NBA YoungBoy Dreads: Taking Charge With A Bullet-proof Guide

When push comes to shove, the genre of rap, also known as R&B, has really taken off. One of the familiar faces is, without a doubt, Drake. However, under him are bright stars going by the name of Jack Harlow, Tory Lanez, and, most recently, NBA Youngboy.

NBA Youngboy is a rapper who goes with the flow, almost always. While most artists focus on the verses they’re putting out and trying to create content that others would find relatable, NBA Youngboy simply improvises his way into making beats that not only speak volumes, but also carry a positive vibe.

Inside the studio, NBA Youngboy is known for curating pieces that many consider lifesavers. However, outside the studio, the biggest part about him is his dreadlocks, an element that we will highlight and explore in this article.

Alongside unveiling a guide that anyone can understand, we will also dive into the evolution of his dreads. If you’re intrigued, buckle up and enjoy the ride!

The Formative Years NBA Youngboy’s Dreadlocks: From Frosted Spikes To Free Form Dreads!

NBA Youngboy’s revelation as well as his experiment with dreadlocks is rather fresh; not something that one needs to take out from the vault. Despite being a newbie, the fresh set of locs are definitely worthy enough not just for the current fashion scene to try out, but a design that fashion moguls can mimic until the end of time. In other words, NBA Youngboy’s dreads are truly worth a fortune.

Just like most artists, NBA Youngboy struggled with his identity once he propelled himself to stardom. His preferences were also rather different, even when his hairstyling preferences were taken into account.

Youngboy- Before The Formative Years

Before The Formative Years

Since the work he invested in the studio mattered more than anything during the formative years, NBA Youngboy sacrificed his sense of style to put more focus on his music.

Before discovering the potential of dreads, he wore a short hairdo with textured pieces, which received more elevation through a low taper. The pieces were curated using a sponge brush, which explains why they carried the visuals of a sponge twist.

First Look At NBA Youngboy Dreads

First Look At His Dreads

Now, we’re not claiming that NBA Youngboy had plans of growing his locs, but another part of us is convinced that it was all intentional. In fact, when you take into account how he only got maintenance cuts in consecutive scenarios, it becomes more evident that these dreads weren’t grown by accident.

The first phase is somewhat the easiest phase for everyone, and NBA Youngboy wasn’t an exception. He showcased his combed out dreadlocks which already obtained a free form structure on social media around years ago, which eventually bloomed into a memorable piece.

NBA Youngboy’s Dreadlock Journey: Assessing The Evolution Of NBA Youngboy’s Majestic Locs!

Although the portion above comprises the hairdo NBA Youngboy had before he made a life-altering styling decision, this portion takes a deep dive into how he handled his dreadlocks and allowed them to form as freely as they wanted while having direct control over the visuals.

Without further ado, from starter locs to curtain dreads, here are all the dreadlocks that NBA Youngboy implemented and pulled-off using his 4C natural hair!

Starter Dreads with Low Taper

Starter Dreads With Low Taper

When starting out his dreads, the main objective was to maintain the strands without making them look awkward. And with the help of a consultant, NBA Youngboy did just that.

To allow his locs to grow without any outputs of stress, NBA Youngboy created a contrast between the temple and the frontal region with a low taper. The strands had less weight to stand on, while the disconnection gave his facial features more definition.

When push comes to shove, this look is an inspiration for beginners. The locs are low maintenance, needing some moisture every now and then.

Disheveled Freeform Dreads with Mid-skin Fade

Disheveled Freeform Dreads With Mid-skin Fade

Once the strands started growing, the weight endured by the scalp started increasing. But to deal with all the newfound friction, NBA Youngboy came up with the perfect exit strategy, which felt incomplete without a mid-skin fade.

The fade saved his freeform dreads from looking all over the place, giving the pieces more weightlessness at the same time. Just like the previous design, the contrast between the density and the disconnection added to his looks in a beneficial way.

Curtain Dreads with High Skin Fade

Curtain Dreads with Skin Fade

As the pieces kept growing, they changed forms. Instead of growing out vertically, the pieces became more curvy and curtain-like. While the weight was a bit too heavy, it was easier to carry for NBA Youngboy since the pieces weren’t elongated or stretched out anymore.

With a high skin fade, the dreads found more freedom to feel as messy as they could. The pieces may have been twisted for more definition but were most definitely formed without any styling product.

De-stressed Micro locs with Blowout

De-stressed Micro Locs with Blowout

The biggest con about wearing dreadlocks isn’t just dealing with the intrusive thoughts of chopping it all off, but also dealing with the density and adapting to the structure of free-form dreads.

Once the pieces grew out significantly in terms of length, NBA Youngboy knew that it was time for a change. Taking into account how limited the options were, he somehow found his own way to showcase his dreads, preferably by narrowing down the density of the pieces and adding a blowout for some extra elevation near the roots.

