Where are you going that you need a pair of good binoculars? That’s one of the first questions you should ask yourself. Is it for a sporting event? Are you headed off to the wilderness? Will you be experiencing a wildlife adventure? These are all the questions you’ll want to ask. The answers should be kept in mind while checking out this comparison review of Nikon Monarch 5 vs 7.

From construction to optics, we’ll dissect the features of each bin and decide where one outshines the other. Keep an open mind when you start reading this comparison. We believe that by the end, you’ll know exactly which binocular will be the right one for you and the events you want to view.

Nikon Monarch 5 vs 7 Comparison Table

FeaturesNikon Monarch 5Nikon Monarch 7
Field of View329 feet (6.3º)419 feet (8º)
Exit Pupil5.3 mm5.3 mm
Eye Relief19.5 mm17.1
Weight20.5 ounces21.6 ounces
MaterialsPolycarbonate Resin,
fiberglass reinforced
Fiberglass reinforced
polycarbonate resin
Price Check price Check price

Nikon Monarch 5 Binocular Review

The chassis of the Monarch 5 is durable and reliably strong. This is an important function of the bins since you don’t want them to break easily. Nikon has made very strong binocular bodies for many years. They’re a polycarbonate resin reinforced with fiberglass. This material is strong while being a very comfortable weight.

Nikon Monarch 5 Binocular

These are waterproof while also being fogproof. While you wouldn’t drop them into a 3.3-foot body of water, you definitely could. They can be used in a rain storm without water getting inside. The Monarch 5 is fogproof, too. It won’t get moisture inside – even if you go from air-conditioned interiors to the muggy outdoors. Dry nitrogen is inside the lenses to keep them clear.

Comfortable eyecups make using binoculars way more comfortable. The eye will be snug in position without causing pain. The edges of the eyecups on the 5 are rounded for that purpose. The eye relief is the distance between the eye and the lens. It’s a good distance for seeing very well at 19.5 mm.

A wider field of view is going to give you the ability to see objects before narrowing in with magnification. If you don’t have a wide field of view, you’ll miss seeing birds, animals, or sports plays. When movement happens at a distance, you want to be able to swing the bins to see it. At 1,000 yards, you’re getting a view spanning 329 feet.

While you could stay outside with the bins only during full daylight, you’re going to miss amazing things. At dusk or dawn, you’re in low light situations. There is activity under the canopy of trees. It also happens on days that are overcast. This set of bins has the ability to see in low light situations.

Low light vision is crucial in your binoculars. The brightness on these binoculars is phenomenal. The DE (dielectric) reflective coatings provide enhanced vision in low light. Relative brightness is 28.1.

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My impression

Taking these out of the package, the casing was the first feature noticed. It’s durable and able to take a knocking. I’d never suggest that you be careless with them, but they can handle banging around in your bag.

At a distance, details of birds were visible. They were under a canopy of trees deep in a forest. Detail was pretty crisp with little to no feathering of the colors. Along with a great field of view, the close distance is good. It’s approximately 7.5 feet.

The Monarch 5 comes with a rain guard, lens cover, neck strap, and carrying case.

Minor concern

The only minor concern was the eyecup lens covers. They are notoriously hard to keep on the eyecups. It’s something that the owners of the bins have complained about often over the years.

Nikon Monarch 7 Binocular Review

With this Monarch 7, there’s a really strong body. It’s made with polycarbonate. It’s reinforced with fiberglass for a really strong, yet light, casing. The binoculars weigh 21.6 ounces.

That’s an easy weight of less than 2 pounds. You can hold it for a while without causing arm or hand fatigue. Carrying a heavy set of binoculars can cause you to put them down. That’s the exact moment when a rare bird flies into view, and you’ve missed it!

Nikon Monarch 7 Binocular

A huge part of using binoculars is waiting outside for the animal or bird to show. It might be an overcast day with sprinkles of rain falling. Your bins should be able to withstand water. The Monarch 7s are completely waterproof. They could be submerged and still work perfectly.

This set of bins has eyecups that twist. They can be adjusted for use with glasses or without. The ring around the eyecups is a firm rubber material. It’s soft while still protecting the lenses from water. For eye relief, you’re getting 17.1 mm.

While looking through the lenses, you’ll want an easy way to adjust the focus. The focus wheel has 1.5 revolutions. It has a precise adjustment for fine focus.

The field of view for the Monarch 7 is 8 degrees. The Porro roof prism gives you a depth of view where it’s easy to see across a wide field. At 1000 yards away, you’re getting 419 feet across. You won’t miss any animals or actions outside the FOV.

When looking to the sides, there was only a slight fuzziness on the edges. That’s going to be the case with every set of binoculars. You’re getting a wide field with this, though.

The ED glass of this Monarch 7 reduces the blurring between colors. This is called chromatic aberration. With ED glass, you’re definitely going to see a remarkable difference in the way colors are represented.

