The Patrick Bateman Haircut: The Most Iconic Element Of American Psycho

If you’re into slasher films that hit the shelves between the late 90s and the early 2000s, American Psycho should definitely ring a bell. The movie had a little bit of everything, from a blockbuster plot to gore scenes to iconic dialogues. And while the movie is perceived as a timeless project in the eyes of modern film critics, none of them would have existed if Patrick Bateman, and his hair.

For those wondering, Patrick Bateman is the protagonist of American Psycho. His character is known for being quite uptight regarding self-care and fitness, and he is often notable for his “need to fit in.” And although he does struggle to rise above the rest of his pals on Wall Street due to dressing the same way, one thing that separates his character is his mid-length slick back, also known as the Patrick Bateman haircut.

Since combovers were in their prime between the late 80s and early 2000s, it’s not surprising that Patrick Bateman, one of the most iconic movie villains of all time, wore a slick back to compliment his identity. And although the design can be formed as long as the strands carry a certain length, be sure to check out this guide on Patrick Bateman’s haircut to learn about the procedure, styling products, and maintenance of the timeless hairdo.

Providing A Detailed Insight Into Patrick Bateman’s Haircut

Detailed Insight Into Patrick Bateman's Haircut

Since Patrick Bateman’s character is a reflection of all the businessmen who were part of the upper echelon in the late 19th century, it was only fair that his character had a look that was as posh and as elegant as a slick back.

Patrick Bateman’s haircut doesn’t need any introduction in the eyes of barbers, as the look has been quite sought-after for over 2 decades now. However, if you’re in dire need of more pieces of useful information, know that his hairdo is known as a regular slick back in the modern era.

As the name suggests, a regular slick back involves using a comb to pull the strands backwards in order to form a voluminous structure. The structure is quite easy to form when the strands are wet, especially if you have a wide-tooth comb or volumizing comb to curate it.

Patrick Bateman’s haircut is a versatile look that pairs well with anything, irrespective of how casual or formal the occasion may be. Once created, the slick back can either be plumped up for more volume or stabilized with post-styling products.

A great aspect of Patrick Bateman’s haircut is its flexibility, which can be used to experiment with a range of alternatives. From combovers to pompadours, and a flow haircut, Patrick Bateman’s hairdo can replicate an array of looks. And although it does require one to follow a strict styling routine, the visuals it brings and the wow factor it offers makes this hairdo one in a million.

The Patrick Bateman Haircut: A Step-by-step Guide With The Accurate Products

Patrick Bateman Haircut Guide

Now that we’ve gotten the basic fundamentals regarding Patrick Bateman’s haircut out of the way, it’s finally time to take a look at the rituals and styling products one needs to abide by when bringing the slick back to life.

By the looks of it, Patrick Bateman’s slick back contains a little bit of everything; an astounding amount of volume, stability, and charm. However, the flexibility of it, which can be utilized to form a series of alternative options, is something that many are unaware of still. Before we unveil that aspect, though, don’t forget to carry on to the following pointers to learn everything regarding the creative process of the Patrick Bateman haircut!

Obtaining the haircut

As long as your hair is grown out from every side and covers around 7 inches from every angle, you can deem yourself eligible to replicate the look. However, if you’ve recently gotten a fade haircut of some sort, you might have to wait a couple of months before trying to mimic the formation of this look.

Nailing the haircut is the first, and perhaps the easiest part of this routine. As long as the strands contain length, all you need is a maintenance cut on top to get rid of the split ends, and a slight trim in the other areas to give the layers more girth and body.

To give the layers in the frontal region more density to play with, reduce the length by a tad bit. However, don’t go overboard, as it can hamper the structure of the slick back in the end.

Pre-styling routine

Before nourishing the hair with styling products, it is important to take your hair for a dip to remove any existing build-up from the scalp and the strands.

While the runtime of the shower depends on your preference, using effective cleansing agents like volumizing shampoos is critical to make the styling process easier. Conversely, you should also use the smallest amount of conditioner, especially if the product contains silicone, as it can eventually weigh your hair down.

Once the strands are crisp and dirt-free, you can either leave them alone to air dry, or use argan oil to enhance the cuticles with some extra moisture. While this move can be optional for those with healthy, coarse hair, using hydrating oils should be mandatory if your hair is already frizzy and dry.

Post-shower essentials: Thickening serum, blow dryer, detangling comb, hair mousse

Once you step out of the shower, brace yourself to create a look that is just as good as, if not, even better, than Paul Allen’s hairdo.

While the hair is still damp, use a detangling comb to erase signs of breakage and prepare your strands for a memorable hairdo. If you have fine hair, you may also use a wide-tooth comb to part your hair without creating any tension.

