Quick Weave Bob: 27 Options Of This Gleaming Design!

Having natural hair is a win-lose situation at the end of the day. The strands are typically praised for being resilient, flexible, and aesthetically favourable, but taking care of any length of natural hair is as challenging as doing a plank for over a minute.

With the help of hydrating creams, masks, and oils, one can easily maintain the health of natural hair. However, if the pieces are prone to dryness and are often having to keep up with unfavorable weather conditions, wearing a quick weave bob can be an accessible way to tackle that issue.

A quick weave bob has always been around as a compelling substitute for those with natural hair. However, as the years passed by, the hairdo became more of a staple in women’s fashion, especially in the eyes of those hoping to protect the quality of their natural hair.

On top of unveiling the ways in which one can wear a quick weave bob, we will use this article to drop every piece of major information regarding the up and coming hairdo. Be sure to stay tuned if you’d like to amp up your appearance with a timeless natural hairdo!

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Quick Weave Bob Hairstyles That Can Rescue You At The Last Minute!

A quick weave bob is easy to install, coming in various forms to cater to a series of fashionistas. The hairdo is quite long-lasting, staying sound for 5 weeks at a time.

As long as you assess your face shape, finding a variation of a quick weave bob that suits you admirably should be a walk in the park. If you’re open to suggestions, however, be sure to give the following entries a much-needed chance.

Straight-cut Bangs

Straight Cut Bangs

Kickstarting this list is this low maintenance look involving straight cut bangs. It’s a great quick weave bob hairstyle that requires minimal effort to curate, style, and wear on a daily basis. With the help of some colour, the visuals of this look can be enhanced exceptionally.

Straight-cut bangs are anything but bold or exciting. However, the combination is quite flexible, catering to both formal and casual occasions with ease. The shape can also be adjusted with some styling products and effort.

Finger Waves With Glossy Edges

Finger Waves With Glossy Edges

Wearing a quick weave bob is quite easy when you’re not trying to defy the odds. If you don’t believe us, just ask this entry consisting of finger waves and glossy edges.

This glamorous hairdo requires perpetual finger combing to come into existence. However, if you’re looking to save time, try using hot rollers instead, which can bring sizable curls with healthy visuals in a jiffy!

For the edges, consider waxing the pieces before letting the edging brush work its magic.

Wavy Bronze Hard Part Side-part

Wavy Bronze Hard Part Side-part

If you feel that one side of your face is more favorable than the other, a design that you can wear using your quick weave bob is this hard-part side-part, containing tons of volume, shape, and stability.

A hard part typically separates the hair from one of the two sides in hopes of forming a side-part with fullness. The structure is often formed when the pieces are damp, and look even healthier when paired with warm tones.

Two Tone Wavy Middle-part With Edges

Two Tone Wavy Middle-part With Edges

With the help of a curling iron, you can even transform your quick weave bob into an exciting middle-part, a hairdo known for its elegance. When curated carefully, this wavy middle-part can be an effective way to give one’s face leaner visuals.

A two-tone middle-part is extremely adaptable, so don’t think twice before adding accessories. The colours used for the combination are not fixed, either, so be sure to find a pair that you resonate with.

Bleached Deep Side-part

Bleached Deep Side-part

For decreasing the visibility of your round face and enhancing the visuals with a sharper jawline, you can give this bleached deep side-part, which can be created using a quick weave, a definite yes. The bleach gives the strands a sense of serenity, and also provides the shaft with some density.

To form the look and sharp angle, using hair mousse is advised. You may also use a curling iron for some definition, and some hairspray to seal the stability of this look.

Frizzy Waves With Curtains

Frizzy Waves With Curtains

Believe it or not, but signs of frizz look great on waves, especially when you’re wearing a quick weave bob cut.

The strands carry tons of natural volume, an element that can be enhanced using the scrunching method. And although the frizz can be tackled using a straightener or a volumizing brush, keeping them around is the best move to make if you’d like the visuals to look as natural as possible.

These waves look best when accompanied by a middle-part, otherwise known as curtains. To increase the appeal, one may also use hydrating cream or wax.

Straight-Cut Bob With Middle-part

Straight Cut Bob With Middle-part

A look that will make your cheekbones more visible and your jawline a tad bit sharper is a straight-cut bob, which looks best with a deep side part, a slick back, or this middle-part.

The presentability of this hairdo can help you in meetings and interviews, especially if your aim is to look as professional as possible. If you want the strands to stay firm without accumulating any grease, use hair mousse and sea salt spray to seal the deal.

Bleached Shag With Deep Roots

Bleached Shag With Deep Roots

If you have too much length on your weave, a simple design you can go for is a shag cut, known for being easy to handle and style.

