Oster Fast Feed vs Wahl Senior Clippers: A Quick Look At the Two

Oster and Wahl are two of the most popular names in the hair care world. Among the top models these companies have to offer are the Oster Fast Feed and the Wahl Senior. These are both useful clippers for various needs. But both of these models are different from one another.

This Oster Fast Feed vs Wahl Senior review will look into these two popular clippers models to help you see what makes these two different from one another. You should take a look at what makes these two clippers so useful and ideal for your hair needs. You may find that these two models are helpful, although there are some important differences to notice as well.

A Comparison of the Best Features on Each Model

FeaturesOster Fast Feed
Wahl Senior Clippers
Guide Combs43
Power Source8-foot cord8-foot cord
Maintenance Regular brushing & oiling Regular brushing & oiling
Motor TypePivotElectromagnetic
Tapering Blade Settings000 and 1000 and 1
Weight1.3 lbs1.3 lb
Price Check Price Check Price

What Makes the Oster Fast Feed Outstanding?

Let’s start our review by seeing what makes the Oster Fast Feed so useful. The Fast Feed features a solid red body, but there is more to the clipper than just a pretty face.

The Fast Feed uses an adjustable steel blade that moves from the 000 to 1 positions. The tapering lever on the side lets you adjust between the two settings.

Oster Fast Feed

The quite pivot motor works fast and effortlessly. The pivot motor is about twice as powerful as a traditional magnetic motor. You can use the motor to produce enough speed to get through coarse or thick bits of hair in moments. The motor is powered by an eight-foot power cord.

You can add one of four guide combs to the top part of the Fast Feed. A slim blending comb is included for when you’re looking to produce a detailed fade or blend design. You can use a ½-inch cut comb on the top as well.

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A blade guard is added for ensuring that the blade will keep on working effortlessly while not causing redness or tugging on anyone’s hair. Lubricating oil is included alongside a cleaning brush for your convenience.

The clipper works well for all types of hair. You can use this on the face, head, and even on other parts of the body. The clipper does well with chest hair in particular, as it can gather up body hair even if it is slightly askew or bent out of shape.

What You’ll Get Out of the Wahl Senior

The Wahl Senior was originally made for helping balding men to get the best possible trims and to get the perfectly bald looks that they want. But the Wahl Senior can be used for more than just a clean shave. You can also use this to take care of hair on many other parts of the body, thus producing a crisp look all around as you use this clipper to your advantage.

Wahl Senior

The electromagnetic motor on this clipper works quickly and does not produce lots of annoying vibrations. The motor will not be at risk of overheating as you use it. An eight-foot power cord provides you with the extra power you need for keeping this working right.

Even with all that extra power, the clipper continues to work around most types of hair. You can use this clipper on body hair as desired.

The tapering lever at the top part lets you switch from 000 to 1 blade settings. The lever lets you control how well the trimming process works.

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Three guide combs are included on this setup. The combs provide you with extra control over various types of hair, including short and long types of hair. You can always use the zero-gap blades to cut directly on the skin if desired. The blades will not tug at the hair or cause irritation.

The clipper is also a little more than a pound in weight. The sturdy design ensures that the clipper will stay in your hand without causing you to feel worn out while using it all day.

What Makes These Two Similar?

  • Tapering Support

The first similarity to see between these Oster and Wahl clipper is that they both feature useful tapering levers. You can flip the switch on the tapering lever to get the trimmer to start working with a slimmer cut as you see fit. Both models work with the same 000 and 1 lengths for 0.5mm and 2.4mm cuts, thus giving you extra control over how deep you want a cut to work.

  • Consistent Power Supply

Each of these two clipper will provide you with a regular power supply. You will get an eight-foot cord on each model to help you get the power you demand. The cords are flexible and will not fray or weaken with use. The cords will also resist chemicals and other fluids that may be used in the hair cutting process. You won’t have to worry about recharging any batteries or the power in the motor dying out.

  • Maintenance Points

Both of these clipper require the same maintenance standards. You will need to brush the blades after each use. You will also have to oil the blades regularly to ensure they can continue to work. The process for oiling and brushing is very easy to handle, as Oster and Wahl both produce convenient cleaning materials.

  • Flexible For Many Types of Hair

You can get either of these clippers to work on many types of hair. You can get them running on body hair of all sorts, including some body hair spots that might be too unwieldy or otherwise hard to trim with lighter trimmers.

  • Easy on the Skin

You will not have to worry about abrasion or redness when using either model. The clippers are both made to work well on the skin and to create a gentle sensation when used right. You will not risk the client’s skin becoming red or irritated when using either trimmer set. The hairs are also gently lifted from the skin, thus ensuring no tugging develops. This is important for both keeping the client comfortable and for ensuring there are no problems with the cutting process that comes along.

Important Differences To See

  • Different Motors

The Wahl Senior uses an electromagnetic motor that uses fewer moving parts and produces a fast cut without creating tough vibrations. The Oster Fast Feed uses a pivot motor that works quickly through most types of hair, including difficult to manage body hair spots.

  • Physical Bodies

The two clippers come with different physical layouts. The Wahl Senior has a few grooves around the sides for an ergonomic handle. The Oster Fast Feed has a slim body that is easy to grip onto while ensuring you can keep a proper angle on it.

  • Comb Attachment Points

The guide combs on both of these are similar as they both feature sturdy bodies and are easy to secure. But what is particularly important is that is the Oster Fast Feed includes a fourth comb for blending needs. The smaller comb works well for when you are trying to produce a closer cut all around or if you want to produce distinct frames or borders for the hair.

  • Noise Considerations

The electromagnetic motor on the Wahl clippers tends to produce more noise than the pivot motor on the Oster Fast Feed. Much of this could also be due to the housing features on both models. The added noise produced by the Wahl Senior might be distracting to some users. Your comfort level is important to notice when taking a look at these models.

  • Can the Blades Become Misaligned?

An important concern to note entails how the blades on these clippers can become misaligned. The Wahl Senior’s blades are more likely to become improperly aligned than what the Oster Fast Feed can handle. You must take a careful look at how well the blades are maintained so you can ensure you do not work with anything too hard to manage or use. The good news is that the Wahl Senior is easy to reconfigure for cases when the blades become improperly aligned.

  • Zero-Gap Points

The Oster Fast Feed does not appear to have much zero-gap support while the Wahl Senior does. This is important for closer cuts for balding use, although the close trim is not always a necessity to use.


The Oster Fast Feed is the better of the two options to look at. This clipper gives you extra control over more types of hair while also working faster. The simple physical design gives you a comfortable layout for use as well. The additional combs featured in the set ensure that you can get more control over many cutting effects.

You should consider both the Oster Fast Feed and Wahl Senior for your trimming needs. One thing you can take away from this Wahl Senior vs Oster Fast Feed review is that these two trimmers are useful in many ways and can help you with trimming hair in many forms.

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