Jalen Rose Haircut: 7 Evergreen Styles

Jalen Rose is known for his flamboyant presence everywhere. He works as a sports analyst now, but he has been iconic since his playing days in the basketball arena. As part of his overall fierce look, Rose’s hairstyles have been a thing of interest to his followers since his early days. We will feature here 7 of the best haircuts he has rocked in his life.

Jalen Rose is notorious for his hairstyles. His fashion sense is impeccable. Rose got more coverage due to his outlook and the haircuts he had throughout his career. His basketball stories got the back row seats compared to the focus he got for his haircuts and wardrobe.

Since haircuts are vital in a conversation about Jalen Rose, it is important to choose styles that wholeheartedly represent him. That is what we will do in this article. Stick around and get starstruck by the ever-so-illuminating presence of Jalen Rose.

Let’s get underway!

7 Electrifying Jalen Rose Haircut

Jalen Rose is renowned for being sensitive about the way he appears. He cares too much about his haircut and is careful with his selection of the barber. He is a person who strongly stands by his stylist. Rose remarked one day that barbers and beauticians should be paid well, and men should spend at least $100 for a nice haircut!

We have chosen 7 such styles that have created a buzz around Jalen Rose. Along with the explanation, we will add pictures for each respective style.

360 Waves with Cross Design

360 Waves with Cross Design

Jalen Rose is a devout Christian. He expressed his faith publicly many times. As religion is a part of his life, he once got a Cross Design haircut to portray his full dedication. The design adorned the lower-left back of the head.

The addition of the Cross Design to his famous 360 Waves hairstyle turned out to be a big deal for both Rose’s followers and basketball fans. He wore a style that represented his grand personality and reinforced the show of faith in his religion at the same time.

Burst Fade Semi-Mohawk

Burst Fade Semi-Mohawk

Burst Fade hairstyles have been a big part of Jalen Rose’s appearance. He wore this style countless times throughout his life. However, he once decided to get a Burst Fade Semi-Mohawk which made him more noticeable. The fade was so sharp that it attracted people’s attention all the time.

But with this Burst Fade, he did not sign up for a full mohawk. Although we think that it would have made him look cleaner and more iconic, his Semi-Mohawk still made a great impact. It was a breath of fresh air in the scenery of mohawk hairstyles.

Curved Design with 360 Waves

Curved Design with 360 Waves

Jalen Rose always loved to get design hairstyles. If we make a list of all the haircuts Mr. Rose rocked, we would find that the majority of the styles included a design. This 360 Waves variation with design is one of those cases. He likes standard Waves hairstyles, but a few times, he enhanced the existing Waves look by getting simple curved designs.

The thickness and the depth of the curve design changed every time. This is one of the most unique things about Jalen Rose. As you can see in this style, he got a small curve at the front of his 360 Waves. The boomerang-shaped curve made him look more lively.

Sharp Sponge Curls

Sharp Sponge Curls

If you have the appropriate hair for a curly look, a sponge curl hairstyle never misses the bullseye. The abruptly defined hairline makes sponge curls look extremely vibrant. Without those lines, the sponge would appear messy and very dull.

Jalen Rose loved this style for its inherent black male haircut features. With Afro hair, you can get only a few classic haircuts like Sponge Curls which can elevate your look to a higher level. And when the hair grows with time, the sponge curls get bigger and take a more prominent shape.

180 Waves with Curved Design

180 Waves With Curved Design

We said that Jalen Rose loves his hair designs a few styles back. You can see another example of it here in this style. Rose decided to wear the curved design yet again with his yet another Waves style. However, unlike the previous Curved Design with 360 Waves, he preferred to get a thicker and deeper curve here with 180 Waves.

The main reason behind both these Waves Design styles looking distinctive is their unique appearances. The 360 Waves’ swirling look helps a thin and small curve show up as more noticeable. On the other hand, a 180 Waves requires the design to be thicker due to its side-to-side brushing lines.

Majestic Mini Dreads

Majestic Mini Dreads

Jalen Rose wore dreadlock styles many times. But there is one instance where he looked the most charming. It was when he wore Mini Dreads. His hairlines made this style more fascinating. The dreads had a contrasting feature which made the overall look more impeccable.

Now, Mr. Rose usually avoided wearing long dreadlocks. The Mini Dreads style became a significant part of his fashionable look. The longest dreads he had were about three inches long which was a perfect decision for small dreads.

Box Two Strand Twist with Middle Part

Boz Two Strand Twist with Middle Part

This haircut made Jalen Rose appear too defined and elegant. He opted for a Two Strand Twist in a Box Braid style. The quality of Rose’s hair ensured that he can get small two-strand twists without much problem. To take things up a notch, he went for a middle-part look with his box-braid-styled Two Strand Twist haircut.

Like his dreadlock hairstyles, Rose chose to keep his strand twists short. He didn’t allow it to grow longer than around five inches. Reaching that length was good enough for a fashionable short hair-loving person like him to switch to his next hairstyle.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Jalen Rose’s demeanor as well as how he deals with things inspire people to look for information about him non-stop. His hairstyle is a huge part of his identity. Out of curiosity, people ask many questions regarding his haircut. In this section, we will answer some of those questions to quench people’s thirst for getting to know him more.

Q: What is Jalen Rose’s signature haircut?

Ans: Jalen Rose switches between hairstyles all the time, and it is really hard to pick a style to be his signature one. However, the hairstyle Jalen Rose appeared most in is a cropped buzz cut.

Q: Does Jalen Rose’s hairstyles have any specific meaning?

Ans: No. He loves to express himself with his hairstyles and there is usually no specific meaning behind them.

Q: Does Jalen Rose style his own hair?

Ans: No. He takes services from his preferred hairstylist to get his hairstyles.

Q: How often does Jalen Rose change his hairstyle?

Ans: Jalen Rose changes his hairstyle every few weeks.

Q: Why does Jalen Rose not wear a haircut for too many days?

Ans: Since he lets his style be a medium of self-expression, he frequently changes his hairstyles. It depends on how he is feeling or how he wants himself to appear.

Last Words

Jalen Rose had a dazzling basketball career. His name as an NBA player might not come in a discussion of the greatest of players, but he was an extremely underrated impactful player. Moreover, his powerful show of fashion through both his dresses and hairstyles still has a legendary effect on many people around the world.

Our goal was to show you seven of the best Jalen Rose haircuts in this article. We wanted to portray how magnificent he looked in all those styles. Mr. Rose surely knows how to awe people constantly with his frequent changes in appearance.

Don’t forget to share your opinion with us on Jalen Rose’s haircuts in the comment section.

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