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Nood vs. Ulike vs. RoseSkinCo. : A Triple-threat To Relieve Your Hairy Issues

Maintaining presentable aesthetics when growing body hair is becoming essential in the world of fashion. While the leading companions during the formative years of this movement were razors, due to significant progress in technology, there are multiple options that one can rely on in the present day and time. One of them is a laser hair removal device.

Despite being fresh faces in the scene, laser hair removal devices are garnering an overwhelming amount of attention from enthusiasts with a knack for grooming. The number of options may be limited, but most get the job done in no time, without bringing any repercussions to the table. Among the frontrunners are Nood’s Flasher 2.0, Lumi, and Ulike, the main highlights of this article.

Although they belong to three different entities and are curated with different motives and means, the potential of Lumi, Nood, and Ulike is as high as it can get.

However, since most users are inclined towards Nood’s device, let’s find out how well it puts up in this showdown between Nood vs. RoseSkinCo. vs. Ulike before picking the obvious winner!

Nood vs. RoseSkinCo: A Confrontation Between The Two Giants

The first half of this article is based around Nood and RoseSkinCo, two high-end brands known for manufacturing Lumi and The Flasher 2.0, laser hair removal devices that prioritize user experience.

When push comes to shove, these gadgets share plenty of similar interests, being virtually identical in some aspects. And although the pair are quite beneficial for those that rely on body grooming to make ends meet, the demographic each caters to is drastically different. Don’t forget to lock in and skim through the following materials to learn more about it.

A Brief Preview Of The Candidates

Doing little to no research often leads to botched results and unpleasant experiences, which can leave behind long-term feelings of trauma if severe. However, since our job revolves around making things as easy as possible, here’s a solid preview of both candidates that shape up the first half of this article, otherwise known as Nood and RoseSkinCo’s Lumi!

ModelLumi By RoseSkinCo.The Flasher 2.0 By Nood
TechnologyIPLSkinSafe Technology
Suitable forAny hair type but ginger and blondeAny hair type but ginger and blonde
Generates Spotless Skin in6 – 12 weeks8 weeks
Intensity Settings56
Generates Desirable Results OnAll body partsLegs, arms, face, bikini, back and armpit
Price Check Price See On Amazon

The Flasher 2.0 By Nood

The Flasher 2.0 By Nood

Seeking a device that offers both quality and reliability is important for beginners seeking to partake in the act of laser therapy, which is where The Flasher 2.0, curated by Nood, comes in.

The device follows a lean build with a basic layout that is easy to comprehend. In addition, the gadget also feels like a feather, making it a great purchase for clumsy enthusiasts.

With the help of Skinsafe and soothing IPL technology, Nood’s candidate brings forward unbeatable results without hampering the user or causing any discomfort. With three swipes, any area feels as clean as a whistle when you’ve got The Flasher 2.0 by your side.

On average, Nood’s device generates healthy-looking skin in just 8 weeks, as long as its abilities are utilized twice a week. It also offers 6 intensity levels, each of which provides a fulfilling experience. And although important components that provide protection are unavailable inside its packaging, Nood still contains tons of credibility with its impressive endurance.

Lumi By RoseSkinCo.

Lumi By RoseSkinCo

The first opponent of the Flasher 2.0 is Lumi, curated by RoseSkinCo. The device is a compelling alternative to its counterpart, pairing best with those that travel on a daily basis.

Lumi’s housing follows a matte-based finish, which looks presentable, feels weightless, and runs compact. The buttons are quite simple to understand, and the built-in IPL technology is definitely acknowledged for the way it removes strands.

In addition to being credible due to its approval from the FDA, Lumi takes everyone by surprise with its lateral quickness, which makes results apparent in under 3 weeks. Within 12 weeks time, the device is known for adding its final touches before rewarding its dedicated users with crystal clear skin.

Just like Nood, Lumi works everywhere and anywhere. However, the potential that it has in removing hair looks most effective when it’s allowed to work with sensitive areas.

While it lacks one intensity level that often renders it ineligible to go head to head against its rivals, Lumi makes up for that missing element with its ability to cater to and wipe away pieces of hair from each and every body part in under 30 minutes.

Nood vs. Rose Skin: Evaluating Each Device Before Coming To A Conclusion

The dynamics between Nood and RoseSkinCo is quite fascinating, since both of them have plenty of common ground. However, since only one can come out on top in this memorable clash, here’s a solid analysis of how well the Flash 2.0 responds to the promising functions and bonuses of RoseSkinCo’s Lumi

Inside The Nood Box

Unboxing Goodies: What’s Inside The Box?

The first inspection mainly gravitates towards their packaging, which is when the underdog really stands out.

RoseSkinCo’s Lumi provides nothing but a charger and the device, just like its rival for this bout. Although Nood is slightly favored in this scenario due to its brand image and the shelf life of its accessories, Lumi also finds tons of success due to the presentability of its packaging and its travel-friendly dimensions.

