Best Quiet Dog Clippers: Top Picks & Reviews 2022

“Healthy coat means a healthy dog,” they say. That’s very true if you ask me. We can’t know much what is going on inside our furry friends. But they do show a lot on the outside, and we should always try to notice that.

Dogs need regular grooming to make sure their furry coats are in good condition – that is… free from pests, dirt, and clutters. This applies to dogs who have long and dense fur coats.

Then, there’s the whole matter of shedding. I will be honest, that’s a messy period of the year, what with all the hair flying around and sticking to every surface. Seasonal grooming helps a lot in this regard as well.

If you’re planning on going for in-house grooming of your furry friends, you should go for the best quiet dog clippers you can find. This way, your friends won’t be disgruntled. The trimmers won’t irritate your neighbors either.

At first, I thought I could use regular hair clippers on my dogs, but I was wrong. Over the years, I have tried a bunch of dog clippers. There are some which both of my dogs liked and some they didn’t pay attention to.

At the end of the day, my experiences with several clippers bore fruit as I’ve been able to compile this guide. Here, I’ll be ranting about some of the quietest dog trimmers in the business and how I chose them in the first place. Let’s get into it.

Why Need Specialized Clippers for Dogs?

Frankly speaking, it would seem like a good idea that human clippers can be used on dogs. But in reality, that’s a bad idea. Let me tell you why.

First of all, dog clippers are quiet. Did your dog ever get frightened by the sound of regular things at your home like vacuum cleaners or pressure cookers?

That’s because the sound they produce is alien to them. They feel alarmed. Human-grade clippers make that buzzing sound that even irritates us. Moreover, the unknown noise can stress them out.

Then comes the biggest difference – hair type. Our body hair is rather simple and easy to manage compared to that of our dogs.

Whether they have a double coat or a single one, their hair density is always more than ours. So, if you use human clippers to cut their hair, their fur will get stuck in the machine.

This will not only damage the clipper but may also injure the dogs. And if that happens, your dog will feel unsafe and startled. You don’t want that now, do you?

Even their skin is not the same. In fact, canine furs are more sensitive to metal-made stuff than us. So, human clippers may succeed in cutting one lock of their hair. Yet, they can easily cause skin irritation and may even cut them.

For these reasons, dog clippers are specially made so that you can safely cut their hair without causing them any harm.

The teeth on human clippers are set close to each other. It works for us. But as I said, a dog’s thick fur will easily get jammed between those teeth.

That is why specialized clippers for dogs have wider sets of teeth that help them to easily move along the dense fur coats.

While both ours and our dogs’ hair is basically made of keratin, their hair strands have an additional layer that protects them heat, cold, and rain. That’s why the blades of dog clippers are sharper and suitably sized to cut their hair smoothly.

To make sure these blades work seamlessly, powerful yet quiet motors are added for efficient functioning.

The bottom line is: our furry friends trust us with their safety. We have to make sure we live up to that. We need them to feel at ease. That’s why it’s a must that we use specialized clippers for dogs and nothing else.

Top-Rated Quiet Dog Clippers – My Arsenal

Now that we’ve established how crucial a specialized clipper for our dogs is, it’s time to look into our options. I’ll be telling you about clippers that I used for my four-legged friends in the following short reviews. Bear in mind, these are quiet as well as efficient in trimming of the coat when they need to.

WAHL Bravura Animal Clipper

The WAHL Bravura is one of the first silent dog clippers I got for my dogs. I was actually pretty unsure before making the purchase. The pack says this clipper is suitable for small and medium-sized dogs. To me, my dogs seem fairly big.

WAHL Bravura

After using it a few times, I knew I had made a good purchase. Grooming a dog, big or small, is no easy feat. With Wahl Bravura, I could confidently take care of my big boys.

The main head of the clipper is made of high-quality steel that does not cause any skin irritation. The blades are integrated with 5 length adjustment options in one head. You can change the lengths starting from 9, 10, 15, 30 up to 40.

Along with that, this dog clipper comes with 6 guide comb attachments that make grooming a lot more convenient.

