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Korean Haircuts For Men: 28 Concepts With Celebrity Styles In 2024

The freeflow of Korean haircuts into the global fashion industry is a phenomenal aspect of the 21st century. Who would’ve thought that one country’s culture would solely rule over the rest within such a short span of time?

Although these styles landed as exotic ideations at first, currently these are adored and even worshiped by the fanbase along with the ones who possess great taste in haircuts.

So why leave yourself out of such trendy styles when you can find yourself among the millions who would literally die to apply their favorite Korean cut?

My article today grants you access through the journey of such popular haircuts and lets you virtually experience the Korean taste of fashion.

Whether you want to directly replicate a style or pick up ideas to create one for your own – I leave that up to you as my article offers you all that you might need to walk down either path.

What’s So Charming About Korean Haircuts For Men?

This is a question that fashion enthusiasts often ponder over – why are Korean hairstyles for men drawing more attention these days over many other genres of great haircuts?

The answer isn’t one dimensional, as there are multiple factors in play at the same time. For instance, the influence of K-Pop and K-Drama have breached across borders at this age of globalization.

Where cultural exchange occurs instantaneously, it’s not possible to deny the certain charms that such looks possess. Let me categorize a few key factors for your understanding –

  • Vibrant Color
  • Unique treatment for longer hair
  • Polished manner of presentation
  • Prioritizing smooth waves

Apart from these, the artists themselves carry strong characters that leave the admirers to blindly follow them. Thus, the boom of Korean styles is evident in the recent years that’s still going strong!

Fabulous Korean Hairstyles For Men

Let’s now draw ideas from the trendiest Korean haircuts that have shaken up the fashion industry with their unique traits and appeal!

Mid Part Taper

Mid Part Taper

This is one of the most trademark Korean haircuts you’ll ever come across. Whether it’s a K-Pop artist or a K-Drama actor, this haircut is sure to surface on the screen as part of top-tier fashion. It’s very neat and quite easy to achieve with an impact enough to shake up the surroundings!

You won’t be needing very long hair for this, just enough length to reach your ear upon parting down the middle of your head. Trim your hair at that size if it overflows. Taper over the ears that should continue around the back. The end of the nape is to be kept quite short.

Even the sides beneath the top layer of hair are to be maintained at a short length. Simply brush your hair over either direction after the cut and you’ll be all set!

Sleek Back Brush

Sleek Back Brush

Back brushing is another cool Korean haircut technique which generates a sleek look across all ages and hair densities. Heading out of the house is always easy with such a haircut as all you’ll need to do is apply some hair cream and comb everything toward the back.

For styling, the procedure is quite simple. You’ll need to trim all of your hair down to a seamless length. Then, comb everything back having applied water and sharpen up the edges. If the nape hair size exceeds the neck mark, chop it down there.

This is one of those low-maintenance high-outcome haircuts for ones who are traveling consistently and remain at the top of modern styles at the same time.

Burst Fade Mullet

Burst Fade Mullet

If you didn’t know, the mullet style has undergone a redemption in the Korean fashion industry as men tend to seek solace in radical designs there. Mixing it up with a burst fade makes the cut even more edgy and speaks of your inner core through the way you wear your hair!

You’ll be needing a sizable amount of hair to begin with. Draw a division at the nape & crown line and brush everything toward either direction. It’s preferred to have a higher volume at the nape. Create a burst fade around the ear and sharpen up the edge for a more blunt effect.

Front fringes can be lined up to stress on the sharpness while the back part can be left uncatered.

Comb Down Perm

Comb Down Perm

A style that belongs to the premium category of haircuts is this one done after a keratin treatment. Such a treatment helps as it’s a perm cut made to last longer and keep your hair healthy. On top of that it grants you a hairdo which is suitable for every occasion!

Even if you have wavy hair, you can easily attain it with the treatment. Medium length hair is ideal for this look and you’ll be combing down the middle to lay down everything toward either side. But don’t make it into curtain bangs, rather the bangs are to be laid flat down the forehead.

At the nape area, you’ll perform a similar treatment of combing everything down for a settled & soothing look!

