The Panasonic ER-GN30-K Vortex Wet/Dry Nose and Facial Hair Trimmer is a compact trimmer with a can do attitude. It is a top rated trimmer for good reason. For a lot of good reasons, actually. Let’s take a closer look at the Panasonic Vortex.

Overall Specification

Height5.2 Inches
Width1.4 Inches
Depth1.3 Inches
Weight2.2 Ounces
Blade TypeRotary
Hypo-allergenic Stainless SteelYes
Dual-Edge BladeYes
Trimmer ForNose, Ear, Eyebrow & Beard
100% washableYes
Cleaning SystemVortex
Battery Type"AA" (Not Included)
Battery Charge Time1.5 Hours
Number Of Batteries Required1
Price Range$10-$20
Rating4.3 Rated By 6158
Warranty2 Years

Why You should Choose the Panasonic Vortex Trimmer

The Panasonic Vortex trimmer is compact but mighty. It does a lot for such a small trimmer. The stainless steel cutting blade is two sided and it rotates quickly for fast trimming. The blade is sharp so it actually trims the hairs, instead of yanking them or pulling them out like some other battery operated trimmers.

The trimmer cuts hairs from the sides and the top of the trimmer head and it only cuts the hairs that enter the head, which minimizes the risk of hair pulling. It is safer and much easier to use than small grooming scissors or razors. It is very comfortable to use and the small head makes it great for any gender, it would even be comfortable for smaller noses (not children, just small-nosed adults). Even on coarse or thick hair, this trimmer works great and still gives fast results. This small but powerful trimmer is also a good choice for grooming eyebrows and other facial hairs. It can even edge a goatee or beard and it is easy to use on your ears.

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Like its name says, the Panasonic Vortex can be used wet or dry. You can use it in the shower and being waterproof makes it easy to clean. The Vortex cleaning system is a pretty neat one handed operation. You stick the head underwater, push the button and it sucks water into the unit from all sides, spins it around, and pushes the water out through the top of the trimmer to clean it entirely. The cleaning system only takes a minute, but it also comes with a little cleaning brush if you just want to brush off the stray hair clippings.

The handle is easy to hold and does not feel like it would slip from your hand and it is easy to use one handed. The switch is in an ideal location to turn on and off with just your thumb. This trimmer is very quiet and discreet, it makes almost no noise when you are using it.

The Panasonic Vortex runs on one “AA” battery and one battery provides 90 minutes of use time. It comes with a protective cap that guards the metal head against accidental damage when it is not in use. It has a two year warranty.

It is really inexpensive—under $20 bucks which is a terrific price for a battery powered trimmer that can be used wet or dry.

Issues You Could Run Into with the Panasonic Vortex Trimmer

It is a really well-built trimmer but it is designed to be lightweight and easy to maneuver so it probably would not survive a drop from the bathroom counter as the head is made from thin stainless steel that could be easily bent.

If you are not careful opening the protective cap (if you want to thoroughly clean the blade), the blade can be accidentally bent and may start grinding against the cap. Even though this is an easy to use trimmer, it is best to read the instructions on how to remove the blade cover before trying. If the blade is damaged, replacements are available from Panasonic.

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The Panasonic Vortex trimmer has a two year warranty which is great, because some users reported that it stops working after about a year. Panasonic is happy to repair or replace the trimmer while it is still under warranty but honestly, with it costing so little it is probably better to put the money you would spend on shipping and handling toward a new Panasonic Vortex. This trimmer does an awesome job trimming hairs–and it doesn’t cause nicks, pinch skin, or pull hairs—but it really isn’t built to last for years.

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