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iRestore vs Capillus vs HairMax vs iGrow vs Theradome: Top 5 Hair Growth Devices Compared

Are you terrified of seeing so much of your hair falling out of your scalp everyday? Does the idea of getting bald without any control scare you to death?

Then you’re probably in need of the best hair growth device to stop such horrific events and bring back the head full of hair that you once proudly possessed!

LLLT or low-laser light therapy is one of the most reliable choices for dermatologists these days because of their proven success and ease of use.

I’ve decorated my article with 5 top-tier devices in the form of a contest, to find you the most suitable device out of iRestore vs Capillus vs HairMax vs iGrow vs Theradome.

Once you reach the end, you’ll be able to spend on the proper unit that’ll revitalize your scalp and regenerate hair growth to kick the balding scenario out of the equation!

iRestore vs Capillus vs HairMax vs iGrow vs Theradome – Comparison

iRestore Laser Growth SystemHelmet51 Grade Lasers
3 Months
See On Amazon
Capillus82 Laser Growth CapCap
82 Grade Lasers6 Months See On Amazon
Hairmax Hair Growth LaserBand41 Medical Grade 6 Month See On Amazon
iGrow Laser Growth HelmetHelmetLED And Laser16 Weeks See On Amazon
Theradome PRO LH80Helmet80 Grade Lasers6 Months See On Amazon

5 Best Hair Growth Devices Analyzed

Among the handful of quality products available on the market, 5 of them stand out with their effective outcomes. Each of them are thoroughly investigated in this section to give you a proper insight before purchasing.

iRestore Essential Laser Hair Growth System

For individuals who are experiencing a slow hair loss from their scalp and are concerned with what measures to be taken to revive from this condition.

iRestore brings in a solid solution! This laser hair growth system has been approved by the FDA and has generated remarkable outcomes for both men and women!
iRestore – Essential – Laser Hair Growth System

First of all, the device is very lightweight, so wearing it for prolonged time won’t feel like a thing at all! 5 strategically placed rubber paddings hold it firmly on top of your head by evenly distributing its entire weight.

iRestore allows for merging your therapy time with other hair loss treatments like biotin, pimento and DHT blocker. However, I’d recommend you to get approval from a dermatologist first before going for a fusion approach. Because every scalp is unique and might contain conditions that are best left for the professionals to decide.

Coming with this white colored, lightweight helmet is a controller. You can use this to set the timer. It’s tested on numerous subjects that a longer therapy at around 25 minutes prove to be more helpful than a 6 minute treatment.

The guideline tells you to use it every other day and not on a daily basis. Patience is the key with devices like iRestore because laser treatments don’t show instant results.

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Rather, it’s going to take you months before identifying even the most minor changes. You must pay attention though for the first two or three months to check for progress. If it seems your condition is getting worse, you must stop immediately and contact the seller for a refund.

When it comes to the refund policy, iRestore gives a comfortable cushion of 6 months. If no progress is made, they’ll pay you back the amount with 10% deduction for shipping costs.

You can understand the reason for pricing around $700 because it produces 120 points of laser and LEDs with 600 mW power output. To withstand such a heavy duty, it must be built with premium parts, thus the rise in cost.

What I Like about this Product

  • Lightweight & ergonomic, doesn’t slip at all.
  • Shown positive result for majority of standard cases.
  • Can be paired with other hair loss treatments.

What I Don’t Like about this Product

  • Doesn’t cover the entire head, so you’ll need to turn it around to reach the back areas.

Capillus82 Laser Hair Growth Cap

CapillusUltra enters the laser hair growth device market with an approach to make it available for a wider consumer group. Meaning, the price point is significantly lower than their other competitors with similar goals.

Capillus82 Laser Hair Growth CapThis device is crafted in the shape of a hat. There exists three different variants namely: Capillus82, Capillus202, and CapillusPro. They share the same technology but the number of laser points vary from one another. The device I’m discussing now contains 82 laser points.

You must remember two things: CapillusUltra is meant for ones who have a genetic condition for hair loss and you must possess some degree of hair on your scalp, like lowered density or a receding hairline.

Otherwise, fully bald scalps will not draw any benefit from this product and it’d be both a waste of time and money on your account.

There are many other variables that carry certain roles in the procedure. Your skin’s sensitivity, color or scalp conditions determine whether you’ll sense anything up to a tingling feeling or nothing at all.

No need to be worried because it’s marked safe and healthy by the FDA, so your health won’t be in line of jeopardy upon frequent uses of this unit.

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The method is to put on this hat for 6 minutes everyday and results can take up to 6 months to be made apparent. 82 counts of 5 mW laser diodes with vents are embedded in the fit-all sized hat and it’s clinically tested on a wide group of subjects with positive response.

