31 Low Temp Fade Haircuts To Revamp Your Look

A lot of young men are looking for modern ideas and haircut techniques to improve their existing hairdo without much hair removal.

While regular fades are an option, they too reduce hair volume to a certain level which can be unpleasant for many.

That’s where the low temp fade haircut concept comes in. It’s a subtle touch that stays minimal during application, but the results look astoundingly dashing!

You’ll realize its potential once you start implementing this technique to your initial haircut and notice everyone turning their heads to get a better look at you!

All of this will be possible if you manage to reach the end of this article. I’ve filtered out some of the best low temp fade concepts to grant you a quick access to some of the highly fanciable haircuts this year!

What’s A Low Temp Fade?

What is a Low Temp Fade

Low temp fade is a very limited variant of fades which surfaces only on the temple area. It’s for those who feel a complete fade is too much, yet they want to expose some portion of their skin on the sides.

This cut solely focuses on the temple region and tweaks around the fade height. A low temp refers to a low fade on the temple, so you can guess how subtle its visuals are.

However, the great potential lies in the fusion technique that allows the stylists to merge up other haircut variants with a low fade.

This opens up doors for new & authentic styles, and guarantees you a premium hairdo with a very easygoing grooming procedure!

Low Temp Fade Haircuts With Highest Impact

My collection of low temp fade cuts consists of all types of hair texture and every possible length you can imagine. Thus, an all encompassing guideline awaits your presence in this section!

Low Cut Temp Fade

Low Cut Temp Fade

When you’re trying to understand a haircut concept, it’s ideal for you to start from the very basics. This is the most typical example of a low temp fade cut with shortened hair all over. Curly hair benefits from it more than other hair types because even at the short length, it makes some textures visible unlike fine hair.

After you’ve done trimming down your hair body, it’s time to apply the low temp fade over the temples. You can make further adjustments by throwing in a taper at the nape and sharply lining up the hair fringes.

Wavy & Low Temp

Wavy and Low Temp

The waves of your hair in the Type 4 gradient can make all of the textures apparent if you chop everything down. It’s very low in maintenance which stands as the initial charm for this look. A low cut temp fade with waves have managed to win over the hearts of many wavy or curly haired individuals due to its carefree nature.

Since we’ll put on a low fade on the temple, you are free to extend the sideburns that converge into a thin line. This enhances the stylistic value of this hairdo instantly and stresses on the fact that subtlety profits more over radical cutting techniques.

Tight Curls & Beard

Tight Curls and Beard

This time, I’ll be showing you a concept that doesn’t demand you to shorten down your entire hair body, even if it’s based on tight curls. You’ll keep those natural entwined strands at around a couple of inches length so that it remains manageable. An angular low temp fade should begin at the side of your forehead and end as soon as it reaches your ears.

Such looks carry great momentum with well managed beards. So don’t be afraid of letting your facial hair grow out as long as you keep them in check. Maintain the fringes to render your overall look sharp!

Low Cut Temp Fade Afro Hair

Low Cut Temp Fade Afro Hair

You’ll find many stylists recommending you to scrape off everything around the sides for your afro hair. I don’t always disagree with them as it does create a great contrast of lengths. However, a low temp fade can compose a different effect with your afro hair accompanied by a taper. This way, you’ll get to retain most of your hair body yet look distinctly styled at all times!

Messy Hair With Tapered Back

Messy Hair With Tapered Back

If managing your messy hair feels like a lot of trouble for you, why not let it stay the way it is? You can cut down on your difficulties by simply applying a temp fade lower on the sides which clears out that potion. As an addition, taper the nape which works hand in hand with the fade. It resembles a bowl cut but the aesthetic isn’t that radical and can be worn almost at any place!

Long & Tied Back

Long and Tied Back

Your long hair’s troubling days are over if you decide to apply a low temp fade with that hairdo! The first thing you’ll need is to section your hair so that the top hair body remains intact during the styling. Then just add the fade on the temple and trim the remaining area for a low upkeep duty. Grab the whole lot and tie it back around the nape to resemble a short ponytail.

