Gillette Fusion ProGlide vs ProShield: What Works Better?

You have many options to consider when finding Gillette Fusion shaving razor cartridges. The ProGlide and ProShield are two choices of note. Each model comes with many features to give you a smooth shave every time. But the ways how these two cartridge models work are different from one another.

This Gillette fusion ProGlide vs. ProShield review will help you identify what makes these two models different from one another. The two models might have the same number of blades, but the features that make each one distinct from each another may be even more important for you to review.

Comparing the Two Gillette Shaving Cartridges

FeaturesGillette ProGlide
Gillette ProShield
Lubrication Layers12
Number of Refill88
Blades Per Refill55
Precision TrimmerYesYes
Bottom FeatureComfort guardAdded lubricant
Refill Lastup to 1 month up to 1 month
Weight (in ounces)1.10.6
Price Check Price Check Price

What the Gillette ProGlide Offers

The first thing to see in this Gillette ProGlide vs ProShield review is the ProGlide, one of the most popular models that Gillette makes. The ProGlide is made with several features to provide you with a smooth cut every time you use it. The ProGlide offers five anti-friction blades to respond to the contours around your face, thus giving you a closer cut on every hair.

Gillette Fusion ProGlide

The first four blades on the ProGlide cartridge are Gillette’s Low Cutting Force blades. These are the sharpest blades that Gillette makes. The blades cut through hair while creating a cleaner trim every time you complete a stroke. The blades are also thin and will not cause irritation along your skin. The risk of the blades tugging and pulling at your hair will be minimal.

A lubrication strip is included at the top part of the ProGlide cartridge. This green strip, or Lubrastip as Gillette calls it, offers added lubricants when compared with the Fusion5 and other low-level models. A small bit of mineral oil is included on the strip.

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An additional comfort guard is featured on the bottom end. The guard features a few flexible strips that bind together. The guard will create a smooth surface that keeps the blades from digging in too deep. The strips also move away any excessive shaving materials from your skin. This includes any small bits of hair that are left over or the shaving foam or gel you utilize.

The cartridge can fit on any Gillette Fusion handle. These include options that feature the Flexball pivoting system. You can also add a cartridge onto handles that include battery-powered motors. Such a motor would produce vibrations along the cartridge, thus producing a more comfortable shave. Gillette recommends that you use this product with its Fusion line of shaving products, including a shaving gel.

Looking Closer At the Gillette ProShield

Let’s look at the second part of the Gillette ProShield vs. ProGlide analysis. The Gillette ProShield offers a unique lubricating feature that gives you a bit of comfort before and after each stroke.

Gillette Fusion ProShield

The ProShield cartridge uses two lubrication lines. The first appears at the top of the cartridge. The second is on the bottom and moves along your skin following a trim. The two lubricating features include mineral oil and other moisturizers. The two strips prevent irritation while shaving. These should both adhere to your skin quite well when you hold the razor correctly.

The five-blade design uses thinner materials for each blade. Even with the blades being so slim, they continue to cut through hair with ease and without tugging on the skin or hair.

A small precision trimmer is included on the ProShield. The feature works the other way around to cut through smaller spaces that might be tough to handle with five blades. These include the sideburns and nose areas.

Some Fusion ProShield models are designed with cooling features on their lubricated strips. Such added materials create a cool effect on the skin to reduce irritation. You can always use a cooling shave gel from Gillette alongside your ProShield shaving head if you prefer.

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Important Similarities To See

  • Five Blades

Both of these Gillette razors use five blades for giving you a closer trim. The first four are light in weight and are the sharpest Gillette offers. The fifth provides a firm layout for finishing off the cut. The blades are strong enough to cut through your hair while ensuring a closer trim.

  • Supports Many Handles

You can use either Fusion cartridge on any Fusion razor handle that Gillette makes. You can use the Flexball feature to your advantage on select handles with either cartridge. The Flexball system lets you keep a consistent shave over your face while you position the handle in different angles. The design can handle all the contours around your face.

  • Precision Trimmer Feature

A precision trimmer is included on each of these cartridges. The trimmer works as you turn the razor around and use the trimmer to go through small areas. The trimmer works for spots around the nose or lips among other spots that might be too sensitive for the regular blades to move around. You can even use the precision trimmer on your sideburns to create a distinct effect.

  • Great Lubrication Feature

Both of these razors include lubricating strips that keep your skin comfortable while shaving. The lubricant will add a light amount of mineral oil and other moisturizers to your skin. The material works best when you keep the razor head wet before shaving.

What Makes the Two Different?

  • Lubricating Strips

The lubricating strips on these two shaving heads are very different from one another. The ProShield uses strips on the top and bottom parts, while the ProGlide only has a strip on the top. The ProShield adds a more comfortable surface for shaving.

  • Comfort Guard

The ProGlide uses a comfort guard on the bottom part. The flexible guard is not found on the ProShield. The guard has a dual purpose of keeping the skin comfortable and cleaning out any excess shaving materials a person has been using.

  • Weight Considerations

The two razors are very light in weight, although the ProShield has a slight advantage. The lack of materials for a flex guard allows the ProShield to weigh a little under an ounce. The ProGlide maintains a weight slightly over an ounce.


Our choice for the best Gillette Fusion cartridge is the ProShield. The two models are far too similar to one another, but the ProShield has a great advantage thanks to its two cooling bars. The two bars produce a comfortable feeling on your skin every time you shave. The comfortable design is important for keeping you relaxed while shaving and for also giving you a closer trim every time you use this cartridge.

You can’t go wrong with the Gillette Fusion cartridges no matter which you prefer. Be sure to compare these two to see which works better for you.

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