iRestore Review: What Makes This Laser Hair Growth System Stand Out?

Let me guess, you are reading this because you are totally paranoid about your rapid hair loss. You are also probably unsure whether this iRestore laser therapy really works. Your fear and doubts are legit. After all, there are loads of such advanced laser therapy devices floating around the market. How do you know if iRestore really stays true to its claims?

To ease your mind and help you make an informed decision, I will provide you with every essential info, including the pros and cons of this device. Before I get to the detailed analysis of the features and performance, let me quickly tell you what this laser hair growth system actually is.

What Exactly Is iRestore Laser Hair Growth System?

iRestore Laser Hair Growth System is basically a cap/helmet-shaped Low Light Laser Therapy (LLLT) device to prevent hair thinning and boost hair growth. It was developed by Dr. Eugene Bodian, a man known for revolutionizing modern dermatology.

iRestore Laser Hair Growth Specification

FeaturesiRestore Laser
Use for Hair Regrowth
Suitable forMen & Women
Age Male18 - 60
Age Female18 - 48
Timer DisplayYes
Work after4 Month
FDA ClearedYes
Guarantee6 Months
Money Back
Warranty1 Year
Price Check price

The Thought Behind iRestore Laser Therapy: How Does Low Light Laser Therapy Work?

The inside of this device is studded with 51 medical-grade lasers to emit long-wavelength light (650 nm red light) which gets easily absorbed by our hair follicles. It is considered to be the ideal wavelength for speeding up the cell metabolism rate and blood circulation around the scalp.

iRestore Laser Therapy

The optimal wavelength helps to reactivate the dormant hair follicles which leads to hair regrowth. Apart from regrowing your hair, it also strengthens your roots and builds new follicles, causing your hair to thicken up and volumize.

Additionally, iRestore is clinically proven to work in synergy with other hair loss treatments and medications e.g Rogaine, Minoxidil, Finasteride, Propecia and so on.

By the way, I did my research on the safety of using laser therapy. As it turns out, in theory, Low Light Laser Therapy cannot cause cancer. So be assured that this FDA-approved iRestore Laser Hair Growth System is completely safe to use.

You know you can trust a product when it has been carefully examined and certified by renowned skin/hair expert Dr. Bodian himself. In 2017, he, along with a group of other doctors conducted a research study to evaluate the impact of iRestore on hair growth.

The specimens were women between the ages of 18-60 and males in the age range of 18-48. After 4 months of study, all the active users experienced an average 43.2% increase in hair count.

A lot of people misinterpret this study report, assuming that this treatment won’t work on males above 48 and females above 60. The specified age range on the report was used only for that particular study. This doesn’t imply that Low Light Laser Therapy won’t benefit people outside that range.

According to many doctors, the way our hair follicles work doesn’t change with age. So it doesn’t matter if you are 25 or 75, as long as you are consistently following a proper hair care routine, iRestore will give you results.

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Who Is Going to Benefit the Most from iRestore?

The clinical-grade Low Light Laser Therapy of iRestore is specifically designed to treat Androgenic Alopecia and Alopecia Areata. You can use it to combat hair thinning, bald spots, sudden hair fall, and sudden hair shedding. Let me give you the specifics:

According to iRestore guideline, iRestore laser treatment will work on:

  • Males falling in the Class IIa to V range on the Hamilton-Norwood scale and type I to VI range on the Fitzpatrick scale.

Hamilton-Norwood scale

Fitzpatrick scale

  • Women falling in the Class I to II range on the Ludwig Savin Scale and type I to IV on the Fitzpatrick scale.

Ludwig Savin Scale

You need to use it for 25 minutes on dry hair every other day for at least 3-6 months to see visible improvements. Mind you, this device alone won’t make much of a difference.

If you are experiencing severe hair loss for some time now, it could be the sign of a serious underlying issue. Get in touch with your doctor, find out what’s triggering the hair fall/thinning. He might prescribe some medications accordingly. Along with medication, include laser therapy in your daily routine and be consistent with it.

Use a high-quality DHT blocker biotin shampoo and natural conditioner to amp up the benefits. Finally, you also need to make a few positive changes in your diet to experience hair regrowth. Believe me, a healthy diet, good hair hygiene coupled with proper treatment can really turn the tables around.

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Who Shouldn’t Use iRestore?

iRestore laser hair loss treatment is not for anyone looking for an overnight miracle. While it can control the rapid shedding in the first 3-4 weeks, you have to patiently wait for 3-6 months to see any visible improvement.

Depending on your age, severity of the problem, diet, medical condition, and many other relevant factors, it could take even longer. A lot of users have reported getting great results with iRestore only after 9 months.

While it can reverse the signs of balding by preventing the breakage of hair shafts, don’t expect it to regrow thick hair on bald head. If a certain section of your hair has been bald for a long time, it implies the death of those hair follicles in that specific area.

iRestore cannot revive already dead follicles. As stated by the manufacturer, it can only reactivate dormant hair follicles around your bald patches.