Short Coils

Short Coils

Short coils can be left just the way they are, but if there’s a heavy beard in the equation, you might look like you don’t care about your haircut. Thus, a low temp fade has the ability to create a distinction between these two sections without having to alter anything on the hair body. The beard too can retain its original volume but the dip in the middle changes the entire game!

The Braided Crown

The Braided Crown

Let’s now draw our focus on one of many braided designs! You’ll need to start with some sizable hair to make thin, fine braids. Once there, pull all of them together gently and tie them around your crown using one of the braid strands. Clean out the rest of the hair that’s not part of the braids and add a low temp fade to enhance that. Neat edges complete this tidy and eccentric haircut!

Sharp & Sketchy

Sharp and Sketchy

Every hair texture is different from the rest despite having many similarities. This style is for the individuals who share such a unique & sketchy texture that’s not curly but doesn’t feel fine as well. With this, you can carry a seamless hair body at a shorter length and the only size variance comes at the foot of the temple with a fade.

Low Temp Fade With Buzz Cut

Low Temp Fade with Buzz Cut

As you know, buzz cuts are some of the most comfortable haircuts men have managed to discover and are still in trend due to that aspect. Some people prefer to endorse a complete fade or undercut with this, but walking the minimal path of low temp fade adds a higher value. From the moment you commit to this style, you’ll see how drastic enhancement your hair has gotten using this trick!

Two Strand Twists

Two Stand Twists

Are you familiar with two strand twists? It’s when you pick out your curly hair and twist a couple of hair groups into one twisted braid. Follow this technique all over your head and dye the second half of the twists into a blazing red tone. Make sure to limit the braid area only on the top part of your head because the rest will be trimmed off and the temple will carry a low fade.

Curls On Crown

Curls On Crown

As I’ve shown you a crown design with your braids, you can achieve a similarly striking result using your loose curls. It’s a much more convenient styling process that doesn’t require much time. Temple faded sides with sharpened fringes build the foundation for the curls to flourish up top. You’ll only need to use a hair band to fasten the crown and place it over your scalp proudly.

Temp Fade Long Locs

Temp Fade Long Locs

Long and thin locs are a little challenging to create if your head possesses a high volume of hair. But the payout is equally rewarding as it protects your fragile strands from breakage and frizziness. Low temple fades and a nape undercut separates the two sections starkly. Grab hold of your thin locs and pull them backward into a ponytail, wrapped with similar locs perfectly!

The Low Temp Edgar

The Low Temp Fade Edgar

You already know that Edgar cuts are some of the most radical choices men can make these days. However, instead of going berserk with your hair, mixing in a temple fade on the lower region calls for a more toned down hairdo. The differentiating line of hair sections is blurred so that it doesn’t radiate edginess. It’s fitting for every workplace or professional setting due to its subtlety.

Loose Curls Undercut

Loose Curls Undercut

A low temp fade isn’t always meant to be used upon fully grown hair, rather you can layer it up with other cutting techniques as well. Take this undercut for instance. As the cut doesn’t trim down the side hair from the roots, applying a fade at the lower ridge of the temple adds a fine touch to the hair. Loose curls can be left intact and refined with wax to shine wherever you go!

The Sharp NBA Look

The Sharp NBA Look

Even the superstars from the NBA scene seem undeniably attracted to a low temp fade infused haircut. The fade works as a wavy gradient between the hair body and a fully grown beard. Curly hair is confined within the top by maintaining an ideal length with edges firmly kept in shape. A taper at the back complements the fade and generates an eye soothing hairstyle!