Once the shag comes into place, you can either experiment with colours to mimic the visuals of this bleached shag, or involve the razor method to form a distressed variation of the shag. Using a curling iron or Beachwaver’s items can also be in the mix to amp up the impression.

Quick Weave Bob With Wispy Fringes

Quick Weave Bob With Wispy Fringes

You don’t always have to go all in with your quick weave bob. In fact, if you’d like to use your hairdo to show your laid-back qualities, a chin length bob with wispy fringes can be a compelling option to try out.

The length of the bob ends right around the shoulders and carries an oval-like base. The wispy fringes are typically added with the help of thinning shears, but can be enhanced using flat irons for a straighter silhouette.

A-Line Bob With Polished Side-part


An A-line bob has always been a safe design to experiment with using a quick weave. In addition to carrying an admirable amount of length, an A-line bob also has enough flexibility to curate various hairdos.

From side-parts to combovers to braids, this A-line bob can carry the visuals of some of the best hairdos out there. One can also make the weave look more natural by adding glossy edges.

Hazel Blunt Bob With Freestyle Braid

Hazel Blunt Bob With Freestyle Braid

To add a little bit of flair to your quick weave bob, consider bedazzling the hair with rhinestones and beads.

But if you’re not quite into the gleaming display of the accessories mentioned, install a thin unit of freestyle braid instead. To add some fruitful qualities, consider adding a hair colour similar to ginger red.

Oval Shape Bangs With Subtle Streaks

Oval Shape Bangs With Subtle Streaks

If you’re hoping to wear bangs with your quick weave bob, try rising above the rest with the help of oval-shaped bangs. To ensure the silhouette of this look, use a flat iron.

In addition to making changes to the shape of the hair, try installing a vibrant hair dye. If you’d like to keep it light, however, try adding thin pieces of streaks instead.

Cosmic Buns With Hot Pink Highlights

Cosmic Buns With Hot Pink Highlights

Cosmic buns are quite suitable under casual settings, especially when you’re wearing a quick weave bob. The hairdo comprises tons of fullness, can be worn through various shapes, and paired with a series of colours. Since the strands won’t have to deal with any friction, the design can be worn for a considerable amount of time without showing signs of hair loss.

High Bun With Outgrown Sides

High Bun With Outgrown Sides

If time is not on your side at all, try accumulating all the pieces on the temple of your quick wear and replicating a high bun. To make the visuals look a but natural, use an edging brush to incorporate natural edges near the hairline.

This look is a must-have for beginners, offering an easygoing styling process. To add more elevation around the roots, consider using a blow dryer.

Soft Angular Bob With Shoulder-length Side Part

Soft Angular Bob With Shoulder Length Side Part

While mimicking the visuals of this look can be impossible without a flat iron, wearing this soft angular bob can work wonders for your career and social life. The healthy-looking shaft shows zero signs of dryness, which can be further enhanced using hydrating cream. The angle of the deep side-part not only generates more density, but also highlights the jawline in an excellent way.

Modern Wolf Cut With Multicolor Streaks

Modern Wolf Cut With Multicolor Streaks

Since edgy haircuts are on-demand at the moment, wearing hairdos similar to female mullets or a modern wolf cut should make sense, especially under the guidance of a quick weave bob.

Water-based products pair quite well with edgy looks. However, to really stand out from the crowd, try adding a layer of multicolored streaks.

Shoulder-length Professional Side-part

Shoulder Length Professional Side-part

Wearing timeless pieces is as easy as pie when you have a quick weave bob attached to your scalp, as it can effortlessly  pull off this side-part, which was made for 9 to 5 jobs.

With the length of this side part, one can effectively hide chubby cheeks and highlight their facial features. The volume can also be enhanced with the help of a detangling comb.

Stress-free Bun With Curtain Bangs

Stress-free Bun With Curtain Bangs

Grocery shopping is a regular chore that one needs to partake in, and is known for being hectic.

Since it is also time consuming, wearing comfy clothing and a relaxed hairdo can make the whole activity enjoyable and de-stressing, which is where this bun comes in.

Though wearing curtain bangs can be a good way to hide your forehead and introduce some density, you can also wear a pin-up hairstyle for some volume.

Wavy Side Swoop With Bronze Dye

Wavy Side Swoop With Bronze Dye

If you’re packing to spend a day at the beach, know that a quick weave bob will always have your back.

It won’t just allow you to save more time when getting ready, but also provide you with sufficient versatility to wear your hair differently without any hesitation. To make the strands favorable, entertain the thought of adding a warm, earthy hair colour.

