Pitbull Gold Shaver: Is It a Good Choice for Head Shaving?

For some men, shaving their head is a personal style choice. For others, it’s due to a receding hairline or bald spot. It just makes sense to shave since it’s a style that many love.

For a good shave, though, it’s important to have the right device. A good shaver will leave your skin smooth and supple. A bad shaver will miss spots and cause you to get ingrown hairs as you move over the area frequently.

The Pitbull Gold Shaver is designed to be the best of the best. It has incredible features and design points that make it truly incredible for men who shave their scalp.

Pitbull Gold Shaver Specification:

FeaturesPitbull Gold Shaver
Brand Skull Shaver
Best forBald head shaving
Run Time90 Minutes
Number of Head5
Warranty1 Year
Dimensions3.5 x 2.4 x 3.5 "
Price Check Price

Overview of the Features

  • Flexible Shaving Head

Due to the shape of your head, it’s vital that the shaver moves freely. The shaving head of the Pitbull is contoured to hug the curves. The round shape of your head means you need that flexibility.

The cutters should be in constant contact with your skin. The shaving head also has beveled blades to stay on the skin. That will remove the most hairs without many passes.

  • Ergonomic Grip

The grip is made to work with this type of shaver. Hold the shaver in the palm of your hand to slide the blades across your skin. It’s meant to be rotated as needed.

Holding it between your fingers gives you a varied way to shave. As you pass the shaver over your skin, use the palm of your hand to feel for hair. It’s a great way to get a cleaner, smoother shave. You’ll feel any hairs that were missed.

  • Rotary Cutters

There are five rotary cutting blades on the surface of the device. The rotary cutters are individually flexible from the next. The cutters work in any direction, too.

You might want to create circles with the shaver or shave front to back. This is a shaver that works with your personalized shaving style. All directions provide a shave that won’t cause irritation or nicks in the skin.

  • Increased Cutting Area

With five rotary cutters available, this shaver has a huge cutting surface. The company has increased the cutting area from previous generations of this shaver.

They gave it better components as well as better quality. That includes the rotary blades. While facial shavers aren’t great for shaving the head, the opposite isn’t true. This is a great shaver to use on the face as it covers more of the skin.

More skin coverage and cutting area means less time going over the same area time and again. You’re less likely to experience irritation with less passes.

  • Water-Resistant Technology

This shaver is rated IPX5. It’s water resistant, but can’t be submerged deep. You can take it into the shower and use it with shaving cream. It’s not recommended that you use shaving gel, though. It can clog up the slots.

The shaver is self cleaning, so you can rinse it under running water as you shave. The hairs will come out of the shaver as it runs. You shouldn’t submerge the entire shaver into a sink full of water, though.

  • Lithium-Ion Battery

This is a rechargeable battery that is used to power most electronics. It’s meant for high-end devices that rely heavily on the power. It charges faster than other kinds of batteries, too.

After a full charge, the Pitbull has 90 minutes of operation available. One of the best things about this shaver is that you can use it with the cord. If you are low on charge, you can easily plug the shaver into the wall. It only takes 2.5 hours to fully charge.

  • LED Battery Indicator

On the top of the shaver, there’s a battery indicator. The screen is near the power button. It’s an illuminated LED indicator that will let you know how much percentage is left on the charge.

When you’re on the go, it’s likely that you’ll lose track of how often the shaver needs to be charged. It’s not a worry with the LED battery indicator.

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Shaving Performance for the Head

Pitbull gold head shaving performance

This shaver is made specifically for a certain area of the body. It’s tempting to use a regular face shaver on the head. You’ll end up not getting the same results as you do on your facial hair, though.

Your head is a spherical object. Your face has slight angles, but it’s mostly a flat surface. With a head shaver, you need one that’s comfortable to hold. It should be designed specifically for that task.

The Pitbull Gold has the design to perform the task very well. Especially since you won’t be able to see your entire head very well. It’ll help you when reaching around to the back of your head.

You can hold it in the palm of your hand or between two fingers to shave. It allows for overlapping, so you can easily cover large areas of your head.

It leaves behind an incredibly smooth, shiny surface. Using most shavers, you’ll have to touch up your shave every other day. With this one, you can easily go a few days between shaves.

Quality of the Device

Pitbull Gold Shaver

This is an updated version of previous Pitbull models. The Pitbull Gold has an ergonomic handle, wider shaving space, and upgraded blades.

The casing of the device is made from a durable material. It won’t transfer any of the motor heat to your hands, either. The ergonomic handle keeps your hands free with varied ways to hold it. It basically becomes an extension of your hand. That’s due to a thoughtful design team.

The flexible, rotary shaver blades will pull in your hair to create a smooth surface. They move with the contours and can shave in any direction. The company recommends using a circular motion, but you can shave in any way that’s comfortable.

The blades, casing, and battery are durable and made to last.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Pitbull gold shaver cleaning

It’s vital that you keep your shaver clean and free of dirt and debris. That includes oils from the skin, too. All of those things can actually clog the shaver and cause the blades to stop working.

For the best results with your shaver, it needs to be clean and well-maintained. The Pitbull is easy to clean. The blades themselves are self cleaning. As long as you use water or shaving cream only, it’s easy to rinse.

Simply hold the blades in a small bit of water. Turn the device on and the water will rinse away any hairs. You can do this while shaving, too. Keep the faucet running to rinse it under the water. You could use the shower head to rinse the shaver, too.

The shaver has water resistant technology. It can handle a bit of water running over the outside. It cannot be submerged. Don’t place the shaver into a tub of water. When cleaning, just submerged the blades – not the entire device.

For routine maintenance, you don’t really need to do much more than keep the blades clean. Occasionally, you can use a bit of alcohol to clean the casing. It keeps the device free of bacteria.

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Considerations When Choosing Your Skull Shaver

  • Blade Replacement

The blades themselves are not self sharpening. You’ll need to replace the blades with new ones every few months. This is standard for many shavers, but it’s worth mentioning.

Some might believe that the blades should last for 6 to 7 months. Unfortunately, that’s not true of many shavers. You’ll get a few months out of the original blades before having to replace.

  • Warranty Void

When cleaning, it’s important that you don’t open the shaver. Opening the shaver will completely void the warranty. That will be a problem if there are issues with the shaver in the future.

The company will honor the warranty as long as the shaver isn’t opened. There are small pieces that can become lost if it’s opened, too.

Things I Liked about The Shaver

  • The ergonomic grip is a huge plus for this head shaver. You can hold it as long as needed without dropping it.
  • Its shaving head is incredibly flexible for the contours of your round scalp.
  • This is a rotary shaver, so you can shave in any direction.
  • The real estate of the shaving head was increased with 5 blades.
  • Battery is a lithium-ion, which holds a charge longer.
  • The Pitbull is waterproof for use in the shower.

Things I Didn’t Like about the Shaver

  • The blades are not self sharpening. You’ll need to replace them within a few months.
  • Be careful when cleaning. Removing the blades will result in a void of the warranty. The company is quite strict about it.

Wrap up of the Pitbull Gold Shaver Review

The Pitbull lives up to its name. It’ll stubbornly remove all the hair on your head with a limited amount of passes. It’s comfortable to hold for a long period of time – even when it doesn’t take long to shave. The shaver will act as an extension of your hand.

One of the secrets to its great work is the shape of the shaver. It’s not meant to be held in one way. You can choose to hold it in the palm of your hand, or between your fingers. The curved shaving head cups your scalp and removes hair easily. All you have to do is hold it in a light grip and let it rotate around your scalp gently.

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