Dogs don’t have the same length of hair over their whole body. Thus, being able to adjust the lengths accordingly is helpful. This clipper is suitable for most dog breeds. In fact, you can use this for other animals as well.

For example, can groom your cat, muzzles, fetlocks, ears, etc. of horses. Feel free to trim goats, pigs, and cattle.

A bit of disclaimer: I have only used Bravura for my dogs as an experiment of sorts. I can’t tell how well it works for other pets. But as it did a great job in grooming my dogs, I think it will do the other pets too.

Get Wahl Bravura at Amazon

The WAHL Bravura operates quietly and makes little vibration.

This is something all three of us – my dogs and me, are thankful for. They were curious on the first day, and when they found out that this “Thing” was safe, they simply let me do my work.

This dog clipper runs on a lithium-ion battery that \delivers excellent runtime and is cool to look at as well. It comes with a charging stand. The battery takes 60 minutes to get fully charged.

Once charged, it can be used for 90 minutes straight. There is no drop in performance until the battery is fully drained. In fact, it’ll supply more power when cutting through the fur in hard-to-reach areas if needed.

If the battery goes down before you are done, you can easily attach the cord and continue working. It’s ergonomically designed and lightweight. Thus, you’ll not feel any fatigue even if you are holding it for more than an hour.

There are two things that I didn’t like about this dog clipper. Firstly, it does not allow international voltage. So, it can only be used in the USA. One of my friends overseas wanted to get one for her Labrador but couldn’t because of this.

Secondly, even though the blades are washable, the main body is not waterproof.

Oster Golden A5 Animal Grooming Kit

The Oster Golden A5 is one of the most well-built dog clippers I got to use. Oster promises that the housing of this dog clipper is “Virtually Unbreakable” and “Chew-proof.” I don’t know about unbreakable, but these are definitely chew-proof.

Oster Golden A5

My husky actually broke my hair clipper once by chomping down on it. Since he couldn’t do the same to Oster Golden A5, it surely belongs among the best quiet dog clippers.

And quietness is a big deal about this dog clipper. You can change the speed settings on this clipper depending on where you are using it on your dog’s body.

With the low-speed setting at 2100 SPM, you can cut along sensitive areas and that so with higher precision. And for the rest of the body, you can speed up to maximum power at 2700 SPM and do an almost effortless full-body grooming.

I say “Almost” because getting to have your dogs sit and be quiet while you cut their fur can surely be tiresome. At least, it is so for my husky; my retriever, on the other hand, behaves well. Well… both of them are.

The body of the product will be of no use if the head gets busted easily. Oster has made the blades in such a way that they will last longer and will not get dulled. They call this method Cryogenic Technology, and it’s definitely worth my money.

In fact, the Oster Golden A5 is a professional quality dog clipper and is used in many pet grooming salons. And maybe that is why it supports only corded use. It comes with a 12 feet long cord, and so it’s quite convenient to work with it.

Clippers, whether it’s for humans or dogs, I prefer them fully waterproof. Sadly, there are probably very few waterproof dog clippers.

While it does not create much of a problem, I just like to thoroughly clean the clippers before storing them for future use. But this one is not fully waterproof; only the clipper head can be washed after grooming.

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As is the case with all kinds of hair clippers, they require proper maintenance. So, remember to clean the clipper head after every grooming session, and then lubricate.

Then again, lubricate them during the grooming sessions, especially when cutting dense coats. This is a heavy-duty product, and if taken care of properly will last for years.

The thing that did bother me a lot is that Oster does not include additional guide combs with the package. They are sold separately. And that’s not really a problem, but the combs can be out of stock sometimes.

Of course, in that case… you can use a regular comb. You will just have to be a bit more patient, that’s all.

Andis UltraEdge Super 2

The Andis UltraEdge Super 2 is a silent dog clipper that can be used in professional pet grooming salons. It comes with a durable body, long-lasting blades, and 14 feet long heavy-duty cord. The housing is actually sturdy enough to withstand falling from your hands.

Andis UltraEdge Super 2

This Andis dog clipper is a very convenient and well-thought product. It is as good inside as it is on the outside. The internal parts don’t require oiling and greasing. It requires very little maintenance.

