There are a variety of choices within the realm of electric shavers, making it increasingly difficult to evaluate which one to purchase for yourself, a friend, or a family member. The prices range greatly making it also hard to know if a lower priced electric shaver could be as well made as the pricier electric shavers. No one wants to pay more than they have to for any one thing, but you also want to select a price point that is comfortable for you. Another consideration is the durability, maintenance, and the timeframe of the warranty.

Overall Specification

BrandPhilips Norelco
Height10.8 Inches
Width7.7 Inches
Depth7.3 Inches
Weight1 Pounds
Length Settings18 Settings (Built-In)
Range of length settings1 up to 18 mm
Blades elementStainless steel
Trimming performanceTurbo power boost button
Integrated vacuum systemYes
Comb typeContour following
Precision Zoom LockYes
Corded/cordless ShavingBoth
Battery TypeLi-ion
Functional display3 Indication ( Battery Level, Charging & Length Setting)
Voltage Adaption100-240 V (Automatic)
Running Time50 Minutes
Charging Time1 Hour
Travel LockYes
Price Range$45-$55
Rating3.9 Rated By 1909
Warranty2 Yr

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The Phillips Norelco QT4070 Mustache Trimmer Pro is a solid option when looking to purchase an electric shaver. The assimilated vacuum system cut your hairs amidst a seemingly clean and debris free process. This product offers a whopping eighteen tenable length settings in order to cut a huge range of hair styles. The impressive one thirty second inch can be reset all the way up to twenty three thirty second inch also known as one millimeter up to eighteen millimeters. The stubble setting provides one sixty fourth inch also known as point five millimeter setting, allowing you to professionally manicure your beard.

Turbo Power

The innovative turbo power supports a fast cut that is powered by a smooth fan speed, which helps you tend your hygiene very quickly and efficiently. The Phillips Norelco also shares a multifunctional display for the battery usage, aiding in knowing when it needs to be recharged and offers optimal use any time of the day or night. The multifunctional display also reveals the status and hair length setting and can be changed and adapted for your personal intentions. The addition of the multifunctional display is not only innovative but also extremely functional in everyday use.


The cost of the Phillips Norelco QT4070 and Mustache Trimmer Pro is considerably lower than other similar products on the market today, but do not let that fool you. This is a well-made product from a reputable manufacturer and is a solid option for your future purchase of an electric shaver. Other alternative products are sold every day for three to four times the price point of the Phillips Norelco QT4070 and Mustache Trimmer Pro.

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Take care to read the individual warranty on each product prior to purchase, so that you understand the nuisances of what the warranty will cover and for how long those components will be covered. Different manufacturers offer different warranties, but most will likely cover the more costly parts and service on the product.

Philips Norelco QT4070 Box

Customer Reviews

The customer reviews have been very good often citing how user friendly it is to use with the addition of the display with multiple functions. Customers appreciate how low the cost of the product is versus others that are tremendously more expensive. The Phillips Norelco has a considerably long history of service provision that adds confidence in the investment as well as good customer service.


Take a few moments to review how to care for the Phillips Norelco QT4070 beard trimmer and plan to follow the instructions implicitly as it will certainly extend the lifespan of the product. Clean the electric beard trimmer as often as directed and store it in a safe dry place.


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With so many electric shavers to choose from, it can be disheartening to shop around and wade through the throng electric shavers and beard trimmers that are offered for sale today. When you consider online shopping and purchases it can get even more downright overwhelming. However, by learning a little bit about the Phillips Norelco QT4070 and Mustache Trimmer Pro review will help you see that it is a good choice that is offered at a more than reasonable expense.

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