31 Most Trending Peekaboo Braids Hairstyles To Try In 2023

Sporting a hairstyle that has both the flair of a party and the sophistication of a formal look is not a dream anymore.

It has turned into a reality that is now known as peekaboo braids.

In the trend of dyed hairstyles like skunk, half and half, balayage, etc, peekaboo braids have now become the desired hairstyle for everyone.

If I had to briefly introduce this braided hairdo then I have to say that it is basically a protective hairdo possessing a pop of distinctive colors in between natural hair colors like brown and black.

I have assembled a list of peekaboo braid varieties that might get you on your feet right this instant and inspire you to get one yourself.

Brace yourselves, hair enthusiasts, and take a peek at the phenomenal collection of peekaboo braids.

Peekaboo Braids: 31 Ways To Slay In 2023

Peekaboo braids come in all sizes and shapes paired up with different dyed versions and hairstyles creating a unique collection of art in every one of them.

If I start to list all of them, then this article might not end today. Hence, let’s look at the handpicked ones and get inspiration from only the best ones.

Peekaboo Highlight Braids

Peekaboo Highlight Braids

I have always loved having highlights on my hair. And when I came across the Peekaboo highlight braids I knew I had to try this one out.

I can not explain how thrilled I was. I checked out almost every kind of highlight, but I loved the grey one the most!

I have worn this particular style in a lot of parties and hangouts and even I could tell that all the eyes were on me.

This hairstyle can be worn at any red carpet event and you won’t look out-of-place in your formal attire as well.

Ooze out sophistication with grey highlighted peekaboo braids!

Peekaboo Brown Braids

Peekaboo Brown Braids

I sport peekaboo braids with brown hair for clients who want to try out something new but stay on the safe side.

As subtlety is the key aspect of this hairstyle, I use brown extensions on only four to five strands in the midst of a head full of black extensions.

It makes the color pop out without bringing too much-unwanted attention.

This is a great hairdo for all the introverted fashionistas as it can be a great conversation starter.

Embrace the subtlety and look elegant with this hairstyle.

Mid-Peekaboo Braids

Mid-Peekaboo Braids

If you want a peekaboo braid but do not want to go through the hassle of long hair then you can always opt for a mid-length one.

Just because your hair is not in an eye-catching length does not mean that you can not be the center of attention with your hairdo.

To do this, I recommend you pick out a color that easily stands out like bubblegum pink, the shades of neon colors, or mix and match them.

Have fun with your mid-length peekaboo braids this summer!

Peekaboo Knotless Braids

Peekaboo Knotless Braids

I used to be afraid of people who wear knotless braids. Because I thought when I am running around the city the braids would fall off.

However, they don’t. Instead, if you add on a vibrant color like bright white amid your black hair it can create an ethereal hairdo.

I have been eyeing this hairstyle for a long time. But I have yet to try one out for myself. I will definitely try one out when I have time.

I hope you get to try this hairstyle out as well.

Peekaboo Twisted Braids

Peekaboo Twisted Braids

From simple to intricately detailed, peekaboo twisted braids come with a lot of variations.

I usually go for this one when my clients want something more fun and youthful with their peekaboo hairdo.

And every time I did this one I saw my clients leave my salon with more energy and a huge boost of confidence.

To perfect this hairdo, I would recommend you go see your trusted hairstylist and take proper consultation.

Be confident in your choice and look absolutely divine with your peekaboo twisted braids.

Peekaboo Scarlet Red Braids

Peekaboo Scarlet Red Braids

I can not stress enough how much I am in love with the perfectly boxed peekaboo braids with a scarlet red and brown combo.

I know that peekaboo braids are supposed to be with box braids, in general, but wearing them with the perfect shade of brown and red can be daunting.

I have sported this one for a lot of my clients and I have only one tip to give. Just make sure these two colors match your skin color palette.

If you can match them properly then you will rock this hairstyle and if not you will end up looking like you are wearing a cheap wig.

No matter which color combination you decide to go for, I assure you that the beauty of your hair will be no match for anyone.

Peekaboo Braided Reverse Ponytail

Peekaboo Braided Reverse Ponytail

We all have heard of different versions of ponytails. But among them, my favorite one is the reversed one.

This has the extra swagger that matches well with the peekaboo braid hairdo.

With the delight of a ponytail and the fun colors from peekaboo braids, this hairdo alone can make anyone stand out in a crowd.

However, to make this hairstyle a little more fun, I make heart-shaped braids on the side and this single design just makes the hairstyle stand out even more.

Have a super fun and glam look with this hairstyle.