You just have to properly clean the blades and lubricate them afterward.

This clipper uses a sealed rotary motor that delivers smooth and soundless operation. Even if you can use it for hours, the motor will not heat up.

This is something both my dogs and I really appreciate. The blades are metallic, so they would get hot if the motor got hot.

You can choose from two-speed settings – the lower one being at 3400 SPM and the higher one being at 4400 SPM. In both cases, the clipper runs quietly with as little noise and vibration as possible.

An interesting fact for you guys: The lower speed of this motor is actually higher than most other clippers’ highest speed setting. On the switch, there is a lock that makes sure the clipper will not get turned off accidentally.

With this dog clipper, you can groom the toughest of furs and take care of almost all breeds of dogs. I have heard that clippers tend to get stuck in curly hair and then pull at it.

However, as this clipper contains a brushless motor which does not produce any friction, cutting through those hairs is easy. There is hardly any dragging.

The UltraEdge blades are detachable and have a removable drive cap. So, cleaning the blades and lubricating them is easy. And the clipper has a locking hinge that keeps the blades secure place so that there is no lag in operation.

Get Andis UltraEdge at Amazon

Unlike most clippers, this one is compatible with multiple models of blades. The first one is the size 10 UltraEdge blade that comes with the clipper.

It’s made by a special hardening process that prevents them from getting dull, even after years of use. They have a chrome finish. It keeps them corrosion-free.

Then there is the CeramicEdge blade. It’s structurally more suited for professional grooming. These blades remain cooler than steel, last longer, and retain their sharpness well. This blade is sold separately.

You can even use Oster A5 blades with this clipper.

There are no combs included with the product. But you can still attach guide combs, which you will have to buy separately. However, with some practice, you can use this clipper without any combs.

Wahl Professional Animal Arco Pet, Dog, Cat, and Horse Cordless Clipper Kit

When it comes to cordless dog clippers, the ones made by Wahl are always reliable. Like the Wahl Arco Cordless Clipper Kit.

Wahl Professional Animal Arco Pet, Dog, Cat, and Horse Cordless Clipper Kit

With this silent yet efficient pet shaver, you can groom not only your dogs but also cats and horses. This is great for giving your pet whole-body grooming, especially in the tricky and sensitive areas.

With this Arco dog product, Wahl has been able to go a level higher in the cordless experience. Normally, a cordless clipper comes with a quality battery. But this clipper has TWO NiMH batteries, which are removable and rechargeable.

Each battery takes around 75 minutes to get fully charged. They each run for 80 whole minutes!

It’s as if you are getting an endless cordless use out of this clipper. The batteries are easy to insert and easy to take out. This makes it well suited for both home and professional grooming use.

The only concerning thing here is that this dog clipper works with electric outlets inside the USA only. So, people outside the USA can’t use it.

So, as long as you are in the USA, you and your dogs can enjoy an effortless grooming experience. The body of this clipper is slim and lightweight. It’s comfortable to hold and so your hands will not feel tired that easily.

The clipper blades are made of quality material that lasts a long time. The blades offer 5 cutting lengths from sizes 9, 10, 15, 30, and 40.

You can cut your pet’s body hair effortlessly, no matter where it is. The blades don’t get hot and are safe for your dog’s skin.

It operates on a single speed setting. Depending on the hair density and thickness, you can get the speed up to 5500 SPM. And that’s a lot.

The rotary motor is very well constructed. It makes very little noise and vibration. And the best thing is that it does not require maintenance.

The only part that requires some is the blade. You should properly clean the clipper blades and lubricate them after every grooming. And then lubricate them again right before your dog’s next grooming.

This Wahl Arco dog clipper is good for almost all small and medium-sized dog breeds. It comes with four guide combs that will help you depending on your dog’s fur coat and the way you want to groom that.

If you feel that the clipper will not get through the fur, don’t get impatient. Some tricks work on all dog fur coats. Long-haired or double-coated dogs tend to be more difficult to groom.

Make sure to brush the patch of hair first, and then hold that place flat. In this way, both you and your dog will be able to feel comfortable.