Quick Weave With Waxed Middle-part

Quick Weave With Waxed Middle-part

Mimicking looks that focus more on elegance than boldness is also possible with a quick weave bob, especially if you’re into soft layers with strands parted down the middle.

Using a flat iron is compulsory for this look, but only if you want to replicate the straight cut visuals. If your weave seems flat, try reversing that aspect by using a hot air brush.

Crimped Shoulder-length Bob with Curtains

Crimped Shoulder-length Bob with Curtains

If you’re looking to rock a look which looks exceptional from the bottom to the top, this shoulder-length bob featuring crimped up curtains should be sufficient. The layers might require help from a crimping iron to come into existence, which comes in various shapes and sizes.

A crimping iron is the perfect way to add to the texture of the hair. Since the quality of your natural hair won’t be on the line here, consider using a titanium-infused crimping iron to fasten up the process.

Half Up Half Down Waves With Edges

Half Up Half Down Waves With Edges

Half-up, half-down hair is a must-have look to experiment with if you’re seeking a way to play with volume and add a relaxed vibe to your appeal. It is quite possible with the help of a quick weave, requiring a hair tie and some sectioning to come into existence.

The waves around the ends can be implemented with the help of a rotating curling iron, which is quite easy to use once you get the hang of its configurations. To add to the texture of the waves, consider using a crimping iron.

Bleached Twintails With Bangs

Bleached Twintails With Bangs

Wearing twintails can be a great way to introduce some elevation and excitement into your strands. While the look can be frowned upon under formal settings, the visuals can mesh perfectly when you’re kicking it back with friends and family.

Bleached twintails pair well with loads of designs. However, if you’re seeking something that won’t require your attention at all times, consider wearing them with bangs.

Straight-cut Finger Wave With Outgrown Layers

Straight-cut Finger Wave With Outgrown Layers

If you’re preparing for a red carpet event, wearing a bob cut with your dress might be a bit overrated and overplayed. Instead, consider wearing a straight-cut finger wave, known for comprising tons of moisture and being perfect for high-end occasions.

Finger waves are often incorporated using finger combing. However, the structure of this look requires a straightener. While using wax over gel is advised to ensure hydration, you may also use hairspray to seal the hold of this look.

Bubblegum Red Curtains With Bleached Streaks

Bubblegum Red Curtains With Bleached Streaks

A bob cut can look natural, but it isn’t the only option you can wear with a quick weave. In fact, if you have 2 packs of hair weft, and want to make use of the lengths instead of cutting them off, these curtains with bleached streaks can be a sublime look to take into account.

The strands can be worn with shades like bubblegum red, especially if you want your hair to look as healthy as possible. Consider using bleach around the hairline to make the visuals more appealing.

Distressed Curly Middle-part With Edges

Distressed Curly Middle-part With Edges

If you’ve got more than you bargained for, turn your densely put quick weave into frizzy curls using a titanium curling iron and bring this look to life. To form the middle-part, use a tail comb and a round hair brush. Make sure the strands are wet prior to being manipulated to form the curtains.

Additionally, if you want your edges to look polished and loose, try using a water-based hair gel. You may also use hair clay for a matte-based texture.

Electric Red Mid-part Bob

Electric Red Mid-part Bob

To play it safe with a quick weave bob, the best hairdo you can wear is a middle part, which looks great as long as the shape is curated on damp hair. The look runs quite low on fullness, but has enough to accompany the wearer at work, and make them stand out exceptionally at parties.

A mid-part bob also mixes well with colours, but often looks best when draped in vibrant hues of red.

Is It Worth The Hassle? Unveiling The Pros Of Wearing A Quick Weave Bob

While the main agenda of this article is to show just how much room a quick weave bob offers to those with afro-textured hair for running experiments, the second half contains informative pieces that can be of great help if you stumbled upon this article without any prior research.

In addition to offering 27 different hairstyles at one go, a quick weave is often praised for the benefits it offers to those with afro-textured hair. From shielding the cuticles to having a massive shelf life, here are all the pros of a quick weave bob.

It protects natural hair

Despite being unnatural, a quick weave bob carries the traits of protective hairstyles, such as braids and dreads. Although wearing them for too long can result in traction alopecia and hair shedding, the look is a specialist in shielding the hair from excessive styling, shampoos with harsh chemicals, unfavorable weather conditions, and so on.

Offers tons of flexibility

A quick weave is a great option for natural hair to rely on, since its main job is to give the strands some room to breathe, and a break from harsh chemicals as well as styling tools. Since a quick weave bob can be transformed into a slick back, a comb-over, textured spikes, middle-parts, and edgy looks as elevated as a faux hawk, experimenting with the look should be a breeze.

