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Philips Multigroom 5000 vs 7000 vs 9000: Settle All the Doubts Between Prominent Trimmers

I myself am a fan of Philips trimmers and follow their newest devices frequently, yet I get confused between their trimmers from time to time because there are so many.

It’s very easy to get lost in their feature-heavy, handy units and I don’t blame you for that. This is why I feel it’s necessary to draw the lines between bad to good trimmers.

With that in mind, I’ve covered the gradual improvement of the three prominent trimmers in the market as a form of battle: Philips Multigroom 5000 vs 7000 vs 9000.

I pre-owned the first two devices and made a purchase of the third six months back and have been trying them out side by side ever since.

If you follow closely, you’ll see that there are certain differences, improvements and shortcomings in these devices and hopefully it’ll help you identify whether you need an upgrade or to grab one of them depending on what you actually require.

Philips Multigroom 5000 vs 7000 vs 9000 : Comparison Chart

FeaturesNorelco 5000Norelco 7000Norelco 9000
Cutting DirectionOneTwoTwo
No. of Attachments171921
CleaningSeparately rinseableFully washableFully washable
HousingPlastic handleStainless steel handleStainless steel handle
Charging Time1 hour2 hour2 hour
RuntimeOver 2 hours4 and a half hoursOver 5 hours
Warranty4 years5 years10 years
Price See On Amazon See On Amazon See On Amazon

Brief Feature Overview

In this section, I’ll briefly shed light on the Philips Multigroom 5000 vs 7000 vs 9000 trimmers’ basic qualities before moving on to my experiential analysis for each of them.

Philips Norelco Multigroom Series 5000Philips Norelco Multigroom Series 5000

The Norelco Multigroom series has been lucky to have included the 5000 device because it’s a great value for money trimmer unit. It’s optimum for ones who are looking for an entry level trimmer for their daily deeds.

It’s equipped with all the basic & necessary features and is marked as the budget killer for uncountable reasons!

Philips Norelco Multigroom Series 7000Philips Norelco Multigroom Series 7000

The 7000 series in this line has brought in significant upgrades from the previous 5000 series. Norelco 7000 contains stronger guards built out of fiber-glass material that’s made to last long. It excels at battery power as well.

With the additional attachments included in the packaging, this sits at the most optimum spot between price and performance.

Philips Norelco Multigroom Series 9000Philips Norelco Multigroom Series 9000

The Norelco 9000 series is a premium and top of the line trimmer by Philips. There’s a significant upgrade in the blades with self-sharpening properties and a more comfortable trimming operation on any type of skin.

Even though it’s priced higher than the rest, Philips has obvious reasons for doing so because of its comfort, all-round attachments and a carry-pouch to store everything in one place.

Side by Side Feature Assessment

I’ll put the features that are different from one another side by side in this section so that you can gain a basic understanding of their distinctions at a quick glance.

Comparative Analysis: Philips Multigroom 5000 vs 7000 vs 9000

I’ve had the pleasure of using each of these trimmers in question side by side to fully understand their maximum potential. By doing so, I am able to provide you with the insight data on how each of them performs next to the other.

Trimmer Housing

Let me start off with the housings of these trimmers. Basically, all three of them shave a similar no-slip rubber grip that is advertised by Philips. But when I used each of them for prolonged duration, the grip felt like an area of improvement as I had to hold on to them firmly in the fear of slipping out.

Trimmer Housing

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But between Norelco 5000 vs 7000, the quality of housing has been significantly improved and it has carried on to the Norelco 9000. While the Norelco 5000 generates a plastic feeling in my hand, the latter variants feature a stainless steel body. I’ve dropped them on a couple of occasions which seemed to have caused no damage whatsoever.

The Norelco 5000’s housing has another shortcoming as opposed to the newer variants – it lacks an LED indicator. I find such indicators housed on the body to be very important to understand the charge level and whether it’s going to die on me during a trimming procedure.