Low light conditions can happen before sunrise or around sunset. You want to see wildlife at any time. With other bins, twilight means tucking them away and going inside. That’s not what happens with the 7s. It’s great in low light conditions in part due to the exit pupil of 5.3 mm.

Animal watchers don’t always need to look long distances away. Often, they will be 6 to 10 feet from an animal that they’d like to see better. The clear, close focus distance of these bins is 8.1 feet.\

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My impression

Together, all these great features are going to give you an all-around fantastic set of bins. They are perfect for sporting events as well as wildlife adventures. You can even keep them on the back deck for bird watching.

The close distance as well as the wide field of view are terrific. It’s one of the first things we noticed out of the box. We could look around the backyard then focus on the tree line in the distance.

The animals as well as the birds are represented well in the lens. You’ll be able to watch all the critters that come into your backyard. It won’t matter how far away or how close they are.

Minor concern

The warranty from the company is listed as a US warranty. If you’re from another country, you’re not getting the full lifetime warranty. You’ll have to supplement with your own warranty from another source.

Nikon Monarch 5 vs Monarch 7 – Features Comparison

These binoculars are made from the same company; Nikon. You’re going to get the same great materials and technology for both. The Monarch 5 is an older model than the 7, so we’ll compare them to see which is better overall.

  • Extra-Low Dispersion Glass

When it comes to the difference between the Monarch 5 and the 7, there are quite a few. The ED glass isn’t one of them, though. It’s the same glass that Nikon is fully proud of for their binoculars. They’ve been working on it for some time. It has the same properties through many of their models.

You’re getting the same great ED glass. The 5 and the 7 will show less chromatic aberration than other types of binoculars. They’re going to show a very sharp, clear picture, too.

The ED glass is pretty close to the same in both binoculars.

  • Construction of the Binoculars

They both have the rugged outside that won’t break with careful use. You should be able to take them with you anywhere. Whether it’s out in the woods hunting or on safari in Africa, they will perform beautifully and are well constructed.

They’re made with polycarbonate resin reinforced with fiberglass. It’s strong because it’s made to give a little with impact. If these binoculars fall, they won’t shatter.

The 7 doesn’t have body improvements over the 5. They’re both made with superior materials. The 5 is slightly longer and the focus wheel is thicker.

  • Rain Guard and Waterproofing

This is another feature where the binoculars will show much the same awesome benefits. They are both waterproof because of the rubber o-rings and other materials.

The casing is really secure and won’t allow water to enter. They’re both fogproof, too. Going from humidity to air conditioning and vice versa will not cause condensation. The body is filled with nitrogen, which keeps condensation from building.

Who wins this feature comparison? It’s a tie like some of the other categories.

  • Field of View

The field of view for the Monarch 5 is 329 feet at 1000 yards. That width is pretty good. You’re going to have some blur at the edges, but it’s enough that you won’t feel like you’re missing any action.

The Monarch 7 has a field of view for 1000 yards of 419 feet. If you’re looking to see birds in your backyard, the FOV will not really matter all that much. For those who are taking this on an adventure, you’ll want to be able to pan the distant horizon for objects to view.

With a large field of view, it will feel as if you’re close enough to touch objects you’re seeing.

Comparing the 5 and 7 for this feature shows the 7 as the winner.

  • Close View

While some people want to view things at a distance, there are others that need to view things closer. Whether it’s insects or birds in the birdbath, the viewer wants to get super close without scaring them away.

The Monarch 5 has a viewable, close distance of 8.1 feet. The Monarch 7 has approximately the same distance of 8.1 feet. That’s what was reported by the company. Our test concluded that the 5 had a clear picture around 7.5 feet. The 7 was approximately 6.3 feet.

In the close view, the Monarch 7 wins.

  • Low-Light Viewing

Some animals get more active when the sun goes down. In that time between daylight and night, you want to be able to see them clearly. That’s where the low-light viewing becomes important.

This comparison is more like what’s the same in these two models. They have a relative brightness of 28.1. When viewing objects in twilight, they were clearly as visible in each model.

The Monarch 5 and the Monarch 7 are pretty much the same.

  • Lightweight Binoculars

The weight of your bins will influence whether you’re seeing everything possible. If you have to remove the bins from your eyes for comfort, you’re bound to miss things.

The Monarch 5 is 20.1 ounces. The Monarch 7 is 21.6 ounces. They’re very close in weight. If you decide you like one versus the other, the weight of it will have little impact.

The Monarch 5 is slightly lighter than the 7.


The differences between the two are hard to narrow down. This is why we said you should ask yourself for what purpose do you need it. Unless you know what you are using a bin for, it can be hard to figure out the features that are the most important to you.

Overall, we’d say that the Monarch 7 isn’t a significantly better binocular than the 5. You’re getting the same Nikon features at a reduced price. For those with budget concerns, you’re definitely getting a great set of binoculars in the Monarch 5.

If you need a wide field of view, the Monarch 7 is where you should spend your money. It’s the only huge difference in the binoculars.

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