A quick weave lasts for a long time

Just like most hairdos acknowledged for shielding the quality of natural hair (see knotless braids and 27 piece hairstyles), the duration of a quick weave is quite lengthy, and impressive.

Although it is a temporary solution at the end of the day, a quick weave serves for 5 straight weeks without showing any signs of deterioration or decline.

It is easy to install

As opposed to protective hairstyles such as braids, a quick weave is quite simple to install and implement. With the help of bonding glue, a pair of cutting shears, a hair dryer, and styling products, one can easily wear a quick weave bob to protect their natural hair. For more information, be sure to give the next segment a read.

An Easygoing Guide To Wearing A Quick Weave Bob At Home: DIY!

Now that you’re aware of the positives that a quick weave bob can bring to make your hair journey easier, here’s a series of steps you can follow to obtain the look at home without being the recipient of a botched outcome.

2 boxes of weft should be enough

While using 1 box should be sufficient for low maintenance hairdos like 27 piece hairstyles, the ball game is a bit different when you’re working with a quick weave bob.

On average, 2 boxes of weft should be enough to create any variation that shapes the list of a quick weave bob. Buying an extra box can help too, especially if you’re replicating the visuals at home.

Make sure the glue is sealed using hair dryer

Once you’ve covered your natural hair with a silk wig liner, apply some hair glue, otherwise known as bonding glue, in each region of the scalp and use a hair dryer to seal the weave once the weave has been attached. You may also use a diffuser if you’d like your quick weave bob to have bouncy curls instead of a straight-cut silhouette.

Create the separation using a tail comb

While you may use an array of tools such as an edging brush, hot air brush, hair diffusers and irons to curate ideal results, don’t forget to take help from a tail comb to divide the hair. A tail comb can be used to form curtain bangs, deep side parts, concentrated middle-parts, and cosmic braids on most occasions.

Add the layers using cutting shears

Most bob cuts formed using a quick weave are different variations of a straight cut bob, which requires cutting shears for precision. However, if you’d like your weave to look more distressed than organized, use thinning shears instead.

Use the scrunching method if necessary

While you can easily use hot rollers, curling irons, flat irons, and even diffusers in various cases, using the scrunching method can be the perfect idea if you don’t have any of the previously mentioned tools. Scrunching the hair can also be useful if you’d like the quick weave to look as natural as they come.

Add texture by taking assistance from styling products

Once the strands have settled in and you’ve obtained your desired look, you can either let it be, or add to visuals by involving more texture or volume.

For volume, use products such as volumizing cream, styling foam, and sea salt spray. On the other hand, consider the potential of hair mousse, texturizing powder, and hair clay to enhance the fullness of the strands and introduce a dishevelled appeal.

Frequently Asked Question

A quick weave bob can be a great way to give your natural hair a break from all the stress that it keeps up with on a daily basis. It is a specialist in coping with change, providing each user with a handful of designs that they can experiment with whenever.

With the help of what’s been covered so far, we hope you’re able to learn about the positives of a quick weave bob, and the ways in which it can be displayed for maximum appeal. The previously mentioned guide will also be of great help, especially if you see yourself as a one-man army. However, if you still have questions preventing you from finalizing your decision, be sure to skim through the following questionnaire.

Q: How long does a quick weave bob last?

Ans: On average, a quick weave bob can be worn for a maximum of 5 weeks, especially if you’re seeking to avoid signs of hair loss. However, if the weave is taken out and redone, the duration tends to exceed by 5 more weeks.

Q: How do I remove a quick weave bob from my natural hair?

Ans: A quick weave can be detached from the scalp in an array of ways. One may use hydrating oils to loosen up the glue attached to the piece in quick succession. To play it safe, using a clarifying shampoo is advised.

On another note, if your scalp is sensitive and your hair piece is stubborn, consider using a nourishing conditioner to loosen up the follicles before removing the weave indefinitely.

Q: Does a quick weave bob trigger hair loss?

Ans: When worn for too long, a quick weave can clog the pores. Sweat glands can also accumulate over time, making natural hair prone to dryness and breakage. If not tackled immediately, the wearer can fall victim to temporary to permanent hair loss.


When push comes to shove, a quick weave bob cut appears to be the perfect way to give your natural hair the break it needs.

While the installation process might be hard to comprehend as a newbie, the flexibility of a quick weave can be the perfect companion to have by your side if you have yet to find a hairstyle that suits your facial features, complexion, and frame.

In addition to protecting the hair from heat damage, a quick weave is a specialist in saving a chunk of time typically invested in styling natural hair. Wearing a weave is also feasible if you’re simply growing your hair out.

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