Complete Post Shave Routine to Conclude A Healthy Shave

Have you ever felt jittery skin after each of your shaves? Or the sensation of your skin drying out completely? I hope you’re not making a habit of living with such discomfort, because I’m not going to let you.

For years I’ve struggled with such issues and eventually I’ve learned the importance of having a post-shave routine that can solve all of these at once!

On top of that, a proper routine has taken care of all the cuts I accidentally made while running sharp blades against my skin.

I believe it’s high time I shared my post-shave routine with you so that you can land the benefits of a healthy skin like I am having currently.

So go through the methods that are the result of my many years of hard work and experience. I’ve tested these out on my customers as well and they claimed nothing ever felt better after their shaving endeavors.

Why not treat your skin the best that you can? Your options are right here!

Benefits of Post Shave Routine

Benefits of Post Shave Routine

You might ask, why is a post-shave routine necessary? I’ll say, much like a pre-shave routine, there are certain benefits of a post-shave routine as well. If I highlight the important areas from my experience, I believe you’ll understand it better:

Helps with cuts: Post-shave routine is the phase that helps you deal with your accidental shaving cuts. It also paves the way for a smooth healing which is one of the main reasons I go through these procedures every time.

Nourishes the skin: A proper routine after shaves has enabled me to ensure proper hydration and moisturization. It comforts the vulnerability of my skin induced by the shaving operation and makes me feel better as well.

Allows for frequent shaves: If you’re an avid shaver like myself, continuous shaving operations each day takes a toll on your skin. Having a healthy routine in your arsenal can aid you in this regard as I have greatly benefited from it over the years.

Post Shave Routine: Expert Methods

As an expert, there are certain methods I’ve found to stand out over others for frequently adapting and are generous to the skin. These are something you can follow regularly to maximize your skin’s health and avoid any harm that could be brought by your shaving.

Post Shave Routine Methods

Wash the Face

No matter what method I choose for my shaving, washing my face with cold water is the immediate step I take right after completion. A good rinse gets rid of all the residue from my face and helps me cool down any razor burn that I might have.

I’m always gentle during this procedure because there might be any accidental cuts and being blunt would only induce pain. Also, a good wash helps me identify the tugs or cuts that I’ve made during the shaving to process them afterward.

Additionally, a wash after the shave ensures that my wounds don’t have anything interfering with them and are free from any bacterial infection risk.

Treat the Cuts

Tending to my cuts is something I never skip even if I’m feeling very lazy or running out of time. Letting it be will only increase the chances of infection and delay the healing process. And if you prefer to have a cleanly shaved face like me, a close shave the next day is going to hurt like hell.

For cuts that are bleeding constantly, I choose to stop the outpouring first with appropriate methods. Things like a dense antiseptic cream or a bandage usually does the trick for me.

The cuts that aren’t deep or wide can be treated differently using liquid antiseptic lotions. I have to make sure that my hands are clean and pour out a small amount of antiseptic solution. Then I simply spread it over my fingers and gently tap on the cuts rather than scrubbing over them.

If done correctly, the cuts are usually healed in a very short time!

Dry the Face

It’s not ideal for you to let your face air dry as a post shave routine and it’s deemed as a mistake in the shaving world. I generally use a paper towel to dry my face and the drying animation is different from regular ones.

I lay a piece of paper towel flat on my palms and press it against my face so that it completely covers the entire shaving area. It allows the towel to absorb all the moisture instantly and doesn’t disturb the shaving cuts.

From that point, I roll the half-drenched piece of towel to wipe out the rest of my face to a complete dryness. Since my face has made contact with different types of chemicals in a short duration of time, removing all of it is highly important to render my face completely clean.

Apply Aftershave Lotion

Apply Aftershave Lotion

You’re probably very familiar with this step of a post-shave routine, although I’ve found out a lot of people close to me don’t know the proper method of applying aftershave lotion.

You must remember that you’re dealing with your face in a very sensitive state with potential nicks and cuts. So rubbing the aftershave solution over like a regular facial lotion isn’t the way to go about it.

What I do is, I take a few droplets of the aftershave lotion if I’m using the liquid form. I spread it over both of my hands and tap my palms gently over my shaved area. This subtly clapping motion ensures that I’m not stretching open any cuts during this.

Aftershave lotions function as antiseptics as well, and if there’s no major cuts from my shaving, this is enough to treat minor cuts or nicks. I advise you to endorse it as part of your regular post-shave procedure as it’s a good habit of protecting your skin from germs and bacteria.


I guess we’ve all been through the dry skin phase right after a shave and applying aftershave lotions. These procedures tend to absorb all the natural moisture from the skin, leaving behind a dry shell that is very vulnerable.

So I always apply some moisturizing lotion at the very end of my post-shave duties. It helps my skin to hydrate itself and restores some of the natural properties. The amount shouldn’t be overwhelming and a miniscule quantity of doses does the trick for me.

You can pick any moisturizer of your choice and it’s wiser to select one made with natural ingredients. From time to time you can even apply natural remedies like aloe vera, coconut oil or argan oil for this step as they take good care of your dry skin in general.

Razor Maintenance After Each Shave

Razor Maintenance After Each Shave

You might not know it, but leaving your razor without cleaning or lubricating it after each of your shaves can host bacterial growth. And using it for your next shave can inflict infections that aren’t welcome at all.

Apart from cleaning my razor thoroughly, I use lubricating oil to lubricate the blades and the motors properly. This practice has increased the durability of my shavers and I could get close shaves with my specialized devices.

Also, sharpening your blades or replacing them after a certain period of time is a good habit to ensure a smooth shaving experience. Remember, even the cheapest razors can provide you with a grand outcome if you take care of it after each shave carefully.

Other than these, I generally plug in my electric razor to the electric adapter so that my device is ready the next time I’m going to use it. Premium shavers like Braun or Panasonic come with charging docks which is a lifesaver for someone who’s forgetful about charging their devices.

The methods that I’ve mentioned above are prime techniques that are worth pondering over and adding to your routine after each shave. These will help you in the long run to maintain a healthy skin at all times.


If you’re reading this, you’ve covered all the possible treatments for a sound post-shave routine. You don’t always have to try out all of them together, rather you can pick from them and create a combination of activities that suit your situation the best.

However, I’ll still recommend touching down on all of them after your shaves because that’s the best way to treat your skin at that certain position.

Also, maintaining your razor is also something very important that’ll come back to you – for the sake of your skin’s health and the sake of your pocket.

I hope these methods will benefit you in the best possible way like it did for me and many of my clients over the span of many years.

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