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Norelco 7100 vs 7500: Two Great Choices For Your Hair Needs

Norelco makes trimmers that give you a full shave around your face and other parts of your body with ease. Two of the most popular trimmers you can utilize for your cutting needs are the Norelco 7100 and 7500. These are two appealing choices, but you should see how these two models are different from one another.

This Norelco 7100 vs 7500 review will help you identify how well these models work and how you can find a choice that fits your requirements well. You might be surprised to see how these two models are different based on how varied they are and what makes them comfortable.

A Quick Look At the Two Models

FeaturesNorelco 7100
Norelco 7500
Attachments1 (5 lengths)4 (4 Combs)
Control Speeds 12
Body StyleContouredRounded
Sides For Trimming21
Battery Power50 minutes60 minutes
Price See On Amazon See On Amazon

What the Norelco 7100 Offers

You can start your search for a quality trimmer by seeing what the Norelco 7100 has to offer. The 7100 is a Bodygroomer model that focuses on the entire body with a dual-sided layout for trimming use.

philips Norelco 7100

A three-dimensional pivoting head provides you with a great interface for shaving. A few small blades are found on the top and bottom edges of the head. These blades will lift hair up and allow it to be cut by the foil trimming surface in the middle.

The blades appear on both sides of the trimmer, thus letting you get a clean and safe cut whether you move it upward or downward. The foil should be changed every six to twelve months to ensure the unit will keep working well.

The comb setup on the bottom part of the 7100 provides you with five cutting lengths. You can go from 1/8-inch to 11/25-inch by using a few knob controls to help you get a better cut all around. The design provides you with extra support for your trimming needs while being easy to maintain and prepare. You don’t even need any attachments to make this model work. The simple interface and layout of this trimmer gives you extra control over your cutting needs while being easy to facilitate.

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The unit works with a battery that takes about an hour to charge. The battery lasts for about 50 minutes, thus ensuring you have enough time to get a full body trim going.

You can also use this model in wet and dry conditions. The 7100 does well in many usage environments.

Checking on the Norelco 7500

You can use the Norelco 7500 to help you get a comfortable trim all the way through. The 7500 offers a useful body that is easy to set up. The versatile array of attachments on this model will provide you with many ways to get your body hair cleared out right.

Philips Norelco 7500

The Norelco 7500 provides you with four attachments for general trimming needs. These include separate attachments for closer hair spots and for longer bits of hair, including a foil trimmer for more sensitive spots around the body. A smaller nose and ear trimmer is also included, although that trimmer may be washed off and used for the brows and other minute spots if desired.

Four additional combs are included for longer hair spots. You can adjust any of these combs to various lengths to help you guide your hair the right way. The beard and hair clipper combs come with 18 settings that are adjusted by length; the combs are both clearly labeled. A ten-setting body comb is also included for producing a better cut all around.

The control feature on the base includes a Turbo button. Press the button to increase the speed on the 7500. The faster speed makes it easier for you to get through coarse hair spots, including chest hair and even pubic hair if necessary.

The battery works for 60 minutes on a full charge. It takes about an hour for you to charge the battery as well. You can also use this in wet and dry conditions alike.

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Great Similarities To See

  • Versatile For All Parts of the Body

Having a trimmer that works on all parts of your body is a necessity. Both Norelco trimmers are versatile enough to work on all parts of the body. You can use a closer zero-gap blade on facial hair, while a larger comb may work for the scalp. You can even use the trimmers on body hair of all sorts, including chest hair.

  • Safe on the Skin

You will not have to worry about your skin being irritated when using either trimmer model. Each choice provides you with a smooth surface for use that lifts up your hair and cuts it evenly. The risk of ingrown hairs, razor bumps, or redness will be minimal. This is especially important when you’re trying to trim hair around the pubic region or other sensitive spots.

  • Works In Wet and Dry Conditions

You can use either of these models in wet and dry conditions. This is useful when you’re aiming to get more hair cleaned off or if you need to wet down some hair spots to make the cutting process a little easier to manage.

  • Long-Running Batteries

While it is true that there is a slight difference in how well the batteries work on each model, these two both come with batteries that will work for a while. You can get 50 minutes of power or more on each unit. Also, it takes an hour for you to get the battery on either choice ready for use. You can use either model around your entire body without worrying about the battery power being lost.

  • Flexible Combs

The combs used by both of these models are very useful. While the comb on the 7100 is on the bottom part and the 7500 uses detachable combs, these are both very easy to use and maintain. You can get both of these combs cleaned off in moments. The reinforced bodies on those combs will not bend or warp with use either, thus ensuring every trimming process is managed carefully and cleanly. More importantly, the hair you are targeting will be laid out evenly to keep the cutting process comfortable and safe.

Important Differences

  • Speed Points

The Norelco 7100 uses a single speed setting, while the 7500 uses two speeds. You can press the Turbo button on the 7500 to get it working a little faster for when you’re looking to trim more spots around the body. You should look at how comfortable you are with the speed of your trimmer when finding a choice that fits in with your trimming demands.

  • Attachment Points

The 7100 is designed with a universal head as well as a single comb on the bottom part. You can adjust the length setting on the bottom comb on the 7100 as you see fit. You do not require any added attachments to make this work. The 7500 is different in that you can switch between different attachments and various combs for targeting more hair spots. The combs are still made with the same materials and are reinforced to keep the cutting process safe and organized.

  • Cutting Surfaces

The 7100 uses a single foil guard cutter that works with some blades to lift your hairs as needed. The 7500 uses not only a guard cutter, but also some traditional blades. These include smaller blades suitable for use around smaller spots like the brows or mustache area. Review how well the surfaces can cover sensitive parts of the skin while getting close enough to cleanly cut tough to reach hairs.

  • Handle Surface

The contours on both of these Norelco trimmers are slightly different from one another. The 7100 uses a slight curve on its body. This provides an ergonomic hold that fits with your hand’s natural shape. The 7500 does not have such a curve, although the rounded body provides you with a good hold that you can position at many angles.

  • Dual-Sided Approach

The 7100 uses a dual-sided layout on its body. The top part features the foil cutter, while the bottom features a comb surface that works with various lengths. The 7500 only uses one side for cutting, although you can replace the comb or trimming head in one of many choices as you see fit. You should see how well you plan on using the trimmer around your body to figure out which approach is right for you.


Our preferred choice in this review is the Norelco 7100. The simple one-piece interface of the trimmer gives you a simple choice for your hair clipping needs. The dual-blade layout also ensures that your hair will be lifted accordingly while not being pulled around or cut unevenly.

But one thing you should have noticed in this Norelco 7500 vs 7100 review is that the two models are convenient for helping you to keep a good trim going. Take a look at how these two can work when you’re aiming to take care of hair around all parts of your body.

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