Two-twist Dreads with Deep Mid-part

Two-twist Dreads with Deep Mid-part

As the strands developed, NBA Youngboy found new ways to adapt. The locs were sealed with a two-twist system at one point, divided by a deep mid-part for some distinction and ease. It is believed that they were supported by a bald fade underneath, which gave the extremely outgrown pieces more room to breathe.

This look, while heavy, is miles easier to deal with than vertically positioned pieces. The free-form dreads not only look more sane, but also provide a lenient hold on the scalp. While NBA Youngboy didn’t do anything to manipulate his hair still, one can use some wax to establish some shine.

Sprung-up Freeform Dreads with Box Braids

Sprung-up Freeform Dreads with Box Braids

For a brief period, the rapper wore his dreads in a rather peculiar way, which allowed the strands to feel protected and display unparalleled visuals at the same time. The pieces were stitched with a sprung-up texture, despite hanging freely around the forehead. At the base of these dreads were box braids, which probably allowed the dreads to be as flexible as possible.

This hairdo can be tricky, requiring spiral rods to carry the spring-like effect. However, if you’d like to have a go at it anyway, don’t forget to pair it with a fade that elongates the pieces and compliments your face shape.

A Fresh Start: The Time NBA Youngboy Exchanged His Dreads For A Ponytail!

The Time NBA Youngboy Exchanged His Dreads For A Ponytail

Most rappers believe in committing to their look, as it eventually becomes a part of their identity. Although investing years of patience in curating and managing a head of free-form dreads is doable, the repercussions are inevitable.

Many people kind of embrace the negatives as much as they enjoy the positives. It was different for NBA Youngboy, however, who had other plans to cope with the drawbacks.

After committing to his dreads for years, NBA Youngboy gave his hair a break from all the twists and turns by combing the pieces out, before tying them into a ponytail. Even though undoing the dreads caused a lot of pulling and tugging, the final results paid off, giving NBA Youngboy a fresh look that made him appear to be more approachable.

As of right now, NBA Youngboy showcases his hair using dreadlocks. However, the script can still be flipped, especially if you take matters into your own hands and replicate the visuals carried by this look.

NBA Youngboy’s Dreads In 2023: A Brief Guide For Maintaining Freeform Locs

When push comes to shove, the development of your dreads will mostly be shaped by your patience.

Since free-form dreads are left alone and grow naturally without any enhancers, there’s not much that one needs to do in order to have dreadlocks as magnificent and elegant as that of NBA Youngboy; an icon in the music industry and a pioneer in the world of fashion.

While you can easily take pointers by closely following this video, know that it’s not too complex. Free-form locs, unlike most natural and protective hairdos, are not to be manipulated or exploited, but embraced. To let them grow without enduring any damage, don’t use any styling tool, not even an afro-comb.

Once you step out of the shower, protecting the dreads with a durag is important. When the pieces are still wet, it is important to use a friction-free towel and dry the hair in a circular motion instead of going up and down to prevent the strands from becoming susceptible to damage.

Frequently Asked Questions

With the help of what’s been covered so far, you too can replicate NBA Youngboy’s dreadlocks and make them a part of your arsenal. However, if you’ve got questions regarding today’s topic that have yet to be tackled, we hope you find contentment in the following questionnaire.

Q: What is NBA Youngboy’s hair type?

Ans: Judging by the pictures and our A-list team of professionals, NBA Youngboy’s hair falls somewhere between 4B and 4C hair. Those that fail to meet the requirement are advised to use extensions to mimic the pattern.

Q: How long should I wait to grow freeform dreads like NBA Youngboy?

Ans: The hardest part about this hairdo is growing the afro pieces into fully formed dreadlocks, as it can take up at least a year. To speed up the process, be sure to apply rosemary to your scalp to increase the blood flow.

Q: What do I need to do to maintain dreads like NBA Youngboy?

Ans: According to NBA Youngboy himself, the maintenance routine is rather easygoing. In fact, the rapper only uses a microfiber towel to dry his hair in order to bring his NBA Youngboy dreads to life. To ensure the curtain-like formation, he only rotates the towel in a circular motion until the strands are somewhat dry.


All in all, if you’re seeking to carry your natural hair with flair, prioritize its health first. Try resorting to protective hairdos, such as dreadlocks. Additionally, if you’d like to pay homage to an artist with an incredible head of dreads, it should be none other than NBA Youngboy.

NBA Youngboy’s dreadlocks are perfect in terms of density, resilience, and longevity. However, the free-form dreads didn’t just happen overnight but took a while to find their way into the rapper’s life. The locs were often left untouched, maintained mostly through a solid shower routine followed by a post-shower routine with just a towel.

Before committing to a look as graceful as NBA Youngboy’s dreads, consider the condition of your locs. Try and grow the strands if they need more length, know that patience is a virtue. On the contrary, if your hair lacks density, consider using extensions to bring the look to life.

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