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Meridian Trimmer Review: The Device That Moves Mountains In Personal Care!

Since premium items generate top-grade results, it’s better to invest in and wait for the right product. Likewise, if you’re into personal grooming, instead of forcing your beard trimmer to handle all your needs, why not let a specialist like Meridian’s body trimmer take charge?

Curated by Meridian Grooming, the Meridian body trimmer is easily one of the best handheld devices that one can place their trust in.

It has multiple elements that not only make the grooming tool a promising candidate to be the ideal companion for personal care, but also provide an experience that many, including myself, prefer over Manscaped and some of their unique tools.

If you’re intrigued, you’re in for a treat. In this article, not only will I reflect on the key features that make Meridian’s body trimmer promising, but I’ll also reveal every detail I picked up on during my time with Meridian’s exciting personal tool!

The Unboxing of Meridian: What’s Inside The Box?

Upon unpacking the packaging, Meridian’s device immediately takes up the spotlight by being on top of the table. Once the black cover is removed and the device has moved out, there’s another compartment that leads to the accessories.

Meridian trimmer device & box

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With two comb attachments, a cleaning brush, an instruction manual, and a cable, I believe that this body trimmer provides most of the essentials a grooming tool could possibly offer.

What I love about the packaging is how each piece is sealed to the brim, implying that the device is indeed brand new. Many trimmers fail in this regard, offering exposed attachments that might have been tampered with.

Key Features: Meridian, The Original Body Trimmer

Blade SystemHigh-quality ceramic blade
BatteryLi-Ion battery
Battery Life90 minutes
Billed Weight (oz.)4 ounces
Attachments2 guide combs, cleaning brush, charging cable
Standout Feature(s)Lightweight housing, Ease of use
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Once the device is in hand, I can’t help but bring more light to the crisp paint job it carries, based around pastel green in my case. If you’re open to skimming through the options, however, don’t forget to contemplate between the alternatives, carrying shades of blue and black respectively.

The device comes with a minimal appearance, and an incredible curve that is compact, yet slender. Keeping the handle company is the age-old power button, alongside a battery indicator; an element that I assess later on in this article.

Meridian trimmer front

One of the missing pieces on this device is a flashlight, which I feel could have enhanced the body grooming experience when dealing with private and enclosed areas.

A travel lock feature like that of the Lawn Mower 4.0 could also have been incorporated if enough attention was paid.

Weight and Feel

The device doesn’t just look light, but remains one of the thinnest ball trimmers my palms have ever made space for. The rubber coating feels amazing, cushioning onto my small hands like a walk in the park.

Meridian on grip

Weighing in at only four ounces, and measuring 4 inches long, Meridian’s body trimmer is one of the best in the business for those with poor motor function. Since the device feels extremely delicate, beginners will surely have a blast using this device.

Meridian’s handle

What I really like about the rubber coating is the grip it provides, which isn’t exactly the best my hands have felt, but is sufficient in contrast to most body trimmers.

Even when my palms are all sweaty and ready to give in, this device of Meridian stands strong with a reliable grip, restoring my faith in body grooming gadgets indefinitely.

Performance: How it responds when put to the test

Now that the first impression regarding the packaging and its design is out of the way, it’s finally time to unveil how well Meridian performs when it’s time to walk the talk; which is definitely a handful, if you ask me.

Meridian trimmer while powered on

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With the help of the structure of the design, the lightweight materials involved in the makings of the device, and the incredible grip provided by the soft rubber coating, this device makes it quite easy to establish successful results, in most cases.

The reason behind it isn’t the way it feels, but how it operates, which starts with its ceramic blade! Carry on to learn more about the artistry of the blade, and the way in which it secures an excellent and enjoyable manscaping session!

Ceramic blade with Anti-nick shaving guard

Meridian trimmer blade

In my eyes, I think the ceramic blade completes Meridian and the trimmer’s intention of being one of the best body trimmers available, carrying skin-friendly traits to make the device a smooth operator.

The blade not only secures a cool temperature, but also refrains from accumulating heat during prolonged use. This not only makes the blade quite ideal for sensitive skin, but also reduces the potential of incurring an injury, which shapes the user experience, in my opinion.

The best part is the anti-nick shaving guard, which, kind of like hypoallergenic blades, provides an extra layer to protect the skin from bearing the sharpness of the detachable head, and elevates the ceramic blade for a shave that is close, but not too close.

Results in private areas

While the blades are made for all sorts of combat, the Meridian trimmer feels quite reliable when dealing with regions below the belt. The lightweight housing really blooms during that time, and always allows me to move the device in an upward and downward motion without putting in much effort.

random shot of Meridian

The anti-nick property really protects the delicate pieces of skin to become hairless without injury. Since the blade hardly ever slows down, being spared from the friction caused by tugging is quite easy. The blade also doesn’t accumulate moisture, shielding the skin from awkward breakouts.

