Great Clips Haircut Prices: Full 2023 Catalog

Great Clips is such a name in the grooming industry that doesn’t require an introduction to the enthusiasts who either pay them occasional visits or are their loyal customers.

However, the Great Clips haircut prices are a matter of debate because the company itself doesn’t provide a standard catalog to their clients.

This leaves a lot of people wondering whether they are affordable or very expensive, and thus creates reluctance before availing their services.

To clear out these doubts once and for all, I’ve composed this article that covers every type of expense you can make at Great Clips and the maximum variance you might witness.

It’ll give you a clear-cut idea to track your spending and adjust your budget accordingly. So better not get distracted until you’re at the end!

Expansion History Of Great Clips

Expansion History Of Great Clips

I feel honored to take all of you through the history of this amazing company which has created a permanent mark in the hearts of many grooming consumers.

Great Clips opened up as a student-friendly salon back in 1982 in Minnesota. It instantly drew a lot of attention because of their most essential hair services provided with utmost care.

You’ll find out soon enough that the Great Clips haircut prices are significantly lower than many other franchises.

Pairing that with the quality of service, they were able to expand within one year of foundation.

Over the course of time, Great Clips has journeyed through the entirety of the USA and of course, pierced through our hearts.

Currently over 35,000 personnels are employed by Great Clips all across the country and even beyond!

They aren’t only revered for their grooming services, rather this company tends to give back to the community through different activities.

Charity events, volunteering works, grooming patients suffering from cancer, treating veterans and many more activities as such rank them as THE GROOMING COMPANY placed upon the soil of the USA.

The Challenge Behind Great Clips Haircut Prices

The Challenge Behind Great Clips Haircut Prices

A grand company like Great Clips is laid across all over the USA and Canada due to their professional approach and a connection with the customers.

This group hosts over 4,000 salons in these two countries with around 700 franchises in around 200 markets. It alone states how wide and diverse of a giant they truly are.

However, it leaves us with a challenge of assessing Great Clips haircut prices because not every outlet follows the exact same cost level.

To overcome this obstacle, we’ve managed to collect clusters of data and sorted them from lowest to highest priced gradients.

From that, the density around the most commonly shared prices are held as the standard average and our further analyses have been placed upon those foundations.

Great Clips Average Pricing Catalog

How much does a haircut cost at Great Clips? It’s a common query by many because most smart individuals prefer to dip their toe into the water before diving in. Knowing about the complete catalog can help you prepare your wallet better and tell you exactly how much you’re going to end up spending.

However, as I mentioned, the prices can slightly vary from one outlet to another, but the chart I’m about to show you will give you an overall idea of what to expect.

From this list, you can understand that apart from basic shampooing services, trim costs the least amount on average. Haircuts for children and senior citizens are priced similarly, more on that later. Regular haircuts are still below $20 unless you’re going for some special hairdos.

As you climb down the list, you’ll see that procedures like perming or setting you up with the most formal look cost the most among Great Clips haircut prices. Because these require extra time & effort, not to mention the chemicals needed to be used.

Even the longer haircuts are certain to deplete your wallet more than shorter styles. You know how easy it is to get your hair done when you keep it short. Just a good clipper and some expertise would suffice. But longer hair requires delicate approaches from the stylists’ end, thus the price goes higher up.

Do Great Clips Sell Any Products?

Great Clips outlet Product Corner

The short answer to this question is: YES! Whenever you’ll step foot inside a Great Clips outlet, you’ll find a corner dedicated to products that they sell to their customers.

Most of the products from Great Clips are self-care commodities like shampoo or conditioner. There are a few deep conditioning solutions they sell which you can apply at home during your leisure hours.

They also sell some products that are only eligible for use in salons. These products are supplied from different popular brands that are kind to different types of hair.

As an addition, Great Clips provides a few branded products of their own which are created using natural components and devoid of harmful chemicals.

The great thing about these products is that they come with guidelines from Great Clips employees based on your unique hair conditions and particular needs!

What Services Do Great Clips Offer?

Shortly before, my Great Clips haircut prices as well as the complete catalog already informed you about how much you’d have to spend in order to avail each service. Let’s elaborate further to clear out your conception once and for all!

Great Clips Haircut and Hairstyle Services

Haircuts & Hairstyles

Whether you’re looking for a short buzz cut for women or longer mullet styles for men, Great Clips throw them under the broader categories of short and long cuts.

Based on the hair length and the complexity of these hairstyles, prices stand at different points in every salon of this brand. These prices are still a lot less than other salons and you might even find a difference as broad as $40-$60 for particular styles!

Great Clips Haircut and Hairstyle Services

Quick Trims

As I mentioned earlier, Great Clips is a no-frills company, thus getting a short & quick trim out of it must be included in their list of services. This cost between $5-$7 is very little as opposed to other salons and the results are almost always picture perfect!