Capabilities and Results

Formed with Skinsafe Technology, Nood feels like butter, gliding past layers of skin without causing any irritation. With 3 passes, the layers of skin not only feel polished but also look new!

Nood is a great pick for everyone, since it handles even the most sensitive piece of skin with care. The aftermath of each use is as useful as its results, thanks to its Skinsafe technology and incredible intensity levels.

RoseSkinCo, on the other hand, takes some time, but comprises the necessary functions required to generate optimal results. It took around 6 weeks of continuous use for me to notice apparent results, but 10 weeks to see absolutely hairless surfaces.

The downside of RoseSkinCo. is definitely the missing intensity level, which, in my opinion, could have expanded its skillset. Nonetheless, due to its manageable size, the device still earns tons of brownie points.

RoseSkinCo Hardware and Usability

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Hardware and Usability

Nood and RoseSkinCo. offer devices that are perfect for newbies in the world of laser hair removal, with their travel-friendly and durable housing. They tend to fit seamlessly with the shape of one’s hands, irrespective of how small or big they may be.

The button configuration on both items is quite minimal, consisting of a compartment for the power, with the other that invigilates the intensity level in use. The two are also quite appealing with their matt-based housing, even though Nood is a tad bit more helpful with its LCD display.

Polar Opposites

The dissimilarities run high between Nood and RoseSkinCo., when push comes to shove. Nood has the edge over its counterpart by not only offering better results in a shorter span of time, but also by providing 6 intensity levels over the 5 generously crafted levels provided by Lumi.

The second difference, as stated earlier, is found in its hardware, as despite following a minimalistic approach, Nood consists of a rather helpful display right underneath the laser beam, which goes above and beyond to supply the users with useful information throughout the session.

Price Tag

Believe it or not, Lumi and Nood are quite similar in terms of the value they charge, making both of them equally desirable for those working around a tight budget.

Since the two don’t even have a price difference of double digits, pursuing the services of Nood instead of seeking the potential of Lumi is the better move to adjust to.

Nood vs. Ulike: The Highly-anticipated Sequel Of This Feature

If you’ve just brushed through the former segment, know that there’s more to it. In fact, if you’re still unsure of how capable Nood is as a laser hair removal device, and are contemplating your decision at the moment, move on to the upcoming revelations to learn just how well it performs when pitted against its other arch-nemesis, Ulike’s Air+++.

A Summary Overview

As stated earlier, walking into the world of personal care can lead to disaster if prior research isn’t carried out, especially when laser hair removal devices are taken into account. While they seamlessly work past any density of hair in a jiffy, certain complexions and low levels of melanin can lead to severe injuries and burns.

To prevent yourself from a traumatic experience, however, peep through the table mentioned below!

ModelUlike Air+++The Flasher 2.0 By Nood
TechnologyPatterned Sapphire Ice TechnologySkinSafe Technology
Generates Spotless Skin in4 weeks8 weeks
Intensity Settings6 (including the Ice Cooling Level)6
Generates Desirable Results OnSensitive areas, underarms, and faceLegs, arms, face, bikini, back and armpit
Price See On Amazon See On Amazon

Ulike Air+++

Ulike Air+++

If you’re working with a budget with no rope, you can very well resort to the abilities of Ulike Air+++, one of the newer and upgraded models among laser hair removal devices.

With a lean build and a series of jarring colour schemes, the device is a breeze to look at and handle from the outside. Just like the other two options, this, too, feels lightweight.

Ulike deals with and tackles hair follicles with 5 intensity levels, all of which cater to a specific hair density. The device is a specialist amongst its category, backing its abilities up admirably by rewarding users with noticeable results in just 4 weeks!

The best part, without a doubt, is its technological means, which features Sapphire Ice technology. After each session, this laser hair removal device drops from a temperature of 150°F to 50°F to reduce signs of redness or damage from the surface, making it a compelling option for vulnerable skin.

What makes it a bang for its buck is its packaging, which involves a pair of glasses and a sharp razor, both of which come in handy both before and after a grooming session. The price tag might be a bit appalling for some but is justified due to all that it brings to the table.

The Flasher 2.0 by Nood

When placed right next to the Ulike Air+++, the Flasher 2.0 feels quite advantageous in a few ways, but also seems to show its underlying flaws.

The Flasher 2.0 goes head to head by offering an equal amount of opportunities, mainly with the assistance of its 6 intensity levels. While the Air+++ shows outstanding results in just a few weeks, the 8 weeks Nood implements generate a far better outcome in the long run, preferably within 6 months.

Nood deals with things in a traditional manner, preferably with the help of its pain-lenient IPL technology. The display it carries gives it the edge in this scenario when it caters to newbies, and surely makes up for the accessories that it doesn’t provide with its packaging.

