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Oster Fast Feed vs Andis Master Clipper – Which Is Right for You?

There’s a lot to consider when trying to figure out which corded trimmer to purchase. You need a quality model that will not only get the job done but also offer a sense of versatility. There are two particular clipper models for you to look at – the Andis Master 15-Watt Clipper and the Oster Fast Feed Clipper.

These two models are useful for your hair clipping needs. Whether it’s for a direct cut, for trimming a beard, or producing a fade you can get a hair clipper to work quite well for your cutting needs.

But which of the two clippers is suitable for your cutting needs? This guide will look at these two models in detail to see which choice is right for you.

A Quick Look At the Two Clippers

FeaturesAndis Master
Oster Fast Feed
Strokes per minute14,00012,000
Blade adjustment 000 and 1000 and 1
Type of motorMagneticPivot
Blade materialCarbon-steelSteel
Weight (in pounds)1.251.4
Cord length (in feet)88
Type of hair it cuts Mainly dryWet and dry
Warranty1 yr1 yr
Price See On Amazon See On Amazon

Andis Master 15-Watt Clipper

Let’s start by looking at the Andis Masters 15-Watt Clipper. The unit comes with a flashy stainless steel look, but there is more to this model than just a pretty face. The unit offers a powerful approach to cutting hair that works with a firm motor design.

Andis Master 15-Watt Clipper

The Andis Masters clipper is a heavy-duty model that offers a sharp cut at 14,000 strokes per minute off of its magnetic motor. The unit produces fast motions on its carbon-steel blade, and yet the clipper does not provide lots of heat or vibrations as you use it.

The aluminum housing provides you with a lightweight body that is easy to grip. The body does not break apart and only weighs a little more than a pound when the added cord is considered.

A tapering lever can be found at the top spot for adjusting the blade to a 000 or 1 position. These are good for a 0.5 and 2.4mm cut. The lever always locks in its place.

The tapering feature makes it easier for you to produce a fade cut. You can also use this to create an effective outlining effect around the hair to create a brilliant tone.

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Great Positives

The body is curved so that it fits perfectly in your hand. The eight-foot power cord is also long enough for many of your needs as you can position the clipper around many parts of the head without issues. The cord is also flexible and light in weight.

The blades can go through many types of hair, including some of the coarsest bits of beard hair. The motor is designed in a way that prevents clogging. It also minimizes any sort of pulling on your whiskers as it glides over your face. This should leave your face or head feeling smooth and relaxed at the end of your shave.

Important Concerns

Be advised that this model does not come with any guide combs, hair guards, shears, or combs. All of these parts are sold separately. The base unit from Andis master  does at least provide you with a good start for your cutting needs.

Also, the product requires you to oil the blades before and after each use. This requires an extra bit of maintenance on your part. It takes a bit for the oil to dry off as well. Fortunately, the model works well with all types of clipper oil products and blade cleaners.

Oster Fast Feed Clipper

The second choice to see is the Oster Fast Feed Clipper. The clipper unit offers a firm design for cutting that is easy to handle. The model all comes in a burgundy retro-styled casing.

Oster Fast Feed Clipper

The clipper uses a quiet pivot motor that runs quietly and does not generate lots of heat as you use the model. The unit produces a firm cut every time with a steel blade working through all the firm bits of hair you are trying to cut.

An adjusting lever works on the top part. This unit moves the blade from the 000 to 1 position. The bar is above the adjustable power knob for your convenience. The control feature locks accordingly and is not at risk of becoming loose during use, so you will get a consistent 000 or 1 cut all the way through. This is also useful when working with long and short hair alike.

You can apply one of four plastic guide combs to the end part of the clipper. There are 1/4, 3/8, and ½-inch combs that you can use for longer bits of hair that need to be styled. A blending comb is also included for when you’re aiming to produce a closer fade for a beard or other short spot.

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Positives To See

You can use the trimmer with wet and dry hair alike. The design can handle many styling products that you might use for the cutting process.

The motor is also very quiet. The reinforced body of the clipper prevents the motor from producing lots of sounds, not to mention the body also absorbs vibrations to keep you from losing track of your movements.

The included brush and blade guard are great pluses. The clipper also comes with lubrication oil, although you can use any oil with this model.