So in terms of design, grip and shaving comfort, I’ll put both the Norelco 7000 and 9000 above the 5000 model.

Trimming Comparison

After closely analyzing these three units, I took them to the field to test out their trimming capabilities. There have been recognizable differences in each of their performances. For instance, I could only trim toward one direction only using the Norelco 5000 as opposed to the succeeding devices.

When it comes to trimming between the Norelco 7000 vs 9000, the results have been almost identical at first sight. But after running my thumb over the trimmed area, I realized that the 9000 device does provide a smoother trim.

Also, I was able to scrub back and forth during trimming so that I don’t leave behind an unclean hair patch for my stubble, which wasn’t possible with the 5000 unit. Thus, if I have to rank, I’ll rank the 9000 over the 7000, and both of them over 5000.

It’s worth mentioning that apart from the certain degree of smoothness, the 7000 and 9000 did generate the same degree of closeness and comfort in trimming so there’s not much between them.


The Philips Norelco Multigroom series excels at offering trimming attachments. There are so many accessories that it often gets overwhelming to keep track of. But at the same time, these attachments have made my investment worth it as well, so it’s a tradeoff I must accept.

Trimmer Attachments

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Between the Norelco 5000 vs 7000, the former device came with 4 attachments and 13 guards. The 7000 contains all that 5000 has and added an extra foil shaver and an eyebrow trimming guard, and thus it has allowed me to concentrate on less devices for more functionalities.

And when it comes to Norelco 7000 vs 9000, the latest model has added a detail trimmer made of metal, which has come in handy for me on numerous occasions. Another addition to the 9000 arsenal is the 3-7 mm beard adjustable guards which has cut down on my grooming investments by a large margin!

So in terms of attachments, if I don’t consider the large number of small portions that I have to maintain carefully, the Norelco 9000 transcends past the rest if you’re someone like me who’s into nurturing their beard in a refined way.

If you don’t have such beard-related demands, then the Norelco 7000 would be the overall victor here considering the price point. As a footnote, all of these units contain a nose trimmer accessory which I’ve found to be one of the best attachments for the Norelco series.

Diverse Trimming Operations

Hair Trimming

This is where things take an interesting turn. I’ve tried out each of these devices for duties other than beard trimming. I used them to trim my hair, body shaving purposes and even dared to go to the extent of putting them on my man-jewel cleaning routine.

Hair Trimming

First off, trimming my hair has been significantly straightforward with all three of these devices due to the extra-wide hair trimmer comb attachment. Other hair attachments that they share generated similar outcomes so there’s nothing much to differentiate between in this matter.

Body Shaving

I noticed real differences when I got down to my body hair. I selected different hair patches of my body to try out with the three trimmers individually so that I can reach a verdict.

For the Norelco 5000, the result has been somewhat underwhelming and I swapped between both hair and beard combs to see which one turned out to be the most fruitful. In the end I’ve come to conclude that this isn’t made for body shaving as I nicked myself at places and the trim wasn’t neat.

Body Shaving

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The Norelco 7000 unit however surprised me in a different way. While the trimming experience has been much like the 5000, I was able to use the foil head to clean out the stubble made from the trimmer. The only downside is that I had to run over my body twice with two separate attachments, so it was quite time consuming.

When I took on the Norelco 9000 with its native body shaver head, the result changed drastically. It is a well-made unit that didn’t cut or tug me in any way. And the outcome it left behind was finer than I had anticipated. Even if someday I stop using the 9000 for my trimming duties, I’ll definitely keep it around for my body shaving purposes.

Ball Shaving

As I already have a quality ball shaver, it was easier for me to compare how these three Philips devices pan out in contrast to that. Long story short, it was very tricky to get right for all of these trimmers when the hair was longer than an inch. I was left bleeding at one point so had to pause the venture for a while.

Once I trimmed my bushes down a little with my original ball shaver, then I let the battle between these Multigroom 5000 vs 7000 vs 9000 unfold. The 5000 and 7000 performed similarly with the trimmer head and the shortest guard – it’s not optimum and something I’d want to settle for.

