Almost a quarter of all electric razors bought in 2016 were Philips shavers. That’s because Philips has sculpted a name for itself of being cutting edge in the world of electric razors, and with products like Philips Norelco 5100, you can definitely see how. This shaver comes in a sleek design with simple attachments, and yet it’s able to do a whole lot. In this Philips Norelco 5100 review I provide you with the pertinent information about this electric razor with all its pros and cons, to see if it holds up to the standard you expect.

When making an investment in a good shaver, you want to be sure to get the right product for the job. Buying a shaver is a one-time cost, as long as you choose the right one. While your wet shaving routine might seem more affordable in the short term, the costs add up over time. It is far more cost effective to invest in a quality electric razor.

How do you know what to look for? Well, it comes down to what you value in a shave.

  • Do you want the process to be easy and quick?
  • Do you want your shaving experience to be comfortable, without skin irritation or nicks?
  • Do you want to be able to conveniently take your shaver in the car or even in the shower?
  • Do you, above all, want to make sure you look good every single time?

I’m going to be looking at these important factors, and more, as I review this product.

Philips Norelco 5100 Specification

FeaturesPhilips Norelco 5100
Shaving technologylift & trim
Blade TypeDual Cut
Length settings17 ( 0.4 to 13 mm )
Run Time70 Minutes
Charge Time1 Hour
Hair Comb2
Warranty5 Years
Price Check Price

Who Will Benefit From This Trimmer?

Philips Norelco 5100 trimmer

The Philips Norelco 5100 beard trimmer is perfect for men who want a reliable shave every time, and to not be slowed down by the process. Its lock-in settings allow for you to choose and achieve the exact length and look you desire… anything from a 3-day stubble look to a perfectly groomed longer beard. Its lift and trim technology allows this shaver to guide each hair to be trimmed effectively.  It even features dual sides which results in even more accuracy on the spots that need more detailed grooming, without having to change settings or combs.

Men who want convenience in a shaver will be impressed by this product’s battery life and charging speed, as well as its waterproof design, meaning it can be taken along with you on the go or even in the shower.
This shaver is also great for those with more sensitive skin like me. Because of its speed and accuracy, it is gentle on the skin.

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What’s In The Package

Opening up the package I was immediately struck by how smart and simple this product is: there are just a few items in the package, simply because it doesn’t need more in order to get its job done excellently.

Philips Norelco BT5210Included in the package you get:

  • Beard and hair trimmer with power cord
  • Hair lift comb attachment
  • 2 additional clipping combs
  • And a cleaning brush.

The design of the shaver is attractive and sleek; its silver and black color scheme makes it look classic and understated.  It is ergonomic and comfortable to hold on different angles without the risk of slipping and tugging hair or nicking skin. It gives the sense of being stylish without being too complex, in that I could immediately tell what the buttons and dials were for. There’s just a power button, and a dial for locking in the length you want to trim (which is a great feature of this shaver we will talk more about in a bit). There isn’t any set-up required… the shaver is ready to go as soon as you open the package.

  • What This Trimmer Promises

Philips Norelco Beard & Head trimmer Series 51001. The 5100 claims to deliver “even length at every angle”, which means it’s hard to mess up the desired result.

2. It claims that in one pass it can give you the exact trim you are looking for, rather than having to go over areas again to even things up. Its hair lift comb allows the shaver to guide hair perfectly into being trimmed.

3. With a long battery life and quick charge time, this product promises speed and convenience.

4. Its self-sharpening stainless steel blades and washable, waterproof design mean that cleaning and upkeep is perfectly easy.

5. And it boasts a variety of different uses… from basic shaving demands to detailed, intricate trimming. After you’ve shaved, it can even be put to use as a hair styling tool with its additional clipper attachments.

  • Self-Sharpening Blades

Philips Norelco Beard & Head trimmer Series 5100 bladeThis shaver has stainless steel blades, which means they won’t rust after rinsing and cleaning. I really like the fact that it is fully washable, making upkeep an easy ritual. They are double sharpened blades that self-sharpen as they move. This means that the shaver always stays sharp, just like you.  Reliable sharpness makes for reliable trimming without any stray hair left over. The effectiveness of the blades means the process doesn’t take long, so speed is a great benefit of this product. It’s very convenient as a product for men on the go, who are on a time crunch.

The other great thing about these blades is that you don’t have to go over certain spots again and again to get it right, so it hugely reduces the chance of skin irritation. What’s more, these blades are rounded at the tips to make them gentler on sensitive skin.

  • What are the combs for?

If you use this shaver without any attachments, you’ll end up with a surprisingly close shave, similar in appearance to one-day stubble. The attachment combs give you a lot more variety and choices in what kind of shave you want.


