Phillips indeed has a good taste when it comes to shavers and trimmers for men. Don’t believe me? Take one look at the Phillips Norelco QT 4070 and you’ll see a sleek machine. This will surely get your attention when it comes to design and a decent price.

But none of us buy shavers for their looks. We need to have a solid performance to go with it as well. As it turns out, Norelco 7300 (I like the simple version better as the model is a mouthful to pronounce) gives you a good clean shave and an even better trimming experience.

People can trim their sideburns, mustaches, goatee, and thick beards using this wonder of a machine. For a shaver priced under $100, this thing exceeded my expectations.

How? I’ve documented the answer to this simple question in my detailed review of Phillips Norelco Beard Trimmer 7300. Give it a read to find out.

A Complete Kit Out of the Box

For the price range, I was actually surprised to see what Philips offered straight out of the box. They threw in a complete trimming kit.

Unboxing this baby was nothing less than satisfactory. The Phillips people provided all the essentials and more. The trimmer came with a wall charger. There are plenty of products out there that don’t provide a dedicated adapter with their products. So, this small addition was a treat (for me at least).

Trimming is considered to be an art by many of us (myself included). Even I prefer some stylizing options with my beard. The product came with blade guards which are also known as combs. These tiny things let you adjust the length of your trims. This is yet another smart move from the guys at Panasonic.

Cleaning is a big part of maintenance and it can become a real drag without the proper tools. I found a cleaning brush in the package. It’s not too fancy but it sure does get the job done. A handy tool to have when you want to clean the hair off of the blades.

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I Liked the Build Quality of the Trimmer

The basic build quality of a trimmer is vital for the overall grooming experience. The trimmer has a plastic body. Don’t be alarmed! the construction is solid nevertheless. You’ll find a lot of trimmers out there that use flimsy and cheap plastic. Trust me, this goes leagues beyond.

The design itself is more than impressive. It feels easy on the palm and offers a solid grip. Bulky and unattractive grooming items can be a total dealbreaker if you are into aesthetics. I placed it in line with my other grooming products and it looked pretty sleek.

As for the color blend on the exterior, Philips went for a mixture of blue, black, white, and grey. Check out the looks for yourself. It looks more stunning in real life; you can take my word for it.

The Blades Will Give You an Edge in Trimming

One of the best features of this trimmer that it utilizes self-sharpening blades. These can serve your needs for up to two years (Depending on usage).

Some of you might be very much interested in the fabled 0.5mm cut. This is very much achievable with the Philips Norelco Beard-Trimmer 7300. All you have to do is remove the top guard and you are good to go!

The trimmer undoubtedly cuts better than the competition. You’ll surely realize the difference on the first stroke. This not only cuts down your facial hair but time as well. Be it a full shave or a partial trim, I only needed five minutes of my time to get things done.

Let’s Not Forget About the Blade Guard

A special addition to this “Almost” perfect trimmer is the blade guards. Make no mistake, the hair length can’t be customized at will with this. That’s why you have a “Fixed” guard and the flexible one. The guard gets the job done smoothly without any trouble. You can switch to the flexible one.

Just switch between any of them that suits you. You can customize the hair length either way and that’s a nice option to have. Just pick a particular length between 1mm to 18 mm. This is determined by a stable horizontal dial that is easy to control.

Versatile Grooming at Its Finest

Philips Norelco QT4070 BoxJust sliding your trimmer around the contours of your face is very basic. But many won’t be satisfied with just that. I try out specific beard styles from time to time as well. This Norelco trimmer offers a variety in style and finesse when it comes to cutting accuracy.

The plastic comb that comes with the package is pretty much ideal for 5 o’clock shadows. It doesn’t end here; the primary styling comb has options for 18 different length settings. And as I pointed out before, the secondary comb is efficient enough to offer 0.5 mm stubbles too.

The Vacuum System Does Wonders in Keeping Things Clean

There’s a specific reason for this trimmer to stand out from the rest. This is me speaking from my experience of using numerous products. It’s equipped with an integrated vacuum. This keeps things squeaky clean. Yes, I am talking about the overall maintenance of the trimmer and your washroom.

The vacuum system draws in all the trimmed hair and delivers them to a small tray. This makes cleaning significantly easier and less time-consuming. This doesn’t, of course, collect every bit of hair. But indeed, most of them (I’m talking 70%). You will find very few of them in the sink nevertheless.

Do you know that you can run the device in several modes (I’ll go in-depth momentarily)? I was pleased to see that the vacuum works more efficiently on “Turbo Mode.” The cleaning efficiency goes up to 90% in this case.

You Can Shave at Ease with Normal Mode

As I mentioned earlier, you can work with several modes when using Phillips Norelco 7300. The default mode is “Normal” where people can go about shaving or trimming at a manageable speed. Maneuverability won’t be an issue when you consider the blade and shaving head guards.

