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Panasonic ES-LA63-S Arc4 Review: Killer Shave for a Killer Price

There’s no such thing as absolute perfection, therefore, Panasonic ES-LA63-S is also not perfect. But it is the next best thing.

I take shaving very seriously and refuse to believe anything could cut better than a bare bone straight razor. I broke my right arm half a year ago in a bike accident which compelled me to settle for an electric shaver.

I was pretty sure that the shaving quality will be hugely compromised since electric shaver blades can’t cut as close to the skin as manual razors. Anyhoo, since going to the barber’s every other day wasn’t an option for me, I started looking for an electric shaver.

After vetting hundreds of reviews and learning about how these machines work, my search finally ended with Panasonic ES-LA63-S. This model belongs to Panasonic’s much revered Arc 4 family. It looks snazzy and is packed with some really sick features. Of course, there are better models at premium prices but at its price bracket, ES-LA63-S is impossible to beat.

To summarize, ES-LA63-S is an investment you’ll be very proud of. I am going to explain why but before that, here’s a list of its key features:

Panasonic ES-LA63-S in a Nutshell:

Panasonic ES-LA63-S Arc4

  • The cutting head features 4 hypoallergenic blades precisely honed to 30° angle for maximum sharpness.
  • The foil is divided into 3 main sections: regular cutting foils (comprising 2 blades), slit foil and finishing foil for capturing and cutting the smallest stubble growth.
  • Works great for whole-body manscaping. Would make an excellent trimmer for ladies too.
  • Built-in pop-up trimmer for edging and lining up the goatee, mustache, upper lip and sideburns.
  • Pivot and Flex head that moves in every direction (can be locked in one position too) for smooth contouring.
  • Dual motor exudes raw power. The primary 14000 CPM motor is the fastest motor ever used in any electric shaver.
  • Rechargeable battery, 1-hour charge provides a whopping 45 minutes of backup.
  • Large LCD panel on the handle displays battery level, charging status, total elapsed shaving time, cleaning and replacement reminders.
  • Travel lock switch to prevent the device from accidentally turning on.
  • Allows for both dry and wet shaving.
  • Waterproof body and therefore, can be easily daily cleanup with pain water. Since cleaning lets you thoroughly clean the blades in minutes with liquid soap.
  • Made in Japan.

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Panasonic ES-LA63-S Performance Summary

I know many of you are here with a very simple question, how is the shaving performance of ES-LA63-S? I’ll try to keep my answer short and to-the-point since you probably have errands to run, people to meet and you know, a life to live.

So here’s what I think about Panasonic ES-LA63-S after 6 months of heavy use:

  • Shaves Almost as Close as a Razor Blade

The unbeatable shaving closeness of Panasonic ES-LA63-S is actually worth writing home about. I told you at the very beginning of this review that I used to be a straight razor guy. Switching to an electric shaver would naturally feel like a huge downgrade to me. It took me only one shave with ES-LA63-S to change my perception.

Shaves Almost as Close as a Razor Blade

While it’s not as good as my vintage shavette, I don’t miss my razor badly anymore.

The collective strength dual motors, 4 blades (positioned in a way that ensures optimum contact with the skin) and flex head ensures a very close shave. The arched profile of the foil enables the shaver head to capture and crop both small and long hair with the greatest ease. Special mention goes to the extra width of the head. It’s considerably wider than what you’ll see in most electric shavers, aiding a better ground coverage for a quick and efficient shave.

If shaving closeness is your top priority but you don’t want to invest in a higher-end model, Arc 4 ES-LA63-S is your best bet. I have had the opportunity to test a number of name brand electric shavers at this price point. As far as shaving closeness is concerned, none of the competitors stand a chance in front of this model. Period.

  • A True All-Rounder

Dry shaving is always convenient but never really satisfying, which is why most purists don’t even consider it a legitimate shave. Arc 4 ES-LA63-S was clearly designed by a bunch of smarty-pants to change this perception. I tried dry shaving one morning on a whim and was instantly hooked.

Panasonic ES-LA63-S Arc4 A True All-Rounder

I got a pretty decent shave which was Not followed by razor bumps, redness or itching. Mind you that I have had sensitive skin since my childhood. I am in my 50s now and age hasn’t been kind to my skin. So the entire credit for its smooth, bump-free dry shave goes to the neatly aligned hypoallergenic blades.

The wet shaving is even better. To take down thick and coarse stubble, lather up some shaving cream or oil and let the blades take care of the rest.

If I don’t shave for 3-4 consecutive days, I get lots of flat-lying hairs growing in arbit directions. Whisking away these stray hairs is difficult with dry shave but not an issue with wet shaving. This is partially due to the presence of the secondary vibrating motor inside the shaving head. It makes the foils move up and down to lift, capture, hold and trim all the flat-lying hair strands.

My wife also owns the same model for keeping her lady bits smooth and shiny. In her words, it’s pricier than regular trimmers but it’s worth it. It removes unwanted hair from legs, arms, underarms and even the area below the belt in just a few clean strokes. The hypoallergenic blades and pivoting head make sure to minimize blade tension to keep bumps and rashes at bay.

To sum up, even though this product is marketed toward men, ES-LA63-S is equally great for ladies too.

