Oster 76 vs. Andis Master vs. Wahl Senior: Top Rated Hair Clippers Comparison

Are you looking for a good quality hair clipper and getting confused with the hundreds of models available in the market?

You are certainly not the only one to struggle… even the most experienced professionals find it difficult to pick out the right machine!

Yes, buying the best hair clipper is a challenging task and this article will surely help you.

An increasing number of people are choosing to buy a decent pair of hair clippers and taking matters into their own hands to minimize their visit to the barbershop. Whether you want to save on costs or enjoy cutting your own hair, owning a decent quality hair clipper will make your job much easier.

Now, there are many brands that come to mind as soon as you think of hair clippers and Oster 76, Andis master & Wahl senior are among the top 10 as the most recommended by professionals.

Today, we will compare the best hair clippers from all three of these reputed brands and find the most recommended choice for a smooth hair clipping experience!

In Depth Comparison Table

FeaturesOster 76
Andis Master
Wahl Senior
MotorUniversal MotorElectro
Magnetic Motor
Shunt Motor
PowerSingle Speed14,000 SPMV9000
Blade System
Steel Blades
Steel Blades
Weight1.6 lbs.1.2 lbs.1.3 lbs.
Length7.7 in.6.5 in.6.5 in.
AccessoriesIncludedNot IncludedIncluded
Price Check price Check price Check price

Oster Classic 76 Review

Oster 76 is truly a classic hair clipper and one of the most recommended Oster clippers by professional barbers & stylists. It features an extremely powerful, heavy duty motor which is durable and clearly distinguishes itself from its competitors.

Oster Classic 76 Review

The powerful motor on the Oster 76 is just as quiet! So, even with its heavy duty performance it manages to be noise free and it is one of its major advantages, especially for users with noise sensitivity issues. It comes with a longer than traditional cord for added movement while in use and the housing is ultra-durable with break-resistant design.

The Classic 76 by Oster comes with the following accessories which are all replaceable and repairable:

  • A blade guard
  • 2 detachable Cryogen-x blades in #000 size and #1 size
  • Clipper grease
  • Lubricating oil
  • Cleaning accessories and an instruction sheet

Get Oster 76 at Amazon

Are you new to clipping your own hair? Don’t be nervous, the Oster Classic 76 is a great clipper to start your new experience. The clipper is great to cut through all types of hair with its fast motor and sharp Cyrogen-x blades. Whether for professional or personal use, this clipper is worth every penny!

The Classic 76 delivers power packed performance with reliable and convenient easy-to-use detachable blades. The patented motor technology is capable of providing more precision for efficient and clean cutting through thick, dry or even wet hair. It is also great at styling fades and getting the closest clean shaves.

Andis Master Review

The Master Clipper by Andis is one of the most powerful, heavy-duty clippers by the manufacturer. It is designed specifically for longer use on tougher or harsher hair. The magnetic motor is capable of delivering up to 14,000 strokes per minute (SPM).

Andis Master Review

So without a doubt, any clipper capable of delivering 14K SPM is indeed a powerful motor. But it is able to do so without getting too loud or overheating. The build material of lightweight aluminum makes it durable and unbreakable unlike most other clippers. An easy to use lever allows you to adjust the clipper blade lengths making it ideal for tapering.

The Andis Master clipper has the following highlighted features:

  • High-speed magnetic motor
  • Motor speed of up to 14,000 cutting strokes per minute
  • Runs cooler and quieter than other heavy duty clippers
  • heavy-duty, all-around cutting and tapering unit
  • Single lever adjustable from 000 to 1 blade
  • Unbreakable, lightweight aluminum housing

Get Andis Master at Amazon

The Master clipper is perfect for tapering and is made for heavy-duty haircuts. The high-speed motor is powerful yet quiet and cool and is easily thumb-controllable by the side lever. The aluminum material makes it ultra-durable. The motor is capable of delivering amazing cuts due to the Carbon Steel blades which are extremely sharp and long lasting.

The Andis Master clipper will deliver a performance which is impressive and will not overheat or get loud to express its power. It delivers the performance you desire without any of the extra hassles you always want to avoid.

Wahl Senior Review

The Professional Senior Clipper is an original by Wahl with its electromagnetic V9000 motor.  As a Professional grade product, it is ideal for barbers and stylists with heavy usage perfect for tapering, fading & blending hair of all types.

Wahl Senior Review

Also known as the original electromagnetic clipper, the Wahl Senior is designed for the sharpest performance which is why it is equipped with the V9000 motor. The powerful electromagnetic motor easily runs cooler and faster than standard clipper motors. The durable metal housing is comfortable to grip and gives superior control.

