Gillette Fusion vs Fusion5: Two Great Choices for Shaving

Gillette makes some of the best razor cartridges the company has to offer in its Fusion razor line. Two of the most popular choices you have to use in this five-blade series of shaving heads are the Gillette Fusion and the Gillette Fusion5.

There is much more to these Gillette shaving heads than just the number in the name. You must look at how well these shave heads can work for you when making the most out of your shave. But you must also notice that these two models are different from one another for every shave you take in.

Looking At What Makes the Two Different

FeaturesGillette Fusion
Gillette Fusion5
Blade QualityThickThin
Weight (in ounces)1.61.1
Comfort GuardRoundedStraight
Lubricating StripNarrow BodyWide Body
Price Check Price Check Price

What Makes the Gillette Fusion Distinct?

The first part of this Gillette Fusion vs. Fusion5 review entails the basic Gillette Fusion shaving head. The Fusion offers five blades to create a cleaner cut. The five blades also reduce the amount of pressure produced in each blade. By keeping the pressure down, the Fusion razor keeps you from feeling irritation with each stroke. The risk of cuts or redness will be reduced.

Gillette Fusion

A lubrication strip is found on the top part of the shaving head. The strip keeps your skin moist when shaving. The strip will fade in appearance when you are not getting a great shave anymore. Mineral oil is included in the strip to keep the surface feeling comfortable as it moves along your face.

A precision trimmer is also included on the top end. Flip the blade over to trim your sideburns or other sensitive spots that might get hurt by the regular blades.

The blade can also fit on any Fusion handle. These include many Power razors that use a battery to produce vibrations. Those vibrations will reduce the friction involved with each stroke, thus making it easier for the shave to cut cleanly and in moments.

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A comfort guard is found on the bottom part. The rounded body of the comfort guard gives you a firm hold over your face as it keeps the razor moving straight without curving or slanting while in motion. The rubberized body also adds a surface that will not chafe your skin. The guard also collects excess shaving materials as it goes along, thus making your face easier to clean off when you finish shaving.

You can use the Fusion razor with any Gillette shaving material as well. Gillette recommends that you use the Fusion Hydragel, a shaving gel that works on sensitive skin.

How the Gillette Fusion5 Works For You

The Gillette Fusion5 is a slightly more advanced version of the original Fusion blade. The Fusion5 also has five blades, but the main difference here is that the blades are thinner and lighter in weight. The extended lubricating strip also provides an extra amount of protection over your face to keep irritation at bay.

Gillette Fusion5

The thin blades on the Fusion5 include fine sharp surfaces. The first four blades are the sharpest. These four blades create a substantial cut without producing lots of friction. The fifth blade on the top part generates a clean cut. The blades are thin and evenly spaced between each other to produce the closest cut possible.

A series of drain points are found on the back part of the Fusion5 head. The draining features let you clean off the razor head in moments. Water will move through the drainage features to clean off every part of the razor.

A lubricating strip is found on the top part. The strip is slightly wider than the other strips that Gillette uses on its razors. The strip provides a cooling and moisturizing effort to the targeted area and some surrounding spaces. Mineral oil is also included on the strip for a comfortable surface.

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The precision trimmer on the top part cuts through rougher bits of hair that you might struggle to clear off on your own. The trimmer is also easy to clean off, as the cutting teeth are evenly aligned alongside one another.

The comfort bar on the bottom features a rubberized surface. The design moves along your skin and prevents irritation or chafing. The straight line produced by the rubber ensures the trimmer will not cause irritation or aggravate the skin. Specifically, the bar will keep the strokes you complete under control without being at risk of shifting while in a movement.

What Makes the Two Similar?

  • Five Blades

The most obvious similarity in this Gillette Fusion5 vs Fusion review to see involves the number of blades included in each model. Each of these models works with five total blades. The blades are organized together with each blade overlapping the other by a small bit. The design ensures the blades will cut through your skin without producing irritation. Having five blades keeps you from feeling the stress or pressure that comes with using one or two blades.

  • A Precision Trimmer Cuts Close

You’ll have an easier time with cutting sensitive or hard to handle spots with the precision trimmer on either model. The trimmer uses cutting teeth similar to what a hair stylist’s clipper might use. You can use the trimmer on your sideburns, around the lips, near the nose, or around any other spot that needs to be sculpted or styled to your preference. The trimmer feature is found on the top end of the cartridge and is accessed by flipping the unit over.

  • Comfortable Lubrication

The Fusion5 and Fusion both come with easy to use lubrication features. The lubricating strips on each of these blades provide you with a comfortable surface that will not irritate your skin. The strips come with moisturizers and oils that stick around for a while. You can identify when you need to replace your blade by reviewing when the oils are running out.

  • A Comfort Grip Feature Keeps You In Control

The grip feature on the bottom part of the cartridge will keep your skin comfortable after each stroke. The rubber surface adds a comfortable surface on the skin. The flexible design also creates a massaging effect to stimulate your skin and to ease any possible itching or irritation that might develop.

  • Useful On Many Handles

You can use either of these Gillette razors on any Fusion handle Gillette has to offer. The Fusion handles include grooved bodies that you can hold in either hand. Some Fusion razors include the Flexball feature to pivot your approach. Others include a battery-powered motor that triggers vibrations to ease up on the friction produced.

Important Differences Between the Two

  • How Big Is the Strip?

The Fusion5 offers a slightly larger strip. The strip is a little thicker and longer in size. The coating is also more robust than what the original Fusion uses. The Fusion5’s strip lasts slightly longer than the original Fusion’s. You can expect the strip to last for about a week. This is based on you using the same cartridge three or four times a week for basic shaving demands.

  • Comfort Base Changes

While a comfort guard is included on the bottom parts of both razors, the Fusion5 uses a straight-line guard instead of a curved one. The curves on the original Fusion cartridge conform to your face as you apply the unit on the bottom of your face. The straight design on the Fusion5 lets you pivot the blades anywhere along your face so you get extra control.

  • Blade Quality Differences

The blades on the Fusion cartridge are a little heavier than what the Fusion5 offers. Much of this is from the Fusion’s blades being thicker. The Fusion5 offers the thinnest blades that Gillette produces.

  • Cleaning Off the Razors

You will have an easier time cleaning the Fusion5 than you would with the Fusion. The Fusion5 uses vents around the razor’s body to help you clean out any bits of hair stuck along the blades. The vents allow water to move throughout the razor’s body. The Fusion does offer an easy to clean body, but the lack of vents requires an extra bit of time for cleaning.

  • Trimmer Positioning

The Fusion’s precision trimmer is slightly more accessible than the Fusion5’s part. The Fusion has a trimmer with a slightly longer protrusion than what the Fusion5 offers. The more visible trimmer gives you more certainty with the cutting process. You might have an easier time cleaning the Fusion trimmer as well.


The best choice among these two shaving units is the Gillette Fusion5. The Fusion5 provides you with a close cut while using less power to get through the hardest hairs on your face. The sharp blades create an effortless trim. The extended and longer-lasting lubricating strip also gives you extra help with your shaving needs. You can also clean off the Fusion5 in moments.

The Gillette Fusion5 and Fusion are both intriguing choices for your shaving needs. Be sure you look at what makes these two distinct models work for you. Your goal should be to produce a better cut with either model.

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