Mark Davis Haircut: Is This Style Ugliest in NFL?

Mark Davis is the owner of the NFL team Las Vegas Raiders. He is the son of Al Davis who was the coach and owner of this team upon his demise. Being an eccentric billionaire, Mark has always been in the news for something unrelated to the NFL or his team. And that is his haircut!

Mark has a bizarre haircut that stands close to the Chili Bowl Cut if you add some short bangs to it. Back in the day, even if somebody did not know anything about the NFL, they could recognize Mark just because of his weird hairdo. And guess what, Mark actually loves his crazy haircut!

There is more to it than meets the eye regarding the Mark Davis haircut. There might not be any backstories, but the way Mark clung to his style is remarkable! In this article, we will explore different sides of Mark Davis and his haircut along with how you can get this style.

Let’s jump in!

Mark Davis: A Brief Look

Mark Davis Haircut A Brief Look

Mark Davis is an interesting character. He’s been the owner of an NFL team for more than a decade now. But the biggest thing he gets talked about still is not his team or their performances. Rather, the focus is always on Mr. Davis’ haircut.

Since the moment people got to see Mark’s personalized bowl haircut, they found a thing to stir a storm in a teacup. Everyone got more furious when they found out that Mark did not care at all about what others said about his hairstyle.

In this section of the article, we will talk about different aspects of Mark Davis and his haircut. Then you will get a step-by-step guide as to how you can achieve the Mark Davis Haircut if you feel interested.

Mark Davis and Las Vegas Raiders

Mark Davis and Las Vegas Raiders


Mark Davis inherited the ownership of Oakland Raiders back in 2011 when his father the legendary Al Davis passed away. Al owned the Oakland Raiders almost for the entirety of the existence of the team apart from the first three years. In 2019, Mark relocated the team from Oakland to Las Vegas.

As a result, the name of the team changed to Las Vegas Raiders. A team that won three Super Bowls in 1977, 1981, and 1984, they are still trying to regain their fame even today.

Mark has always been a controversial figure in the NFL world. He has made various statements over the years that got people enraged. However, probably nothing has been as controversial and got more focus than his atrocious haircut.

A Haircut Worth Traveling Half a Thousand Miles?

Mark Davis may be a billionaire, but he is loyal to his barbers. Numerous sources published that he even traveled around five hundred miles from NorCal to Palm Springs to get his haircut.

Mark has been wearing this style for a long time now. It is well-known that if he likes something, he always stands by it. And he still likes throwing people off with his haircut.

How Does Mark Davis Feel About His Haircut?

Mark Davis loves his hairstyle. As you know, it is a Chili Bowl haircut with a few modifications at the front. Some short bangs occupy the space just above the forehead. It is a customized version of Three Stooges’ Moe Howard’s Bowl haircut.

Mark has defended his choice of style many times over the years. And he is always ready to get a haircut from his barber even if they are many miles away. In an interview with the press, he was once asked about the role of his barber regarding his interesting hairdo.

Mr. Davis responded to the question, “But it’s not her fault! It’s me! I force her to do it!”. He also expressed that his hairstyle is pretty natural because he doesn’t do more than simply blow-drying it. Furthermore, he also said that he doesn’t even need to comb it. The look sets in right after a short session of blow-drying his hair.

How to Get the Mark Davis Haircut

Mark Davis Chili Bowl Cut

Mark Davis’ haircut is effectively a Chili Bowl Cut with Bangs. If you are really hell-bent on getting this style, you must follow these 4 steps we are discussing next.

Step 1: Growing Your Hair

First, you need to grow your hair for the haircut. The hair must be at least four to five inches long for a smooth experience. It is possible to do it with three inches of long hair too, but the look will not be much prominent.

Step 2: Developing Limp Hair

This is a step you must implement the moment your hair is at least four inches long. To make your hair go limp, you should STOP taking care of your hair. At most, brush your hair every few days. When you find out that your hair is automatically lying flat without any extra effort, you will know that you are ready for the cutting process.

Step 3: Cutting the Hair

Save a few pictures of Mark Davis’ haircut on your phone and take them to a good hairstylist. The haircut is similar to both an Edgar haircut and a Chili Bowl Cut. Show the pictures of Mark Davis Haircut to your stylist and ask them to give you that cut.

If you are unable to take pictures with you, request the stylist for a Chili Bowl Cut but you must also mention that the bangs at the front should be short. They should not be more than an inch into the forehead.

Step 4: Maintaining the Style

This is the easiest process. As Mark Davis himself said, “I just blow-dry it, and it just winds up pretty much hanging like this.”, you must follow this path and should only blow-dry your hair. Within a few days, the Mark Davis look will be visible.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Mark Davis Haircut has been a constant source of curiosity despite its wicked look. People keep asking questions about his style, and with time, the number of questions keeps increasing. To satisfy your curiosity, we are going to answer a few most asked questions regarding Mark Davis Haircut in this section.

Q: Are there any other notable figures with similar hairstyles to Mark Davis?

Ans: No. Only Mark Davis wears that haircut.

Q: Does Mark Davis’s haircut affect his reputation as an NFL team owner?

Ans: Not really. Although fans and followers have always bashed Mr. Davis for his haircut, it had no impact on his reputation as the owner of Las Vegas Raiders, formerly Oakland Raiders.

Q: How long has Mark Davis had his signature haircut?

Ans: It’s been more than a decade since Mark Davis is wearing his signature haircut.

Q: What is the story behind Mark Davis’s bowl haircut?

Ans: There is no particular story. He simply loves the style and enjoys wearing it.

Q: Does Mark Davis cut his own hair?

Ans: No. He has a few barbers that he likes going to for his haircut.

Q: Are there any official endorsements or promotions related to Mark Davis’ hairstyle?

Ans: As of now, there are no promotions or endorsements related to the Mark Davis Haircut.

Last Words

Mark Davis has shown his strength and character to a great extent when he did not give in to public demand. He managed to infuriate many people just because he was not willing to change his haircut in face of criticism. Rather, he kept wearing it and said that he won’t stop rocking it because he simply loves it!

Since the Mark Davis Haircut is technically a Chili Bowl Cut, anyone can afford to get it. The whole process is super simple which you have read in our article. We explained the steps straightforwardly, and they are easy to follow.

If you feel really adventurous, why not try this Mark Davis Haircut yourself? The style may appear weird to many, but nonetheless, it is a truly iconic style that will live on for years to come.

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