The Philips Norelco QT4000/42 Beard Trimmer: Looking good is an essential part of your life, whether it is to look smart during a job interview, going out to a fancy restaurant with your partner or just purely a personal preference thing. Sometimes it is inevitable to let your stubble surface or your mustache make an appearance and it can get unruly if you do not keep on top of things. It can be quite tricky to achieve a completely smooth finish once you have spent a lengthy and tedious amount of time in front of that bathroom mirror, but if you want to keep your facial hair and keep your stubble to substantial level, this product is ideal. This simple little product could efficiently as well as excellently answer your prayers and allow you to look and feel neater.

Overall Specification

BrandPhilips Norelco
Height9.6 Inches
Width5 Inches
Depth2.6 Inches
Weight9.8 Ounces
Length Settings10 Settings (Built-In)
Range of length settings1 up to 10 mm
Blades elementStainless steel
Corded/cordless Shavingcordless
Battery TypeNi-MH
Voltage Adaption100-240 V (Automatic)
Running Time45 Minutes
Charging Time10 hours
Charging IndicatorYes
Price Range$15-$25
Rating4.2 Rated By 1085
Warranty2 Yr

This Philips product is the Buy Norelco QT4000/42 Beard Trimmer from Amazon.

You will be surprised what this little gadget can do. Firstly, the Philips Norelco QT4000/42 Beard Trimmer has a considerable amount of battery life. The 10 hour charge leaves you with a 35 minutes battery life. It also has integrated length settings from 1mm to 10mm. The product also includes a regular comb with 1mm precision increments

The Philips Norelco QT4000/42 Beard Trimmer is pretty much near perfect for what it can do and the cost. It’s very affordable price, which is reduced from $24.99 to $19.95, allows you to grip this gadget without effort as it is easy to handle. It is also optimized for carefully clipping your mustache and beard. Ten built-in settings come with this device which means you will not have to pull this trimmer apart as there are no separate attachments needed. It is sleek and smart with its black interior and the blue design in the middle gives it an extra admirable feature which makes it personal and unique. The product comes with a locking device which will prevent comb movement and also it would be very easy to clean if the titanium coated blades didn’t do it for you. The blades are self-sharpening so it does not require much maintenance.


Philips Norelco QT4000/42 Beard Trimmer – Check current price!!

No matter what product you purchase, there is always going to be another brand and design out there that if effectively better than yours. This product is very good but it cannot accommodate all of your needs. This product does not have the corded/cordless feature that some of the other products have or a turbo boost feature. While the battery charging time is a little lengthy, it doesn’t give you a satisfying 50 minutes running time which the other products offer; instead it gives you a 35 minute time slot which is great for a quick job but not so good as you will have to charge pretty much every time.

Is this product a great purchase?

To summarize this Philips Norelco QT4000/42 Beard Trimmer product, it seems as though it can competently achieve wonders to your facial hair. Not only is it smooth looking, it comes with ten different length settings which is designed to suit the user’s specific needs. The beard trimmer is also skin friendly which will keep those rashes at bay and seize skin irritation. The rechargeable battery allows you to use this a generous 35 minutes after your take it off its 10 hour charge, which will give you enough time to complete your grooming. It is also very easy to clean so you don’t have to worry about cleaning the blades as they clean themselves. Compared to other Philips gadgets similar to this, it isn’t as great as the others but it’s not far off from being of their quality standard; for the affordable price, you wouldn’t want to argue with its impressive features. So get in shape with this affordable appliance and gain
the perfect style to your stubble with ease.

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