There are so many electronic men’s shavers for sale today and even more if you have Internet access. This can make it difficult to know which one would be the best purchase for you or as a gift for a friend or family. The Panasonic men’s shaver stands tall on the market and has good customer reviews.

Overall Specification

ModelES-LA63-S Arc 4
Product Dimension(6.5*2.7*2.2) Inches = 7 Ounces
TypesFoil Shaver
Inner Blade Angle30-Degree
Number Of Blades4 Blades
Motor TypeLinear
Motor Speed14000 RPM
Pop-Up TrimmerYes
Motor SystemDual ( For Efficient And Comfort Shave)
Cleaning modeSonic vibration
Flexible Pivoting HeadYes
Floating HeadsYes
Switch-Lock buttonYes
Automatic Voltage Adaption100-240V
Display10-Stage LCD
Battery TypeLi-Ion
Full Charging Time1 Hour
Shaves Per ChargeApprox. 14 Shaves
Running Time40 Minutes
Travel Lock SwitchYes
Travel StorageTravel Pouch
Price Range$125-$135
Rating4.4 Rated By 1418
Shaver Warranty2 Yr

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Quality of Panasonic

The newest in the long line of Panasonic products is the men’s electric shaver and it is the top flight of men’s shavers on the market today. Panasonic manufactures the highest quality products for a very reasonable price point and they tend to last much longer than alternative choices. The number one key feature of the newest Panasonic is that it offers a whopping four prong blade cutting system which covers a greater amount of coverage in less time, which means you will spend less time in front of the bathroom mirror and more time in the morning to have your breakfast. Some men prefer shaving on a dry face and most shavers do not accommodate for this type of dry shaving; however, the Panasonic men’s electric shaver allows you to shave on a dry face without causing the redness, irritation, and uncomfortableness of this same action with other similar products. This component is one of the most popular aspects of the device as customer reviews share that this feature is much needed and appreciated. Other men prefer the more popular wet shave in order to achieve a clean and baby soft shave and fortunately the Panasonic men’s Shaver makes for the most professional looking shave around. This product also boasts of the thirty degree nano blades which supports the closest unobtrusive shave.

Under the Hood

The Panasonic men’s shaver provides a fourteen thousand CPM linear motor drive system as it allows for durability and sustainability of the product. This mechanism also comes with a multiple flexible pivoting head allowing the user to move seamlessly around the curvatures of the cheeks, mouth, and jaw line with ease.

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Battery Charger

The Panasonic men’s shaver is the best on the market and it will impressively holds a one hour charge for up to forty five minutes of usage. This is a stand out quality of this product and holds true in comparison with other products on the market offered at comparable price points.

Advanced Technology

The Panasonic men’s shaver offers a multiple feature arc foil as well as the extremely thin outer covering makes for a slim and trim piece of equipment. This product also supports a pop-up trimmer for additional ease of use which can be great for trimming men’s hairlines and the back of the neck. The blue one stage LCD display is extremely user friendly and allows the device to be more customized.

Cleaning the Device

The sonic vibration cleaning mode cleans the mechanism automatically for impeccable ease of maintenance. There is also a lock button to prevent the device from staying on and running down the battery. This is also a safety component for children that might be around the device.

Travel with the Device

Traveling with the Panasonic men’s shaver could not be any easier with the highly customized carrying case that protects it from scratches and scrapes occurring while being transported from one place to another. The pouch’s height is 6.5, width is 2.7”, and the diameter is 2.2″ The Panasonic men’s shaver weighs in at a mere 7.1 ounces which allows the user to carry it with them anywhere a person might go.

The Panasonic men’s shaver is affordable priced with good customer reviews and should strongly be considered when purchasing a new shaver.

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