Also, if your frequent hair loss is a result of predetermined genetic factors or any internal disease, Low Light Laser Therapy may not work for you.

In case of alopecia caused by protein or iron deficiency, thyroid diseases or hormonal changes, you must combine laser therapy with a nutrition-rich diet and medications to improve your hair condition. iRestore alone won’t be able to do much in such scenarios.

The Right Way to Use iRestore

I must say I’m quite intrigued by the hat-shaped design of this device. You just put it on like a regular hat or helmet and go on with your life. This lightweight battery-powered device hardly puts any strain on your head and shoulder. You need to keep in on for 25 minutes every other day.

The Right Way to Use iRestore

There’s a timer on the device which turns off the lasers and LEDs automatically after 25 minutes. You can use it at any time of the day. You don’t necessarily have to wash your hair for this. Just make sure it’s completely dry. That’s it.

The best part is you can read books, watch T.V or do just about anything you want while keeping the device on. In a nutshell, this laser therapy system is perfect for individuals seeking a non-invasive, cost-effective and convenient alternative to hair transplant.

According to many leading experts, laser therapy leads to better blood flow in the scalp which improves the absorption of other hair products.

iRestore Hair Restorative Laser Therapy: Take a Detailed Look

Now that you have learned what this machine exactly does (and doesn’t), it’s time to dig deeper. Wondering why this particular model outsells other laser hair therapy systems in the market?

To help you figure out the answer, in the upcoming section of my iRestore review, I have covered the technical specs of this product in detail.

Unboxing iRestore Laser Hair Growth System

Unboxing iRestore Laser Hair Growth System

Once you open the iRestore box, you will find the helmet along with a remote control and AC adapter. Despite being a mid-range product, the headpiece looks plush, sturdy and durable.

This device looks promising right out of the box, getting off to a good start. Now let’s move on to find out if it leaves a lasting impression.

Overall Design and Key Specifications

Overall design of iRestore

This quirky-looking cap is made from a solid white plastic, whose inside is lined with soft foam to ensure optimal comfort. There’s a headband on it to securely hold the cap in place and a remote control to switch on/off the device.

Inside the shell, you will notice 30 LEDs and 21 lasers set to emit 650 nm red light. In theory, this is the perfect wavelength to increase cell metabolism and blood circulation around the scalp. The restorative light energy stimulates dormant hair follicles to counter hair weakening problem.

The cap is very lightweight and fits comfortably, allowing you to continue your day-to-day activities while receiving the therapy. You can also safely wear the helmet while charging if the battery runs out.

After 25 minutes, the device emits a beep sound and the lights turn off automatically.

First Reaction upon Wearing the iRestore Laser Helmet:

You might feel a soothing warm sensation in your head 15 minutes into the therapy. Some users have found the heat a little overwhelming at first. But that will go away once you get used to the device.

If you experience minor hair shedding immediately or a week, don’t freak out. It is happening because the light energy is eliminating your old, weak hair shafts to replace them with new ones.

If the hair shedding is severe, stop the treatment immediately. But this has hardly ever happened to anyone so chill.

This brings me to my next point:

Safety Issues and Potential Drawbacks of iRestore

This laser treatment has been cleared by the FDA after a thorough examination which guarantees the safety of this device. To ensure maximum customer safety, iRestore also holds the following certifications:

  • IEC 60825 (Safety of laser products)
  • IEC 60601-1 (Safety)
  • IEC 60601-1-2 (EMC)
  • ISO 10993 (Biological evaluation of medical devices)
  • GMP-certified (Good manufacturing practice)

Having said all, a few existing users have reported minor skin irritation during the treatment period.

Apparently, some users have not seen any visible hair growth even after consistently using the therapy for 9 months. You need to remember that age, underlying health conditions also play a pivotal role here.

Although they didn’t experience hair regrowth or thicker hair, most of them have unanimously agreed that iRestore therapy reduced their hair loss. It also made their existing hair beautifully soft and frizz-free.

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Final Impression: Is the iRestore Laser Therapy System Worth the Money?

iRestore is a clinically-proven non-invasive method to prevent hair loss and promote thicker and healthier hair growth. You will find plenty of other similar products doing the rounds of the market, some of them priced way higher than iRestore.

But steeper price doesn’t necessarily guarantee success.

The 2017 research study showed a 100% success rate of iRestore with zero side effects. This particular product has legitimate proof of its credibility which its competitors lack. That’s precisely what sets iRestore above the rest.

Doctors recommend that you should combine this therapy with quality biotin shampoo, biotin supplements, serums, and prescribed OTC medications like minoxidil for maximum benefit. According to iRestore itself, you should use iRestore Anti Hair Loss Shampoo and iRestore Hair Growth Serum for faster results.

In Conclusion

That was my two cents on iRestore hair restorative laser therapy. Hopefully, by now, you must have figured out whether this hair restorative equipment lives up to the standard you expect. At the end of the day, it’s your hair and your money. You know what your hair needs more than any reviewer on the web. So go ahead, gather as much knowledge as you can, follow your guts and make an informed choice.

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