  • Shaving Comfort

This handle of Arc 4 is quite hefty which is beautifully balanced by a thin and lightweight top. The rubberized handle provides a secure hold in shower. I’m glad there aren’t multiple comb guides to deal with. To start shaving, all you have to do is turn on the switch and bada bing!

The on/off switch has two grooves on it for easy sliding up and down. I agree with other users that the shaving head is a little too wide for tight spaces like the upper lip. However, thanks to the pop-up trimmer, I never had to worry about it.

There’s a 3-position slide at the back of the shaving head which lets you control the blade movement and extend the trimmer. In short, the shaver is smartly crafted for easy single-handed operation, both in and outside the shower.

Panasonic ES-LA63-S Feature Analysis: A Detailed Low-Down

ES-LA63-S isn’t great just because I’m saying so. It is the superior technology and clever craftsmanship that actually counts. Below I have made a humble attempt to describe the salient features of this model to give you a more clear picture:

  • Advanced Dual Motor and Pivoting Head

The other models of Arc 4 series, Arc 3 and most shavers in the same price range from other brands use 10000-13000 RPM motors. ES-LA63-S, on the other hand, has gone with a 14000 RPM primary motor which is substantially more powerful. Motor speed does make a hell lot of difference.

Advanced Dual Motor and Pivoting Head

It causes the shaving head spins faster and capture more hair in every pass which reduces shaving time as well as skin irritation. The second motor is located right beneath the foil head which makes the cutting blocks oscillate even faster to grab and trim longer hair strands for a smooth and effective shave.

The mind-blowing power of the magnetic motors is complemented by its thin and lightweight pivoting lead. It can move freely sideways and up/down. You can also lock it into a fixed position using a 3-position slide located behind the head. This feature comes very handy while working on tight and tricky spots.

The flex head easily adapts to the rapidly changing contours of the body, which keeps ugly rashes, bumps, and redness to a minimum.

  • Premium 4-Blade Design

Instead of a more conventional 3-blade design, Arc 4 ES-LA63-S shaving head houses 4 blades to improve cutting performance. The 4th blade or finishing foil aims to chop off those very tiny, wiry whiskers that grow in multiple directions. It’s usually very difficult to eliminate those pesky hairs with a single stroke. But ES-LA63-S makes it a breeze.

The nano-blades are made from premium hypoallergenic stainless steel and are honed to a 30-degree angle for extra sharpness. Out of 4, only two blades are attached to the outer foil and can be easily removed for cleanup.

  • Pop-up Trimmer

The 3-position slider lets you extend a small trimmer built into the back of the shaving head. The trimmer quality is top-notch beyond a shadow of doubt. You can use it for detailing, shaping the neckline, and fading hairline as well. I use it mainly for trimming my mustache and goatee which is difficult to do with its ultra-wide shaving head.

  • More Than Just a Basic LCD Display

The Blue LCD display doesn’t just show battery level and charging status. It also shows total elapsed shaving time along with cleaning and replacement reminders.

  • Terrific Water-Resistance and Safety Switch

Arc 4 ES-LA63-S body is fully water-resistant, which means you can safely use it in the shower and submerge the washable parts in water. Just a quick reminder: you can’t use the shaver in shower while the battery is charging. Another impressive feature is the Travel Lock switch. This one small feature can help you dodge nasty cuts from 4 spinning blades by locking the On/Off button.

  • Impressive Battery Life

The powerful Lithium-Ion battery in this model can last for as long as 45-50 minutes after one hour of full charge. If you are a guy who shaves regularly for 5-10 minutes tops, you can go almost a week without charging.

  • Easy Upkeep and Replacement

Periodic thorough cleaning is important to keep the blades and other moving parts running smoothly for a long time. The Sonic vibration feature makes the whole process very quick and simple. Press the tabs on both sides of the shaving head to release the outer foil frame. Tilt it and tap the back to get rid of any excess hair or dirt that might be trapped inside.

Now put the frame back on, add a splash of water and a few drops of liquid soap on it and hold the On/Off switch for 2 seconds. This will activate the Sonic cleaning mode which will automatically turn off after 20 seconds. After cleaning with soap, I’d suggest oiling each foil to prolong your shaver’s life. That’s it.

About the replacement, Panasonic recommends changing the foils and blade once a year. You might have to do it sooner, depending on the frequency and intensity of use. You can find the replacement foils and blades for this model easily on online platforms.

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What About The Negatives?

The only minor drawback of this product is that you can’t use it while charging. There’s no Quick Charge feature, so you will have to wait for at least 10-15 minutes to obtain enough battery juice for a quick shave. Therefore, make sure to keep the device charged all the time. Don’t leave it until the last minute.

Final Thoughts on Panasonic ES-LA63-S

Are you still wondering whether you should consider buying Arc 3, Arc 5 or another Arc 4 model which costs cheaper than ES-LA63-S? Well, if your budget is tight then sure, go ahead. But with a more powerful motor, an extra blade, and better build quality, Arc ES-LA63-S will pay for itself in the long run.

As far as shaving closeness concerned, this model has set a benchmark for its direct competitors. All in all, ES-LA63-S is an elegantly designed electric shaver that never misses a beat, no matter how intensive the shaving task is.

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