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Oster Classic 76 vs Model 10: Which One Should You Buy?

Oster is one of the top names in hair care and clipper products for you to observe. The company has produced various top-quality clippers that the professionals trust. Two of those choices you can consider using for your styling business or personal needs are the Classic 76 and Model 10.

Both of these Oster hair clipper models are inspired by many classic models that the company has made over the years. But these are also very different, as this Oster Classic 76 vs. Model 10 review will show. Looking at these two products is important to see when it comes to figuring out what makes these Oster hair clippers so useful.

In Depth Comparison Table

FeaturesOster Classic 76Oster Model 10
Blades Included000 and 1000
Type of MotorSingle-speed universalSingle-speed universal
Main Focus More types of hairAll-day use
Weight (in ounces)1613
Power Source9-foot power cord10-foot power cord
Price See On Amazon See On Amazon

A Brief Comparison of the Two Products

Oster Classic 76 Review

The first of the two Oster models to see in this Oster Model 10 vs. Classic 76 review is the Classic 76. The Classic 76 features a vintage-inspired design to its body. But inside the Classic 76 is a powerful motor that keeps the clipper running.

Oster Classic 76 Review

The Oster Classic 76 offers one of the sturdiest bodies you will find in a clipper. The Classic 76 offers a round body with a grooved surface. You can get a solid grip on this clipper every time you use it.

The detachable 000 and 1 blades included with this model provide you with a clear cutting surface. You can remove the blade by pushing it back and then clearing it off of the base. The process of replacing the blades is easy to handle.

The universal motor featured on this clipper is a popular point of note. The motor helps to move the blades against any combs you wish to utilize. This gives you extra control over the cutting process while working with dry and wet hair alike.

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You can quickly maintain the clipper with regular oil and brushing. The included brush that Oster has provided here gives you an easy sense of control over how well the blades are managed.

A nine-foot power cord is included on this model. The cord is flexible and provides you with extra help for your trimming needs while working at many angles. Also, the power switch on the bottom part helps you get the power that you require without being stuck in the way.

Oster Model 10 Review

The Model 10 also features a classic style to its body. But while this clipper has a vintage look to it, the inside part features a modern layout that is convenient for all to utilize.

Oster Model 10 Hair Clipper

The Model 10 has a grooved body on the bottom part while the top has a slight curve in the middle. The curve helps with relaxing the top part and ensuring the vibrations produced at the top will be gentle.

A 000 blade is included on the Model 10 for close cuts. You can remove the blade and replace it with one of Oster’s many other blades as you see fit.

The slim body of the Model 10 allows you to position the clipper in as many positions as needed. This is important for when you’re aiming to use one of Oster’s universal combs while getting this clipper set ready.

The design comes with borders on the sides of the blade. The borders are built into the rest of the clipper body. The general layout ensures some extra protection on the skin. The blades will not scratch the skin or cause irritation. You will not feel any redness after using this either.

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The ten-foot power cord that supplies the Model 10 with the energy it requires is flexible and can wrap itself around a stylist chair if needed. The hanging bale on the bottom part gives you extra space for storage. The cord also resists cleaning solutions and other fluids that you might utilize while trimming anyone’s hair.

Similarities to See

  • Works with Many Blades

One of my favorite parts of these Oster clippers is that they can work with many great blades. I can get one of many different blades prepared on the base of either model. These include size 00000 blades that cut at 0.2mm in length. The 000 and 1 blades, which respectively work at 0.5 and 2.4mm, are standard choices.

  • Handles Various Combs

Oster makes various comb attachments that can be handled on many of its models, including the Model 10 and Classic 76. These combs include ones that go up to an inch in length. You can use these combs for styling hair and for getting a more precise cut every time. I especially like this for how well the comb works on either model.

  • Sturdy Housing

I appreciate that Oster makes both of these models with the same shatter and break-resistant housing features. I can use either clipper and not worry about breaking it when I drop it on the floor. The housing also keeps the motor on the inside intact and will absorb vibrations quite well. I don’t have to worry about losing control when I use either model.

  • Great Power Cord

I also like how these two Oster models are made with power cords that work well. The cords are flexible and sturdy while resisting chemicals and fluids with ease. The Classic 76 has a nine-foot cord, while the Model 10 has a cord about a foot longer. But no matter what you choose, you will find that your Oster clipper features a great power cord that keeps the energy flowing.

  • Identical Power Switches

Both of these Oster trimmers come with the same types of power switches. You can use the on/off switch on the bottom part of each model. The feature is placed at the bottom to make it easier for you to turn this on and off without any added buttons or knobs being stuck in your way. I appreciate this part as it ensures that I can get either clipper working freely and without being inhibited by anything.

Oster Classic 76 vs Model 10: What Differences Are There of Note?

  • Frame Sizing

The frame on the Model 10 is slightly smaller than what you will find on the Classic 76. The smaller body on the Model 10 makes it easier for you to get a hold on the layout while repositioning the unit correctly. The smaller size also ensures that you’ll have a lighter weight to work with. The Model 10 is a few ounces lighter in weight.

  • Cleaning Points

The Classic 76 is slightly easier to clean out than the Model 10. Part of this is thanks to how the Classic 76 offers an easier approach to removing blades. The borders around the ends of the blade on the Classic 76 provide you with a good space for cleaning. It takes a little longer for you to remove the blades from the Model 10.

  • Vibration Control

While it is true that both of these models are sturdy enough to handle many impacts, I found the Model 10 to produce fewer vibrations in general. The unit stays calm and does not heat up as I use it. This does not mean that the Classic 76 is weaker; that model still fits well in my hand, but the sensations on that one are a little more noticeable.

  • Noise Production

I felt that the Classic 76 does not produce as much noise as the Model 10. Both of these units are pretty quiet, but I felt more of a sensation with the Model 10 than it did with the other clipper. The noise is not overly obstructive or bothersome, but it is at least a good idea to see how the noise production from both of these models works.

  • Power Cord

The Model 10 has a power cord that is one foot longer. While this is not necessarily much of a difference, this is helpful for those who have larger stylist chairs or need some extra help with reaching some spots on a client’s head.


My choice for the better of the two Oster models is the Model 10. The longer wire and slimmer body make this a better choice in my book. The simple design of the Model 10 is also a real plus.

You can benefit from either of these two Oster clippers. You should see from this Oster Model 10 vs 76 review that it is easy for you to trim anyone’s hair no matter which model you choose. Be sure to see how well these two clippers work and that you know you have a choice that works well for your trimming and cutting needs.

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