Boho Peekaboo Braid

Boho Peekaboo Braid

I love the boho aesthetic with all my heart. I must express all my gratitude to this aesthetic for introducing me to a fantastic hairstyle like the boho peekaboo braid.

For this hairstyle, I curled the ends of only half of the braids that are in natural colors such as black or brown, and then I braided the rest of the colored ones tightly and secured their ends.

It has the perfect combination of free-spirited curls and the elegance of tight braids providing the ideal hairstyle to wear with any bohemian attire.

Be the bohemian diva with your peekaboo braids.

Peekaboo Cornrow Braids

Peekaboo Cornrow Braids

If you want to revamp your whole aura then I suggest you go for peekaboo cornrow braids and choose an extremely light color to go with your extra dark braids.

Cornrow braids provide a sleek look that feels appropriate in your workplace as well as for a first date.

I have done this hairstyle for a lot of my clients and in my opinion, you should definitely opt for some hair accessories to elevate your look.

Choose both convenience and a stunning look with this hairstyle.

Vibrant Red Peekaboo Braid

Vibrant Red Peekaboo Braid

Since I was a kid I was always obsessed with the color red. Hence, I have tried out the vibrant red peekaboo braid with different shades of this color.

I must say, according to my skin palette, the best among them was the garnet and scarlet red combo.

The key aspect of this hairstyle that I love the most is that its red color won’t fade out that easily as it’s usually done on hair extensions.

But, in general, the red hair color tends to fade out fast. To preserve the red color you can always use a color-depositing conditioner and cool water while showering.

Be the center of attention with this hairdo.

Half Peekaboo Braids

Half Peekaboo Braids

The half peekaboo braid is the epitome of half-and-half hairstyles.

Because to create this hairdo, I braid only the top half of the hair while keeping the ends curled. Then I dye half part in vibrant color and the other half in your natural color.

Everything in this style is half and half.

However, don’t worry girl! Because you would never look like you’ve styled your hair half-assed with this one.

So have a fully drop-dead gorgeous look with this hairdo.

Ponytailed Peekaboo Braids

Ponytailed Peekaboo Braids

Ponytails have been on the trend for decades among both working women and school girls sporting on both formal and informal occasions.

Hence, I knew that even if I did peekaboo braids, tying them up in a ponytail will give them a more formal vibe.

So even when I used colors like purple or pink on my peekaboo braids I never looked out of place in any of the settings rather they helped showcase my fun and outgoing personality.

Confidently wear your peekaboo braids everywhere you go and look pretty in your pink ponytailed peekaboo braids.

Neon Peekaboo Braids

Neon Peekaboo Braids

I usually employ neon peekaboo braids on clients who want to employ something new, fun, and daunting.

Because wearing neon palettes on your hair might be a bit too daunting for a lot of people.

However, as I have tried this one on myself, I can assure you that after sporting this hairdo, every time you look at yourself in the mirror you will have a rush of endorphins and possess an aura of confidence.

Be the non-conformist trendy queen with your neon peekaboo braids.

Rainbow Peekaboo Braids

Rainbow Peekaboo Braids

Do you want to showcase your fun-loving persona through your hairstyle? Then I urge you to get rainbow peekaboo braids right this instant.

I have sported this one on a few of my clients and every time they left my salon with a huge smile on their faces and became regular customers.

To create this hairdo, all you have to do is put rainbow-colored hair on your braid. And that’s it. With the presence of vibrant colors, you will feel connected with your inner child as well.

Get an artistic effortless flair with your rainbow peekaboo braids.

Peekaboo Braided Bun

Peekaboo Braided Bun

As I have to run around for errands and have to do long office hours, I prefer having my hair in a bun.

But just keeping it in a bun never looks fun and I always look for something that will best describe my extroverted nature.

Hence I started making peekaboo braided buns and I never had to look back. with a hint of colors popping in my hair, it’s refreshing to have the hair off of my back while I work

Moreover, If I ever have to attend a party I can sport this hairstyle and enjoy myself without thinking about styling.

Be the life of the party and have fun with your peekaboo bun.

Micro Knotless Peekaboo Braids

MIcro Knotless Peekaboo Braids

I have admired micro braids for their aesthetically and visually pleasing appearance.

Each braids look so intricate that whenever I see someone sporting them I can’t help but keep staring at them.

The best thing is no matter which colors you try out, in between your braids they will look sensational.

But as I have searched for some of the best-looking ones, in my opinion instead of going for colors on the back you can create the peekaboo effect on a small side of your hair.

This will make you outshine everyone even among the ones who have sported peekaboo braids.

