The Philips Norelco NT8110 Nose and Ear Trimmer is an excellent little trimmer made by and backed by one of the most trusted grooming companies in the business. Philips has a reputation for creating excellent, high quality grooming appliances that meet a variety of grooming needs. Since not all grooming needs are the same, someone may need a trimmer that can trim unruly hairs from beards and eyebrows while another person may need a trimmer that only focuses on the nose and ears, not all trimmers are the same. Let us take a closer look at this handy little trimmer and see if it is the trimmer that will fit your needs.

Overall Specification

Height7.9 Inches
Width2.2 Inches
Depth3 Inches
Weight4.5 Ounces
Blade TypeRotary
Eyebrow Styling2 combs
Skin-Guard TechnologyYes
Chromium Steel BladeYes
Detailer CombYes
Trimmer ForNose, Ear & Eyebrow
on/off indicatorYes
Battery Type"AA"
Storage CaseDeluxe
Price Range$7-$17
Rating3.9 Rated By 120
Warranty2 Years
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A Quick Look at the Features of the Philips Norelco NT8110 Nose and Ear Trimmer

It is compact, lightweight, and powerful. This trimmer is easy to use, it is battery operated and fast to clean. This battery powered trimmer quickly cuts hard to reach ear and nose hairs. It gives a close cut and the rotary trimmer cuts even tiny hairs. Although it is small and compact, it is powerful and it is a good choice if you have coarse or thick hair. This trimmer is so much easier to use than barber scissors and provides a much closer trim that scissors without the risk of cutting yourself.

This trimmer does not hurt when you use it. Philips put a lot of thought into designing an ear and nose trimmer that does not pull hairs or nick skin and this little trimmer will not do either of those things, it is definitely “ouch” free. You will get a close trim without risking skin nicks or hair pulling. You would really have to work hard to cut yourself with this trimmer. The trimmer says it is for ears and nose grooming but it works great on stray eyebrow hairs, as well. The Norelco NT8110 really is a precision trimmer. It is easy to direct and angle so you get all the hairs, even in hard to reach nook and crannies.

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Some of the Trimmer’s Other Benefits

The Norelco NT8110 is small. It is battery operated and easy to travel with. You can toss it in a bag and take it to the gym, the office, or on vacation. The trimmer comes with a battery which is nice since you will not have to hunt through drawers or raid another electronic device for a battery. At less than $10 bucks it is a huge value for all it does.

It is easy to handle and looks well made. The trimmer is a simple to use, one-handed design and the switch is easy to toggle on and off with one finger. It does not feel flimsy. If feels like a “real” appliance, if that makes sense. Not like a piece of cheap plastic. It has a little protective head cover to safe-guard the trimmer head when the appliance is not in use.

The trimmer is water resistant which makes clean-up a breeze. Just rinse the head under running water when done. It also comes with a two year full warranty and a 45-day guarantee from Philips. If you are not happy with the trimmer for any reason, return it for a full refund. This trimmer really is a great value and a great way to stay well groomed.

Things You May Not Like About the Philips Norelco NT8110 Nose and Ear Trimmer

Like I said earlier, Philips put a lot of thought into designing a trimmer that will not yank out hairs by the root or nick the skin. Unfortunately, what you gain in safety you lose in closeness of trim. The trimmer will not give you a super close trim, which is fine for the nose where you don’t need to be baby-smooth, but it also means it can leave a little stubble behind when trimming ear hairs.

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If you use it for a long period of time, the tip can get warm and you will have to turn the trimmer off for a minute or so to let it cool down. And the head isn’t teeny-tiny like some trimmers so it may not work well for very small noses.



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