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There a many manufacturers that produce electric shavers and bring them to market. Braun has the reputation of manufacturing a well-made product line for so many years with positive consumer response. The Gillette Fusion Proglide Styler 3-In-1 Men’s Body Groomer with Beard Trimmer does not disappoint, having so much to offer the customer base.

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Overall Specification

ModelGillette Fusion Proglide
Height10.5 Inches
Width10.5 Inches
Depth2.5 Inches
Weight10 Ounces
Power Trimmer DesigneBraun Engineered
Trim Style3 Style
Exchangeable Combs3 Combs
Precision Edging BladeYes
Corded / Cordless ShavingCordless
Wet & DryBoth
Battery TypeAAA
Price Range$15-$25
Rating4.4 Rated By 2687

                                                                           Evaluate your Needs

With so many electric shavers on the market today produced by a variety of manufacturers, narrowing down the search can make choosing one a little bit easier. Begin your search for a new shaver by asking yourself what your needs are for your next purchase. Review those comments and evaluate your needs versus the available options on the market. Also narrow down a price range to work within, because the range of prices varies greatly and going into the search with a good idea of how much you are willing to invest in this product will help you not overspend on the purchase. Try asking yourself what you are looking to gain by investing in your next shaver and trimmer combination. Some suggestions might include; price, speed, battery life, or new products in the market You can also check out our list of top beard trimmers as a starting point.. In this proglide styler review we will reveal how the Braun Fusion Proglide Styler 3-in-1 Men’s Body Groomer with Beard Trimmer allow for unbelievable smoothness and comfort. You can edge with the optimal amount of precision for a truly professional look and design.

Slender and stress-free to operate particularly for trimming around the neckline and ears. The product comes complete with a set of three combs for custom length cuts and trimming. Your lines have never had such precision with any other product. The set consists of one trimmer, one ProGlide power cartridge, three combs, one battery, and one organizer. This product usually rates in the top ten recommended items on everyone’s wish list, which means you get the best bang for your buck. Try it for yourself and enjoy the unique style and ease of use you will most likely experience. This product also ships in a certified frustration free packaging for safety during the shipping process.

The value added of this combination is the all-inclusive set that will serve to meet all of your grooming and hygiene needs. This also will make a perfect gift for friends and family. The set helps you stay organized and does not take up much space at all as it was designed to be self-contained. This is great for apartment dwellers or condo dwellers that may have limited counter space to work with.

Customer Reviews

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The customer reviews for the Braun line of products have been more than satisfactory. Consumers enjoy the sleek attractive look of the colors, which are warm and crisp. The individual parts have a comparable lifespan to other competitors on the market. The product allows a custom professional look that seems to be very appealing. The company is well known for their great customer service that they provide. The customer care advocates are trained to be attentive to the customer’s needs which sets them apart from the crowd.

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If you are in the market for a well-priced electric shaver investing in the Braun product line is a good place to start. These products are reasonably priced and durable amidst wear and tear. They stand up to customer standards and are highly recommended. The company listens to feedback and uses it in conjunction with research to formulate creative technological innovations that bring ease of use to your everyday hygiene activities. The innovations can be seen in this product line particularly in the virtually maintenance free aspect of the Braun.

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