The Senior Clipper comes with accessories ready for use such as the following:

  • The clipper
  • 3 attachment combs
  • Oil
  • Cleaning brush
  • Instructions
  • Red blade guard

Get Wahl Senior at Amazon

The Senior Clipper is fairly large in size measuring 6.5” in length and just 1 lb. 3 oz. in weight. It comes with 8 foot of professional grade cord which is chemical resistant for long lasting. All these features justify it as being classed as a commercial grade line of Wahl products.

In 1919, Leo J. Wahl was the inventor of the first hand-held electric clipper and the Wahl Senior is believed to hold onto that rich tradition with its features. It is an extremely reliable, value-priced device which is capable of delivering the best performance while protecting the skin for those with sensitivity issues and dealing with all types of hair easily.

The similarities among the top 3 models

Given that all three models are premium grade hair clippers from reputed brands, there are many similarities among them. The following are some of the aspects in which they are similar:

  • Size & Weight

All three are heavy duty hair clippers which justify them to be much bigger and a bit heavier than your everyday clipper or trimmer. The Oster Classic 76 is as big as 7” and weighs up to 1.5 lbs. The Andis Master is 6.5″ long and weighs around 1.2 lbs. The Wahl Senior is 6.5” long and weighs 1.3 lbs. All three hair clippers are fairly bulky units with similarities in their design to reflect the immense amount of power, control and comfort with the large bulkier grip.

  • Durability

The Oster 76 Classic is a durable unit which can easily last many years without any damage. The Valox material used for the housing is break resistant for ultimate durability. The Andis Master is sturdily built to last extremely long with its metal casing. The Wahl Senior uses a hard quality plastic top with a chrome base. In terms of durability, all three models outperform average hair clippers by miles.

  • Power

The Oster 76, Andis Master & Wahl Senior are supreme hair clippers that have an amazing power output even with their differences in motor types and speeds. Power is associated with each model and their performance will certainly reflect it.

  • Blades

The Oster 76 Classic uses Cryogen-x blades which are made to endure freezing conditions to offer the best cuts to any type of hair. The system also makes it convenient to switch blades effortlessly. It comes with stock #000 (1/50″) and #1 (3/32″) blades.

The Andis Master has carbon-coated steel blades that provide flawless performance on every hair type. They are specifically designed to counter coarse and ethnic hair. The Wahl Senior is equipped with #1005 Wahl blade which is made up of stainless steel and is very well reputed for its precision and smooth cuts. Both are some of the best blades for fading as well.

  • Price

Oster 76 is an expensive hair clipper, but for the price you will get something which will easily last you many years with excellent results. Also, it comes with all necessary accessories. The Andis Master is also a fairly expensive clipper however, it does not come with any included accessories, all of which must be bought separately. The Wahl Senior is farily expensive but comes with all necessary accessories included. Being a premium clipper, it is a bit cheaper than both the Oster 76 and the Andis Master.

As can be seen from the similarities between these professional grade hair clippers, they are very much similar in their offerings.

Differences: Andis Master vs Oster 76 vs Wahl Senior

Now let’s look at the difference between these three hair clippers:

  • Motor Speed

The Oster Classic 76 comes in a single speed motor. But the patented motor technology spins against the comb heads to offer the fastest cuts to compete with the best in the market. The Andis Master has a motor speed which reaches an unbelievable 14,000 strokes per minute to deliver powerful, professional-grade cutting. The Wahl Senior is capable of offering the highest number of daily haircuts with its extremely fast V9000 shunt motor.

  • Motor Type

The Classic 76 comes with a universal motor. The Andis Master uses a monster electromagnetic motor and the Wahl Senior uses an electric shunt motor. So all three hair clippers come with three different types of motor with varying technology. Even with the varying types of motors used on these products, they offer maximum output performance on their individual motor types.

  • Noise

Oster Classic 76 is a bit louder than usual clippers but that’s understandable due to the power it provides. Andis Master is quiet even with its immense power packed performance and may get slightly loud over the course of usage. The Wahl Senior has a roar to it with some added vibrations as it gets used for longer but it is still much quieter than the Classic 76.

  • Heat

The Oster Classic 76 runs loud but cool. It does not heat up. The heating issue for the Andis Master & the Wahl Senior is similar as they both suffer from overheating over time. Since, the Andis Master runs up to 14000 SPM it gets hot very quickly. The Wahl Senior also tends to prematurely heat up during use.