Two Block Bangs

Two Block Bangs

My next hairstyle falls under the fancy category which pops up quite frequently on televisions and concerts in Korea. You’re going to divide your hair body in two blocks which would be treated differently for a contrastive yet alluring look.

Mainly it’s a side part haircut but the partition isn’t stressed upon and kept blurred. A large portion would be brushed over the forehead guided toward the ear while the other side exposing your forehead.

Apply some hair cream beforehand so that the frontal hair isn’t lying flat, rather has rigidity to maintain a gap from skin. The lower nape portion should be trimmed very short and the two blocks would lay down as an additional layer on top of that.

Brushed Up Mid Fade

Brushed Up Mid Fade

Are you struggling to find time to treat your hair the right way? Then it’s a great escapade from all those hussles of applying creams and maintaining hair every now and again. This style plays at short length with complementing fades that render frequent upkeep redundant.

With your shorter hair, let trimmers draw up a mid to high fade on the sides, all the way across the back. The top chunk will contain some length so that it can be brushed up. If your hair has the strength, you can simply brush it up to stand tall all day long.

Otherwise, just throw in some hair gel & brush up before heading out – it literally takes a couple of minutes!

Down Perm Swirl

Down Perm Swirl

An elegant design always catches the eye, and Korean hairstyles for men are often known for their sophistication and satisfying taste of stylish men. This style is not an exception from that. A down perm design made with medium hair to ooze out a smasher look!

Isolation is important while creating this style. The top portion of the hair needs to be fastened to make room for the side portion trimming. Ideal length for the sides isn’t as short as fades, rather a little more volume to cover up the skin.

Then you’ll treat your top hair. Apply some styling mousse and a dryer to brush everything toward one side. The frontal area would see a swirl and land at the edge of your forehead.

Long & Gray Wave

Long and Gray Wave

Meet your longer hair with classiness using this particular Korean hairstyle for men! It’s even better if you dye it up into something unorthodox that’ll catch the eyes of every onlooker and separate you from the common crowd. Shoulder length hair is going to be perfect for this cut.

Make sure to line up the hair edges so that the fringes aren’t left uneven. Bleach your hair and dye it into an elegant gray tone. Use your combs to part everything down the middle and lay the hair body on either side of your shoulders.

A feathered look goes well with this design as that’ll add more character to your look. It can be attained very easily using a blowdryer and some holding spray after the cut!

Afro Perm Fade

Afro Perm Fade

Korean haircuts are all encompassing and have room for every hair texture. So ones with tight curls shouldn’t ever feel left out and discouraged to pursue this trend of designs! An afro perm would be the way to go if you don’t have natural curls, while the rest can follow along without any chemical treatment.

The length is expected to be quite short but not very close to the skin. Sides are going to be treated with a fade between medium to high – completely up to your preference. Even the back hair is supposed to meet the side fade height so that the afro portion looks seamless.

You can add hair wax to shine up the curls or just let it be for a more natural look!

Subtle Bowl Cut

Subtle Bowl Cut

Blur the lines of distinction with this haircut as it doesn’t strictly comply with any haircut genre, rather hints at different designs put into one. The most standout feature seems to match with the bowl cut, however the sharp & edge aesthetics are absent as it’s a more subtle interpretation.

Voluminous top portion is ideal as it alters your initial face shape into a longer one. The bowl edges aren’t neat at all and intentionally left messy, even the lying hair on the forehead. Taper the sides so that the distinction criteria is at least met.

This taper doesn’t follow through to the nape as hair down there is only trimmed and not faded. Thus it completes a very unique variant that you won’t see everyday!

Flat Top High Fade

Flat Top High Fade

This is probably the edgiest Korean haircut for men that I’ve ever come across and it stands out more than the most due to its authentic nature. The style itself shows an authority due to the starkness embedded in it that edges up your personality in an instant.

Short hair is the trick to achieving this design. A high fade would clean out the sides and establish the radical top chunk. Using a trimmer and combs, flat out the top edge with a significant buff toward the front.

Mix it in with a messy yet thick goatee to add a new dimension to this already iconic Korean look!

