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Panasonic Arc 6 Review: Putting It To The Test With Arc 5 And Braun Series 9

To obtain the best user experience when shaving, a prominent brand like Panasonic is a good option to go forward with. While it is far from being the top dog in the grooming world, Panasonic has plenty of exquisite shavers under its belt that can be used to maintain beards, restructure stubbles, and give yourself the closest possible shave.

While the Panasonic Arc5 was easily the king of the hill among Panasonic when it was released in 2009, the brand rereleased two more sets of upgraded models in order to make up for the flaws that were found in the old-gen shavers. However, once the Arc5 peaked in 2024, Panasonic assigned the Arc6 to be its successor later that year.

Panasonic’s Arc6 features improvements that the Arc5 can barely keep up with. The two existing models in Arc6 comprise visuals that are more modern and appealing on the outside but also offer tons of technical bonuses that can make the act of grooming your face more hassle-free and memorable. And if you’re eager to learn about the Arc6 to the maximum, and get a glimpse of how it holds up against Braun Series 9 Pro, grab a seat and join us until the end of this write-up!

Panasonic Arc 6 Review: The Truth About Its Existing Models

Panasonic Arc6 currently has two instalments in the series, both of which can seamlessly compete against the best shavers on the market. And while you’ll receive a preview of some of the elements that the Arc6 ES-LS9A and ES-LS8A consist of by skimming through the following table, be sure to move on to the subsequent portion for a thorough analysis of each Arc6 shaver!

Models Panasonic Arc6 ES-LS9A Panasonic Arc6 ES-LS8A
Shaving and Blade System6-Blade System With 22-D Flexhead6-Blade System With 22-D Flexhead
Battery Life (Li-Ion)50 minutes50 minutes
Weight 8 ounces 8 ounces
Cleaning And Charging StationAvailable Unavailable
Price See On Amazon See On Amazon

Panasonic Arc6 ES-LS9A

Panasonic Arc6 ES-LS9A

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After years of doing research on ideal grooming tools, Panasonic came up with Panasonic Arc6, the flagship models among the shavers of their franchise.

The ES-LS9A, typically known as the LS9A, is probably the best model under the Arc6 Series so far. The device handles every shaving issue with a 6-blade system, which comprises three different kind of blades to eliminate hair in 3 different ways. To minimize damage, the LS9A has Beard Sensor technology, a software that measures the heaviness of the beard before adjusting the system’s speed setting accordingly. When getting rid of bulk from a coarse set of facial hair, the LS9A is known for automatically running at high speed.

The blades cover 84,000 cross cutting actions per minute, generating quick results in no time. To operate seamlessly during long shaving sessions, however, the Arc6 LS9A is held up by its Li-Ion battery, which can typically go on for 50 whole minutes.

While the blades shaped the final layout of the beard, the pop-up trimmer takes care of the sideburns! Cleaning the device and replenishing the battery life after every session is also a walk in the park with this shaver, as the premium model comes with a Cleaning and Charging Station. And although the price tag is probably the only worrisome aspect, Panasonic Arc6 LS9A should be a part of everyone’s grooming routine, as it can bring top-notch results for a long, long time!

Panasonic Arc6 ES-LS8A

Panasonic Arc6 ES-LS8A

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The second model in the Arc6 Series is Panasonic Arc6 ES-LS8A. Just like the former, the shaver is a professional at its job, generating the best possible shave using a 6-blade shaving system. Prior to each shave, the device examines the density of the user’s facial hair using Beard Sensor, bringing accurate results without causing repercussions like bruises and nicks.

The motor of the device is also something to behold, as it allows the 22-D Flexhead to produce an unfathomable amount of cross cutting actions every minute, saving tons of time every time!

In contrast to the LS9A, the LS8A feels and looks the same, mainly since both of them are structured with the same ergonomic materials that feel relatively light in the palm. The device also offers the same 50-minute runtime with a 3-minute quick charge, and contains the same rubber textured grip on both corners of the handle; which could be music to your ears if you’re clumsy.

However, despite being the same in various ways, the LS8A is significantly cheaper than its counterpart, which only arises due to their packaging differences.

While you’ll surely get access to necessities like a travel pouch, charger, as well as blade oil, the LS8A lacks the presence of the newly formed cleaning station, making it the underdog among the two.

Panasonic Arc 6 Models Compared: Unveiling Their Mutual Traits And Discrepancies

So far, Panasonic Arc6 only has two models in their franchise: the LS8A and LS9A. When put to the test, the two are virtually identical in every single way. They look the same, feel the same, and even generate equally fascinating shaving results.

However, due to one missing component, one of the models falls short of being on the same page as the other. Move on to the following segments to learn about this remark by skimming through the series of similarities and crucial differences of the tools underneath this paragraph!

6-Blade Device With 22-D Flexible Shaver Head

6-Blade Device With 22-D Flexible Shaver Head

Both models offer unforgettable shaving results with their shaving technology and blades. The 6-blade system comprises 3 different types of blades to remove hair particles with precision, without causing any tugging or creating nicks. The blade head is also something to behold, as it moves in 22 different directions to remove stubborn pieces of hair like ingrown hair and generate impressive results, even on hard-to-reach areas.

