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Nood vs. 5minskin: Picking The Best Instrument For Your First Purchase!

Putting your best foot forward can always work in your favor, especially during intimate scenarios like dates. Wearing an outfit that makes you feel like you’re on cloud 9 can be one way to meet the former requirement, while addressing your body grooming issues could be a close second. And if you want to look as youthful as possible for an extensive period to spice up your life, try using laser hair removal systems.

Laser hair removal systems have yet to obtain a proper breakthrough in the world of personal care due to being fresh faces in the industry. However, as they are more beneficial than consequential for those big on looking after themselves, their potential remains high in the fashion scene.

Although the number of options has yet to cross double digits, two budget-friendly models that specialize in removing hair with heat vision are Nood’s “The Flasher 2.0” and 5-Min Skin, the main highlights of this article. Be sure to stay tuned if you’ve stumbled upon this piece with zero prior research, especially if you’re curious enough to know how well they work when pitted against each other!

Nood vs. 5minskin: A Brief Blurb Of The Duo

As the movement of using laser hair removal at home is quite new, Nood and 5minskin have yet to make their mark as renowned candidates in the world of grooming. However, if you happen to be a veteran regularly partaking in the act of personal care, the potential of this pair will surely raise an eyebrow and catch you off guard.

From providing tons of intensity levels to being adaptable enough to modify any piece of skin, the abilities of Nood and 5minskin remain no short of admirable. To learn all about it, be sure to read through the table below, especially if you found this article out of the blue!

ModelThe Flasher 2.0 by Noode5 Min Skin
TechnologyIPLSkinSafe Technology
Suitable for Any location Any location
Intensity Settings 65
Key Features UV Protection, Permanent Results79% Hair Removal, Wide flashing point
Price See On AmazonCheck Price

The Flash 2.0 by Nood

The Flash 2.0 By NoodFlash 2.0 by Nood is a concept that strictly caters to removing hair permanently from any part of the body. It is fused with a plastic-based coating and a glossy paint job, being a feast for the eyes of many.

The gadget is formed with IPL SkinSafe technology that generates the most effective results without exposing users to burns and injuries. Although its build is relatively bulky in contrast to premium models, Nood’s product still has what it takes to bring optimal results with its free-flowing system that carries 6 kinds of intensity levels, and a limitless amount of flexibility.

Check Price On Amazon

A special feature of the Flash 2.0 is its UV protection, which blocks most of the heat that is generated by the device. While it can’t cater to all skin tones or provide assistance to those with high melanin, the device possesses the ability to blend in under any circumstance, especially when they’re assigned to take care of closed-in areas.

Alongside generating hairless skin in under 2 months, the Flash 2.0 is a must-have for its compact size, which can be great if you often travel overseas. The device does require extra attention when in operation, but remains a trustworthy source when removing hair for an extensive time period.

5minskin Hair Removal

5minSkin Hair RemovalIf you don’t have much budget to work with, but would still like to invest in something 5minskin’s Hair Removal kit should be your only option. It may not have the best build in the world, but has enough to eliminate a hefty amount of hair in 5 different ways.

The horizontally gifted gadget takes a while to get used to, but offers a safe and relatively painless procedure when in use. The wide flashing point not only removes hair in no time, but also collects hair from freckles and moles without causing any damage.

In contrast to Nood, 5minskin appears to be the underdog, especially when technological means are put into perspective. However, for a laser hair removal tool with a price tag that barely crosses triple digits, 5minskin hair removal kit offers tons of things, including protective specs and a razor, making it a favorable candidate among beginners and minimalists.

Nood vs. 5minskin: Putting Them To The Test To Unveil The Dominant Counterpart

At the end of the day, Nood and 5minskin work continuously towards the same goal; generating a smooth hair removal process with enduring effects. When the two are compiled together for a face-off, however, their dynamics appear to change dramatically.

Since both aren’t cut from the same cloth, the experience I had with the Flash 2.0 by the Nood as opposed to the time I spent using 5minskin was drastically different. And if you’re eager to discover my two cents, move on to the upcoming paragraphs.

Hair Removal Execution and Experience

Execution and first-hand experience

I kickstarted my experience by putting 5minskin, the so-called underdog of this bout, to the test. And while certain elements regarding its build did prove to be a liability, the results that it generated were no short of amazing.

5minskin indeed felt like a breeze to use. Its intensity levels were quite lenient, but powerful enough to work well with my skin. Although the results were nowhere to be found during the first few days, my hands and legs appeared to be hairless when I used the tool for 5 to 10 minutes every other day for around 10 weeks straight.

