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Polo G Dreads: Origin, Transformation & Trendy Styles In 2024

For all the right and wrong reasons, Polo G dreads have been trending on the internet recently and people seem more engaged about this rap artist’s lifestyle.

Regardless of the incidents, one must admit that Polo G knows how to rule with different dreads as it has been the case over the course of time.

To learn the extent of potential his styles may carry, we must take a walk through the memory lane and witness the gradual change in his interpretation of dreadlocks.

Thus, I feel obligated to present Polo G dreads from ground zero to his latest look for the fans as well as styling admirers to witness.

If you’re wondering how you can achieve these looks in the easy way, I got you covered there too.

So let’s hop on to this journey which I reckon is going to be an exciting one as we uncover the styling pattern and secrets of this rap phenomenon!

Who Is Polo G?

Who is Polo G

Polo G is mainly an American rap artist whose birth name reads “Taurus Tremani Bartlett”. He has such an influence in the popular culture as well as the musical industry that he was able to arouse a huge fan base around his work.

The music he has produced always climbs up the trending lists and thus we’ve seen his name in the US Billboard 200 and the Billboard Hot 100 numerous times, peaking in the top 10 on more than one occasion.

His appearance is another major factor that influences the young population to follow, especially his haircuts over the years. Relying mostly on dreads due to his natural hair, Polo G is a beacon for ones with similar hair and a solid source of unique hairdo concepts.

Transformation Of Polo G Dreads: Journey From Past

Polo G’s dreads have undergone a journey of their own which parallels the rap artist’s own journey through music and life incidents. No matter which point of his life you pick out, you’ll find him flaunting a dreadlock since it’s been the only major style he ever committed to.

That said, the diversity has kept Polo G relevant to the fashion industry as the celebrity always keeps on upgrading himself. Let’s guide you through his gradual hairstyles with a couple of examples put on display.

The Initial Haircut

The Initial Haircut

At first, Polo G was seen wearing a freeform dread style with thin locks spread all across his head. It was a reflection of his work where he relished on freeform rap at inception. I’ve broken down this style in the haircut section where you’ll learn how to do it for yourself.

From this point onward, Polo G started tying up his dreads that are guided toward the back. This was the first instance of toning down his overall personality from an explosive individual to a more refined one.

The freeforms took the final form when Polo G converted them into ponytails. He’d use tiny bands to fasten the tails and have them standing upright on his head. After this phase, the rap icon shifted to longer & thicker dreads.

Latest Long Dreads

Latest Long Dreads

At the latter stages of his life, Polo G undertook the rope-like braids that we know as typical dreadlocks. It’s poetic really, the journey from thin dreads to full blown locks which metaphorically resemble his journey & growth in the rap industry.

With the growing fame, Polo G’s sophistication grew which reflected on his eventual haircuts. Thicker dreads became much of his style and it seemed he cares more about his look than ever before!

If you want a more detailed analysis of Polo G dreads’ journey, check out this all-encompassing video.

Fan-Favorite Polo G Styles You Must Follow

Polo G is the god of dreadlock styles and that’s one of the many reasons this pop-star is adored by the fans. He does not only influence the musical industry, but also affects lifestyle.

Consequently, these 9 Polo G dreads will only show you a glimpse of that power he holds over his fans as well as styling enthusiasts like myself.

Freeform Dreads Overflow

Freeform Dreads Overflow

When Polo G was young, his dreads didn’t generate the refined look the way we see him today. It used to consist of numerous thin dreads that required a lot of time and patience to get done. But it seems he has been passionate about his hair even before rising into fame.

These overflowing dreads cover the entirety of his head with a burst fade around the ears. Polo G would push them upward in the front and control the flow of hair directed at his crown. In hindsight, it can resemble a thick, furry hat one would wear on a cold winter day.

You’d require some holding spray to keep all of the hair set at this angle, otherwise it’d keep falling over the forehead and cover up your vision.

Rope Dreads

Rope Dreads

It’s a fine rendition of dreadlocks that Polo G has popularized among men with curly hair. This style resembles the texture of a thick rope running across the head space. The dreads vary in length and as a result, all of it combined together produce a contrasting image.

