’t have to adjust the temperature setting in accordance to my hair type, as this smart styling tool adapted on its own, by measuring the density of my hair.

Alongside the impressive hardware is a 30-minute auto shut-off feature, an energy-preserving attribute that every high-end styling tool needs. I didn’t try it out as much, but it can definitely aid your styling experience if you’re still a newbie.

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The GHD Platinum is also an expert in saving time, and walks the talk with a 20-second heat-up time. Although it lacks a temperature setting, the device is said to have a maximum temperature of 365°F, compromising when needed to be malleable with the user’s hair type.

All in all, taking into account its features, I can see why this item is known as the epitome of what flat irons should be. And even though the device lacks a temperature indicator (that could be good for novices) and carries a hefty price tag, switching from this styling tool to another might feel like a downgrade, regardless of which brand the replacement belongs to.

T3 Lucea Straightening Iron

To go the extra mile with GHD’s Platinum+ Styler, T3’s Lucea Straightening Curling Iron seems to be the perfect companion. It offers an array of unique qualities that can be beneficial, all of which you can look forward to.

The device comes with T3 Rapid IQ technology, which didn’t just prove to be beneficial for my hair, but also enabled a stress-free operation and execution. The device feels quite lightweight in hand as well, making it easier to handle during longer sessions.

T3 Lucea Straightening Iron

Additionally, for catering to all hair types, this curling iron offers 9 whopping heat settings, all of which are digitally monitored and adjusted. Even though I couldn’t adjust the temperature settings manually, the T3 Lucea definitely did a great job with its technological means on my hair, producing healthy results with soft visuals. While I sided with the model featuring 1-inch plates, you can also resort to the model with the 1.5-inch plates if you have long hair.

What I really like about this device is how smooth it is, which is only existent due to Therma Touch technology. With the assistance of Therma Touch technology, each pass felt seamless, stress-free, and effective on my hair.

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In contrast to the GHD Platinum+, T3 Lucea can provide fair styling results. The ceramic-infused plates are quite healthy for damaged hair, and the barrel is polished enough to shield the hair from any kind of friction.

However, due to having a complex button configuration, and an equally costly price tag, the T3 Lucea does end up losing some crucial points in my eyes.

T3 Lucea vs. GHD Platinum Styler+ Flat Iron Comparison: My Recommended Pick

Both flat irons are equally compelling for newbies. While T3’s Lucea handles everything with the exceptionally crafted T3 Rapid IQ technology, the GHD Platinum+ brings forward promising results with a uniquely-structured wishbone hinge. Both devices also offer great attributes to ensure an optimal styling experience.

However, the GHD Platinum+ remains the recommended pick in my opinion, since its Ultra Zone technology can work with any density of hair, producing incredible results in return.

GHD Helios Hair Dryer vs. T3 AireLuxe Digital

If you were rooting for T3 in the previous encounter, don’t lose faith in your team yet! Stand up for the second time with the help of the second round, featuring a draw between GHD’s Helios hair dryer and T3 AireLuxe Digital.

While both devices carry hefty price tags, they have tons of attributes that a hair dryer can only dream of offering. However, since there can only be one winner, stay tuned to be unveiled about the hair dryer I’ve sided with!

GHD Helios Hair Dryer

Waiting next in line is a battle between the hair dryers from each brand, which starts with GHD’s Helios Hair Dryer, which is the embodiment of a styling tool that is fast and light.

The motor of this device is quite fast too, moving at a speed that is equivalent to a car that stands at 75mph. Overall, when I used it on damp hair, it took GHD’s Helios hair dryer a minute or two to dry it off. However, if you have long hair, the duration might increase by a couple of minutes.

GHD Helios Hair Dryer

An impressive feature of this device is its matte-based housing, which features an easygoing handle with a simple button configuration. In addition to having a switch that handles the power, the GHD Helios comes with an adjustable switch for picking between 3 temperature settings, and 2-speed settings. I typically use the device with the lowest temperature setting, but set the speed setting based on the scenario I’m in.

Since this device revolves around ionic technology, producing shiny results in no time is a trait that it rewards each user with. In contrast to most hair dryers, the GHD Helios Hair dryer runs at a relatively lower dB level.

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All in all, while I do find the price tag a bit infuriating, the GHD Helios is a long-term investment that can last you a good couple of years. It has the right amount of technological advancements in its build to generate good results without any repercussions, but could’ve been even better had it come with more attachments like a diffuser or a hot air brush.

T3 AireLuxe Digital

Adjacent to GHD’s Helios hair dryer is T3’s AireLuxe Digital, a hair dryer that can easily steal the crown in this bout.

T3’s AireLuxe Digital is a high-end device with tons of beneficial attributes. The first appealing factor lies within its build and color scheme, comprising premium matte housing draped in white and rose gold. The device also feels drastically lighter than the GHD Helios, giving it the upper hand in terms of usability.

T3 AireLuxe Digital

Just like its competitor, T3 AireLuxe Digital is an expert at producing negative ions, proving to be a great match for damaged hair. It has T3 RapidAireIQ technology, an attribute that can help you save time when required.

In addition to having a build with a much better button configuration, the T3 AireLuxe Digital offers more heat and speed settings. It brings forward 5 heat settings for catering to any hair type, and 3-speed settings to control the time. I personally find the lowest heat setting to be useful, as it dries my hair without any damage.

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The cool shot button is also an excellent selling point of this device, which allows waves and curls to retain moisture. This feature is non-existent on the GHD Helios, making T3’s hair dryer the better candidate overall.