Overall, I’d say a thorough session around my privates takes around 10 minutes, amounting to even less when I ditch the comb guides for a bald look. Either way, when you have this Meridian trimmer around, you can expect good results without repercussions.

Impact on other body parts: Chest, back, leg and armpits

While the way in which it adapts to the hard-to-reach areas is impressive, receiving a full-blown body grooming session is just as possible. The ceramic blade feels amazing on any body part, while the device secures incredible speed using its lightweight housing.

Meridian around arm

Cleaning the area is a must before you use Meridian’s body trimmer, so be sure to rinse your skin to get rid of any moisture build-up, which may hamper the final results.

On another note, if you want to save time, choose a wet shave over a dry shave; an activity that Meridian’s trimmer excels in.

Aftermath: Straightforward upkeep of blade

Often, shaving takes up a lot of energy. For that reason, looking after the tool seems too difficult to carry out.

Detached blade of Meridian under a tap

With a snap-on blade system, rinsing Meridian’s body trimmer is a piece of cake. Just open the blade before rinsing the edges in some water.

You don’t even have to put in this much effort for shorter sessions, as using the cleaning brush thoroughly will eliminate pieces of hair stuck in between the blades.

Battery Life and Restoration

While the ceramic blade handles the front end of the results, the back end of Meridian’s trimmer is carried by its Li-Ion battery, providing a runtime of 90 whole minutes.

In other words, if you can work with a trimmer as well as I can, one full charge can cater to you for 9 full sessions, that too without any setbacks.

Meridian body trimmer

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Though the Li-Ion battery is exceptionally powerful, the component doesn’t get enough help to restore its energy. The Meridian body trimmer only carries a charging cable to restore the battery’s health, which I think is quite disappointing.

Had this element been prioritized, the device would’ve reached new heights as a body trimmer. If you’re not aware of what I’m trying to say, just look into the Lawn Mower 4.0, which offers a wireless charging dock with quick charging abilities.

Reliable Facilitators: Button Configuration, Battery Indicator, Waterproof Housing

When push comes to shove, it’s impossible to discredit Meridian’s body trimmer and sweep its trimming abilities under the rug.

In the ring, it not only provides comfort with a compact-sized structure, but also carries tons of grip force due to its rubber-infused flooring. The lightweight nature allows the ceramic blade to work in marvellous ways to generate impressive and aesthetically pleasing results.

picture of Meridian

However, behind the successful traits are reliable facilitators of the gadget; all of which improve the experience and make the device big on functionality. From a simple button configuration to perks such as battery indicators, here are the unsung heroes of Meridian’s body trimmer.

Button Configuration

Just like most up-to-date body trimmers and electronic gadgets out there, Meridian’s body trimmer follows a minimal layout, containing only a power button and a compartment for battery life.

Meridian power button

With just a push of a button, the device gets in the zone to bring forward unforgettable results.

Battery Status Indicator

Battery Status Indicator

While the Lawn Mower 3.0 only has a status indicator that blinks as much as the one on Philips Multigroom, the 3-LED battery indicator of Meridian is more dependable in the long run.

It doesn’t move like a car blinker, but lights up only when the battery of the device has reached a certain level. While the one on top depicts a full battery life, the one at the bottom is when you need to put the device down and let it recharge.

Waterproof Housing

If you prefer wet shaving over dry shaving like me, then you’re in luck, since Meridian’s body trimmer is stitched with IPX7 housing. In other words, this device can accompany you on land, and surf with you in the shower, especially if you’ve got hairy issues to deal with.


Meridian under the water

Don’t get too caught up, however, as Meridian’s frontrunner can only swim for half an hour.

Accessories and additives

The accessories of the Meridian body trimmer start with the cable, but end with the comb attachment, which deserves its flowers.

Device with any comb guard

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The way in which they climb on top of the ceramic blade is no short of amazing, securing an incredible hold.

While they’re not made for close shaves, each attachment specializes in reducing bulk, making them essential tools when your lawn hasn’t been mowed in weeks. Don’t worry about cuts, either, since the guards are elongated enough to avoid direct contact with skin.

A Reminder: Pros and Cons Of Meridian Body Trimmer

Taking into account all that’s been unveiled, I hope my experience not only helps you discover the potential of Meridian’s body trimmer and all it does to change the game of body grooming, but also gives you the subtle push you need to consider it an investment opportunity.

Pros and Cons Of Meridian Body Trimmer

This Meridian body trimmer might lack size, but is one of the best performers in the world of personal care right now, thanks to its affordable price tag, reliable housing, and skin-friendly ceramic blade, among other things.