Overall, despite not carrying an attribute that makes post-recovery sessions easier after using laser hair removal therapy, Nood still remains an enlightening companion due to the traits it brings to the table for its price.

The Flasher 2.0 By Nood vs. Ulike Air+++: An Unfiltered Review For Newcomers

Picking between Nood and Ulike can be quite overwhelming since both devices are quite impressive in their own way. Sure, the laser hair removal devices share plenty of mutual interests, but also serve completely different purposes, putting them in different boxes at the end of the day. To have a better grip on this matter, however, consider reading through the breakdown provided below!

Ulike Air Packaging Inspection

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Packaging Inspection

Unbelievably, Ulike Air+++, despite lacking credibility, feels more generous than Nood when the packaging is taken into account, offering plenty more accessories to experiment with and provide top-notch shaving results.

In addition to providing a charger like its counterpart, Ulike contains glasses to shield the eyes, with a razor that provides a smooth shave before the beams destroy the cells to remove ingrown and dense pieces of hair indefinitely, giving it the upper hand in this category.

Execution and Expected Results

The attributes are impeccable on both laser hair removal devices, offering an equal amount of intensity levels to cater to various hair types.

The timeframe of each device is equally advantageous. However, if you’re running short of time, try relying on the quality and abilities of Ulike, which work together endlessly to bring hairless results in under 4 weeks. Although the handling does need some work, the device manages to generate unbeatable results without leaving a mark on sensitive skin, mainly due to its Ice Cooling technology.

Nood, on the other end, still wows me away with its easy going manoeuvrability. The intensity settings really stand out and eliminate cells without leaving a scratch. The display also comes in clutch during that moment and contributes heavily to bringing improbable results in under 8 weeks.

Handling and Operation

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Handling and Operation

Another thing that played a huge role in this matchup was the way in which each device meshed with the silhouettes of my palms.

Nood, despite comprising an impressively built housing, runs a bit bulky in contrast to the slender build of the Ulike Air+++, which feels weightless during operation. Both comply well with most skin types, with the latter standing out at the end due to the ability to calm the nerves down a bit after each session.

Promising Perks

Nood stands out once again with the quality of its materials, comprising the trait of serving for a long period of time without any hiccups.

However, some of the best perks come from Ulike’s Air+++, which comprises a newly curated Ice cooling level that drops the temperature of the laser beam down drastically, allowing new layers of hairless skin to heal from the burning sensation caused during laser therapy.

Response To One’s Budget

While both options are relatively expensive in contrast to razors and trimmers, other genres in the world of grooming, Nood feels more convenient when put in the same pool as Ulike’s laser hair removal device, with a price tag that is drastically more lenient. This aspect might seem redundant for those with hefty budgets, but can be music to the ears of beginners and novices with a knack for personal care.

Nood vs. Ulike vs. RoseSkinCo. : Final Overview

With the bout coming to an end, it seems as though both competitions unveiled just one crystal clear take; Nood is a diamond in the rough.

Its laser hair removal device, otherwise known as the Flasher 2.0, not only displayed just how well it’s intensity levels are in contrast to a candidate claiming to be just as powerful within the build of RoseSkinCo.’s Lumi, but also reveals its ability to cater to most skin types with hair trouble in under 8 weeks.

While Lumi tries to make up for their 12-week duration by providing more comfort with its lightweight operation and compact nature, it loses out to Nood eventually due to the quality of its raw materials.

The second battle follows a head to head encounter between Nood and Ulike, which is more of an even matchup. Ulike’s brand new and exceptionally-polished Sapphire Ice Technology seems a bit more convenient than Nood’s IPL Technology with SkinSafe’s support system, but concedes defeat with its unreliable housing, inconsistent power, and relatively high price tag.

Final Takeaway: Nood Is Miles Ahead Of Its Peers

In retrospect, all three devices that make up this article are very much worth the investment due to the quality of results they provide, and the user experience they offer. Despite being curated with different materials and carrying different timeframes for bringing forward desirable results, Nood, Lumi, and Ulike are perfect companions for those seeking to remove body hair without damaging the surface of the skin.

However, upon further inspection, it’s clear to see why Nood is the king of the hill among laser hair removal devices. Sure, it doesn’t come with the most appealing hardware that can woo a crowd, or offer a setting that soothes the skin with cold air after each session, but it definitely has a reputation for bringing top-notch results consistently to users; that too without falling apart.

Nood invalidates the credibility of Lumi, the product manufactured by RoseSkinCo., by reaching completion at a faster time. It does feel like a liability when pitted against the much-advanced groundwork of Ulike Air+++ and its soothing technological means, Nood recovers and eventually comes out unscathed from the bout with its relatively-convenient price tag, and its durable hardware!

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