I haven’t gotten myself to try out this hairdo as this might require a lot more time than the usual braids. But I might try shortly.

Be the fashion goddess with your hairstyle today!

Multi Colored Peekaboo Braids

Multi Colored Peekaboo Braids

I only got to create the multi-colored peekaboo braids once or twice on my clients and both my clients and I enjoyed doing the hairdo and picking out the colors.

This hairstyle gives a boost of energy to the ones sporting it as well as to the ones who get to witness them.

To make them extraordinary you can pick only the pastel shades or any other shades and mix and match them or create a sea of colors with them.

Most importantly, have a blast while styling and selecting your hair color while doing multi-colored peekaboo braids.

Peekaboo Braided Top Bun

Peekaboo Braided Top Bun

Braided buns have a timeless appeal making you appear neat and tidy while providing a sense of stability in your look.

And braided top buns can make you look like an empress reigning the fashion world. The empress vibe exudes from the unique crown made of a peekaboo braided bun.

I don’t usually go for top buns. But after watching how phenomenal it looks, I will be sure to try this one out.

Get a feeling like you are living your life on top of the world with peekaboo braided top buns.

Double Bun Half-Up Peekaboo Braid

Double Bun Half-Up Peekaboo Braid

If you want to add a more free-spirited vibe to your space buns then I must recommend the double bun half-up peekaboo braids.

To create this hairstyle, as it’s a youthful looking one, in my opinion, you should choose vibrant color palettes like red, pink, light blue, etc.

Whenever I created this hairstyle, it shaved off a lot of years of my clients’ looks making them appear more energetic and playful.

Create this look and showcase your vibrant presence with this hairstyle.

Blue-Green Peekaboo Braid

Blue Green Peekaboo Braid

Blue and green are two of my favorite colors. Hence I have sported the blue-green shaded peekaboo braids a lot of time.

Of all the shades of these colors I have tried on, I have loved the vibrant-shaded ones the most. Because it fulfills the purpose of peekaboo braids the most.

The dazzling color combo looks artistic, making your hair a work of art. This will make you all ready for the summer.

Let your aesthetics fly high with blue-green shaded peekaboo braids.

Extra Long Peekaboo Braids

Extra Long Peekaboo Braids

Extra long luscious hair is always part of the beauty standard in almost every part of the world. And making braids extra long just creates a goddess-like appearance.

Don’t forget to style your hairline-hair as well. Create finger waves with them to give the whole look a bit of a vintage vibe.

I am not quite comfortable handling braids this long. But now that I have seen how fabulous it looks I feel like I should take an extra day off from work just to recreate this look.

Fulfill your Rapunzel dream with extra-long peekaboo braids.

Blue Peekaboo Braid

Blue Peekaboo Braid

I love everything blue. From hair accessories to my actual hair, if I could I would paint everything that comes in front of me in different shades of blue.

And when I say I love blue peekaboo braids, do not think I am just saying this because of my bias toward this color.

Because I have sported this color for a lot of my clients and all of them looked straight out of a Disney movie.

Look like the mermaid queen with your blue peekaboo braids.

Blonde Peekaboo Braids

Blonde Peekaboo Braids

Blonde peekaboo braids look good with every outfit and every aesthetic from retro to cottage core.

I mean you can rarely go wrong with this color.

Hence, I sported this one out for the clients who want to make a strong impression but are afraid to try out unconventional colors.

Even if it’s a common color it still gives off an intimidating look and makes you appear trendy.

Exude an icy vibe with your blonde peekaboo braids.

Peekaboo Goddess Braids

Peekaboo Goddess Braids

Peekaboo goddess braids have the ability to make you look like a fashion goddess ready to bless everyone with their sense of style.

Whoever invented this hairstyle deserves our gratitude for such an original braiding technique. But even he possibly could not imagine such a modern turn of the hairstyle.

I love recreating this hairstyle for my clients because this is one of those styles that gets appreciated no matter who comes across it.

If you want to level up your goddess braids then I suggest you go for a blonde and white combo in your peekaboo braids.

Live your life like a full-fledged fashion icon with this hairdo.

Peekaboo Middle-Parted Braids

Peekaboo Middle-Parted Braids

Peekaboo braids are usually created with box braids. And neatly-spaced box braids never fail to look visually pleasing.

Moreover, if you add a straight middle part to the styling process then I guarantee that this tiniest change will elevate your style to a whole different level.

This is one of the most requested hairstyles, but I never get tired of fashioning this hairdo as it never fails to create a devastatingly alluring look.