After the shape is incorporated into the hair, it is crucial that you use a dime-sized amount of hair wax or pomade to introduce a solid hold and immensely greasy visuals. If you want more volume and less gloss, take a pointer from Patrick Bateman’s journal and use hair mousse.

Air drying the strands isn’t recommended for this look, as it can mess up the structure and trigger a flaky scalp. Relying on a hair dryer instead can be the better option, especially if the nozzle comes with a diffuser.

Post-styling routine: Hairspray, hair wax, and hydrating oils

Maintaining the structure is probably the most important aspect of this look, which can only be achieved through the use of hairspray. If you have a sensitive scalp, you may also resort to sea salt spray, a sealing agent with a more lenient hold.

If you’re not content with the way your hair is holding up, apply more hair wax until the structure looks as clean as a whistle. Emulsify the product in your palms to prevent the visuals from looking too greasy.

On another note, if your strands are quite rugged still, apply some more oil around the tips of each strand. You can either use jojoba oil or argan oil, as both of them are lightweight, containing a fresh aura to add to their likability.

“What If My Hair Isn’t Fit For The Patrick Bateman Haircut?”: Solving That Dilemma With Helpful Hacks

Patrick Bateman’s slick back is a design everyone should go for at least once in their life because of how aesthetically favorable it is for medium-length hair. The tucked-in sides not only allow the slick back to look more elevated, but also gives one’s facial structure more sharpness and a leaner effect.

This look caters to everyone, but it could be difficult to create on thin or fine hair. Worry not, however, as the following steps will effectively reverse that issue!

Grow Hair The Right Way Like Patrick Bateman

Grow Your Hair The Right Way

Growing the strands around the frontal region throughout the crown is the primary requirement to meet for this hairdo. However, the sides and back also require tons of length for successful results.

For thin to fine hair, growing the strands until the pieces are 5 inches long can be enough in most cases. However, if your hair is flat, you can even keep it to 3 inches to introduce some volume to the roots near the hairline and the temple.

Use The Right Styling Products

While those with thick hair may use any styling product that promises volume and hold such as glossy pomades, hair mousse, and hair clay, one should use lightweight products, such as styling foam, creams, and putties.

To learn more about hair products and discover the right item for your length and density, be sure to give this video a watch!

Less Is More

If your strands lack density, using volumizing products like thickening spray, sea-salt spray, and volumizing mousse won’t be effective enough. However, if you shorten the length of your strands by the teeniest, tiniest amount, the natural fullness your hair will now possess can be sufficient for you to replicate a slick back.

Alternative Options

If all else fails, don’t lose hope. In fact, if a classic Wall Street hairdo is all that you desire, consider the potential of a side part or a quiff. Both options are quite close to regular slick backs in terms of visuals, comprising the same advantages and disadvantages as well.

Frequently Asked Question

Now that we’ve discussed everything regarding the Patrick Bateman haircut and unveiled the ways in which one can form the look irrespective of their hair type, here is a useful set of questions that can work wonders if you still have feelings of uncertainty.

Q: Why is Patrick Bateman’s haircut so popular?

A: Patrick Bateman’s aesthetic, mannerisms, and taste in fashion were initially curated to depict the appearance of every successful businessman based in New York during the 90s. And while the slick back was only a part of his persona, it became the primary component once people acknowledged the flexibility, presentability, and multipurpose habits of the hairdo.

Q: What products did Patrick Bateman use on his hair?

A: In the novel, Patrick Bateman’s styling routine is quite simple, comprising tons of hair mousse and a finishing hairspray. However, if you want your strands to be more cooperative, you may even use hair pomade or hair clay.

Q: Can I replicate the Patrick Bateman hairstyle with fine hair?

A: Believe it or not, you can create Patrick Bateman’s slick back as long as your strands are lengthy, even with thin hair! All you have to do is use lightweight styling products once the strands reach a specific length and shorten the size on top to add to the natural volume of your cuticles.

Final Takeaway

If you’re finally ready to mimic Patrick Bateman’s haircut, this guide should provide you with everything and more to help you reach that goal.

The Patrick Bateman cut is often perceived as a modern slick back in the eyes of many. While the components within its structure definitely count as selling points, it’s the backstory of this look that makes the hairdo as desirable as it is today.

At the end of the day, Patrick Bateman is one of the finest movie villains of all time. His uptight persona and need to look after himself is what makes the character so intriguing from the inside. However, when it comes to his physical appearance, the most promising aspect is, without a doubt, his hairdo.

With enough patience, one can replicate Patick Bateman’s hairstyle to the fullest. Even though any product will work as long as you have thick hair, using lightweight products can be crucial to form the look with thin hair. Combing against the grain is also advised, as that maneuver typically rewards the roots with more volume.

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