Low Temp Fade Dreadlocks

Low Temp Fade Dreadlocks

After all of the toned down and minimal hairstyle concepts, let me showcase something that’ll just blow your mind! It’s an outrageous haircut composed with seasoned dreadlocks at a very long length. Instead of letting them climb over your shoulder, you’ll do the exact opposite. Pull them upward into a long spike and wrap a band around with a low temp fade on the sides.

Dark Scarlet Tapered

Dark Scarlet Tapered

Even at a shorter length, your hair can find many alternate routes to make it stand out from the generic haircuts. Adding some dye will certainly help you achieve that. Once you’re satisfied with the trimming and low temp fading, it’s time to bleach the top half of your crown hair. Infuse those bleaches with a dark scarlet tone and low taper the nape to land an excruciating haircut!

Tied Dreaded Pony

Tied Dreaded Pony

Ponytail dreadlocks are a modern trend that started to surface on social media trends in recent times. TikTok influencers seem adamant on exposing their temple faded at the lowest possible height with contrasting length at the back. Curly hair is to be pulled back and tied at the nape. From that point onward, you’ll notice thick dreadlocks hanging out like a hedgehog on vacation.

Messy Mullet & Thin Beard

Messy Mullet and Thin Beard

Among different editions of mullets, this one is probably the most simple and less demanding. Your messy, wavy hair doesn’t need to be narrowed down as the fade at the lower temple does the trick. Long curls hanging down from your nape complies with the mullet aesthetics. However, it’s essential to hydrate your hair as much as possible to protect the sensitive strands.

Type 4 Low Temp

Type 4 Low Temp

Within the type 4 hair variants, there’s some noticeable difference in texture. But the good thing is, all of these variations can largely benefit from a low temp fade implementation since the coarse strands make room for great visibility. Use a good hair clipper to maintain the hair’s shape. A little patch of fade guarantees to bolster this look’s value forward by miles!

Blonde Bang Two Block

Blonde Bang Two Block

A treat for the fine haired individuals is this particular two block style. It’s not necessarily sectioned out with clear visibility as the low temp fade gains much exposure on the sides. Dyeing the hair into a blonde or orange-ish color helps out redefining the hair strands. Lengthy top hair concludes into a sideway thick bang covering your forehead, brushing over the brows.

Sleek Bun

Sleek Bun

Your sleek and long hair can be converted into a well managed style which you can carry around all day long. Simply pull the hair from halfway length of your temple and nape to make it into a tight and fancy bun. Bleach the hair ends and stray them around the bun for decorative purposes. At the area underneath, use your clipper to fade out the lower half of the temple.

Bleached Kinky Temp Fade

Bleached Kinky Temp Fade

Let me show you how you can amplify the effect of your low temp fade using a few, easy tricks. To start off, your tight coils need to be bleached slightly so that it resembles a dark orange tone. Then, treat your temple with the supposed fade. After that, isolate a curly patch on one side of your fade and carry it to your nape. A pointy & medium beard should solidify an alluring design!

Spread Dreads

Spread Dreads

If your dreadlocks have rigid properties after a certain duration, then you can settle for a look which makes you look like a stag. Style those dreads any way you want in three different directions so that they stand out among the busiest of crowds! The fine aspect of this style is the faded patch on the temple creating lasting contrast. Make sure to avoid low signs while walking!

Low Temp With Shiny Curls

Low Temp with Shiny Curls

Your wide & long hat made with shiny curls deserves some refinement, don’t you think? Allowing the length to flourish with a low temp fade underneath gives your hair a much needed refreshment. A stubble is always encouraged to pair up with such a hairstyle which can even grow out into a longer beard in future. Sharp edges fine tune the overall, glossy look.

Dreadlock Mullet

Dreadlocks Mullet

Let’s take a creative approach for our next style! Give yourself some breathing room to form some short dreadlocks. When that reaches past your nape, you’ll have the required length to form it into a mullet design. Your upper temple should carry a couple dreadlocks too while the lower exposes your skin with a fade. Flatten down the top to generate this unique hairdo!