If you want to mimic this style, go for 10 or 11 dreads all over your head. Leave the nape hair out of dread’s reach and trim it up so that only the dreads draw all the attention. This is a kind of braid that doesn’t flaunt the root area texture and thus is relatively easier to achieve at home.

Make sure to sharpen up the front area and chop down any hair that isn’t part of the dreads.

Barrel Roll With Messy Cornrows

Barrel Roll With Messy Cornrows

If you were wondering why Polo G is revered as a styling icon, this particular style should settle that debate for you. Take a close look at each of his dreads. He has focused more on volume than on number, thus he undertook the barrel roll method to reach this particular density.

Every one of these dreads are further wrapped with thin dreads at a regular interval. You’ll be needing at least shoulder length hair as the braids are to come back round for a solid fastening. The hair roots aren’t neatly distinguished as messy cornrows is the best term to classify them under.

It requires a lot of patience to get this style done, so make sure you have sufficient time in hand before you sit for the procedure.

Dreaded Mullet

Dreaded Mullet

Polo G has explored so many styling genres that it would be surprising if he left out the mullet design. It’s not straightforward to implement mullet to coily hair, thus Polo G had to be innovating to attain that look. How has he done it, you may ask?

It’s simple. Instead of jumping in with his hair all open, he created thin braids for structural integrity. Then he shaved off both of the sides to commit fully to the mullet aesthetics. As mullets demand you to keep a higher volume at the nape, Polo G simply guided his dreads in that direction.

A knot at the crown prevented the dreads from spilling, while a few strands were intentionally loosened for decoration.

Shoulder-Length Dreads

Shoulder Length Dreads

Ones with longer curly hair can fancy this shoulder length style which we’ve witnessed Polo G wear at various occasions. For the roots, you don’t need to be precise, but a zig-zag pattern can never hurt your design.

As per the braiding technique, it’s kept very simple and easy. Around four thin dreads on each side have been planted toward the front. At the back, the braids take a different form by consuming a larger chunk of hair and rendering that rope-ish thick braids on either side.

These two categories of dreads come together to work the magic! It’s suave yet a little bit radical since the design itself transgresses the styling convention. I guess that’s why it’s an ideal reflection of Polo G himself and stays true to his personality.

Narrow Dreads

Narrow Dreads

These narrow dreads that I’m about to show you are a trademark Polo G haircut. It’s a contrastive image of sharpness and overflow within the same design. You must start with the dreads as there are certain tasks you must perform later on.

Once the dreads are in place, trim down the rest of the hair body to a minimum which resembles a very short style. Grab your trimmer and sharpen up the edges so that these are visible over the forehead.

Down the middle, tie the dreads up together and push all of it toward the back. A couple of loose dreads can float over the forehead to add a messy tone to the overall look.

Mid Part Symmetry

Mid Part Symmerty

We’re back again at the rope-like textured dreads which I reckon is one of Polo G’s favorite approaches. Your hair doesn’t need to be evenly cut but the length is most certainly demanded since we’re relying so much on symmetry down the middle.

On each side, create around five to six thick rope dreads. This number can vary according to your hair’s density, but make sure to feed the dreads enough so that they look healthy. The length variance will render uneven dreads spread equally on both sides of the head.

You are free to use any hair band to tie up the ends. If you don’t have the length, you can always use hair extension to generate the same outcome!

Long & Wavy Dreads

Long and Wavy Dreads

For the ones with a lower hair volume, you can directly go for this design as it caters to thinner braid designs. As you’ll have natural curls, a thin dread would automatically turn them into waves which belong to a class of their own.

The way Polo G treats most of his dreads, the same pattern is evident here as well where he trims down the remaining hair body that’s not a part of his dreads. A line up trimmer sharpens the edges up front for distinction.

Now lay the dreads equally toward each side to complete this iconic long & wavy dreadlock haircut!

Shoulder-Length Random Bleach

Shoulder length Random Bleach

If you’re as confident as Polo G is with his dreads, then don’t refrain from going the extra distance that always pays off. With curly hair that’s at least long enough to be fed-in with hair extensions, you’ll be ready to set foot in the direction of this haircut.

Make sections that are to be turned into some thin braids. At random and toward the frontal area, feed-in using bleached hair extension for a dynamic effect. The rest of your hair can be fed with regular brunette extensions.