As opposed to 5minskin, however, Nood felt like the better option, especially for possessing around 6 intensity levels. Sure, shaving each area 3 times at least felt bothersome at first. However, once the routine hit 8 weeks, every spot that it engaged with felt as smooth as butter, and as hairless as an egg, making it the winner of this segment.

Nood Build and Design

Build and design: Button configuration and usability

When it comes to hardware, both are quite minimal, with easygoing button configurations.

The paint job of 5minskin’s laser hair removal gadget is quite underwhelming, and the build feels quite stretched out and bulky in contrast to Nood. Though it affects its image when it comes to visuals, 5minskin’s gadget remains a favorite due to how much it offers for its price in my eyes.

Nood offers a durable build with dimensions that easily mesh with the circumference of the palm. While its plastic-based housing is a bit of a dealbreaker, the feel of it remains soothing to the eyes and palms. It doesn’t provide the best grip, either, but makes up for it by providing unbeatable and long-lasting results!

Inside the Nood Box

Bonuses: What’s inside the box?

Nood’s device is easily the better pick when it comes to performance, but lacks important components within its packaging that hamper its image. Although the packaging does comprise a charger and a well-written instruction manual, tools such as glasses and a razor remain absent.

On the other hand, while 5minskin is regarded as the underdog in this showdown, it still manages to earn some brownie points for its packaging, which comes with a pair of sunglasses and a razor in addition to providing a charger.

Price tag

In terms of value, both of them are bangers for their bucks, especially if you have a budget that is over triple digits, but not over $150.

The Flash 2.0 is the pricier counterpart in this material, but is definitely worth every penny due to comprising attributes that are safe for vulnerable skin, having credibility by litigious organizations such as the FDA, and shielding skin from sustaining unnecessary heat damage using UV protection.

On the other end is 5minskin’s laser hair removal kit, the better option for candidates looking to keep things light and kickstart their body grooming journey. It may lack certain components within its groundwork, but provides tools such as razors and glasses, both of which are needed when partaking in laser hair removal at home.

An Idiot’s Guide To Laser Hair Removal: Do’s And Don’t’s When Buying Your First Device!

In contrast to shaving and trimming, laser hair removal is miles ahead, especially in terms of longevity. The devices that gravitate towards using heat vision often take more time to show effective and noticeable results, requiring 4 to 8 weeks on average. However, once the results come in, they are said to stay for 6 months and more.

While placing your trust in a device with laser hair removal is the main aim, there are tons of things that require attention during the decision-making process. Be sure to skim through our list of do’s and don’t’s in the upcoming segments to make the best possible decision for yourself and your hair!

Find a device for your budget

The final results of using laser hair removal never fail to make their mark. However, in order to unlock the best possible experience, consider siding with a candidate that not only has the proper build but also flows seamlessly with your budget.

While both Nood and 5-Min Skin can be at your service if you’re working with a tight budget, consider trying out Braun’s Silk Expert Pro for the best shaving experience.

Shave the area beforehand

Prior to letting the device work its magic, use a razor to shave the area clean. Doing so will not only make the subsequent process a walk in the park but will also shield you from zaps caused by such grooming tools.

Assess your skin type

Since laser hair removal uses heat to remove cells, the gadgets that specialize in it are often quite harmful to implement on certain complexions. While it works well with lighter tones, the devices expose warm tones to third-degree burns and heat damage.

Examine your melanin

While IPL is effective, the models of Nood and 5-Min Skin only cater to specific hair types. While they pair well with darker strands, they don’t work well with low melanin, rendering blonde and red hair ineligible to avail of their services.

Prepare to go the distance

Good things take time, which is a mantra you have to abide by when getting laser hair removal. In other words, it typically takes 8 to 12 weeks for any laser hair removal device to destroy skin cells and remove hair follicles permanently. In addition to staying composed, be sure to have some numbing cream in hand if you’re susceptible to pain.

Final Takeaway

All in all, Nood and 5-Min Skin appear to be promising contenders in the world of gadgets specializing in laser hair removal, catering specifically to those that are working with a relatively low budget. Since the pair are also quite easy to use and implement on a daily basis, Nood and 5-Min Skin are often perceived as must-haves for beginners in the world of personal care.

Both items are curated with IPL, offering a painless procedure. While The Flash 2.0 is considered the safer option for sensitive skin, 5-Min Skin’s concept has the edge over its counterpart in pricing.

However, when push comes to shove, The Flash 2.0, the most desirable gadget under Nood, is miles better than 5-Min Skin and their laser hair removal device. It offers a better procedure that often takes around 8 weeks for desirable results, offers 6 different levels of intensity with UV protection, possessing the ability to cater to any location. It is also FDA-approved, further adding to its credibility and making it the better pick in this material!

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