Short & Fine Mullet

Short and Fine Mullet

You know, shorter renditions of mullets have been flooding over the popular trends and it’s high time you considered something like this! It’ll alter your look completely and boost your morale at all times. Top patch of hair will be shorter than the longer nape hair to mimic a perfect mullet. Exposed sides carry a low temp fade to add a new dimension to this already charming concept!

Multi Knots Low Temp

Multi Knots Low Temp

This design is so authentic and different from the rest of the concepts I’ve shown you in my list that your jaws will drop to the floor upon seeing it. With natural curls, it creates multiple knots consisting of hair groups all over your head. A temp fade residing on the fringes definitely adds a glow to this cut. Edge up the remaining fringes so that the knots are confined within marked territory.

Low Temp Cornrows

Low Temp Cornrows

A captivating cornrow hairstyle can most certainly get classier with a low temp fade fusion. Shoulder length hair is what you’ll be needing to start up the styling procedure. Take all the time you need to create tight cornrows that won’t betray you even after the roughest day. Tie the braid ends so that they don’t come off and let them hang over your nape to finish an A+ style!

Casual Blonde Hair

Casual Blonde Hair

The last hairstyle on my list is highly audacious and not a lot will dare to try it out! It requires fine hair on your end to be made messy in such a delicate manner. Bleaching is needed if you don’t have blonde hair naturally. Blow dry it so that the body gets puffed up and spray over some holding solution to keep things in place. Low temp fade followed by a stubble increases the undeniable charm!

How To Get A Low Temp Fade At Home?

Getting a low temp fade haircut is quite simple. The only aspect to take care of is that you’ll need a delicate pair of hands that don’t falter while performing fine tasks.

With this out of the way, let’s learn how you can do it yourself at home without spending extra on your barber!

Low Temp Fade Guide

Step 1: Fading

The first step of this styling procedure is fading the temple. It should start right next to your sideburns and placed between the nape’s foot and sideburn’s edge. Use a fading clipper or similar trimmer to get the job done. Go zero blade if needs be.

Step 2: Cutting

Your top hair can sometimes need some cutting and trimming done to match the low temp fade. It’s not mandatory and highly subjective. Pick ideas from my list to learn about the wide dynamics.

Step 3: Finishing

Lastly, finish off the look by lining up the edges and treating your hair with cream or mousse. Curly hair can apply hair wax or holding gel if the style demands it. Dreadlocked hair has the ease of tying hair bands for completion.

If my narration isn’t enough, there are video tutorials that can show you what I just described with words.


Let’s stroll through the few necessary FAQs that’ll satisfy your curiosity on the low temp fade concept.

Q: What’s the difference between a low temp fade and a taper fade?

A: If I differentiate between temp fade & taper fade briefly: a low temp fade is limited within the temple region and its edges. On the other hand, a taper fade surrounds your head and even reaches your nape with a wide extent.

Q: What is low temp fade vs high temp fade?

A: Low temp fade refers to a fade that’s planted on the lower ridge of your temple. A high temp fade on the other hand increases the height of the fade on the same area.

Q: Who suits a low temp fade?

A: As I’ve said, a low temp fade is wide open for everyone, welcoming all types and lengths of hair. So you won’t have to worry about a thing if you’re opting for such a soothing haircut!


At this point, it’s time to bid farewell after discussing thoroughly about this fabulous concept of low temp fade haircuts!

One of the striking factors of this hairdo is that it’s so easy to achieve! I guess you could reach this conclusion after reading through the DIY section.

This fading technique is much conservative than most others as it exposes the least amount of your skin.

It’s great for ones who are often exposed in sunlights because the presence of hair at higher volume will protect your scalp at all times.

Also, the diversity of this trend makes it an all-engrossing concept for everyone. At the age of fusion, you can even experiment with it and produce unique hairstyles.

Lastly, stay true to your original hair without much alteration, and a low temp fade will certainly grant you that opportunity!

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