Moving on, if you zoned out when skimming through the first half, but would like to pick up where you left off, get back on track with the help of the following portion, highlighting the pros and cons of Meridian’s body trimmer!


  • Anti-nick high-quality ceramic blade that shaves, but doesn’t sting
  • Lightweight build that enables movement in any direction
  • Li-Ion battery with an operation time of 90 minutes
  • Rubber-coated flooring with tons of grip force
  • Small-sized dime that fits perfectly in one’s palms
  • Attachments that fit like gloves around the blade
  • The perfect tool for travel
  • Durable housing with a waterproof system


  • Lacks essentials such as a travel lock feature
  • Doesn’t provide a charger to replenish the battery
  • Can scratch the surface of sensitive areas if form is poor
  • Comb guards are effective, but curated with poor quality materials

Meridian vs Manspot: Siamese Twins Or Bitter Rivals?

Meridian vs Manspot trimmer

In recent times, it seems as though Meridian has found a new rival, thanks to MANSPOT’s premium body trimmer. Unlike any other rivalry, however, this affair runs big on similarities, not differences, making it even more difficult to come to a decision.

However, due to multiple attributes and more, the Meridian body trimmer and MANSPOT’s premium body trimmer remain reliable contenders as opposed to alternatives for one another.

ModelMeridianMANSPOT Body Trimmer
Blade System High-quality ceramic blade Anti-nick ceramic blade
BatteryLi-Ion batteryLi-Ion battery
Battery Life 90 minutes90 minutes
Billed Weight (oz.)4 ounces11 ounces
Attachments2 guide combs, cleaning brush, charging cable4 guide combs, cleaning brush, charging cable
Standout Feature(s)Lightweight housing, Ease of useNoiseless operation; Portable size
Price See On Amazon See On Amazon

One of the reasons that make both Meridian and MANSPOT ideal contenders is their design, led by a curve-shaped structure with a lean build. While MANSPOT is clearly heavier, the device carries the same dime-sized frame as Meridian, making both a win-win scenario.

The blade systems of both are difficult to tell apart, fused with ceramic coating to provide a skin-friendly shave. To prevent nicks and discomfort, both are programmed with anti-nick guards, working wonders on sensitive skin.

Meridian and Manspot Rivalary

The lifespan of both is equally compelling, thanks to the Li-Ion batteries they’re built around. Providing a runtime of 90 minutes, both MANSPOT and Meridian deem themselves eligible and reliable during prolonged shaving sessions.

Running out of time? In dire need of a quick body shave? Allow MANSPOT and Meridian to blow you away, especially with the help of their waterproof housing. Believe it or not, but both are wired with IPX7 technology, making them immune to water damage for a specific set of minutes.

In conclusion, there’s plenty that unites Meridian and MANSPOT’s body trimmers to join forces, giving enthusiasts various reasons to think they’re the same. However, if you ask me, Meridian is definitely the winner, providing a better experience with its high-quality ceramic blade.

About Meridian

When push comes to shove, Meridian Grooming is a fresh face in the industry, coming into existence during the first half of 2018. While their main priority is to generate the best possible grooming results, there’s plenty more under their belt that makes this brand worth fighting for.

In addition to being a brand that promotes affordability, Meridian also runs big on diversity. The small-sized grooming tools packed with action aren’t just made for men, but can also get rid of hairy issues common in women to boost their esteem.

With skin-friendly blades, the handcrafted tools of Meridian not only make shaving a fun activity, but also an activity without incurring any damage. On top of everything else, however, Meridian Grooming is a brand that is big on embracing body hair and finding comfortability in one’s own skin.

My Final Take On Meridian’s Body Trimmer

All in all, if you were to ask me for a contender that comes close to taking the crown from the Lawn Mower 4.0, I’d bet on Meridian to be the replacement. It may lack size and some technologically advanced features that can help when catching flights, but what it doesn’t lack is potential.

Meridian’s body trimmer is by far the best grooming tool for its value. It provides tons of hope with its ceramic blade, a component that enables effortless results without a catch. The blade follows a snap-on system, making every clean-up process brief yet thorough.

The best part is definitely the design of this tool, which caters to the smallest palms, in my opinion. The silhouette of this device makes the hardware premium, while the rubber-infused cover only increases the quality of each session, running big on comfort.

If you prefer taking your time, place your trust in Meridian and its endurance, which exceeds 80+ minutes, thanks to its Li-Ion battery.

Don’t forget to take help from the attachments to reduce bulk, and utilize its immunity to water damage for 30 minutes to promote the efficiency of wet shaving!

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