Prior to letting the blades work their magic, the LS8A and LS9A from Panasonic Arc 6 uses a Beard Sensor to assess the kind of density they’re dealing with. The devices usually speed up when dealing with heftier areas, but keep it light when the facial hair is easy to remove.

50-minute Runtime

The LS9A and LS8A can shave away all your hairy issues, but will also give you enough time to get the job done without obtaining any injuries. Both of them comprise a Li-Ion battery with a runtime of 50 minutes, which can serve you for multiple shaving sessions. When you’re in a hurry and your device has zero power, try charging the tool for 3 minutes for a quick shave!

Ergonomic Build With Weightless Operation

When placed next to each other, the LS8A and LS9A look like the same shaver! Both of them are draped in matte black colour scheme and contain the same layout. The handles are lean and comprise lightweight ergonomic components, making both of them a breeze to use for newbies as well as veterans in the grooming world.

Premium Cleaning And Charging Station

While the dissimilarity in their price tag is one of the two differences, the second one noticeable separation can be found inside their packaging. The LS9A comes with helpful accessories that are important for cleaning the device, but it also provides a Cleaning and Charging Station to lubricate the blades, rinse the device, and dry it off once it’s been used. The LS8A, however, doesn’t provide the multipurpose cleaning dock, which is also why it’s the cheaper option between the two.

Panasonic Arc 6 vs. Arc 5: Why The Successor Has The Higher Ground

Panasonic Arc 6 Vs Arc 5

They say new is always better, which seems to be the case between the Panasonic Arc5 and Arc6. And although they look similar and share tons of attributes in common, the upgraded model stands out more due to being more polished at its job.

From generating better results to having a better Li-Ion battery, here are all the contributing factors that make the Arc6 the better device to side with!

Better Shaving Experience

The Arc5 generates exceptional results with its 5-blade system and 16-dimensional flex head. Just like its successor, the device is also helped by BeardSensor to provide a unique shaving experience to every user. However, despite producing 70,000 cross-cutting actions per minute, the Arc5 falls short of being the better option.

This is because, in addition to producing more cross-cutting actions per minute (84,000), the Arc6 also has 6 blades to deal with a stubble or a scruffy beard, providing a closer shave in a shorter amount of time. On average, the Arc6 is 10-times faster and more effective at shaving as opposed to its predecessor.

Improved Battery Life

The Arc5 will sweep you off your feet by supporting you continuously 45 minutes thanks to its well-built Li-Ion battery. It also contains the quick charge feature, which enables the device to recharge in 3 short minutes and be available for one shaving session.

The Arc6 is still better, however, as it reprises the same quick charge feature, but also provides a 50 minute runtime instead of 45.

Design and Visuals

Though they both come in a neutral black colour scheme, the Arc5 has plenty of traditional features like an LCD display, a bulky build, and a classic power button in the middle of the handle. The Arc6 on the other hand, tends to look the same from afar. When examined closely, however, its LED screen, different power button, and narrower base seem more apparent.

Additional Perks: Pop-up Trimmer, Additional Accessories, And More

Regardless of which one you side with, you’ll always get access to a certain list of benefits. This is because, both Arc5 and Arc6 models comprise a cleaning and charging station, a travel pouch, and a pop-up trimmer.

The Arc6 remains unbeaten, though, as its charging dock can carry out 4 different activities in one sitting. The shaver also provides extra components for maintenance, like blade oil, a cleaning brush, and a charger which can be used when traveling overseas.

Panasonic Arc 6 vs. Braun Series 9 Pro: Will The Title Finally Change Hands?

Panasonic Arc 6 Vs Braun Series 9 Pro

If you’re a veteran in the grooming world, Braun’s name should sound like an old friend. While the brand has multiple impressive shavers under its belt, the best invention of theirs by far is Braun Series 9 Pro.

In contrast to Panasonic Arc 5, Braun Series 9 Pro remains the dominant force. Despite having less flexibility in its shaving head, the Series 9 Pro tends to take the cake due to its technical aspects, unbeatable hardware, cleaning system, and so on.

However, it’s not always sunshine and rainbows for the Braun model, as the Arc 6 comprises marvellous features that seem more promising than that of its predecessor’s, making the bout an event to remember. Skim through the portion below to get a glimpse of how the square-off between Braun Series 9 Pro and Panasonic Arc 6 pans out!

Performance: Shaving Technology, Usability, Efficiency Of The Blades And More 

Both models have overpowered components to provide the best possible shave. The Arc 6 comprises a six-blade system with a 22-D FlexHead, which are experts at providing a close trim. The device also uses Beard Sensor to analyse the density of one’s beard and increase or decrease the frequency of the shaving motion accordingly. On most occasions, the device’s motor enables the blades to produce 84,000 cross-cutting motions per minute.