Wavy BTS Overflow

Wavy BTS Overflow

As the whole world suffers from a BTS fever, why should you leave behind this cultural trend? Any hair texture should suffice for this trendy look, the only requirement from you is to grow it long enough to generate an overflow.

Wavy hair tends to function better whereas perm is a great option for ones with fine hair. Lift up the top chunk to allow yourself some cleaning job at the sideburns. The rest of the hair can remain at a high-volume quantity so that the fringes spill over conveniently.

You can even highlight random portions or dye everything in any color to notch up the style.

Short Pompadour

Short Pompadour

While you might be familiar with the long & fancy pompadour styles flowing proudly at the front of your head, the Korean rendition relies on a much shorter version. Mimicking a small hair hat at the crown, this style promises to alter your look under a very different light.

A length between short and medium is the key here. Mid fades on the sides and trimmed back are the sub-features for this look. Up top, comb everything forward with cream and the front end would result in a spike consisting of sharp fringes.

You can extend your sideburns into a thin beard line, radiating a circle beard effect on your face.

Gray & White Messy Spike

Gray and White Messy Spike

Whether your hair is naturally graying out or you want to impose such a tone manually, this style sits in the ideal spot for your desires. A short haircut for least maintenance with a class of its own that immediately attracts the attention of every fashion enthusiast.

Short on the top with enough length to produce a messy spike which isn’t very aggressive paired with even shorter sides is the way to go here. The color variance remains as the striking factor which would require bleaching and applying a gray shade to match the description.

An earring with shades can further the potentials this suave look already carries!

Strong Side Part

Strong Side Part

As you’ve seen plenty of side part styles in the Korean haircut for men regime, this one sits inside a different gradient due to the way it’s done. Instead of using medium hair for a smooth finish, you are asked to opt for much shorter length to emulate strength.

Mid fade treatment separates the top from the sides but the fade’s extents don’t reach the hairline. Rather, they’re cut off an inch below where you’d have a strong row of hair to highlight the hairline in between.

From that line, you’d be combing in opposite directions to complete the side part effect with a kiss of radical aesthetics.

Mid Part Back Length Smooth

Mid Part Back Length Smooth

Long hair is always looked at as a class of its own in the Korean haircut sector and my current suggestion complies well with this philosophy. You’d be needing quite a handful of hair, stressing mostly on length rather than volume that reaches beyond your shoulders.

The rest of it is simple – you’ll be trimming the edges in a straight line and applying hair cream so that a sleek effect takes form. Using a blow dryer can work up the gentle waves and a comb can guide the entire hair body into a mid part design.

Short With Parallel Lines

Short with Parallel Lines

We’re back again at another edgy haircut idea that’s completely different from all those corporate or fashion model cuts. It’s meant to take a radical stance, thus the design itself endorses a challenging strategy to get done.

With your short hair, sketch up a high fade on either side. Then, brush the top portion down the front and intercept it as soon as it reaches the top of your forehead. This is where the fun begins.

Using a comb and some hair cream, create parallel lines at 45 degree angle all across the head. It should create a faux cornrow effect without having to trim at the roots.

Men’s Bob

Men's Bob

Who says fashionable men aren’t allowed to apply a bob cut and keep this style limited only to the women’s choice of designs? In this age of gender fluidity, anyone can take up a hair design regardless of gender and age. The men’s bob thus is an exquisite way to uphold such values.

You’ll be needing hair length at least crossing beyond your ear region. Identify your hairlines on either side and separate the top to trim everything down the sides. Your job then is to let the comb draw a mid part line and guide everything toward either side.

Finish it up by trimming the edges into a straight line all around.

Sharp Buzz Cut

Sharp Buzz Cut

Generally, Korean hairstyles for men flourish with longer hair but there are instances of short designs that are equally charming due to the way they’re created. While buzz cut is a strictly Western haircut, the Korean edition ups the edge by sharpening up the look!

With a high fade in place for the sides and the nape, the top hair needs to be cut down at a very short length. Brush everything forward and treat the fringes with a good line up trimmer.

A stubble can enhance the look furthermore where you can dense up the goatee region as a reflection of your hair design.