Such color variation is a very handy trick that not a lot of people are aware of and a low effort trick which works like a charm!

How To Get Polo G Dreads At Home?

What if I told you that you can do Polo G dreads on yourself at the comforts of your home? Sounds too good to be true? Not exactly!

I’ll leave a guideline for you so that you can easily apply the barrel rolls style worn by Polo G without running to the salon! So, let’s get started without further ado!

Things You Need

Before you get started though, these are the necessary items you should keep at your arm’s reach as these will come in handy during your styling process:

  • Rubber Bands
  • Locking Gel
  • Comb
  • Oil
  • Water
  • Hair Clip

Once you’re done collecting all this, start from step 1 right below!

Step 1: Preparation

For the preparation part, oil up your curly hair and comb them thoroughly so that you can further isolate them into smaller sections. The oil doesn’t need to be vigorously applied, rather just enough to have them untangled.

Then, take the comb at the root of your hair and create very small sections. Later on you’ll be wrapping two of these sections into two-strand twists. Make sure that the root portions are well-cleared using the comb for a neat outcome.

Step 2: Two-Strand Twist

Now, grab a pair of these small sections and spray over some water to smoothen them up. Then, twist them clockwise ensuring that the roots are firmly fastened. This technique derives the name from the way it’s made – as you can see- twisting two strands.

Repeat this all over your head so that you are able to create around 30-40 twists. You’ll be using these in the latter steps of the procedure.

Step 3: Hair Mapping

Before we move on to the barrel roll part, you must map out your hair for a smooth outcome. Pick 6-7 twists around your head and separate them in groups using rubber bands.

These groups will eventually produce each of your rolls, so plan ahead that way. You can apply coconut oil to the twists to render the following barrel roll easier.

Step 4: Barrel Roll

It’s now time for us to start doing the barrel rolls. Be very careful not to mess up the twisting directions as it can compromise your entire hard work in a matter of minutes.

Take a group and pick the left-most twist to have it wrap around the rest of the twists very tightly. Make sure to secure the roots, otherwise your rolls might come off after a while. If one of your twists runs out of length, pick the next left one and do the same.

Keep on doing this until you’re left with a couple of twist strands at their ends. Wrap them around each other and finish it with a rubber band. Repeat the process for all the groups and upon completion, you’ll be left with 6-8 fabulous Polo G dreads!

For a detailed & visual guideline, have a quick look at this video to clarify any doubt that you might have.


We’ll take a deeper dive into Polo G dreads as well as a popular incident tied to him. Let me shed light on these matters so that you can build up dimensions of knowledge around your favorite rap artist!

Q: Does Polo G have natural hair?

A: Yes! Polo G has natural black hair which he advertently converts into dreads for most of his styles. You wouldn’t find him displaying any other style than this, and thus Polo G dreads has become a trending search content on the internet as of late.

Q: Why are Polo G’s dreadlocks healthy?

A: For natural curls like Polo G, not all styles cater to the health of the hair strands. Polo G utilizes a two-strand twist which rolls in the direction of his curls, ensuring integrity of the texture. To push it further, it’s converted into a barrel roll for further strengthening and keeping the dreadlocks as healthy as possible.

Q: Is Polo G dead?

A: The news media has witnessed a couple of instances that claimed Polo G has died in an accident, while other sources stated the rapper passed away due to drug overdose. Both of these are rumors and the individual in question is currently alive and well.

To know how this news came into being, you can check this article for a detailed scoop on the matter. It has gone to the extent of reaching the origin of the rumors and debunked them with credible sources, so don’t miss out!

Final Thoughts

Now that we’re at the end, I hope you’ve been able to gather up enough knowledge on Polo G dreads and how you can personally go about this design.

It’s really a great way to reinvent your hairstyle if you have natural hair and are struggling to find a design that’s fitting for your character.

Polo G’s influences do transcend beyond his music and leave behind something more to be followed, empty shoes left to be walked in.

These repercussions create long-lasting impact as such hairstyles become a part of the lifestyle for many and remain as a permanent token of fandom hood.

Let’s only take what’s good in an individual and leave out the negatives so that more meaning is born in the stead of spite.

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