Is your beard feeling so rough that even you’re getting poked by it?

Don’t worry, you are in the right place!

As a bearded man myself, I have been there and done that for far too long. Years and years of rough, unruly beard, leading to itch and dry scaly skin.

But it doesn’t take too much to maintain your beard so that it not only looks great, but also feels nicer and softer.

We will go through this complete guide to understand exactly why your beard gets so rough. We will also cover the things you need to do for encouraging healthier beard growth. And of course, we will tell you the secret of how to make your beard soft so that you will enjoy every stroke.

Now, as you may have guessed already, growing a beard is NOT simply to stop shaving. rather, it also requires proper passion and care for growing a nice looking, healthy beard.

You may be here for the following reasons:

  • Beard feeling rough as wire
  • Partner complaining your beard is poking like a needle
  • Consistent itchy beard
  • Dry, scaly skin such as the chin

All of these are problems that CAN be solved!

We will cover several things in this comprehensive guide. Firstly, we will understand the root of the problem and find out exactly why beard gets so rough.

Then, we will look at the options available for softening your beard and tell you how to make your beard soft. We will also mention the exact products needed for this magical solution.

Just so you are not left wondering, we will cover some tips and tricks for keeping your beard soft. Finally, we will end with some commonly asked questions by bearded men for a glorious beard.

Alrighty then… let’s get started!

Why Are Beards So Rough & Tough?

Ever since you followed your heart and stopped shaving, you’ve grown a nice-looking beard – congrats!

But with every passing day, your beard gets rougher and rougher and you just don’t understand what to do. It’s not easy to keep going while not being able to be comfortable with your own facial hair.

You may think that your beard is wiry, thick, coarse… and there is nothing to be done.

There IS!

Don’t worry, it’s not just your genes, the following are some of the most common reasons for rough and tough beard:

Lack of Proper Cleaning & Beard Hygiene

You have to treat your beard as a body part now. Just as you would clean any other body part, you need to clean your beard and keep it clean.

Just think about it, your beard is exposed to the dirt, air, food and is constantly touched during the day. After your hands, it is probably the most exposed part of your body.

Unlike most other body parts, your beard doesn’t have its own cleansing or immune system. It cannot fight germs, food, dust or other debris it encounters.

Your hands are the dirtiest parts of our body as they are directly in contact with everything in our surroundings. Just think about how many times your hands touch your beard, spreading the germs.

So, when you wash your hands, wash your face, your mouth, etc. make sure you are washing your beard as well. Clean it and keep it clean throughout the day.

Don’t make cleaning your beard ONLY a part of your shower or bath routine.

Exposure to Cold Weather or Low Temperatures

Depending on which part of the country you live in, you can understand the severity of exposure to harsh weather for your beard.

While we do have many protective wears for our face, body and hands, there is no special protective wear for our beards… yet!

So, if you live in a cold climate with winter dominating the seasons then you are well aware of how much care your skin and face needs. Now think about your beard, what does the harsh cold weather do to it?

Low temperatures make our skin dry, and the beard also gets dry. It gets frizzy and rough. So, be sure to protect your beard from the harsh low temperatures of winter as much as possible.

Don’t let your beard be directly exposed to harsh conditions without any pre or post care.


A common misconception is that dryness and dehydration is that same thing.

It is not!

Dryness, as we have just discussed in our last point, is the result of external factors. But dehydration is the result of internal factors.

Dehydration occurs when your body is unable to get enough liquid consumption. Dehydration not only makes us thirsty, but it makes skin, hair and beard dry.

Extreme dehydration can cause your hair to look dry, rough and dull and make it break easily. While beard may be the last reason for you to consider proper hydration, remember that it too is a vital sign of dehydration.

Contact with Hard & Treated Water

You are fully aware that not all water is good for you. Which is why you should be drinking and using clean water and not just any water.

Exposure to hard water that is highly treated with chemicals and minerals, such as the swimming pool with chlorinated water, do a massive deal of harm to your beard.

