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Philips Oneblade vs. Oneblade 360 Pro: How Different Is The Successor From The Predecessor?

Since taking care of oneself is more of a necessity for self-fulfilment needs these days, shaving is definitely regarded as one of the most important practices to add to one’s routine.

If you’d like to incorporate shaving into your regime, be sure to invest in the right tool before giving yourself the green signal.

Moreover, if you’re open to suggestions, don’t take Philips and their OneBlade collection for granted, carried by the OneBlade original and OneBlade 360 Pro, respectively.

Having a tough time figuring out which is better? This guide has it all written down, based on my experience with the two.

Philips OneBlade vs. OneBlade 360 Pro: A Brief Preview Of My Two Cents

Philips OneBlade vs. OneBlade 360 Pro A Brief Preview

Philips isn’t like your average grooming brand, specializing in making tools that only cater to one occasion more often than not. While the Norelco Multigroom series is made for body grooming, the OneBlade series prioritizes the upper half, taking care of hairy issues located around the face, when push comes to shove.

Since the release dates are not too far apart from one another, the OneBlade 360 Pro, in my eyes, shares multiple traits in common with the original OneBlade. While the upcoming portions will unveil them all, go through the following table to have a closer look at their primary attributes and standout features.

ModelOneBlade 360 Pro OneBlade
Blade System OneBlade Technology; 360 FlexheadOneBlade Technology; 2-D head
BatteryLi-Ion BatteryNiMH Battery
Battery Life 90 minutes45 minutes
Billed Weight (oz.)12 ounces10.1 ounces
AttachmentsAdjustable 12-way comb attachment, charging dock, adapter, cable3 comb attachments, charging adapter, cable, dock
Standout FeatureTravel lock feature, Adjustable clipper guard Lightweight operation, Two-way shaving head
Price See On Amazon See On Amazon

Philips OneBlade vs. OneBlade Pro: Differences That Work In Favor Of The Successor

Philips OneBlade vs. OneBlade Pro Differences

Right off the bat, the OneBlade 360 Pro separates itself from the predecessor in various ways. While many would be upset about the way in which it ditches some of the crucial elements of the OneBlade to form a new entity, I actually like how it’s full of change, offering a completely different experience overall.

Nonetheless, from having changes within its hardware to having upgraded means for tons of endurance, here are the differences that make the OneBlade 360 Pro more reliable than the original OneBlade device.

Attachments and additives

The attachments and additives remain quite similar, yet different. The OneBlade Pro features a different kind of charger for the new battery it carries.

OneBlade 360 Pro Attachments

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The upgraded version also carries a newly formed adjustable blade, which I’ll be covering in the next section.

The way in which the additives are compartmentalized is something I’m fond of, being much easier to unload and unwrap than that of the OneBlade.

Speaking of the OneBlade, it’s got a lot to offer within its packaging.

OneBlade Packaging

In addition to having the detachable shaver blade, it carries three different kinds of attachments, one of which is attached to the razor.

It also offers a charging adapter and cable for its NiMH battery, another element I will cover throughout the upcoming segments.

New Adjustable Precision Guard

One of the best inventions that is attached to the OneBlade 360 Pro is the adjustable precision trimmer, which is a selling point for various reasons in my eyes.

OneBlade pro adjustable guard

The first benefit that I adore about this item is how easily it adjusts itself and fits onto the blade. By pushing it back, securing the hold is a walk in the park.

Strengthening the impression even further is the adjustable guard, which spins itself multiple times before selecting the ideal setting for the user.

I personally am a big fan of spinning the wheel, as it makes the shaving experience more fun than it’s supposed to be.

OneBlade pro adjustable wheel

Sizes? It’s got plenty! From covering a 0.4mm shave to a 9mm shave, the new adjustable trimming guard covers 12 kinds of shapes and sizes.

This is a blessing when you’re running short on time and need a quick body trim, as adjusting the length takes around a second.

I’ve personally found this tool a breeze to use on my skin, which is quite prone to damage.
The adjustable settings may hardly ever provide me with a close shave that razors tend to give out, but also cut the right amount of hair without inflicting signs of irritation around the shaved area.

Comb guards of OneBlade

While the OneBlade does provide three kinds of comb guards, I feel that more is merrier in this case, which is why the OneBlade Pro feels more reliable.

Also, saving time is easy when you’ve got one tool that changes shape like a chameleon.

Extremely flexible shaving head

Shaving against and towards the grain is something that is easy to mix-up and lose track of.

However, since each skin responds differently to changes, shaving towards the grain can expose you to repercussions such as razor bumps.

Extremely flexible shaving head

With the new 360 FlexHead, this device feels like a breeze to use, providing tons of security during operation.

Since some of my strands grow against the grain, while the rest grow towards the grain, it’s hard to find another candidate that provides so much comfort when shaving at this budget. It also wipes the hair clean without any residue, and performs best when the battery life is full.

The OneBlade pro has a 2-directional system, which can still be great to use if your skin isn’t sensitive.

However, when cleaning compact areas underneath the jaw, don’t be surprised if you struggle as much as I did with this blade.

Ergonomic design and handle

Another addition that could be an incentive for many is the new design, which ditches the rubber-coated grip of OneBlade for a matte-based ergonomic handle.

OneBlade 360 Pro design and handle

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The paint job is draped in charcoal black, looking more sober than the traditional color scheme of the OneBlade, based on neon green.