Negatives of Note

The design of the Oster Fast Feed clipper looks attractive, but the curve on its body leaves something to be desired. The layout is oblong, while the textured body does not provide as much of a hold as wished.

The plastic guide combs can also crack apart if not handled properly. You have to be careful with these attachments. It is easy for the oil you use before and after use to drip off of the blades and get on the housing, although that fluid is not going to hurt the clipper or create stains.

Oster Fast Feed vs Andis Master – Similarities

  • Useful Blades

Both models come with similar blade features. You will find both a 000 and 1 blade setting on each of these units. The 000 setting is designed for shorter hair spots, while the 1 setup is best for when you’ve got a longer hairstyle to cut. Each of these blade settings can be adjusted through a taper lever on the side of the trimmer setup.

  • Cutting Mechanism

The cutting features are easy on a person’s skin. Neither of these units will produce irritation along the skin or hair during the cutting process. The blades move along well through the hair and will not cause cuts. Neither clipper is going to pull on anyone’s hair, nor will either one become clogged up.

  • Long-Running Motors

The motors in each of these two are different from one another in layout, but the two motors will not slow down when going through hair. The blades will run consistently and are not going to be hung up on one’s hair at any point.

  • Sturdy Power Cord

Each unit comes with an eight-foot power cord. The cord should be long enough for a majority of cutting needs that you might have. The flexible design of the cable also ensures that you will have more support for positioning the blades around various parts of the patient’s head, thus producing a comfortable surface for trimming needs.

  • Gentle Handling Features

You will not have to worry about the handling features on either model. The two units absorb vibrations with ease. The firm insulating features on each trimmer also provide you with help for getting a good cut ready without worrying about the device slipping off of your hand.

  • Physical Bodies

Each of these two includes a six-inch body that you can hold in your hand. The designs include the same taper lever features and power button designs. The shapes of each unit are similar to one another, although the handles might not be as thick as you might wish they could be.

  • General Maintenance Points

Both of these models are to be maintained by using oil before and after each use. Each model can also be cleaned off with a traditional blade cleaning solution. The two clippers are capable of working with all cleaning materials and oils, although you should look at how well the materials can be applied and used for taking care of your clippers. Don’t forget to clean the bodies off, although these are both waterproof units.

Andis Master vs Oster Fast Feed – Differences

  • Motor Points

The motors work differently for each model. The Andis unit uses a magnetic motor that uses few moving parts and creates gentle vibrations through a spring and electromagnet.

The Oster unit has a pivot motor instead. That style uses no spring and generates extra cutting power over what a magnetic motor might create.

  • Blade Intentions

While the carbon-steel blades for the Andis trimmer work well for fades and other slimmer cuts, the steel on the Oster Fast Feed clipper is better suited for coarse hair. Oster’s blades can also do well with thick bits of hair for a long cut, although this might require help from a guide comb in some cases.

  • Guide Combs

While the Andis master clipper does not work with any guide combs, the Oster trimmer comes with many combs. These combs might be best for when you’re trying to get a closer cut going, although the narrow blades that Andis uses can help in some cases.

  • Support For Hair

You can go through more bits of hair with the Oster Fast Feed clipper than you can with the Andis model. Oster’s blades and combs work best with wet hair, although they can also handle dry hair just as well. The Andis clipper can go through wet hair too, but the unit is not quite as efficient as it is when going through dry hair.

  • Changes In Cutting Strokes

Andis master  produces more cutting strokes per minute in its trimmer than what Oster Fast Feed generates. But at the same time, the pivot motor that Oster uses can create more cutting power versus what you would get out of Andis. Still, the two units are relatively close to each other when all is considered; the faster motion in the Andis clipper still works well for most forms of hair that need to be cut accordingly.

A Final Note – Which Is Best?

Our verdict is that the Oster Fast Feed Clipper is the better choice. The more powerful cutting mechanism and the adaptable body add a great touch. The convenient guide combs are also to use as well. The blades also cut through the hair evenly and quickly to produce a better trim every time, thus keeping anyone’s hair under control during the cutting process.

But both of the clippers are excellent choices to consider no matter what your demands might be. Take a look at your specific cutting needs so you can find something that is suitable for your needs.

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