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Jay Jo Haircut Examples & Walkthrough For A Webtoon-Nerd Look

As a modern day consumer of captivating hairstyles, I find it hard to resist the charm that Jay Jo haircut possesses at the moment. It’s smart, it’s iconic yet it’s quite easy to master on your own.

This haircut has been copied, interpreted and reinvented by creative stylists and the recent social media trends are witnessing a booming number put on display.

Such a spike in tryouts and flaunting hold themselves evident to the fact that it’s a style that satisfies the contemporary culture of makeovers.

Be that for personal styling or to shake up everyone in a cosplay event, a mimicry of this webtoon character is simply loved by all.

So why leave yourself out of this trend when you can learn every possible aspect, even the styling method that you can perform at home?

You’ll find your every question answered in this article, so make sure to reach the very end!

Who Is Jay Jo?

To Those who don’t know about Jay Jo, this individual is not really an actual person, but a webtoon character from the series WindBreaker.

He’s crazy popular among avid webtoon watchers for his personality that’s well reflected through his radical haircut, more on that later.

The beauty of the series as well as Jay Jo’s growth is that, on surface level he radiates a selfish, egotistical energy while it’s uncovered later on that he’s a very empathetic individual.

Creative team of this series put much thought into his growth and thus have picked the ideal haircut which echoes a similar undertone.

In the following section, I’ll break down his unique style and how it goes hand in hand with his persona so that the fans can find an additional degree of depth in his overall character creation.

The Original Jay Jo Haircut

The Original Jay Jo Haircut

Let’s start with the OG cut first as it has laid the foundation for numerous interpretations over the course of time. If I want to categorize this haircut under one precise genre, then I’d call it a burst fade mullet.

Don’t know what a burst fade is? Such a type of fade grounds itself around the ear region in the shape of a burst. This concept is merged with the aesthetics of a mullet on top, meaning you’ll be needing a sizable portion of hair to begin with.

Drawing from my previous discussion: while mullets are generally radical and edgy haircuts, it can be largely influenced to be toned down into something sophisticated and suitable for every space.

The large spectacle works nicely to add a nerdy touch to the overall look which you too can try out from time to time. It’s rare that such a piece has been made to look this way and working out well

Thus, the decision to apply this hairdo over Jay Jo demands much acclaim for the creative team as they were able to walk the fine line between straight up edgy and compassionate. No other haircut would be more fitting to this character than this specific one.

Jay Jo Influenced Popular Styles

Jay Jo’s impact on pop culture is beyond any measure since his iconic hairstyle begs his fans to implement upon themselves. With that note, I’ll be highlighting some of the most alluring renditions of Jay Jo haircuts that are exemplary for styling enthusiasts!

Smooth Caramel Mullet

Smooth Caramel Mullet

If you have caramel toned fine hair, you can look into this variant of Jay Jo haircut as it follows the similar conceptual framework as the original. Without dying into dark knight black, play to your strengths and produce this suave design without much effort!

Trim the sides so that there’s a clear patch for the fade to appear. Bring on your number 3 or 4 comb guard for an even clipping, or a fade reaching your hairline. Then, brush your hair toward the back from the crown and a layer on top directed at your front.

Have the front parts meet into a subtle ‘V’ to seal in a fabulous Jay Jo rendition!

Messy With A Stubble

Messy with A Stubble

Mess up the neatness of the original Jay Jo design for a low-maintenance approach toward this highly adored haircut! I’m sure hardcore fans will forgive you for wearing it in such a manner because this doesn’t fall anywhere shy of being outright dashing!

Refrain from using a line up trimmer since it’ll only pile up on your regular upkeep. Use your fingers instead of combs to guide the hair at the generic directions for such mullets. A low fade to separate between this gentle stubble that you can grow within a couple of weeks – and done!

Flat Top Burst Fade

Flat Top Burst Fade

For the ones who generally struggle to keep the hair puffy and don’t really intend on applying volumizer frequently for styling, you can easily keep it flat up top. This won’t deviate you further from the OG style, only the sketchy aspect would be brought down to a minimum level.

