Patrick Mahomes Haircut: A Look That Won The Hearts Of Millions Overnight!

When you put in the work, success automatically presents itself at your front door. Though the former remark can be unbelievable to come to terms with in the eyes of many, it sure is something that is considered to be normal for Patrick Mahomes and those who know about his achievements.

Patrick Mahomes, when push comes to shove, is one of the best Quarterbacks in NFL history. He’s never afraid to put his best foot forward in each game, regardless of what’s at stake. Under his belt are two championships, two Super Bowl MVP awards, tons of endorsement deals, and a lavish net worth. His sense of style may be subpar, but Patrick Mahomes’ haircut, commonly referred to as the “Show Me” cut, is a look that will forever remain priceless.

While the iconic look ceased to exist during his formative years as a high school athlete, it garnered all the attention when the then-21-year-old was drafted by none other than the Chiefs. But if you’re interested in learning more about how Patrick Mahomes got his haircut, what led to its success in pop culture, and the main facilitator of the hairdo, this guide shouldn’t be discarded into the void!

The Night That Brought Patrick Mahomes’ Haircut Into Existence

By now, it’s safe to say that Patrick Mahomes isn’t just unrecognizable without his game, but just as difficult to acknowledge without his hairdo, often known as the ‘Show Me’ haircut. It follows a curly mohawk with a burst fade, which was initially quite easy for Patrick Mahomes to wear with his naturally curly hair.

The styling decision wasn’t intentional, however, but more of a reward that he got for winning a bet. According to multiple credible sources, Patrick Mahomes obtained his iconic haircut when he, alongside one of his high school friends, decided to grow their hair out.

While this was the first time in a long time that Mahomes grew his natural curls, the look eventually became a part of his identity, serving as an essential during his time at Texas Tech. The curly mohawk with burst fade aged gracefully, becoming a mandatory part of Patrick Mahomes’ identity during his rookie season in the NFL.

Reliving The Glory Days: Exploring Patrick Mahomes’ Hairstyle Preferences In The Past!

Exploring Patrick Mahomes Hairstyle Preferences In The Past

We’ve all made questionable decisions in life. As styling gurus ourselves, we too believe that, in order to find what works for you, you have to step outside your comfort zone. It’s not just a mantra to live by when you’re working towards a goal, but can also come in clutch when you’re experimenting with your wardrobe.

Prior to finding contentment and enlightenment in his curly mohawk, Patrick Mahomes was rather minimal when his sense of style was taken into account. Since he was working his way up as an athlete, he preferred short hairdos involving the likes of a uniform buzz cut. Occasionally, he would grow his hair out to pull off a short, textured curly top, managing the natural look with a sweatband when stepping on a pitch.

Patrick Mahomes Haircut: Walking You Through The Creative Process!

Outside the pitch, Patrick Mahomes isn’t just known for his habit of being a philanthropist or for being a family man, but also recognized for his marvellous curly mohawk, which also features components of a mullet. While it may be impossible to replicate the density his curls contain unless you too have been blessed with good genes, be sure to give this video a watch if you’d like to learn about the creative process through visuals. If not, let the following tips and tricks take you home!

Patrick Mahomes Haircut Process

The length stays short in the front

While growing the hair is the first part of the journey, nailing the haircut is just as important. But before we give you more info on how you should wear your sides, let’s talk about the main component of Patrick Mahomes’ haircut, involving the curly layers in front.

The silhouettes follow an ascending order, meaning that the length stays short in the front, increasing in size as it reaches the finish line. To get this part right, ask your barber to only clip the tips of your curly strands.

A temp fade is mandatory

Similar to replicating the silhouettes, it is crucial that you get a temp fade or a burst fade with your new curly mohawk, which can also pass as a mullet when you count the mane. The disconnection won’t just give your curls more bounce and elevation, but will also give your pieces a bit more flexibility to feel free and weightless.

Using a head shaver can be a good way to introduce the fade. However, you may also add the design using one of the clippers or trimmers manufactured by Babyliss for exceptional results.

