Latest Men’s Haircut Prices In 2023 You Must Know

In the ever changing world, men’s haircut prices are constantly changing due to different and viable reasons.

It may come to you as a surprise that these price discrepancies have more to do with the barber shop or salon than the haircut itself.

To stay on top of things, I reckon you must familiarize yourself with how prices shift from one locality to another and spare yourself some money after getting a hairdo.

My article brings together the latest and updated data collected via surveys done by prominent agencies and poses them before you for your understanding.

So scroll through my breakdowns and analysis to learn exactly how much a men’s haircut costs and where to go for precise hair styling to come out as the winner at every instance.

Average Men’s Haircut Prices Overall

Before getting to the average prices, let me enlighten you on how I’ve managed to calculate them after having sorted the data. Later in this article, you’ll find I uncovered how salons are categorized based on some important factors and that’s why the price discrepancy between haircuts exists.

Based on that knowledge, I’ve divided the salons into two categories: High End and Low End. So the high end salons offer an average of $54 as every men’s haircut price. On the other hand, the low end salons should cost you around $25 for each cut on an average.

Of course not every barber shop from each category is going to cost exactly these amounts, but you now have a broader idea on how much you should carry in your pocket.

That said, throughout the USA, the gross average men’s haircut price is set at $40. It’s significantly higher than the UK which averages at around $24. Haircuts for men in Canada are a lot more expensive on average around $70 per cut.

Cost of Men’s Haircuts By States

Cost of Men's Haircuts By States

Let’s now go through the 50 states of the USA and see how each of them measure up against one another when it comes to the average men’s haircut prices. Please remember that the pricings are calculated based on surveys and these are speculations that reflect the actual pricing with a 4%-5% room for error.

Alabama : $28

Alaska : $44

Arizona : $29

Arkansas : $56

California : $53

Colorado : $35

Connecticut : $31

Delaware : $48

Florida : $49

Georgia : $48

Hawaii : $55

Idaho : $26

Illinois : $53

Indiana : $40

Iowa : $40

Kansas : $29

Kentucky : $53

Louisiana : $40

Maine : $43

Maryland : $40

Massachusetts : $45

Michigan : $38

Minnesota : $44

Mississippi : $38

Missouri : $28

Montana : $30

Nebraska : $25

Nevada : $45

New Hampshire : $31

New Jersey : $25

New Mexico : $30

New York : $118

North Carolina : $39

North Dakota : $34

Ohio : $40

Oklahoma : $32

Oregon : $40

Pennsylvania : $32

Rhode Island : $35

South Carolina : $42

South Dakota : $28

Tennessee : $51

Texas : $53

Utah : $33

Vermont : $43

Virginia : $35

Washington : $60

West Virginia : $29

Wisconsin : $26

Wyoming : $32

Since my listing is alphabetically sorted, it’ll be easier for you to find out your state and see how much your barbers are charging you in the quickest possible time.

Top 10 Priciest Haircut States (Average Cost)

As each state in the US possesses their own economic condition and category of work, the men’s haircut prices thus vary from one another. If we try to categorize using the average cost, we’ll be able to rank our top 10 states where you’ll be charged the most for a single haircut.

You can tell from the bar graph that New York is the costliest state in the USA. It’s for obvious reasons of course. This state is the central corporate area for many firms and the rent for each shop is through the roofs.

Opposed to that, the quality of haircuts you’ll receive will hardly be matched by others because New York is the host to many old school barbers. They have mastered their craftsmanship for generations and it’s understandable that men’s haircut prices are higher in this locality.

You’ll notice the rest of the 9 states have only a $15 gap from second to tenth and I’d call these prices well-reasoned. With the average prices, the high end and low end approximate costs are placed side by side as well to offer you a comprehensive idea.

Top 10 Cheapest Haircut States (Average Cost)

Following the same method and sets of data, the top 10 ranking for the cheapest men’s haircut prices over the states of the US. Going through this list will tell you exactly which localities will welcome you with the most affordable haircuts you could ever hope for!

It’s actually astounding to find that New Jersey offers the cheapest average men’s haircut prices! A state adjacent to the priciest state offering such low rates calls for some celebration.

If you’re living in New York and are looking for a cheaper haircut and other grooming services, there’s an option to hop on the subway and make it to New Jersey to get those done within your budget!

The top 10 lowest prices are separated only by $5, so there’s very little to choose between them. Most affordable low end salon cost can be located in Nebraska and the most luxurious one within this budget list is placed in Arizona.

How Are Men’s Haircut Prices Determined?

There are quite a few variables that determine men’s haircut pricings. If you’re wondering why your barber is charging you so much extra, skimming through these aspects should answer your query.

Hairstyle Type


It’s definitely the most important factor that sets a price tag within a certain gradient. Cuts that are quite easy to do consume less time for completion. There are hairdos like buzz cut or crew cut which can often be done using instruments without the barber having to engage with scissors vigorously. Thus these are usually quite cheaper for consumers.

On the other hand, styles like mullets that demand trimming, shaving, dyeing, bleaching or adjusting layers are quite challenging to nail perfectly. As these take up a lot of time and effort on the barber’s end as well as require advanced chemicals & tools, barbers all across tend to charge a higher rate.