There’re minimal possibilities for cuts and nicks. The pivoting head glides along the contours of your face. Even hard to reach areas like jawlines become quite accessible. After a few days with Phillips Norelco 7300, I could finish a clean shave within five minutes.

I literally needed to go over the tough spot just once to get the job done.

There’s a Turbo Mode for Harder Beards!

I found the turbo mode on this device to be fun if not fascinating. For those who have a tougher texture on their beard then this will be a total lifesaver. From my experience, thicker hear needs more torque to get sized up.

I kept my beard as is for three weeks or so. But the turbo mode and the increased speeds allowed me to get them back in shape in no time.

However, I’d advise you to make sure that the device doesn’t run too hot while in this mode. Boosted fan speeds do elevate the temperature to some extent. So, a bit of extra caution is advised.

The Control Dial Helps You in Determining Your Hair Length

Want more control over your device besides the two “Speed Modes?” Phillips has a way for that as well. Feel free to use the horizontal dial that controls the lengths of blades and combs. This way, you can cut or stylize your mustache and beard down to a precise size.

Don’t worry about the dial going bad anytime soon. Once you set it to a position, it doesn’t budge. The switch doesn’t loosen to offer variable lengths as well. This is the exact reason the machine claims and “Actually” cuts more hair than its competitors.

Zoom Lock Makes Working with Modes Easier Than Ever

It would simply be a crime if I didn’t mention the “Zoom Lock” that this little beast here is offering. Tame the raw power with this lock system with a simple press of a button. You don’t have to hold on to it for making it run on a single preset.

In layman’s terms: You switch to a mode and press the button just once. The shaver will keep working with the mode until you change it again. Unlike other shaving machines, you don’t need to press the “Mode” button and keep it pressed till you’re done. That’s something I learned to appreciate.

The Battery Backup Exceeded My Expectations

Apart from the guard length, the indicator on this device does display the battery status. Along with displaying the juice remaining in the device, it also shows how much time it needs to fully charge up. These small additions add up and help to create a solid impression.

The Lithium-ion battery gets fully charged in an hour. As for the backup, it can take up to 50-75 minutes of continuous trimming. If you have used electric trimmers before, you’ll know that this is impressive without a doubt.

Another awesome perk of this device is that it can be used while the cord is still attached. If you are not worried about a dangling wire coming in your way, you’ll have unlimited battery life at your disposal.

The adapter that is provided to charge the battery is capable of handling 110V to 250V outlets. So, it won’t be an issue finding a proper outlet to charge the Norelco 7300.

There’s a Travel Lock in Place as Well

It’s become a norm for Phillips to add Travel Locks in their machines. These sorts of locks keep the machine quiet when you’re traveling. Turn this thing on and it won’t start accidentally. It’ll save you some battery power for the time you need it the most.

Other than this, the motor won’t cut through the luggage compartment and clothes when inside the suitcase. This is a huge lifesaver you ask me as I had to replace torn T-shirts and formal blazers in the past. With Norelco 7300, I didn’t have to go through the hassle again.

I Just Happen to Have Some Maintenance Tips for You!

Apart from the basic cleaning of the brush that’s included, you might want to rinse it in water from time to time. The Blade Cutter unit can be removed and washed separately.

All you have to do is, make sure that it dries up before getting attached again. The device isn’t waterproof. This might not be a total deal breaker but it is best to be careful.

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What I Like about this Trimmer

  • The battery performance is superb. Lasts longer than the time it takes to charge up.
  • The turbo mode is really efficient and great when it comes to dense facial hair.
  • The safety lock is something worth appreciating. Thanks to this you won’t accidentally turn the machine on.
  • Very well priced and beyond what one would expect from a mid-range product.
  • Self-sharpening blades are long lasting and don’t require additional oiling.

What I Don’t Like about this Trimmer

  • The vacuum system isn’t 100% efficient. It leaves bits of hair on the sink that require cleaning.
  • This trimmer isn’t water proof so grooming under the shower is not an option at all.

Few Words of Wisdom Before I Leave You Be

When it comes to trimmers and shavers, very few can rival Phillips’ quality (Braun. Cough! Cough!). With Norelco 7300, the makers seriously mounted a challenge for the rival brands to overcome.

This is a nifty little package at a nice package if you ask me. The only real challenge would be Phillips 5100 and 9100 in terms of user experience.

Other than that, this device is a good bargain with competitive battery life and a multifunctional display among other things. While testing it for my Phillips Norelco 7300 Beard Trimmer Review, I exhausted the motor as well. I can vouch for the quality and quietness of the motor at play here.

I’m pretty satisfied with my purchase and how it’s benefiting me thus far. However, it’s only my experience. I’m keen to know how the purchase turned out for you guys as well. Feel free to give me a heads up into the comment section and share your experience with this shaver/trimmer.

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