Use scissors over clippers for a natural finish

To ensure a clean transition and establish a natural disconnection between the fade and the curly top, ask your barber to use scissors when forming the guideline near the hairline. Doing so will give more texture to the strands, and prevent the pieces from looking too short or too outgrown when placed underneath the curly mullet.

Curling cream is your friend

Patrick Mahomes often keeps his hair away from styling products, which explains why his hair always looks frizzy. While you may mimic that trait to replicate his hairdo to the fullest, use a curl activator to ensure your pieces not just stay in place, but look their best when showcased using this iconic hairstyle!

Patrick Mahomes’ Haircut In 2023: Is The NFL Quarterback About To Turn Over A New Leaf?

Everything runs its course, and despite being a part of his identity, even Patrick Mahomes’ haircut isn’t an exception.

The soon-to-be-legend expressed his desire of changing up his hairdo in the near future. He also mentioned how he had initially had plans of wearing a buzz cut, but is now hoping to wear braids.

This revelation isn’t just a surprise to us, but also seemed to affect his trainer, Bobby Stroupe, when it first hit tabloids.

Unveiling Patrick Mahomes’ Natural Roots: Was His Hair Always Curly?

Unveiling Patrick Mahomes Natural Roots

In a world where anything is easy, it is often even easier to question the authenticity of something. Though Patrick Mahomes is never questioned for his skills on the field, his hair type, which has always comprised a curly texture, is often looked into. And if you happen to be one of those curious individuals, know that his hair is as authentic as his accolades.

Patrick Mahomes’ Barber: The Facilitator Behind His Success

Behind every successful person is a motivator who goes above and beyond to keep their morale in check. Similarly, behind every style icon is a fashion mogul who allows them to find comfort in their sense of style.

Patrick Mahomes definitely receives tons of credit in the fashion scene for his haircut and is constantly compared to celebrities who are deemed some of the most stylish men in the world. However, the reason behind his iconic hairdo’s success is none other than Dejuan Bonds, who has been loyal to Mahomes with his services for almost a decade now.

Mahomes never fails to give his barber his flowers though, and often gives him credit for the show he puts on when serving as a quarterback for the Chiefs.

Patrick Mahomes Barber


Life Hacks To Maintain The Patrick Mahomes Haircut In The Long Run!

They say that hair isn’t something that requires products to stay put, but also needs to be taken care of in order to age gracefully. Additionally, even though the former elements can help you wear the haircut of NFL’s favorite Quarterback, take pointers from the following life hacks to ensure the look stays safe and sound under your care.

Get a maintenance cut every 2 weeks

To ensure your hair always looks safe and sound, visit your barber on a regular basis. For optimal results, visit your hairdresser once every two weeks to get rid of awkward pieces and flyaways. Make sure to add a fade to your cart to maintain the length on the sides.

Ditch your comb and styling tools

While using hot rollers and curling irons can be necessary if you don’t meet the hair requirements needed for the Patrick Mahomes haircut, discard all of them, including your beloved comb, if your hair is naturally curly or wavy. Since Patrick Mahomes grows free-form curls, you don’t need to manipulate the strands every day to mirror his hairdo.

Hydration is key

Frizz can kill all the progress your hair has made in an instant, especially if you’re a representative for those with curly hair. Additionally, to make sure the visuals of your new hairdo is always on point, moisturize your hair on the daily. If you’re not aware of what you should use, let this material on the best moisturizers for 4c hair lead the way.

Closing Remarks

All in all, if you look up to Patrick Mahomes, this material should be essential if you believe imitation is the best form of flattery, as it contains everything regarding Patrick Mahomes’ hair evolution, from his renowned “Show Me” haircut to his future styling plans. It also has multiple segments that can be of great help if you need informative pieces on the creative process of his look and the maintenance routine.

Patrick Mahomes is an athlete who isn’t just at the top of the food chain in the world of sports but is also a prominent figure in the eyes of fashion moguls. His curly mohawk, which can also be addressed as a curly mullet, may not be around forever, but the impact it has left behind will never be forgotten.

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