Be sure to give extra care to your beard as you do your skin and other body parts after being exposed to hard water.

Best Ways To Soften Your Beard

Now that we have learned what causes your beard to get rough, we will look at the options available to soften your beard.

Shampooing & Conditioning

In order to clean your beard in the best possible way, don’t neglect it by just giving it a rinse with water. To get nice looking, healthy beard, you must give it a proper clean.

Use a good beard shampoo for washing away dirt and debris of the day from your beard. Just as you would shampoo your hair to get it feeling nice, soft and clean, do the same for your beard.

Once you have shampooed your beard, give it a good rinse. Then, use a good beard conditioner to give back the essential minerals and oils that the shampoo has washed away with the debris.

Don’t just shampoo clean your beard, it will get too dry – use a proper beard conditioner to condition it to good health.

A Healthy Diet

Make sure you are eating right!

Yes, you heard that right, you need to maintain a healthy diet to ensure proper beard health.

There are specific foods that promote healthy hair and beard growth, just as there are specific foods for healthy skin, etc.

Vitamin H is what is essential for your beard. It contains biotin which is a crucial nutrient that promotes healthy beard growth. These are foods such as the following:

  • Eggs
  • Nuts
  • Avocado
  • Salmon
  • Low-fat cheese
  • Oysters, crabs and clams

In addition to this, foods that are rich in Vitamin A such as sweet potato, carrot, pumpkin, asparagus are also great for adding extra shine to your hair.

Eating a healthy diet will make sure your beard is nourished and growing healthy to avoid losing hair, split ends, dryness, roughness, etc.

Proper Hydration & Protection

While eating a healthy diet is important, drinking plenty is also essential!

You must be drinking enough throughout the day to keep your body, hair and bear hydrated. A hydrated body will make sure your beard is hydrated as well.

You also need to provide proper protection to your beard from exposure to harsh weather and conditions. So, if you are out all day in the harsh cold weather or extreme sun, then be sure to follow up with some extra protection and aftercare for your beard.

There are some excellent beard care products available in the market that are great to give your beard the protection it needs.

Using Good Quality Products

As we were discussing proper protection, we mentioned beard care products.

The market is filled with a range of products from beard shampoos and conditioners to beard oils and balms, but it is crucial that you use only good quality products.

Do not go for cheap and low-quality products that will do more harm for a low investment.

Research well and invest in your beard health by using good quality products from trusted brands and manufacturers.

We will discuss in details the exact beard care products to use for softening your beard.

What Beard Care Products Should Be Used For Getting Softer Beard?

It is dream to have a beard that not only looks good but also feels good. But not everyone has soft, fluffy beard that feels great to stroke.

The following are some exception beard care products to get a softer beard:

Beard Shampoo

Do not make the mistake of using normal shampoo (meant for the hair on your head) on your beard (hair on your face).

Beard shampoo is specifically designed for facial hair – your beard!

It will be tough on your beard while being gentle on the skin on your face. Regular shampoos are meant for our harsh scalp so it is not advisable for your facial hair.

Beard shampoo is designed to provide essential oils and minerals for your skin and beard hair while washing away all the dirt for a proper cleanse.

Beard Conditioner

Beard conditioner will provide the treatment necessary to moisturize your beard and give it the shine and moisture needed after shampooing. Without a proper follow up using a beard conditioner, after using beard shampoo will leave you with a very dry and flaky beard.

Not only that, beard conditioner will also promote healthy growth for your beard.

Beard Oil

If you’ve not heard of beard oil, you are at a loss.

Regardless of the length of your beard, a good beard oil will give it the proper moisture, shine and softness it needs.

Whether for a dull beard, dry beard or a rough beard, the solution is simple – beard oil!

With regular use of beard oil, you will get noticeably healthy, shinier, softer and itch free beard.

Beard Balm

If you have a beard that is not just rough but also, thick, unruly and untamed then you need beard balm.

It has the same properties as beard oil with the added property of hold needed for taming unruly beard. It is a healthy version of hair gel for styling your beard.