Since the cap is free size, some find it challenging to fit perfectly, especially the ones who have smaller heads. This can be powered by batteries to allow you to move around while wearing it, but my opinion is to keep the movements to a minimal level.

For men, it can be teamed up with minoxidil or finasteride treatments for a better outcome, but doctor’s approval is highly important before committing to any strategy. In due time, you’ll start seeing an increase in hair density if the device fits your condition!

What I Like about this Product

  • It’s very safe and targeted for genetic hair loss disorders.
  • Allows application of other hair treatments while wearing the cap.
  • Battery inclusion allows for some degree of movement while wearing it.

What I Don’t Like about this Product

  • The cap doesn’t have any tightening methods, so might loosely fit for some people.

HairMax Hair Growth Laser Band 41

If you’re someone who looks into prominent works in the field of hair rejuvenation, you must have come across the remarkable works of HairMax since the early 2000s!

HairMax Hair Growth Laser Band 41Their pioneered HairMax technology is recommended by doctors till date as it targets Androgenetic alopecia induced issues like genetic hair loss, pattern hair loss for both men and women, menopause related hair reduction or basic thinning or receding due to old age.

The Laser Band 41 is a product endowed with this HairMax technology, so you can understand the reason behind its craze. While the technology shows a 90% success rate, the device itself stands at 93% in this regard.

This unit is designed as a brush with 41 laser beams pointed toward your scalp. These lasers are medical-grade and perform up to the professional standard. You’ll need to relocate the brush 6 times on your scalp to cover the entire portion, totalling up to 246 laser treatment points.

It’s very easy to use and takes up only 3 minutes 3 times a week. Wearing it and walking around is made convenient with a battery system and extremely light weight. A charging dock lets you stash it safely while it refreshes the batteries.

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Much like iRestore, this HairMax product too shows results in 6 months and guarantees to refund you with a 10% deduction if no progress is shown. But if their stats are right and you fit the description, you should see some results within the given time.

An improvement over the other laser devices for this is the comb style design. While other units fail to revive hair follicles due to being covered by adjacent hair, this one manages to reach the roots due to the comb teeth.

What I Like about this Product

  • Comb style teeth brings a wide portion of hair follicles under treatment.
  • Good refund policy pays you back if no progress is made.
  • Shorter duration and ease of wearing render a comfortable experience.

What I Don’t Like about this Product

  • You’ll have to manually move this device 6 times to cover your entire scalp.

iGrow Laser Hair Growth Helmet

Where the HairMax device falls a little shy, iGrow seems to pick up from that point. This machine doesn’t require any manual adjustment and is very convenient to use. An easy to adjust unit you can quite certainly claim as one of the best hair growth devices as of this moment.

iGrow Laser Hair Growth HelmetIt doesn’t walk the path of a complete laser infused hat, rather this is a proprietary dual laser/LED technology drawing the benefit out of both. A patented design often recommended by doctors for hereditary hair loss, be that for a 30 year old male or a 60 year old female.

The using method is quite simple: place it on top of your head and fasten the sides over your ears to keep it in place. You’ll notice a controller suggesting the type of loss you’re going through as it’ll concentrate based on that specific command.

It’s better to take advice from a professional to tune up the frequency. For instance, those who are witnessing frequent hair loss can use it with 25 minute sessions every other day of the week.

Elderly people are often recommended for daily use, then again, it depends on the doctor. The results can take up to 6-9 months, so you’ll need to bide your time and keep your faith in this product.

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Batteries let you move around, watch TV, listen to music with the embedded headphones or travel with this thing and the weight supports such maneuvers with ease.

You’ll receive a one-year warranty and 6 months money back guarantee from the manufacturer Apira Science, a leading company mastering hair & skin light therapies for over a decade.

I’d say the price point is much lower than the other products available on the market with similar abilities. Just clean up your scalp so that there’s no residue and make a routine out of it – your results should follow in the best possible way!

What I Like about this Product

  • Fits perfectly on every head and doesn’t require manual adjustments.
  • Runs on battery to allow movement and traveling.
  • Dual laser/LED technology revives hair pores, reduces loss and generates new strands.

What I Don’t Like about this Product

  • Sensitive scalps may witness burning sensations after prolonged exposure.

Theradome PRO LH80

Theradome PRO’s technology embedded in this device is based on Low-level laser (light) therapy (LLLT) which has shown remarkable results on numerous accounts.

Theradome PRO LH80Although it costs around $1,000 or slightly lower with discounts, it still stands as a viable replacement for all the hair growth clinic treatments. It’s FDA approved and can be legally sold over the counter in the USA.