Salon’s Quality

The quality of the salon includes how big the space is, how fast you’d be getting to your queue and the way your barber approaches you. Salons that are high end tend to have high end clientele who are served with a welcoming beverage and treated with some activities while they wait.

Also, it’s reflected on the behavior and capacity of the staff as well. So you can see, these salons will cost you a lot more money for even the simplest hairdos because a haircut isn’t the only thing that they provide. Barber shops that don’t offer such graciousness will have reduced prices for men’s haircuts.

Type Of Hair

Proper knowledge and accurate information are worth paying extra for. The reason for me saying this is that your barber must be acquainted with every hair type and their goods as well as bads. That way, they would be able to guide you toward the right direction that saves your hair from damage.

For instance, curly or kinky hair is prone to breakage. So the salons that master such hair types will take you toward a more protective approach and lay out routines to follow. And if they charge higher for specialized treatments catering to your hair, can you blame them? I don’t!

Barber’s Experience

Barber’s Experience

The duration of a barber shop’s existence on the market reflects on their men’s haircut prices. Because over the years these professionals have gathered expertise on a wide array of hair needs and possibilities. No matter what you bring to them or how troubled you are with your hair situation, they’d be able to find the best solution for you.

Additionally, salons like ourselves who have been operating for two or three generations on the same spot will charge a little extra due to their long journey. Such shops carry great ethics and unfathomable values that end up providing the perfect haircut at every instance.

Locality Of The Shop

Where the salon or barber shop is placed determines how much they’d charge for a single haircut. This is because the shops that are located downtown will have to pay a higher rent for their space, have a busier schedule where the clients would have to squeeze in and would deliver you the most premium treatment.

You’d find that the shops placed on the peripheries of a city or ones located at countrysides cost significantly less than the central ones. And with that cost variance, there would most certainly be a difference in qualities.

Braun Series 9 for Professional Barber

Instruments Used

If you’re familiar with the grooming instruments barbers use, you know that there exist various categories and qualities of products on the market. Let me give you an example. When a barber gives you a clean shave using a regular clipper as opposed to one with something like a Braun Series 9, you’ll notice the significant difference in quality and comfort.

And that was made possible because of the quality of those two clippers and how much extra a professional clipper cost the barber. Much like that, a good barber shop will keep such deluxe devices around to give you the most convenient grooming session. To make ends meet, there’s no alternative to charging extra for haircuts or beard grooming.

Services Provided

Even though we’re discussing men’s haircut prices and the reasons some stores charge more than the rest, there are certain things we must take into account. A lot of the barber shops provide additional services around your haircuts which are bound to cost you more than regular shops.

Good shaving routines before and after the shave, offering facials, giving keratin treatment on hair, applying solutions that activate your curls – these aren’t just common services every barber shop offers. From this, you can paint the picture in your head why the same haircut is charged at different prices in two locations.

Where Should I Go For A Cheap Haircut?

From my list, you’ve observed the states that offer the priciest men’s haircuts as well as the cheapest. However, cheaper rates rarely imply a premium service, so there are some assessments you must do to walk the fine lines between spending and receiving good treatments.

Instead of a central salon, try going for uptown barber shops. Pick ones who have years of experience but charge slightly less than the general average. On top of that, salons that provide very basic grooming services at a cheaper rate are better than ones who offer a lot of things within the same price point.

Lastly, make sure you know what you’re looking for. If you want a very minimal cut that can be done using grooming instruments, it’s safe to walk into a budget salon. When you want services like bleaching or dyeing, don’t be deceived by cheaper haircut prices because it can bite back at you.

If you manage to remember all of these while picking your barber shop, the cheapest cut can turn out to be the best you ever had!


This section today answers some of the most vital questions regarding haircut prices for men. Please go through each of them to solidify your knowledge on the matter at hand.

Q: Should I tip my barber? If yes, how much for a cheap haircut?

A: It’s basic courtesy to tip your barber unless you are absolutely broke. Even with the cheapest haircuts, your barber expects tips from your end. The rule of thumb is to pay 15% of your haircut’s cost as a tip. For instance, you’d have to tip a dollar and fifty cents for a $10 haircut.

Q: Is an expensive haircut worth it?

A: Yes! Expensive haircuts tend to take every possibility into account before sketching up a suave hair body. Also, you’ll be receiving styling tips from trending cuts out of your barber and guidelines on which cuts suit you the best. These cuts are made utilizing the finest tools and makes every penny you spend worth it.

Q: How much has inflation affected men’s haircut prices?

A: As you’re familiar with the recent economic turmoil the entire world is going through, inflation has surfaced on the lands of the US as well. Most of the barber shops have increased their cut prices by 5% to balance out cost to revenue ratios. While it wouldn’t bother the lower end haircut prices much, the higher ends would surely give your wallet a hit!


As I’m about to end my discussion on men’s haircut prices that focus mostly on the states of the USA, so the citizens can generate a comprehensive knowledge on the subject.

It’ll also help out the ones who are traveling frequently to decide upon where to visit in order to get an affordable haircut at the best price.

There are many considerable aspects in this matter and I tried my level best to be thorough about the most important ones.

I often encourage my readers to learn and try out haircuts by yourself at home because that’s the most budget efficient path you can choose.

However, not all haircuts can be perfectly landed this way, so my updated men’s haircut price list should guide your cause of spending the least for the best.

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