Both of them feel quite light, but I am a huge fan of the premium feel the OneBlade 360 Pro gives.

Backside of OneBlade


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The rubber grip coating of the OneBlade can be of great use too, though, especially when used in the shower.

Powerhouse Li-Ion Battery

The OneBlade 360 Pro is definitely the better pick when travelling, not only because of its blade system, but also because of its endurance.

While the OneBlade is powered by an NiMH battery, the 360 Pro offers a powerful Li-Ion battery that runs for 90 minutes.

This not only guarantees a longer runtime, but also allows users like me to take my time when dealing with each strand.

It can also be a great cushion to count on for newbies, especially for those who haven’t yet found the perfect motion to shave with.

Another thing to note is how fast the Li-Ion battery takes to recharge the OneBlade 360 Pro, which amounts to 60 minutes.

Brand New Display For Battery

When Philips released the first OneBlade model, I suppose they just wanted to offer a device that makes shaving easy, efficient, and safe for skin.

OneBlade 360 Pro display

However, over time, Philips reached new heights with the newer models, one of which is the OneBlade 360 Pro.

OneBlade 360 Pro Battery Status Indicator

While the OneBlade has an indicator that blinks the shade of red thrice, the OneBlade 360 Pro takes things even further with an indicator, which I think is quite helpful if you often lose track of time.

The compartment contains 3 LED lights, where the one on top refers to a full battery life, while the bottom indicates a low battery life.

Reprising Qualities And Common Ground

While the new components can’t be denied, another fact that can’t be swept under the rug is the subjectivity of one’s preferences, which can shape the decision-making of this conflict between the OneBlade and OneBlade Pro.

The OneBlade Pro is easily the better pick due to all the new attributes and perks it provides. However, if your priorities are different, you can examine the qualities that it adopts from the original OneBlade model, which starts from the blade system and ends with how much water the device can absorb.

Performance: Powered by OneBlade Technology

OneBlade Technology

One thing to take note of is the blade used in each device, which features not only the same head, but also carries the same software. Both shaving heads of OneBlade and OneBlade 360 Pro offer OneBlade Technology, prioritizing sensitivity over a close shave.

For this reason, I find the OneBlade a big win as well, since it provides the same kind of results on my sensitive skin at a cheaper rate, despite being a bit stiff in terms of mobility than the OneBlade 360 Pro.

Speed and Efficiency

Since both are wired with the same blade and blade technology, the efficiency and time frame for results remain the same on both OneBlade models. This is great news for those working with a busy schedule, being even better if they’re working around a tight budget.

While the OneBlade 360 Pro offers more variety with the adjustable comb than the attachments provided by OneBlade, they feel equally powerful if you prefer wasting less time when shaving your face.

Button Placement

OneBlade power button

The OneBlade 360 Pro carries a better hardware with a sophisticated layout, but reprises the same button configuration as the OneBlade, carrying only a power button at the centre.

This is a positive for a minimalist like myself, who prefers straightforward designs over a device with way too many technologically advanced features.

Longevity Of Shaving Head

Finding replacement blades should be easy for both, since the OneBlade series makes the same blade for each and every model belonging to the collection.

However, the former won’t amount to any good if you don’t replace the blade on time.

In my opinion, even if you don’t see signs of deterioration, replace the blades for OneBlade and OneBlade 360 Pro once every four months, which should be more frequent if you use your device everyday.

Underwater Survival

OneBlade under a tap

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With waterproof housing, both OneBlade models promote and enable wet and dry shaves to their users. I’m all in favor of this, since I do believe that the pores of the face cooperate more to shaving sessions when hair is wet, enabling a smooth shaving session without any nicks or cuts.

Before using this feature, I always wash my face using a hydrating face wash, since my skin is extremely prone to dryness. I shave when my skin is damp so both OneBlade models can provide a great trim without leaving behind any awkward pieces.

OneBlade 360 Pro under a tap

You may follow my shaving routine if you’re new using electric shavers. However, if your skin doesn’t flake as much, you may use foam cleanser or clay cleanser to keep your pH level in check.

Bottom Line: OneBlade 360 Pro Is Needed For A Modern-day Experience!

In retrospect, I can’t help but count OneBlade as a compelling candidate, since that is the first device which made shaving stubbles and beards much easier when I first got into personal care. It also provides the right attachments with the comb guards, each of which work best with different facial hair styles.

However, it also has its shortcomings, which starts with its NiMH battery. This is when the OneBlade 360 Pro takes the lead, offering a modern-day Li-Ion battery with a runtime of 90 minutes.

In addition to providing ample time for each stroke, the OneBlade 360 Pro offers a better design that looks nicer and feels more of a top-grade model.

To provide better results, the OneBlade is enriched with a 360 Flexhead, which provides more reach with the same blade that the OneBlade shaver carries.

It also offers a compartment to keep tabs on the battery life, which is something that Philips should’ve incorporated onto the first OneBlade model as well due to how helpful it tends to be.

All in all, what you prioritize should shape up your decision. If you want a close shave without hampering your skin, both can serve as reliable companions.

And while you may put your money in the older model to save some change from your budget, go all out for the OneBlade 360 Pro if you want a device that provides all the essentials, such as reliable battery life, flexible shaving system, a power indicator, and an adjustable comb guard that saves time!

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