Have your braids look aesthetically pleasing with your peekaboo middle-parted braids.

Large Knotless Peekaboo Braids

Large Knotless Peekaboo Braids

Large knotless peekaboo braids have a festive look and can make you ready for any event.

To make them look a bit extra, I suggest you create thicker and larger braids that are close to jumbo ones but not quite that big.

As I prefer mid to short-length hair with thinner braiding, I have yet to try out this one. But I promise I will experiment with this one as my next project.

You can wear it with edgy and bold accessories as well. Just remember to have fun while customizing your braids.

Bottom Beads Peekaboo Braids

Bottom Beads Peekaboo Braids

Beads at the bottom of your peekaboo braids can create a bohemian look that is hard to forget.

Beads are almost always my go-to hair accessory, especially if I have plans with my friends.

I just feel like using beads makes my inner child happy because, with each movement of the braids, they create tiny sounds.

And it just makes me feel excited for no reason other than wearing beads.

Embrace your boho-chic vibe with beads in peekaboo braids.

Bubblegum Pink Peekaboo Braids

Bubblegum Pink Peekaboo Braids

Bubblegum pink peekaboo braids exude fun, charm, delight, and everything positive.

In my opinion, this color is more associated with a party look and is more appropriate for a get-together rather than a corporate workplace.

So, make sure to keep it in mind while trying out this color.

I have used this color only a few times on my clients and they were all really confident in their choice making me feel like I should try it out for myself as well.

Look extra funky with your bubblegum pink peekaboo braids.

Green And Black Peekaboo Braids

Green and Black Peekaboo Braids

The main appeal of the black and green combo for peekaboo braids is in its uniqueness and ability to create a memorable look.

I sport this one for clients who want to leave a long-lasting positive impression on the people they are about to meet.

You can effortlessly express yourself through these colors and embrace the beauty in super contrasting colors and show your avant-garde look.

Look like a modern-era forest queen with your green and black peekaboo braids.

Electric Blue Peekaboo Braids

Electric Blue Peekaboo Braids


All shades of blues are exquisite, especially the electric blue one.

I don’t know about you but whenever I sported this color I have always felt my rebellious side rise up.

This bold pop of color makes me feel energetic and ready to take on every challenge thrown my way and self-assured about every life decision I take.

If you want something dramatic and bold then I strongly suggest you try out this color at least on some of your strands.

Stay strong and look like a punk angel with your electric blue peekaboo braids.

Purple Peekaboo Braids

Purple Peekaboo Braids

Last, but absolutely not least, I will introduce you to purple peekaboo braids.

Purple is one of the colors with which you can never go wrong in its shades. No matter which one you choose you will simply look ready to bedazzle everyone.

I have tried out different shades of this color on a lot of my clients and each of them turned out breathtaking.

On one of my clients, I employed all the shades of purple available and the result was heavenly.

Decide on any shades of purple and be the phenomenal purple queen you are with this hairstyle.


After going through the list of ideas you might now feel yourself getting fired up with different ideas.

But before getting started I urge you to look through the answers to some frequently asked questions so you have a better idea about the hairstyle.

Q: When should you take out peekaboo braids?

Ans: Peekaboo braids are a protective style, so they can last a long time if styled and maintained properly. With proper care, this hairstyle can last from 4 to 8 weeks. After this certain amount of time, you might notice them start getting damaged and falling apart. I recommend a good scalp and oil massage after taking out your peekaboo braids to ensure the health of your natural hair.

Q: How much do Peekaboo Braids cost?

Ans:  There is a lot of variation in peekaboo braids. Hence the cost can be different based on the hair texture, type, styling, type of extension, length, etc. But in general, the price range may vary from $100 to $400.

Q: How long do Peekaboo Braids take to do?

Ans: In the case of duration for creating a peekaboo braid as well, the time will vary depending on the thickness, hair texture, length, styling, etc. However, in general, the process can take from 2 to 4 hours.

Concluding Thoughts

Dyed hairstyles always create a flair that is to die for! I have always been a fan of dyed hair and peekaboo braids let me fulfill almost every one of my dream dyed hairstyles.

The pop of colors and peekaboo braids’ ability to let my imagination run wild has thrilled me beyond belief.

The hairstyle brings out the fun persona in everyone making you believe that you are having the best time of your life.

The colors and the fun techniques are everything you need to have a good day all year round. But I must remind you to take good care of your hair otherwise it might lose its color and perfect styling after a while.

So I hope after going through the list of styles that I have recommended you are now interested to try one of them for yourselves as well.

I only have two words for interested fashionistas, slay queens!

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