The Panasonic ES8243A Men’s Electric Shaver is a far cry from electric shavers of the past. Gone are the days of expensive shavers that don’t provide a clean shave and cost too much money. The shaver has a lot of power behind it and is able to remedy most shaving problems without irritation.

Overall Specification

ModelES8243A Arc4
Product Dimension(9.6*7*3) Inches = 6.2 Ounces
TypesFoil Shaver
Inner Blade Angle30-Degree
Number Of Blades4 Blades
Motor TypeLinear
Motor Speed13000 RPM
Flexible Pivoting HeadYes
Pop-Up TrimmerYes
Cleaning ModeSonic Vibration
Automatic Voltage Adaption100-240V
Display10-Stage LCD
Battery TypeLi-Ion
Full Charging Time1 Hour
Quick Charge5 Minutes
Shaves Per ChargeApprox. 14 Shaves
Running Time40 Minutes
Lock ButtonYes
Low Battery IndicatorYes
Travel StorageTravel Pouch
Price Range$115-$125
Rating4.4 Rated By 1754
Warranty2 Yr

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Features of the Shaver
The Panasonic ES8243A Men’s Electric Shaver has four arced blades with 30-degree inner blades for an extremely close shave with no razor burn or irritation, making it ideal for sensitive skin. It also has a pivoting head, making access to even the hardest places easier. It seems that the shaver glides effortlessly across the skin. The pop-up blade is good for sideburns around the ears, mustaches, or going back over the face to get rid of stray whiskers. There is also a ten-stage LCD readout that gives the amount of time left on the current battery charge. The shaver also has a lock button and clean-up is a breeze with the sonic vibration cleaning function. It has an indicator that lets the user know when the shaver needs cleaning. To clean the shaver, simply turn it to turbo function and place the shaver under running water. The razor can reach 17,000 RPM, vibrating off any leftover hair. The shaver can be used with shaving gel or with a dry shave. It is 100% waterproof and has a travel pouch and AC adapter which serves as the shaver’s charger. It takes about an hour to fully charge the battery, and a full battery charge lasts between four to six shaves. The shaver is also ideal for people who are bald and want to maintain a clean-shaven bald look.

Design of the Shaver

The ergonomic shape of the shaver makes it easier to manipulate. It is very lightweight.The razor’s head is spring loaded that allows it to tilt along the facial contours. To restrict the head’s movement, it can be switched to the locked position. The manufacturer suggests to replace the outer foil every six months or so, but replacing it that often probably isn’t completely necessary. The outer foil seems to last much longer than 6 months. The cord is just a straight cord. It isn’t coiled, which would be a bonus.

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Mechanics of the Blades

The inside of the shaving head has two shaving foils that catch and cut the hair that falls through the outer blades. Two inner blades are engaged when the shaver is turned on. The lower inner blade is designed to catch finer hair. The upper inner blade is designed to shave thicker and longer stubble. This mechanical design eliminates most of the need to go back over areas after the initial shave.

Color & LCD Screen

The glossy blue color of the razor is strikingly pleasing to the eye, with a contrasting orange readout on the digital LCD screen, making it easy to see the battery time left on the shaver. The digital display also shows how long each shave takes.

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Downsides of the Panasonic ES8243A Men’s Electric Shaver

While this is an excellent shaver, it is a bit noisy. It isn’t extremely loud, but isn’t very quiet either. It sounds like a Sonic toothbrush. A note of caution about the turbo mode: you probably don’t want to use it to shave with because it is extremely powerful and could cause harm to your face. It is ideal to use the turbo mode just when you are cleaning the shaver. The on/off button is in a bit of an awkward place – right where your thumb goes when you are holding the razor. Sometimes the plastic protector for the razor head is a little difficult to snap back into place. You also cannot use the shaver while it is charging. It is probably best to charge it at all times between uses so that it will be ready to go when you are.


All in all, this is an excellent shaver and is recommended for anyone who desires a close, clean shave with no irritation, for a fraction of the cost of most of the other high-end razors on the market.

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