The Series 9 Pro is just as promising, however, and its software says it all. The Braun shaver comprises a 4 in 1 shaving system with a 360-degree flex head that removes any and every piece of hair with its agility. The device comes with AutoSense technology that measures the fullness of one’s beard, and Sonic Technology that restructures one’s facial hair without causing any injuries. The foil shaver also has a ProLift system, which allows the device to be more dependable when dealing with hard-to-reach regions. In total, the shaver produces 40,000 micro-vibrations per minute.


Panasonic Arc 6 has a dominant Li-Ion battery that runs for 50 minutes on a full battery life, making the shaver one of the bests in the business. The device also has quick charging abilities, which enables the shaver to provide one productive session in just 3 minutes!

Braun Series 9 Pro is more reliable in this scenario, however, since its Li-Ion battery can operate for an hour. When used with the new power2go travel case, the device faces an additional runtime of 30 minutes, adding up to 90 minutes in total!

Durability And Feel

Braun Series 9 Pro and Panasonic Arc 6 are manufactured with different materials, but are quite dependable in the long run. Arc 6 comprises an ergonomic build which feels weightless during navigation, and a matte paint job that makes the tool easy on the eyes. The ergonomic handle is formed with a rubber-coated surface, an aspect that gives users more control when putting the shaver to the test.

While the Series 9 Pro is significantly heavier, the foil shaver is a great match for those seeking a traditional tool. The metal casing of the device isn’t just for show, however, as it enables the device to stay durable and damage-free for up to 7 years!

Travel lock, Cleaning And Charging Station, Accessories: The Extras 

Since both are flagship models in their respective brands, the Series 9 Pro and Arc 6 offer tons of additional attributes on the devices themselves, and useful pieces of equipment inside their packaging.

In addition to serving users with comb attachments to iron out a messy stubble or beard, the shavers preserve their energy with their travel-lock feature. To perform on top level at all times, the tools also provide multipurpose cleaning and charging stations that replenish the blades, rinse the system, and dry the shavers off after each wash.   

Recommended Pick: Panasonic Arc 6 

While the Series 9 Pro is, without a doubt, one of the best foil shavers out there, we can’t help but side with Panasonic’s Arc 6 in this scenario. Sure, its value might seem incomprehensible and challenging at first, but it will gradually feel justified with each shave.

The Series 9 Pro is better in terms of battery life, but the Arc 6 provides a closer shave due to having an extra blade! The tool also produces more cross-cutting actions per minute, bringing forward noticeable results at a much faster rate. Its Beard Sensor and seamless navigation also makes the device worth every penny!

Frequently Asked Questions

Since making things as simple as possible remains one of our main objectives, here are a few questions and solutions regarding Panasonic Arc6 shavers that will resolve any pending query or feelings of doubt that you may have in a jiffy!

Q: Is Panasonic Arc6 better than Arc5?

A: Since the models are a couple of years apart, it’s safe to say that Panasonic Arc6 is miles ahead of the Arc5. With an improved 6-blade shaving technology and a 22-D Flexhead, the device surely offers a more impressive user experience. The battery life is also much better, operating for 50 minutes on a full charge.

Although both the Arc models come with a Cleaning and Charging station, the charging dock provided with the newer model is also the better counterpart, as it replenishes the blades and dries the device in addition to dusting the residue off after getting the job done.

Q: What are the benefits of using Panasonic Arc6?

A: Panasonic Arc6 is a shaver that ensures safety with hypoallergenic blades, and precision with a 6-blade, 22-D Flexhead. Covering 84,000 CPM, the device is also a specialist in saving time.

Although its pricetag may raise many eyebrows, the Panasonic Arc6 is a flagship shaver that you shouldn’t dismiss. The device brings forward a unique shaving experience with its Beard Sensor, which assesses one’s beard over 220 times in quick successions. Additionally, in contrast to the Braun Series 9 Pro, the Arc6 has the edge by providing a closer shave! 

Bottom Line

At the end of the day, Panasonic’s Arc6 definitely deserves every glower that it gets. It has an incredible set of blades that are hypoallergenic for catering to sensitive skin, and a specialist at providing close shaves in no time due to being high in numbers. The matte-based handle isn’t just easy to look at, but tends to fit perfectly in one’s palms. Since the device only weighs 8 ounces, the Arc6 can easily be utilised to bring forward accurate shaving results, even on rugged surfaces.

The Beard Sensor, 22-D Flexhead, and 84,000 CPM of the Arc6 make this device an equal match in contrast to Braun Series 9 Pro and its AutoSense technology, Sonic Technology, and Adaptive Flexhead. And although siding with either one from the pair can be beneficial for their mutual aspects (Cleaning system, battery life, travel lock), Arc6 is the preferred option to side with for hairless looks, as it provides a closer shave with its multipurpose, hypoallergenic blades.

Investing in Panasonic’s Arc6 could be a bit difficult due to the demand of its price tag, but doing so could be worth every penny since the device is miles ahead of most of the shavers the grooming world currently has to offer.

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