However, Norelco 7000’s foil attachment actually gave me a run for my money as it managed to shave my balls surprisingly well without causing me any discomfort, given the situation. And when I shifted to the Norelco 9000 with the body shaver attachment, this probably gave me a similar feeling to my specialized ball shaver in many ways.

So the bottom line is, none of these trimmers operate well on longer ball hair. Period. If the nut hair is around half an inch, the Norelco 7000 vs 9000 is a close call still, but the 9000 eventually comes out on top in terms of time consumption, performance and safety.

Ease of Washing

Cleaning my trimmer is always something that bothers me and so I keep looking forward to devices that are easy to clean. Call me lazy, but that’s how most people I know are in this matter. So when I tested out these 3 Norelco trimmers, I intentionally invested myself in the cleaning procedure to see how much effort I had to put into.

Among the three units, the Norelco 5000 has proven to be the most difficult to clean out. As neither of these devices are waterproof, I had to be extra cautious each time. Added to that, Norelco 5000 doesn’t have any additional cleaning utility whatsoever. So it didn’t pass my personal cleaning test compared to the rest.

For the Norelco 7000 vs 9000 however, they turned out to be somewhat effortless as Philips has endowed them with a rinse-cleaning ability. Unlike the 5000, I could rinse them under running water without removing the trimmer head. This has been enough to thoroughly clean them and they receive passing grades in this regard.

Battery Backup

A good battery life is very important when it comes to trimming for a prolonged duration or performing at difficult angles. While all three of these devices are capable of trimming with the power cable plugged in, it’s not my preferred method of going about this business.

So when I stress tested each of these devices, I was quite shocked to see them holding so much juice for such a long time. For the Norelco 5000, I could get it up to speed with a full charge within an hour and it relentlessly ran for a little over 2 hours.

Norelco 7000 in contrast has introduced a beast battery which lasted me around 4 and a half hours before slowing the motor down. And the final installment of Norelco 9000 survived a little over 5 hours with full speed, each of them took 2 hours to fully charge.

So the battery department of these Norelco units is a significant landmark in the world of trimmers. As an addition, each of them contain a 5-minute quick charge option for one short trim which I found to be quite satisfying if I choose not to use them while plugged in.

In terms of battery backup I’d definitely say the Norelco 9000 has surpassed them all, which the Norelco 7000 closely behind.


Lastly, I’ll analyze the Philips Multigroom 5000 vs 7000 vs 9000 debate from the warranty’s point of view. The 5000 device comes with a 4-year official warranty from Philips, the 7000 comes with a 5-year and the 9000 comes with an astounding 10-year warranty!

What I must tell you is that, all of these devices are made to last and I’ve had both of the 5000 and 7000 units in my collection for a couple of years now. Neither of them had run into any trouble and I hope my new 9000 device should do the same.

If not, I have 10 years ahead of me to send it back to the company so that’s how long I can use it without any tension!


After this intense battle between Philips Multigroom 5000 vs 7000 vs 9000, you are probably expecting a winner out of it. Don’t worry, I’m not going to disappoint you!

What I must tell you first is that price is a huge factor while placing a verdict, so keep that in the back of your mind when you receive my opinion.

From my extensive uses and experimentations, I declare the Norelco Series 9000 as the winner because of its all-round performance. It can not only trim but also shave with the foil and has the ability to shave the body better than the rest of the devices in concern here.

If you consider the price point, you must remember the gigantic 10 year warranty that it comes with which makes it a guaranteed worthy investment.

Thus I’ve placed it above both the Series 5000 and 7000. However, the Series 5000 is a great choice for first timers and a solid basic device for regular trimming duties.

But if you don’t have body shaving priorities and don’t intend on spending much, I’d suggest you to go for the Series 7000 as it shares almost all the features that the 9000 does. In the end, it all comes down to your preferences and grooming needs to pick your own winner.

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