It’s a compromise I think is well worth since it’ll spare you a lot of maintenance minutes. You can easily shampoo your hair, air dry it and you’ll be all set for heading out! Taper your sideburns and brush everything down the way K-Pop artists generally would do as a final touch.

Low Volume Sketchy Touch

Low Volume Sketchy Touch

A haircut that relies heavily on the sketchy aspects is something which holds deep ties with webtoons and anime. For a number of reasons, this Jay Jo edition would be easier to attain and younger followers can benefit greatly due to that.

Firstly, you don’t need to grow long hair since short hair is the ideal for such a cut. Secondly, it won’t ask you for regular catering, thus you’ll be free to move around or travel without any concern. Cherry on top for this style is that it’s really easy to do! Took me only 10 minutes!

Quiff-ish Mullet

Quiff-ish Mullet

If fancy is your go to styling option, you should definitely borrow some ideation from the quiff haircuts. It’s unforeseen really, hybridizing mullet with a quiff. But then again, when it comes down to Jay Jo haircuts, anything is possible since it’s a wide open interpretive hairdo.

The proceedings are the same as usual, faded sides with a longer top. This time however, you’ll need to apply some hair mousse on the crown and nape region.

With this holding solution applied, wave your hair upward like a quiff at both of these locations. A light beard can enhance the look even more!

Dense Mullet Downpour

Dense Mullet Downpour

Having a higher density of hair may seem like a compromise for the perfect Jay Jo look, but if you treat your hair correctly, it might as well turn out to be something even better! Just kidding, nothing beats Jay Jo’s original style, but the dense mullet downspout isn’t that far behind!

Throw in a burst fade for the sides and keep the rest of the hair body intact and volumized. Brush everything down up front and toward the back to mimic the initial blueprint. Then, use a pair of scissors to shorten down the frontal and side regions to expose the skin as much as Jay Jo does!

Long Shoulder Highlighted

Long Shoulder Highlighted

As I said there’s one for everyone – lighter density hair owners won’t go amiss as they can find their way to be one with the Jay Jo aesthetics. Once your hair grows past your neckline, set your footing toward trimming the front and the sides the way I’ve discussed in the previous designs.

Since the hair volume is less, make sure to draw the fades as high up as possible so that there’s no interference with the top hair. You can tone the look up with a subtle bluish tint as it guarantees to crank up your styling points almost immediately!

Jay Jo In Cosplay: Unique Interpretations

Jay Jo haircuts aren’t only reinvented on regular occasions as the cosplay department finds new ways to present distinctive designs before the consumers. Here are some of the prime picks that can help out in your idea generation for such causes!

Feathery Fringes

Feathery Fringes

In the cosplay arena, feathery styles are something that are highly appreciated due their nature of blurring the line between reality and fiction. That’s why this design falls ideally under this specific category. It might look like a hectic task to attain, but trust me, it isn’t quite.

All you need is a perfectly lined up haircut following Jay Jo’s footprints with a tapered side. Then, blow dry your hair without using any brush or comb. Such treatment tends to puff up the hair, leaving behind feathered fringes altogether.

Roughly settle everything down with your fingers and spray over some holding solution to seal it in.

Mullet Wig

Mullet Wig

Suppose there’s a comicon right around the corner of this week and you’re dreading to cosplay as Jay Jo. But a week is not enough to have your hair grow up to the desired length. What to do about it? Easy answer – wear a mullet wig and shape it up like your favorite character!

Any length of hair is suitable for such a method really. All that’s needed to be done is to fade the sides so that there’s no length collision between your original hair and the wig. Style it according to the set examples to land in the party as the most desirable cosplayer within a mile’s radius!

Gothic Replica

Gothic Replica

Once you start looking into cosplay ideas for Jay Jo haircut, you may run into a lot of others who have thought of appearing with the same look. So a gothic version of this hairdo should set you apart from the rest of the pack because it’s highly unlikely someone else might think the same.