Suave Bang & Side Part

Suave Bang and Side Part

Who doesn’t prefer to be called Mr. Cool, right? This deluxe haircut generates exactly that response out of your admirers. It highlights the neat nature of the makeover with a sophisticated bang that you’ll only see the posh men committing into.

Create a side part and let the smaller end expose that region by brushing that side toward the back. Medium hair would hit the sweet spot as any other length can disrupt its beauty. For the other side, comb the entire body sideways with a bang to cover up the bank of your forehead.

Faded Pushed Back

Faded Pushed Back

It’s a very neat haircut that you can carry in your office, university or even an underground party. A subtle undercut at either side should make room for contrast with the top portion. Draw a few shaved lines on your sideburns for additional effect.

The rest of the hair body isn’t supposed to contain longer hair. You’ll need to push everything back with a brush, waning away from the hairline in an angular manner. Highlights can enhance the look even more.

Short Bun

Short Bun

This Korean haircut is going to satisfy the ones who take organizing very seriously as it’s a very neat design in all respects. Undercut all around the sides till your hairline should set the foundation for this smooth hairdo.

Apply some hair cream and comb everything toward the back up top. You’ll be needing some length so that everything can be tied into a tiny bun at the edge of your crown. Layer up the hair if needs be.

Messy Platinum

Messy Platinum

Platinum is always a gorgeous color for hair, and you’ll find a lot of Korean designs taking the avenue of such a tone. Medium hair with an undercut can easily apply bleach followed by a premium platinum touch.

You won’t be required to maintain the design frequently as combing should be just enough to seal in the look. The color itself with a free flowing hair toward one side is the captivating aspect of this cut!

Top Korean Celebrity Styles For Men

We can’t speak about Korean styles and leave out the celebrities who popularized them! So the top 5 picks should shed light on how to do it the old school way!

So Ji Sub Bangs

SoJi Sub Bangs

Do it like your favorite Korean actor So Ji Sub! His flat bangs have become an iconic style all over Korea and men with good taste often look for ways to implement it in their style. With medium length hair, you’ll be all set to step into the shoes of this star with a few tweaks here and there.

First thing you should do is to slightly trim the sides and the back hair so that your hair doesn’t turn into a mushroom look. Then, brush everything forward from your crown with the rest flowing in every other direction.

Make the bang into something smooth and heavy by applying some volumizing cream. The fringes don’t demand to be sharpened as this look itself is casual by nature.

Kim Hyun-Joong Emo Cut

Kim Hyun Joong Emo Cut

Kim Hyun-Joong is our beloved actor and singer who has contributed in shaping up the Korean haircut industry by gifting us with unique designs. His emo cut has stood out the most from the rest as it offers a unique appeal to men across borders and cultures.

It requires some settling down as the medium hair can’t be contained without any intervention. Trim the sides to render your head shape longer, otherwise the sides would overpopulate and prevent you from committing fully to the emo aesthetics.

Apply some hair gel and get your frontal hair to cross over your forehead with a seamless flow of hair originating at your crown’s edge. A caramel tone always helps with enhancement!

Kris Wu Exo Corporate

Kiss Wu Exo Corporate

Exo is one of those groups that shaped the fashion industry of an entire generation with their appealing haircuts and Kris Wu will always be marked as a part of that pioneering movement. This particular style however gives in to the corporate view of ideal haircuts due to its distinctive aspects.

You’re going to be rocking your office space as it’s not a bland design at all. Medium sized hair is parted and treated in sections with a hidden burst fade on the sides. The top part of the side hair covers up those fades isolating the chunk from the hairline.

Top portion is gently pushed upward without making it into anything rigid. This casual undertone is the alluring factor that wins over every heart!

Cha Eun-Woo Wet Flow

Cha Eun Woo Wet Flow

From Exo to Astro, you’ll notice a significant shift in styling trends which is one of the main empowering factors for Korean haircuts. Cha Eun-Woo’s prowess with drawing out captivating styles has been a major reason to keep him at the top of both acting and fashion industry.

