How to Trim a Beard Neckline Like a Professional Stylist

Scruffy and messy neckline beard can totally ruin your freshly groomed look. It makes you look untidy, it feels uncomfortable and most importantly, your girlfriend is not going to like it at all.

If you don’t trim your neckline beard for a long time, it eventually becomes an extension of your chest hair, making you look like an ape-man. Do you really want that to happen? I hope not.

You should start trimming your neckline beard as soon as it grows above 3 mm. But don’t worry, in this article, I will do my best to help you trim a beard neckline like a pro.

There are two major stages of this process- finding the neckline and trimming the neckline. But before that, let me tell you why you should groom your neckline beard in the first place.

Importance of Trimming Beard Neckline

Importance of Trimming Beard Neckline

Many gents don’t understand the importance of a well-groomed, defined neckline. But a trimmed neckline neatly outlines the bottom part of your beard, giving your beard a professionally groomed appearance. Factors like your face shape and desired beard style play a crucial role in determining the shape of your neckline.

Trimming the neckline in an upward curve shape will make your face appear slimmer and jawline sharper. Shaving the neckline is necessary if you wish to grow a stubble or a classic short box beard.

Finding the Neckline: Understanding Where to Start and Stop Trimming

For a newbie can be difficult to figure out where to start the trimming. This is because the position of your beard neckline depends on what kind of beard style you are trying to keep. Another factor to keep in mind is the desired length of your beard.

Here are two rules of thumb to follow while deciding how high your neckline should be:

  • If you have a short stubble, the neckline area to aim for would be higher, near your jawline.
  • If you have a medium length beard, your target area would be around the lower part of your neck.

Let me make this easier for you. Imagine a curve starting from your right ear lobe, going all the way to your jawline and ending at your left ear lobe. That curve, my friend, is your neckline.

Here are two foolproof methods to help you determine your target trimming area:

The Two-fingers Rule:

  • Use the “two fingers rule”. Look yourself in the mirror and hold your head upright. Tilt your head back a little and put your middle finger at the center of your Adam’s Apple and the index finger right above it.
  • The top of your fingers marks the bottom edge of your neckline. You should start trimming from the midpoint, exactly where you have placed your finger right now.

The Double Chin Rule:

  • Tilt your head downward.
  • It will form a natural fold where your jawline meets the top spot of your neck.
  •  Put your fingers on the fold and straighten your head. Now the fold is your neckline area waiting to be trimmed.

Tips on Shaping Your Neckline Based on Your Haircut and Beard Style

Shaping the beard line is all about adding a clear definition to your neck’s natural hairline. The neckline shape you choose should match your facial structure and haircut as well. All we want to achieve here is a symmetrical look.

If you have a short stubble and short hair and a sharp jawline, you could blindly go with a straight neckline. It basically means the square shaped neckline with neatly defined angles.

If you are not a big fan of clearly defined angles like me and have long hair, you can do a little experiment and have an uneven neckline. It’s totally in fashion and has a cool, hipster vibe to it.

No matter which neckline beard shape you choose, try to avoid making your neckline too round. That’s simply because it will look weird. Unless you have something very out-of-the-box style in mind, your neckline should have always an upward curve.

Equipment You Need to Add Crisp Lines to Your Neckline

Trimming a beard neckline like a pro is possible only when you have the right tools at your disposal. You need to trim or fade your neckline keeping in mind the length and the direction of your hair growth.

Equipment You Need to Add Crisp Lines to Your Neckline

Comb: Combing your beard is necessary to untangle the knots. Combing the hair strands also gives you a proper idea of your beard’s actual length, making it easier for you to trim it down to your desired length. While any comb would work, a wooden beard comb is the best for easily untangling beard knots.

Beard Shaper: This is just like a stencil cutter for your beard. It helps you achieve the perfect outline and angles with minimal effort. Some specialized plastic beard shaping tools offer 2-4 lines and angles, allowing you to be creative with your beard neckline.

Since plastic material is clear, you can monitor which direction your trimmer is going in. With its help, you can add a professional touch to jawline, cheek line, and sideburns as well.

Beard Trimmer: The quality of your beard trimmer can make or break everything. Make sure you always choose a trimmer that offers multiple length settings. Needless to mention that it must feature high-quality blades that contour easily and safety guards to prevent injuries.

Method of Trimming Beard Neckline Like a Seasoned Barber

It’s totally cool if you don’t have a beard shaping tool and you want to trim free-hand. In this section, I am going to help you understand the basic process of finely trimming neckline beard. It’s very simple and with a little practice, you will learn it in no time, trust me.

Steps of Trimming without Beard Shaping Tool

Step-1: Find the neckline area to trim. I’ve already mentioned the process but let me repeat one more time in case you have skipped the previous section.

Trimming without Beard Shaping Tool

The central point (C) of your neckline is your Adam’s apple. It connects the hairline starting from point A (your right ear lobe) to point B (left ear lobe). Put your middle and index finger on point C. The line above your fingers marks the spot you are going to trim.

Step-2: Now take your trimmer and adjust the length to two settings lower than your beard length. For a symmetrical and clean look, keep this length setting the same even when your beard grows longer.

Step-3: Trim all the hair around the marked spot. Make sure that the trimmer is always below your jawline. First, trim one side, drag it to the center and then go to the other direction. That way, your neckline beard will have clear edges and angles.

Trimming It off with a Single Blade Razor

Steps of Trimming with a Beard Shaping Tool

Follow the same 3 steps above if you are using a razor to define the edges. I personally find single blade razors ideal for the job. It allows you to have full control over the action, leading to a more precise trim.

Plus, single blade/ straight razors take only a few passes to get a clean shave. Lesser number of passes means a lower risk of skin irritation.

Steps of Trimming with a Beard Shaping Tool

Trimming without Beard Shaping Tool

Follow step 1 and 2 same as above.

Step 3: Simply place the tool on your assumed neckline and trim all the hair right up to the tapered edges of the shaper. It is extremely useful for achieving crisp and clearly defined lines.

Post Trimming Essentials – Taking Care of Your Newly Trimmed Beard Neckline

Aftercare is just as important as trimming the neckline beard. If you have sensitive skin and you experience skin itching, bumps or rashes after trimming, apply some moisturizer on the area. It will keep the skin irritation free, soft and nourished.

Growing a thick and healthy beard that takes your swag quotient to new heights requires dedication. Use a beard shampoo to wash the dirt and grime clogging the skin pores underneath the hair.

Apply a quality beard oil to keep the hair conditioned. An organic, beeswax based beard balm will keep your beard easier to style and manage. All these grooming essentials should be a part of your everyday beard care routine.

The Bottom Line

A well-groomed beard with a neatly outlined neckline should be every beard enthusiast’s ultimate goal. It’s not just about the appearance. A clean neckline promotes healthier beard growth and protects your skin from itching and inflammation too. Now that you have all the information you need, go ahead and glam up your beard!

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