From the most basic to the advanced perms, Great Clips are at your service! I’d still recommend you to consider other specialized parlors if your demands are highly unusual than generic perms. Other than that, Great Clips offers ideal results and treats your hair in the healthiest possible way!

Shampooing & Conditioning

If your hair needs some basic shampooing and different types of conditioning treatments, Great Clips do deliver you these essential services. They are priced at a very affordable range, thus you won’t have to think twice before opting for the most convenient treatment on your hair.

Blow Drying & Straightening

These are also offered at some of the Great Clips outlets within lower price points. So when your hair body requires some straightening done before an event, you can visit your local shop having ensured that they DO provide these services.

How Do Great Clips Stack Up Against Other Salons?

The haircut prices at Great Clips are highly competitive and often cheaper than many prominent hair salons across the USA.

There are quite a lot of salons who offer cheaper rates than them, but they often come shy in terms of quality and knowledge about hair.

While the national average in the US for men’s haircut is around $40, regular Great Clips haircut prices are set around $15 on average.

This is outrageous when you think of it – setting a $25 lower price than the entire average of the country’s haircuts.

Even the low end salons average around $25, which is still higher than what Great Clips offer.

And such affordable prices never seems to have hampered the quality of haircut this chain salon company offered over the years.

What Are The Discount Options At Great Clips?

Although there aren’t many constant discount options at any of their salons, Great Clips haircut prices are often lowered for certain reasons. Read the options below to know how to get the best deals from Great Clips at unique situations.

Kids & Senior Citizens

From the chart, you’ve probably seen already that Great Clips offer lower haircut prices for both kids and senior citizens. This can create a difference of around $2-$5 based on the locality of the outlet. It’s a great gesture which many salons have copied over the years.

Instagram Coupons

If you follow the Instagram page for Great Clips, you’ll often see some ads popping up on their stories announcing specific discounts. Having any of those matching your demands and situation can save you some money, so it’s better to keep vigilance than missing out on those deals.

Mailed-in Coupons

Many of the Great Clips outlets at different local areas tend to deliver coupons via the mailing system. Some of these discount coupons are highly alluring and I’d be regularly checking my mailbox if I were hoping for a reduced Great Clips haircut price!

Veteran Discounts

One of the many things that I find inspiring in the approach of Great Clips is their intention of giving back to the community. On every Veterans Day, which is 11th of November, every outlet gives away free haircuts to veterans and army personnels alike. This gesture must be appreciated and followed as an ideal example of humanity.

Great Clips Open Hours

Before heading out for Great Clips and finding the store yet to open, it’s better to know about their open hours throughout the week and plan ahead so that you don’t disappoint yourself.

From Mondays to Fridays, Great Clips are open for 12 hours each day from 9 am to 9 pm. So no matter which shift of the day you work on, you’ll certainly be able to align your schedule around their weekday open hours.

If that doesn’t work for you, you’ll find them open on Saturdays for 11 hours, starting from 9 am until closing down at 8 pm.

The last resort is during the Sundays when they’re open for 8 hours – from 10 am in the morning to 6 pm in the evening.

However, weekends are the busiest days at Great Clips, so make sure you have plenty of time to spare in hand or place an appointment beforehand to render your experience a smooth one.


The FAQ section on Great Clips haircut prices tells you a lot more about this company and the more reasons you should consider visiting them on a regular basis.

Q: How much should I tip at Great Clips?

A: You can follow the rule of thumb of grooming tips when it comes to this brand. Since Great Clips haircut prices are quite lower than the average, paying a tip between 10%-15% of the total cost shouldn’t cost you much. For instance, if you get a $15 haircut, you can pay a total of $17 including tips.

Q: Is it better to check in online or directly walking in at Great Clips?

A: Yes! If I were you, I’d definitely check-in online before heading directly and finding Great Clips customers sitting in a long queue. It’s worth noting that weekdays tend to be more relaxed and give you a higher chance of getting your haircut done within a very short time without any appointment.

Q: Is the Great Clips app highly essential?

A: It’s not the most essential thing, however, it can aid you in two major respects. One, the app will notify you minutes before your appointment time. And two, you’ll be able to track offers and discounts at your area through this app.

Q: What are the health & safety policies at Great Clips?

A: Great Clips follow major safety protocols ever since the COVID-19 pandemic broke out. Every tactile surface is sanitized as often as possible, the stylists sterilize their hands before each haircut and the sitting positions are distanced from one another to ensure maximum safety.


It should be a fulfilling moment for you now that you’ve acquainted yourself with every Great Clips haircut prices offered at almost every outlet.

I find it admirable as well as inspiring that a company that revenued over a billion dollars last year is so generous with their clients!

The fact is very clear that this company focuses at providing services to the customers by charging them the bare minimum for almost every haircut.

And when you add their discounts on top of that, the pricings become even more so insane because that’s literally close to nothing!

Lastly, I’ll leave you with an advice: if you’re looking for the most basic treatment in the best possible manner with supreme customer service at a highly affordable rate, Great Clips are certainly your prime option to tick all of these boxes!

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