The wet flow is a highly arousing and sexually appealing design because of the aura it radiates. It’s found on a bowl-ish cut with sides as well as nape hair trimmed. Top portion is laid over the layers underneath to replicate a flow effect.

Simply use a wet gel so that the overall hair looks like they’re drenched in water and have girls follow you around and ask for your number!

Jimin Baby Pink Swoosh

Jimin Baby Pink Swoosh

When I’m mentioning Korean celebrities for their fabulous looks and worship-worthy hair designs, it’s impossible to leave out a BTS member from that list! Jimin’s baby pink Korean haircut for men is something so unreal that it’s miraculously fanciable for everyone!

The smooth swoosh going across the top seeks refuge in the side part design. A bleach and baby pink dyeing process is a necessity to imitate this gorgeous outcome. Hair on the sides and at the nape should be shorter than the top and you’d stop at just bleaching for those regions.

A holding mousse would allow you to complete the smooth wave of hair up front and include the Jimin effect into your life!

Korean Haircut Tips & Tricks You Can Try At Home

As there isn’t one Korean hairstyle for men and one is completely different to the next, I’ll discuss the major features which you can mix & match up to create your very own design at home!


It all starts with the style you want to commit to and assess that thoroughly. From the features it highlights to the length settings, you’ll need to prep your hair accordingly before you proceed with the styling procedure.

Two Block Everything

Two block technique is one of the most common ways to go about Korean haircuts for men. Trimming the sides with overflowing top hair covering those short chunks is the most generic cut in this trend.

You can add further adjustments and minor tweakings to create your own unique hairdo.

Parting Waves

Whether it’s a mid part or a side one, this method is widely applied across tons of Korean styles. Mid part is used in large quantities while the side part isn’t lagging back much further.

Iconic actors, singers or fashion models are often seen with their parting waves that are done using combs and precise trims. Tapers are usually the complementary pick for such approaches.

Bright Dye

If the style isn’t fully rooted in deep black, it’s bound to consist of a vibrant and punchy color. So bleaching is one of the key objects that you can consider for your Korean haircut.

The most common dyes that are used in this genre are: pink, platinum, neon-green, punchy blue, gray, scarlet and similar vibrant tones. Such additions instantly spike up the styling points for your haircut.

Smooth Wave Across Forehead

A swirl of hair or a flyaway bang is a common trait for this category of hair design. These don’t cover up the entire forehead and maintain some distance to radiate a premium effect.

Tight Bangs

Forehead concealing tight bangs have been a part of the Korean trends for many years and the recent boost in popularity sees this concept among the peaking designs. All you need is some volume and the right length to pull this off, pairing it with many other variable styles.

Sealing In The Effect

In most cases, you’ll be needing some hair mousse or pomade to seal in that Korean look. Some styles demand hardcore gel or holding spray, but most can be done using hair creams that aren’t very stern to your hair textures.

Using these tips & ideas, I hope you’ll be able to create something very unique on your own that pays homage to the currently trending Korean hairstyles for men!


Let’s follow through a couple of queries on Korean haircuts and relevant concerns to solidify our knowledge on this styling genre.

Q: What is a two block Korean haircut?

A: It’s a common trait in Korean styles with shorter hair on sides and around the back accompanied by longer, overflowing hair on the top – radiating the effect of two blocks in one cut.

Q: How do K-Pop artists remove facial hair?

A: Generally, a lot of the K-Pop artists remove their facial hair using laser surgery. While it may not be the case for everyone, it’s more common practice than you could think.


As Korean Haircuts for men keep on blowing up the roofs of popular culture, I believe it’s impossible that you’ve missed out on the many variants in TikTok or Reels trends.

I’m not asking you to comply with presenting yourself before the social media way of things, but it’s no harm to let yourself try out any of these haircuts for a good change.

Such a wide array of designs contain something for every space – sophisticated looks for formal occasions, tight designs for your office space or way over the top styles for every other function.

This all-encompassing nature is part of Korean haircut aesthetics that ideally separate them from the rest of the world.

Whether it’s a flashy design or toned down trend – it’s guaranteed that you’ll find your heart being won over by one cut immediately – if not, the next, or the one that may follow.

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