It’ll help you out in general if you have a sharp, long face as it stresses on the gothic features. A mid fade is necessary with a sketchy-looking mullet densely consuming the rest of your head area. You might have to seek refuge in makeup and dark clothing for the overall look to flourish!

The Complete Jay Jo

The Complete Jay Jo

As the original, you wouldn’t need to deviate much to implement this design on your look. Smooth out your skin tone with a good foundation to radiate that webtoon effect. Subtlety can be of help and you can reach that place by a very low fade shadowed by longer side hair.

Nape region is free to flaunt your hair length by gliding beyond your neck at the back. Let the front hair cover up your forehead, barely kissing on your eyebrows. Throw in those Jay Jo glasses to complete the iconic look with minimum cost!

Short Mullet

Short Mullet

Who says Jay Jo haircut can’t be a unisex design? Instead of going full berserk into the mullet aesthetics, keep everything short which hints at this design but doesn’t completely commit to it. You can literally get away with short to medium length hair, thus spares you extra growth time.

Just lightly clean up around the ear region and comb everything down in all directions. The contrast shouldn’t be stark and the focal point is to be the forehead covering hair. Again, glasses will increase the value of this haircut but you’re free to implement your personal touch for uniqueness.

Let’s Try Out Jay Jo Haircut At Home!

Why go on to spending extra to mimic Jay Jo’s looks when you can do it in your washroom for free! Walk through the following steps where I’ll be teaching you how to achieve that under an hour!

Step 1: Isolate

With sufficiently sized hair, you’ll be ready to go forth with the design you have in mind. But first, you need to use hair clips to isolate the top hair so that it gets out of the way from your clipper blades.

Step 2: Fade

As you can already tell from the burst fade, you have to remove major chunks of your hair from the sides. With a clipper, draw that fade circling your ear in a radius that caters to your taste. It can range between small to large, all of which are acceptable for this haircut.

Step 3: Trim

After the fading is done, the real fun begins. Use your scissors to trim down the sides so that it exposes your skin enough to display the burst fade you’ve just made.

In some cases, the frontal hair needs to be shortened down to some extent, but it’s not always necessary since there’s not one way of replicating the Jay Jo concept.

Step 4: Finalize

End of trimming means you need to transition toward the top. There, you’ll draw an imaginary line at the meeting point between your nape and crown to control your hair flow.

From that location, comb your hair in opposite directions so that the front hair covers around half of your forehead and the back hair rests gently over your neck.

Gently mess up the smooth, combed texture of your overall hair which fits in with the original Jay Jo design.

And that’s it! You’ll be the proud owner of a homemade Jay Jo haircut befitting any occasion! Take a quick look at this video for a thorough guideline.


Let’s elucidate further on Jay Jo haircut to push your knowledge boundaries as far as I possibly can!

Q: Is Jay Jo’s haircut a Korean style?

A: I wouldn’t strictly call Jay Jo’s style belonging to Korean aesthetics since it contains major inspirations from Western trends. But Jay Jo being a Korean character, it’s safe to say that he has influenced the native population in a larger than life amount.

Q: Can ones with curly hair apply a Jay Jo look?

A: Yes! You can follow the same guidelines for the fine hair and get away with your own unique version of Jay Jo’s look!

Final Thoughts

Jay Jo haircut is a definite and explicit manner of posing into the cosplay arena that earns adoration from everyone, irrespective of any nation or culture.

Since there are a wide array of approaches you can take with significant room for placing your input to make the design unique, it pushes itself past the one-dimensional tag.

Such a dynamic haircut remains self-sustaining and it’s one of the major reasons for it to trend so high up in the contemporary fashion industry.

If you want a professional opinion, I’ll say go through the Jay Jo makeover while it’s still a hot topic for the netizens before the flame dies out.

In terms of styling points, this is most certainly a one-of-a-kind haircut meant to be worn with pride and only the tasteful individuals would properly realize its beauty.

Why stray far from being that?

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