The reason I think it to be one of the best hair growth devices with a unique approach is their method with the machine. Upon wearing the helmet, it’ll touch down on your scalp using 80 high density laser probes and doesn’t seek after LED technique at all.

This treatment encourages hair follicles to produce keratin, ensure the health of the pores, reduce hair fall and attempt to bring back the lost hairlines.

It’s the best of all worlds really, a lightweight helmet with premium design radiates a quality finish at first sight. Rechargeable nature doesn’t hamper your movement as you’ll get to roam around with the helmet placed on your scalp.

To utilize it properly, you won’t need to use it everyday or even every other day for prolonged durations. Twice in a week suffices with a 20 minute session. Many believe frequency matters but for this machine, it’s not mandatory.

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The company believes that you won’t have to wait 3 or 6 months to notice results, rather after one month of use, the reduction of hairfall will come into your attention.

This device doesn’t cause any shedding, which is a common issue for other devices of such nature. Survey shows that 98% of the consumers who properly used this unit have found success in increasing hair density and growth.

So both genders can gain maximum advantage out of this device if utilized to the fullest potential!

What I Like about this Product

  • LLLT device with 98% user satisfaction in terms of hair growth and increased density.
  • Results can be received faster than other devices.
  • Premium technology ensures maximum safety & health of your scalp.

What I Don’t Like about this Product

  • Can be quite expensive for many.

Head-to-Head Comparison

This head-to-head comparison between iRestore vs Capillus vs HairMax vs iGrow vs Theradome breaks down the battlefronts in four essential categories: method, fitting, time consumption and cost. It should allow us to establish grounds for assessments and call for verdict.

iRestore vs Capillus

These two brands go head to head in the contest to claim the throne for best hair growth device. Let’s see who comes out on top!

iRestore vs Capillus


When it comes to laser points, iRestore has 120 diodes all across the helmet. The CapillusUltra device in question here contains only 82. So iRestore is slightly ahead here in this case.


In terms of fitting the helmet on the head, the iRestore device has 5 rubber pads that conveniently hold on to your scalp without moving around. On the other hand, the CapillusPlus is a fit-all sized cap that’s often loose on smaller heads.

Time Consumption

iRestore’s therapy time is quite longer than Capillus with 25 minute sessions. Capillus sessions can be done in 6 minutes. But the frequency dictates iRestore’s use every other day, while Capillus’ device must be worn daily. So I’d call it preferential with no clear winner.


There’s a $100 difference between these two hair growth devices. iRestore being the more expensive one, delivers slightly finer results as opposed to its competition. So if you’re not on a budget, I’d recommend you to go for the iRestore unit.

iRestore vs HairMax

Contesting between iRestore & HairMax is a tough one, let’s find out why!

iRestore vs HairMax


HairMax stands with only 41 points of laser diodes against iRestore’s 120 points. But when you move it around, it manages to cover 246 points on your head overall. So in terms of proportion, HairMax squeezes out a narrow win in this aspect.


With a wider coverage area, this still requires adjustment and readjustment. Meaning, you’ll have to manually alter the locations of the device to touch down on all of your scalp. So I’ll give the edge of comfort to iRestore here as you can simply put it on and get done with the therapy.

Time Consumption

HairMax product demands to be used for 3 minutes 3 times per week. But 3×6=18 minutes, plus the additional adjustment time. So no matter how it’s marketed, this is actually used every other day like the iRestore unit for a similar duration and with more hassle.


The price difference between these two is around $150, with HairMax being the cheaper one. If you don’t mind the trouble of manually adjusting the device on every occasion in order to save some money, go for the HairMax product. Otherwise, iRestore is the more convenient one in my opinion.

iRestore vs iGrow

These two products follow completely different principles when it comes to hair revival. So an assessment between the two should be a good one!

iRestore vs iGrow


iGrow’s device utilizes a dual laser/LED method in order to treat the hair roots in the best possible way. iRestore only uses lasers. So if you’re a believer of LED methods for hair revival, you are free to consider iGrow. But many experts suggest that lasers have proven to be more effective in such cases.


As you already know, iRestore’s device fits perfectly on all heads due to the rubber paddings. iGrow’s unit is a uniquely designed device which doesn’t have any fitting issue, but some elderly consumers have reported it to be more complex than other straightforward products.

