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MANGROOMER Ultimate Pro Back Shaver: The Answer To All Your Grooming Problems - Getarazor

MANGROOMER Ultimate Pro Back Shaver: The Answer To All Your Grooming Problems

MANGROOMER Ultimate Pro Back Shaver

Removing hair from your back is part of a grooming process that can be difficult without the right tools. The shaver you use on your face won’t work as well for an area that’s hard to reach.

The Mangroomer Ultimate Pro Back Shaver is full of features that make shaving your back much easier than you’d expect. You don’t have to arch your back or twist your shoulder to get between your shoulder blades or the small of your back.

Specifications Mangroomer Ultimate Pro
Run Time3 Hours
Opening135 Degree
Foil HeadYes
Blade Size1.8 Inch
Push Lock ButtonYes
Power BurstYes
Extension Lock ButtonYes
Quick ChargeYes
Price Check Price

First Look at the Mangroomer Ultimate Pro Back Shaver

The company has created an improved version of their Mangroomer Back Shaver. This one has more innovative features and incredible benefits. All the shortcomings normally associated with back shavers is not evident in this back groomer.

As far as the blades, they’re very sharp without being dangerous. The device comes with two attachments for trimming and shaving.

Taking a safety razor to your back can be very dangerous. There’s no good way to shave the back with one of them. This groomer has a foil shaver as well as a great trimmer.

Quick Glance at the Features of the Mangroomer

  • Power burst
  • Wide blade
  • Pro XL lock button
  • Rubberized grip
  • Interchangeable heads
  • Flex neck
  • Quick charge battery

In-Depth Look at the Features

Expandable Handle

MANGROOMER Ultimate Pro Shaver

If you don’t have a long handle, there’s no way to reach the far planes of your back. Middle of the back and between the shoulders can be a problem without an expandable handle.

This expandable handle can be extended to any length you need. Press the button to extend the handle length. Lock the length into place with the press of a button, too.

The handle has a power hinge that can be locked into place. The curves and muscle definition in your back need this kind of feature. Once you’ve reached those areas, lock the angle into place. It’ll allow you to get the entire space at the same angle.

It features a 135 degree opening and a rubberized grip. Even if your hands are wet, the textured grip will ensure you don’t drop it. It’s ergonomic, so you can hold it quite easily for as long as needed.

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Power Burst

For thick hair, you’ll need to trim it first. Unfortunately, if you have extremely thick, coarse hair, it’ll still require power to shave through it. The company understands how difficult it might be for some men.

They’ve improved their previous models to include a Power Burst button in this device. The Power Burst button mows down thick bits of hair on your back.

The shaver won’t get bogged down by the amount of hair on your back. While some parts may be sparsely covered, other bits might be very coarse and thick.

Interchangeable Shaving Heads


There are two attachments for this device. There’s the trimmer that can be used on the back before shaving. It can also be used on any other area of the body.

You might not want to shave every inch. For some parts like the stomach or chest, you might just want a handsome trim. The trimmer attachment is the first step in your grooming routine.

After trimming, attach the foil shaver. This 1.8 inch blade is extremely wide for shaving more in a single pass. This helps to avoid irritation that can happen from multiple passes.

Shock Absorbing Flex Neck

Shaving and trimming the body at unusual angles means that the heads need to be flexible. Both the head attachments can be moved side to side or up and down. This gives the flexibility needed when shaving contours.

The necks of the attachments have shock absorbers, too. This gives a quieter shave. It’s also more pleasant when shaving for a long time. Overall, the flexible shock absorbers make the whole experience gentler and quieter.

Fast Recharging

When first receiving this groomer, it will have to be charged for at least 24 hours before use. Once it’s fully charged, it’ll last for a few grooming sessions.

It’s a fast recharge once it’s been fully charged initially. It has a charge light indicator that shows red when charging and green when fully charged.

If you have the need for quick touchups, you’ll be able to swiftly get those done. It’s easy to touch up some areas with less than a full charge, too.

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How to Shave Your Back

One of the most important considerations for shaving your back is ensuring that you won’t break out with acne. You’ll have to do some prep before tackling this sensitive job.

Have all your supplies on hand before you start. A towel and various mirrors should be a priority. The place you shave should be well lit and have a solid place for you to stand. It’s hard to reach the back even with a device and extendable handle.

Position yourself in front of the mirror at an angle that gives you a clear view. Before shaving, use the trimmer to cut down the longest hairs. If you don’t trim before shaving, it can be very painful. The hair will get tugged instead of cut.

It’s best to use shaving cream or gel when shaving. It provides a smooth surface for the razor to glide on the skin. Use long strokes across your back. On the first pass, go with the growth of your hair. You can overlap and go against the grain on the second or third pass.

After you’ve shaved your entire back, hop into the shower to remove the gel or cream. Be gentle with your back. Especially if this is the first time you’ve shaved. The skin can be sensitive.

Shaving Your Back Will Improve Your Life

  • Increases confidence

Without back hair, most men gain confidence. You’ll be more likely to remove your shirt outdoors. When you’re with your lover, you won’t be concerned about the reaction you’ll get to body hair.

Increased confidence comes from knowing that nobody will make comments about your hairy back. It can bring back the spark that’s been missing in your relationship, too. Confidence in your body’s appearance can translate to confidence in all areas of your life.

  • Shows off muscle definition

Many men who are working out want to show off their bodies. Shaving your back helps you enhance the detail of your muscles.

It’s a shame to work out at the gym only to cover that with a thick layer of body hair. Shaving your back shows off your muscles, and you can also see where you need more definition, too.

  • Reduces sweat

A clean back free of hair will be less sweaty. A back full of hair retains heat. It can make your entire body cooler when you relieve yourself of all that unwanted back hair.

Hair can cause other issues along with sweat. The sweat on your back won’t be wicked away from the body. It hides in the hair and creates an environment that harbors bacteria.

  • No need for appointments

Back hair can be very embarrassing for many men. They want to remove the hair but don’t want to expose themselves to judgment from strangers.

You don’t need to head to a salon to have a professional remove the hair from your back. In the comfort of your home, you can easily take care of all that unsightly, embarrassing hair.

Final Thoughts

In this Mangroomer Ultimate Pro Back Shaver review, we’ve dug deep into the features that make this a great device. It has a trimmer option for prepping the area. It’s easy to slip the trimmer head off and attach the shaver head.

The groomer has an extendable handle for getting all over the back. You don’t have to twist yourself into a pretzel to get good coverage with this device. The charger and the battery are powerful, and it has an extra boost of power for thick areas, too.

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