You don’t have to use either beard oil or balm, you can use both to benefit from the properties of both these wonderful products.

Beard Butter

For those who have used beard oil and balm but are looking for something in between – there is Beard Butter.

Yes, you heard that right… beard butter!

It conditions and nourishes your beard, and gives it a nice matte finish instead of the shiny, oily finish. So, you will get the same benefits of using a beard oil but will not get that oily look.

It is perfect for those who are not fans of the oil shine or sticky feel and would like something like a cream equivalent. Beard butter is just that!

Beard Brush

One of the most essential and underrated products for taking care of your beard is the beard brush.

The most traditional, natural and recommended products to use to get soft, tangle free beard is the regular use of a beard brush.

Whether or not you use any other product, regularly brushing your beard will leave you with cleaner, softer, and healthier beard in the long run.

Brushing makes your beard break out of tangles, and promotes healthy growth.

We highly recommend adding brushing to your daily routine after applying your choice of beard care product.

Our Recommended Daily Routine: How To Make Your Beard Soft


Wash your beard daily with not just water, but also using proper beard shampoo and conditioner. You will be able to wash away dirt and condition your beard for healthy growth.


Moisturize your beard once or twice a day using your product of choice such as a beard oil, beard balm, beard butter, etc. You will be able to nourish your beard and have it looking healthy as well.


Brush or comb your hair thoroughly using a beard brush. You will be able to get rid of knots, tangles, strays, etc. and brush it back into place.


While or after brushing your beard, you will notice strays or split ends – trim off these excess stray beard strands or split ends. You will be able to achieve a neater look while promoting healthy regrowth of strands with split ends.

Useful Beard Softening Tips & Tricks

Here are some incredible tricks of the trade to ensure that once you achieve softer beard, you can maintain a healthy, soft beard for longer.

  • Avoid using products that contain alcohol
  • Pay attention to the facial soap or face wash ingredients
  • Do not apply beard care products on beard when it is wet
  • Don’t go to be with a wet beard, towel dry or blow dry it before bed
  • Use beard oil before going to bed
  • Never use beard care products on a dirty beard
  • Use wooden combs and avoid cheap plastic ones for brushing your beard
  • Use proper beard trimming scissors for removing split ends

Now, with all that we have discussed, you may still have some questions as a bearded man, and we will address the most frequently asked questions about getting a soft beard.

FAQs About Making Your Beard Soft

Q: Why do I get rough and dry beard even after using beard oil?

A: You may only be doing one part of a healthy, soft beard routine. You need to make sure you are following the full routine of washing your beard, drying your beard, moisturizing your beard and following that up with daily brushing or combing of your beard.

Remember, it will not happen in a day, make it a routine and stick to it for best results.

Q: Can I use beard oil or other products with sensitive skin like acne?

A: Generally speaking, beard oil or beard balm or all other beard care products are safe to be used even if you have acne or sensitive skin.

However, before you try something new or if you experience side effects, you should consult your dermatologist to make sure that any specific ingredient in your beard oil or balm may or may not be harming your skin.

Q: What’s the easiest & quickest way to get softer beard?

A: Unfortunately, there is no special trick, magic potion or a revolutionary product to get a soft beard. You will need to work hard at taking care of your beard to get a softer beard. It is not like a treatment for your beard to make it soft, rather think of it as a training.

So, essentially, you will have to train your beard to be soft.

Final Thoughts: Have You Learned Enough To Soften Your Beard?

This beard softening guide was prepared for men who are proud and love their beard addressing the most common concern of getting a softer beard.

It doesn’t matter what the style or look you have with your beard, if it is not clean, styled and healthy, you will not be happy with your beard.

So, consider going through all the steps, tips and tricks to get a softer, healthier and good-looking beard as discussed in this comprehensive guide.

We hope that you get your desired results and are happy to flaunt your beard not just for good looks but also for great feels.

Let us know in the comments if this has helped you to soften your beard!

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