Time Consumption

Both of these devices demand usage every other day for 25 minutes, so it’s a tie between the two.


iGrow device comes in at a much cheaper price contrasting with the iRestore product, around $250 shy. So budget consumers will find it highly appealing. However, if you’re suggested for a laser treatment by your doctor, the iRestore device is the one you should purchase since it solely relies on lasers.

iRestore vs Theradome

iRestore and Theradome have generated a similar number of positive results across different hair line receding situations. So we must fight them out to see who wins!

iRestore vs Theradome


When it comes to the number of lasers, Theradome device utilizes its 80 well-placed laser diodes. But with the unbeaten number of 120 lasers, iRestore still manages to win this battle.


Theradome is a similarly-built hat with a firm grip on the scalp. I’d call it a tie between iRestore and Theradome in this department.

Time Consumption

Theradome’s therapy time is slightly shorter than iRestore and less frequent, with 20 minute sessions twice a week. So if you don’t want to spend 25 minutes every other day, Theradome could be your ideal choice.


You’ve noticed that Theradome LLLT device is the most expensive one in the list, pricing in $250 more expensive than iRestore’s product. Budget-wise iRestore should be the winner, but all things considered, I’d still call it a very close call and a decision that can vary based on perception.

Capillus vs Theradome

This battle is between two products belonging to two different gradients of cost range and product design. Their contest will be interesting!

Capillus vs Theradome


You know already that Capillus and Theradome units make use of a similar number of laser diodes, 82 and 80 respectively. I’ll give that a tie.


Theradome is by far one of the best fitting machines you could find on the market. It’s built with professional grade materials and in a supreme adjustment capacity. Capillus’ cap design falls significantly behind in this regard.

Time Consumption

Timewise, Capillus takes only 6 minutes of your time while Theradome takes up 20. That said, you’ll need to put on the Theradome device only twice a week while Capillus must be used everyday. So it’s a win for Theradome here!


It’s a point of major discrepancy between the two since Capillus costs half the amount of the Theradome device. But when it comes to ease, comfort and intensity of treatment, I’d give the edge to Theradome despite its price!

Essential Features for the Best Hair Growth Device

The following features should determine which one is the best hair growth device on the market and you alone can decide the better choice for you out of this iRestore vs Capillus vs HairMax vs iGrow vs Theradome battle!

Number of Lasers

The laser diode number determines how intensive your treatment is going to be and how much of your scalp will receive the therapy at one go. A larger number increases the possibility of your scalp’s coverage since lower numbers can often find lasers being blocked by hair at certain portions.

Good Ergonomics

You must pick out a device that fits well on your head. If you’re always concerned about the unit falling off, it’s going to be very painful to continue on with the treatment for years. Adjustment abilities or rubber padding inclusion inside the hat should be an essential feature.


No matter how you try to defend a product, frequency matters and so does treatment duration. Experts are divided on this one, while one portion claims longer sessions perform better for receding hairlines while another portion suggests it to be redundant. Best is to take guidance from your dermatologist and purchase a device accordingly.

Ease of Movement

It would prove to be very challenging to sit tight wearing your device and not move around. So make sure it’s portable and can be recharged so that you can walk around while the treatment goes on. Good ergonomics is also a subsidiary factor when it comes to portability.


Not all of the LLLT devices work perfectly for each individual because everyone’s conditions are unique from the very next. So it feels safe to have at least a 6 months guarantee period which promises to pay back your hefty investment should the product not work for you.


In this section, you’ll learn some key details based on FAQs by consumers or future buyers on the iRestore vs Capillus vs HairMax vs iGrow vs Theradome debate!

Q: Do only lasers work for hair regrowth?

A: Many argue that LEDs don’t work well and lasers are the only way of bringing back the lost hair patch. It’s truly a misconception because both of these methods have shown significant results. The treatment should be based on your situation, so let the doctor decide which one should be your better fit.

Q: How long does it take for LLLTs to show visible results?

A: The initial signs of results may vary from device to device as well as individuals. Primarily, it’s generally speculated that 3-4 months period show a reduction in hair fall with additional 3 months to notice baby hair growing. But it won’t be the same for every case!

Q: Do hair growth devices work?

A: Numerous studies have reached the conclusion that hair growth devices DO work! They arouse the hair pores from a cellular level to induce growth and revitalize the patch that’s losing hair frequently.

Final Verdict

After such a long journey and argument among iRestore vs Capillus vs HairMax vs iGrow vs Theradome, it’s time for us to pick the best hair growth device.

The verdict isn’t easy and it’s completely generalized because your unique scalp situation might lead you to settle for a different device entirely.

All things considered, I’d recommend the iRestore LLLT device to be the ideal one as it ticks almost all the boxes of essential features to ensure hair growth.

It doesn’t mean that other devices on the list are worse or they won’t perform as well as the iRestore.

If your doctor recommends you, the rest of the 4 units might end up producing a better outcome than iRestore for you because it’s truly subjective and depends on your hair loss pattern.

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