  • Accessories

The Classic 76 by Oster comes ready with all the necessary accessories needed for a complete hair clipping experience. It comes with a blade guard, 2 detachable blades, grease for the clipper and lubricating oil for the blade, in addition to cleaning accessories and an instruction manual.

The Andis Master does not come with any accessories included in the box. However, the guards by Andis are some of the sharpest and most durable compared to the Wahl guards. But, since they are not included, they must be purchased separately.

The Wahl Seniors comes ready with 3 Wahl guards, Wahl clipper oil and a brush, in addition to an instruction manual with guidelines for best use policy. Like all Wahl clippers, it comes with the trademark Wahl red-colored blade guard.

Oster 76 vs Andis Master

The Oster Classic 76 is a heavy & bulky professional hair clipper. It’s powerful with vintage looks and outstanding cutting quality with its premium detachable blades powered by a single speed universal motor. It is a very good competitor for the Andis Master and its immensely powerful 14,000 SPM electromagnetic motor.

Oster 76 vs Andis Master

Oster 76 has blades which are some of the best available in the market tested thoroughly for solid performance on any hair type or volume. The break resistant housing is extremely durable. The Andis Master has some of the best carbon-coated steel blades as well. The carbon coating gives it extra sharpness and long-lasting quality without compromise.

The Andis Master is a true master to achieve any styles form tapering, fading to blending or even longer haircuts. It is a versatile clipper with a lot of power. Being a heavy duty clipper, it is much heavier and tends to heat up after long term usage. A certain level of skill is required to master operating the Andis Master for getting the best results. This is true for both of these clippers since they are both made for heavy duty usage. Instead of heating up, the Classic 76 gets louder after long term usage.

Oster 76 vs Wahl Senior

The Oster Classic 76 is an exception quality hair clipper and it has many best things to be praised as the Ultimate professional clipper. One of the best things is its powerful single speed universal motor which is perfectly collaborated with amazing quality blades for seamless haircutting. It is the ultimate macho device with a classic design as the name suggests and a sturdily built body.

Oster 76 vs Wahl Senior

On the other hand, the Wahl Senior is a consumer favorite Wahl Professional grade hair clipper with a pro quality design and overall satisfying performance. The motor on the Senior is the powerful Wahl electric shunt motor V9000 for unlimited numbers of haircuts a day. The razor sharp blades offer up close and precise cuts for all hair types, which is the first priority of anyone using a hair clipper.

When comparing the Oster 76 vs Wahl Senior, the choice of one is difficult to get to but there are cons of each which may make the decision easier. The Wahl Senior tends to make awkward vibrations over time which may be distracting during operation and it is also likely to prematurely overheat. Although the Classic 76 is big, loud and requires some skills to operate efficiently, it has an upper hand on the Wahl Senior.

Andis Master vs Wahl Senior

The Andis Master clippers are bulky at 6″ long & 1.25 lbs. weight with a beautiful chrome color which gives it an elegant look. Its style is complemented by the aluminum body with metal casing. The Wahl Senior on the other hand is bigger in size at 6.5″ length and weighing approximately 1.2 lbs. The chrome base of the body is durable and the top is hard plastic in grey.

Andis Master vs Wahl Senior

A good approach for deciding between the two would be set a criteria for yourself such as the following:

  • If you want a styling clipper that looks as good as it performs then you should pick the Andis Master as it stands out with its iconic look compared to the Wahl Senior
  • If you prefer a bigger clipper which is best for a full hand grip then you would like the Wahl Senior as it is slightly bulkier and heavier
  • If you are looking for a clipper to get the best fades then the Andis Master is a better choice
  • If you are looking for a budget clipper to deliver professional quality performance then the Wahl Senior is the best choice with additional accessories for a lower price as well

It is not easy to choose between the Andis Master vs the Wahl Senior as they are both very durable and built to last, but the Andis Master definitely looks more attractive than the Wahl Senior. Both have top reviews from professionals and the in terms of motor power, blade quality and durability, both are equally strong.

Conclusion and Recommendation

By reading this review you are certain of the factors to be considered while shopping for the best hair clipper such as the price, the brand, the blade types and the comb attachments, etc.

So, which hair clipper amongst the three we have reviewed wins in these categories?

That’s right… the Oster 76 is the clear winner!

Not only is the clipper decked with amazing features for all your personal grooming needs, it is the best in its league. While it is on the expensive side, it is designed to provide best results for a long time and you will not be disappointed with its performance.

The Oster 76 will make it easier for you to style your hair as you UP your grooming skills!

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