What really enables T3 AireLuxe Digital to have the edge lies within its packaging, as it provides a concentrator nozzle as well as a narrow concentrator nozzle. And if you’re willing to spend the extra buck, you too can get access to its paddle brush, diffuser, volumizing brush, and smoothing comb, just like I did!

GHD Helios Hair Dryer vs T3 AireLuxe Digital: Why I Sided with T3

GHD Helios hair dryer is an amazing hair dryer with a powerful motor that most modern-day styling tools can’t adapt to, or keep up with. However, despite offering a quick styling session with incredibly elevated results, T3 AireLuxe Digital remains the better candidate from my standpoint.

In addition to having more settings to experiment with, T3 AireLuxe Digital also has a series of attachments that it’s compatible with. With the help of the extra attachments, you can create voluminous looks, and diffuse your curls without absorbing moisture. Additionally, if you choose the T3 AireLuxe Digital, you’ll also receive the additional perks of a detangling comb, and a texturizing tool for an edgy effect!

GHD Curve Soft Curling Iron vs. T3 Singlepass

The last round lies in the hands of GHD’s Curve Soft Curling Iron, and the T3 Singlepass, which will surely shape the outcome of this tie-breaker.

GHD’s Curve Soft Curling iron contains all the signature high-end attributes that the brand has preached so far, which can be a great investment to make for tech-wizzes who also happen to be enthusiasts of personal grooming. The T3 Singlepass, however, isn’t one to mess with, having tons of benefits to make this bout an evenly shaped matchup.

GHD Curve Soft Curling Iron

Last but not least is a war between one curling iron from GHD and T3, which starts with GHD’s Curve Soft Curling Iron.

Similar to the Platinum+ Styler, GHD’s Curve Soft Curling Iron is the best possible tool for damaged to healthy hair. It features a 1.25-inch barrel that can cover an overwhelming amount of ground. Since my hair runs short, it takes the device a couple of swipes to transform my shaft with soft layers of curls.

GHD Curve Soft Curling Iron

This GHD Curling iron is a smart hair styler and a specialist in flexibility, which only exists due to its highly-advanced Ultra Zone technology. In short, Ultra Zone technology scans the density of the hair, making adjustments to the heat setting of the device in accordance with the user’s hair type. This allows the device to bring forward excellent curling results without excessive heat exposure, shielding the strands from split ends and frizz.

The lateral quickness of this device is what I admire, which can easily come in clutch when working around a tightly-packed schedule. It typically takes the GHD Curve Soft curling iron around 5 to 6 seconds to generate curls on my hair, mainly because I prefer keeping it subtle. However, if you have coarser hair with tons of length attached around the ends, you can expect this styling tool to produce healthy-looking curls in around 12 seconds!

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Bringing long-lasting results is also a unique selling point of this device, which typically stays put for 24 hours. This not only makes the device a legend among modern-day curling irons, but a reliable companion at all times. The price can be troublesome to fathom once again, but it shouldn’t be an issue if you only care about the results!

T3 Singlepass Curling Iron

Concluding the war is T3 Singlepass Curling Iron, which has compelling features to make this bout a close-call.

T3’s Singlepass is the best possible device for beginners with a knack for portable devices, since it comprises compact hardware. Having very few modifications for button configuration around its build, the device can also be a home run for minimalists.

T3 Singlepass Curling Iron

T3’s Singlepass revolves around Singlepass technology, enabling the device to produce resilient results through a smooth navigation. The device doesn’t automatically adjust to one’s hair type and density, but offers 5 different settings to deal with the fiber of any hair. I personally like keeping it at 260°F, since it creates curls without leaving behind any signs of hair damage. If you have thick to normal hair, however, you may also experiment with the other 3 settings, as well as the fourth that stands at 410°F if you’d like to save time.

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In addition to being one of the lightest curling irons I’ve ever reviewed, the T3 Singlepass is also the most flexible. It has a 360° rotating swivel cord underneath its handle, which allowed me to avoid tugging and pulling when using this gadget. And while its Smart Twist dial makes it easier to switch temperatures in one go, the ceramic-infused plates heat up quite fast, tarnishing its impression by a tad bit in my eyes.

My Personal Pick: GHD Curve Soft Curling Iron vs T3 Singlepass

T3 Singlepass can be a great option if you’re seeking a design that is lightweight and easy to travel with. It also offers 5 incredible settings to incorporate curls without dehydrating the shaft, even on damaged hair, providing a Smart Twist dial to make transitions as easy as squeezing a lemon.

Despite being a useful gadget, however, T3’s Singlepass falls short of performing as well as the GHD Curve Soft Curling iron, the winner of this matchup.

In addition to making navigation easier with a sizeable thumb grip, the GHD Curve Soft Curling iron reprises the technological benefits of Ultra Zone technology, a signature attribute of GHD that assesses the density and quality of the user’s hair before adjusting the device’s settings accordingly. You can also expect the GHD curling iron to sustain the visuals of your look for 24 hours, a claim that they’ve backed up since the beginning.

Bottom Line: GHD Is The Victor By Majority Decision

While T3’s AireLuxe Digital definitely tied this suspenseful matchup between GHD and T3 for a good minute, GHD got the last laugh in this bout, walking out the winner in this battle between the two biggest brands in the world of personal grooming, by majority decision.

While GHD Helios falls short of being better than T3 AireLuxe Digital, the GHD Platinum+ and Curve Soft Curling Iron are undoubtedly better than the T3 Singlepass and T3 Lucea in my eyes. Both devices belonging to GHD do comprise hefty price tags but are some of the very few smart styling tools with Ultra Zone technology, a software that enables each device to assess the quality of hair before adjusting to the temperature accordingly. This monumental attribute not only gives GHD the edge over T3, but also makes the brand the king of the hill among high-end beauty companies.

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