Today we will talk about the all-important task of trimming pubic hair. It may seem like a fairly straightforward task, but if you have experienced this at least once in your life, you are aware of the things that can go wrong to cause you all sorts of discomfort!

Regardless of how well the job is done, one of the biggest discomforts is the resulting itch after trimming the pubic hair. Given all the complications surrounding shaving or waxing down there, trimming is the best option and we present for you a step by step guideline of how to trim pubic hair without itching!

Get Prepared with all the Right Equipment

The first thing you must understand and mentally prepare yourself for is the fact that this is an important & private task which will require a significant amount of alone time. So prioritize your duties & responsibilities and make time out for yourself to do this right.

Right Equipment for pubic hair trimming

Before you enter the bathroom to get started, make sure you have mentally checked off the list of things you will need in there, such as the following:

Once you have these essential tools, you are ready to get started!

Step By Step Guideline

Now let’s start following this step by step guideline which are very easy to follow and you will be happy to have went along with these steps when you get nicely trimmed down there without any itch or irritation. Our skin down there is very sensitive and we should not neglect proper care at any time.

Step 1 – Clean Your Tools

As you have already collected all the tools you need, you must now prepare them before you begin using them. It is highly recommended that all tools are cleaned or sterilized using a disinfectant. As a rule of thumb, always have your own personal set of these tools, these are tools that should be shared with others. Regardless, sterilizing them is a must to be safe. This way you will get all the bacteria & harmful infection causing agents removed. Once cleaned & dried, let’s move on to the next step.

Step 2 – Clean Yourself

Ask yourself the question, am I clean?

It is always best to take a nice hot bath or shower to clean yourself up before body grooming. Not only are you clean, this also prepares your body hair by making them soft and conditioning your skin. After you have showered, dry up properly and use the little comb to get rid of any tangles in the hair down there or simply to get them nice & straight. Once you have combed through and you realize that the hair is not completely dry, then use your hair dryer to get it fully dry.

Step 3 – Prepare the Area

Now place the mirror in the most suitable place from where you can easily see yourself. Make all necessary preparation of the area considering where you want the hair to not go. Use a towel or newspaper so that you can collect all the hair when you are done. You don’t want to clog your pipes by letting all the hair go down with the water. Are you going to do it standing up or sitting down, get your area ready before you start clipping.

Step 4 – Start Clipping

Now that your tools are clean, you are clean and your area is all prepared, you are ready to start trimming. Use the comb to brush through the hair and get it nice and straight. Once you have all the excess hair on top of the comb, use the trimmer or clipper or scissors to cut it. This important step is to get the hair to a shorter length which is most appropriate for the trimmer to deal with.

Step 5 – Start Trimming

Gently follow your hair down there and keep trimming. You will have spread your legs and get into awkward angles to get the job done. If you are using a high quality trimmer or clipper with a guide comb, then you can simply clip through without too much worry. But make sure to go with the flow of the hair and not against it to avoid uncomfortable tugs. Always try to use long, slow strokes instead of rapid short strokes to avoid irritating your skin. Continue to style, or trim as you like to your personal preference. Once you are done, put your tools aside.

Step 6 – Clean Up

Now that you are done, it is time for clean up! So get rid of the hair all over the floor, clean up your tools and then thoroughly wash yourself with nice warm or fairly cool shower or bath. Dry yourself up completely and put your tools away once they are dried up & cleaned up. Clean the area including any hair lying here and there to your personal satisfaction.

Step 7 – Keeping the Itch Away

Now that you are cleaned up and dried up, it is time to make sure that the itching stays away. You need to moisturize yourself, especially your skin down there. Whether trimming, shaving or waxing, the skin goes through a session of intense pressure and is in need of immediate recovery. So use a skin moisturizer or other products to make sure you soothe the skin. This will make sure that the skin is not irritated and will not cause any uncomfortable itching afterwards.

Some Important Recommendations: Tips & Tricks

  • Regardless of how urgent it is for you to get a trim never compromise on the cleanliness of your tools or your body. Disinfect your tools and clean up your body to ensure healthy and irritation free skin after trimming, shaving or waxing.
  • Make sure that the tools you use are in good condition. Replace blades or tools if they are not sharp enough or slightly blunt. You do not want to harm your skin with cuts, nicks, tugs or any other sort of skin irritants.
  • Never use fast & repeated strokes using your trimmer as this is one of the primary causes of skin irritation. Always use long, steady and very few numbers of strokes for best results.
  • After trimming, if you are immediately itchy then do not itch, use a cream such as hydrocortisone cream to soothe your skin. Never worsen skin condition by scratching or itching.
  • If you have any injuries such as bruises or cuts then avoid that area.
  • There are many styles of cuts you can try, do not stress as you can simply start with a triangle strip and then experiment with different styles to find one you like.
  • You know yourself best, so give yourself a routine to know when or how long it takes for your hair to grow back and then trim accordingly. If you let it grow too long then the trimming process will get more complicated. Also, it is easier to apply the same style when it is not overgrown.
  • Don’t let your pubic hair get too long. Monitor the length your pubic hair during showers and bathroom breaks to make sure that they are not at a length which is unhygienic or otherwise uncomfortable.
  • If for any reason the down there region is too sensitive then do not force yourself for a trim, wait for your skin to recover and avoid worsening your skin condition by trimming, shaving or waxing.


No one else will be able to know the ideal length or condition down there other than yourself. So it is always best to know yourself by regularly monitoring yourself. This will help you to keep a close check on yourself to spot irregularities or other abnormalities to avoid getting any conditions to worsen.

As for the length of your pubic hair, even this falls under your regular monitoring. Always clean up your pubic region and keep them dry to avoid diseases. Never share your personal grooming tools to avoid the spread of diseases. This will make you a professional at trimming pubic hair without itching or other discomforts to your skin.

Now that you know exactly how to trim pubic hair without itching, try out as many different shapes & styles as you like and enjoy your time trimming!

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