First of all we have the hair lift comb, which works really well to lift and guide hair into place so that you end up with a perfect trim. The hair lift comb works equally as effectively for short stubble as it does for a longer beard. I found that it took away the risk of my hair being tugged or caught, and made the shaving process easy and smooth.

On the other side of the hair lift comb is a smaller comb that is just perfect for more detailed and intricate shaving needs, like trimming sideburns or around a moustache. You can flip back and forth between the two combs without having to change attachments, and that speeds up the whole process a lot. Just like the blades of the trimmer, the combs have rounded tips to avoid skin irritation.

Then there are two additional hair clipping combs so that when you are done with your shaving process you can move to working on your hairstyle. The hair clipping comb for short hair works for lengths of 0.4 – 7mm, while the comb for longer hair works for hair lengths ranging from 7 – 13mm. I love the fact that the 5100 can be used for hair cutting too… It really adds to the functionality and usefulness of the product.

  • What about the dial?

The precision dial on this shaver is well worth mentioning as a selling point, because it actually locks in the desired length of the trim you are going for, and ensures an even and consistent shave on every part of your face. There are 17 precision length settings that you can easily select from using the zoom wheel. Your lengths can go anywhere from 0.4 mm – 7mm (just for reference, in the US this would be 1/64 inch to ½ inch).
Because these length settings are locked in, I definitely noticed there was no tugging at all and the shaving process was smooth and completely comfortable.

  • Battery Life

I was impressed with the battery life on this shaver. It runs for up to 70 minutes on a full battery, and only takes 1 hour to fully charge. There is a clear battery indicator as part of the design, so that you can easily keep an eye on how much battery charge you have left. Once the batteries are charged, its cordless capability makes it very convenient for bringing with you wherever you need to go, and you can shave in the shower (because this shaver is of course fully waterproof!)
And you can use the shaver while it’s charging too.

  • Cleaning and Upkeep

Cleaning and UpkeepCleaning the Philips Norelco 5100 is as easy as running it under a faucet. The shaver is designed to be fully washable and waterproof, so keeping it maintained is just a simple and speedy routine. The included cleaning brush is very useful for getting out any small pieces of hair that might be stuck in the blades.

The only thing that I could suggest to add to the very simple upkeep routine would be to use blade oil every so often to get the blades lubricated. Unfortunately this shaver doesn’t come with blade oil, but I have found that a lot of the electric razors on the market don’t come with this either. The cost is minimal to just get some separately.

What I Liked About the Philips Norelco Beard Trimmer 5100

  • I really found it was easy on my sensitive skin and didn’t tug my hair even once
  • I liked the great battery life and short charge time
  • I liked the dial for locking in the length of your trim
  • It has a nice sleek and attractive design
  • It’s ergonomic and comfortable to hold in a variety of angles
  • The self-sharpening blades means this shaver stays powerful and efficient
  • It is definitely an easy product to keep clean and to maintain
  • It’s simple in its design and easy to use
  • I loved that I could use it for my hairstyle as well, just an added value on an already solid investment.

What I Didn’t Like About the Philips Norelco Beard Trimmer 5100

  • Doesn’t come with blade oil (a pretty minor down side to an altogether great product).

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How does the Philips Norelco 5100 Beard Trimmer compare with the trimmer that came before it?

Let’s take a quick look at how the Philips Norelco 5100 compares to the Norelco Beard trimmer 3000.

  • The 5100 is fully washable, while the 3000 only has rinseable attachments. This means that the long term maintenance of the shaver is going to be a whole lot easier and more effective with the 5100 series than with the 3000 series.
  • The 5100 has 17 length settings while the 3000 has only 10. This results in a wider range of versatility with the 5100, so if you change your look in a year from now, you can still use the same shaver to do a great job on your new style too.
  • Runtime on the 5100 is 70 minutes fully charged, while the 3000 has a longer runtime of 90 minutes…
  • The 5100 takes only 1 hour to charge, while the 3000 takes 8 hours! That is a considerable difference when we are thinking about convenience and saving precious time in a busy day.
  • And the 5100 allows corded use while the shaver is charging, whereas the 3000 can only be used cordlessly. The 5100 comes out on top for time saving and convenience again because you can get two things done at once.

Overview: the final verdict

Altogether I would call the Philips Norelco 5100 series an excellent shaver for its price range. Its simple design is packed with features that make sure your shaving experience is:

  • Fast (with its precise length control and double-sharpened blades it gets the job done in one go)
  • Effortless (changing from general shaving to more detailed shaving is so easy)
  • Comfortable (with locked-in settings and blades with rounded tips you don’t get nipped)
  • And convenient (its cordless and waterproof features mean you can use it anywhere)

It is designed well for men who have sensitive skin. It is very easy to wash and maintain.
All-in-all, this is a powerful and versatile shaver that consistently delivers a slick-looking end result.

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