Wahl Professional Animal KM10

Wahl is a very reliable brand, and their products always deliver excellent performance. All the Wahl products I used were up to the mark. Here’s another Wahl dog clipper – the KM10 Pet Clipper Kit.

Wahl Professional Animal KM10

This is a corded clipper that comes with a 14 feet long cord. The long cord helps you to easily maneuver the clipper, no matter where you are using it on your dog. In fact, it can also be used to groom cats and horses.

I should mention that this one is made for “USA Only” usage. Just like most Wahl products. It does not work with power outlets outside the USA. We are lucky to live in America, right?

Anyway, this clipper is very ergonomically built. I used to think corded clippers would be very heavy or something. But not this one. It is actually pretty light – only 12.3 ounces.

Altogether, it’s very comfortable to work with. In fact, it has a rounded housing that does not let the hair to cause any kind of clogging around the clipper head.

The main deal with this dog clipper is with the blades and the motor operating them. The blades are made of high-quality stainless steel. These are durable, retain their sharpness for a long time, and do not get wasted that easily.

Wahl recommends that you take proper care of these blades to ensure that they do not get clogged from the inside. You should put one drop of lubricant on each side and three on the top.

Then… turn it on for a few moments to let the oil go well inside the blades. If you think about it, that is the way we lubricate the blades anyway. So, it should not be a big deal for you.

Now comes the motor. Wahl has used a brushless motor that delivers enhanced performance and has an extended life.

Wahl says that this motor has a working life of almost 10000 hours! This is great for professional pet groomers as they use a clipper for ten hours a day on average.

As the motor is brushless, it produces no friction. It further helps in making it quiet in operation. Moreover, it also makes the motor run seamlessly. Even when cutting through thick fur coats. And it requires zero maintenance.

This Wahl KM10 dog clipper offers two different speed settings. When set at the “Low” setting, this clipper delivers 3000 strokes per hour. At the “High” setting, it generates 3700 strokes per hour.

In fact, when cutting through dense areas, the clipper can automatically deliver more power and torque. This is due to the Constant Speed Control that allows it to deliver the right amount of power necessary to get the job done.

Oneisall Dog Clippers

From my experience, I can easily say that the brand name Oneisall is very close to “One is All.” I might sound like exaggerating. I get that. In reality, this silent dog clipper really does its job.

Oneisall Dog Clippers

For starters, it is definitely quiet. It makes low-level vibration and the sound is only around 50 dB. With this clipper, your dogs will never feel agitated.

However, make sure to let your dog feel that the thing in your hand is not meant for harm. The trust between you and your furry friend is important when you’re moving through his coat and trimming it with this little product.

It is one of the few clippers which allow you to adjust the blade.

You see, most clippers have two blades placed against each other (some have even more), and they function like scissors. The more at the level the two blades are with each other, the more strongly they can cut hair.

So, you can adjust the blade distance depending on the area and type of hair you are going to cut. There is a rotating wheel that lets you do that, and you can change from five different settings.

The fixed one is made of stainless steel and the moving one is made of ceramic. The blades are very reliable for cutting all kinds of dog furs. This makes the clipper suitable for most dog breeds.

I say “Most” because some dogs have really tough body fur that requires professional help to take care of.

If your dogs have long hair as mine does, there is always a chance that a strand or two might get stuck in between the blades.

That’s when the blades get stuck. The blades are removable and washable. So, it’s best to clean them properly after every grooming session.

There’s a small catch I haven’t mentioned yet. The main body is not waterproof.

Make sure to keep it dry at all times. You can clean the inside using the cleaning brush that comes with the box. And after you are done cleaning, lubricate the motor and the blades, and store them for use later.

This Oneisall dog clipper comes with six additional guide combs in the following sizes – 3 mm, 6 mm, 9 mm, 12 mm, 15 mm, and 18 mm. These combs are good for giving your dogs a personalized look other than just cutting their hair.

A pair of stainless-steel scissors and a stainless-steel comb are also included. If your dogs have long hair, you should cut it down a bit with the scissors so that it becomes manageable.

OneisAll has used a dependable Lithium-ion battery. It takes 80 minutes to get charged. Then it will work smoothly for another 80 minutes. If needed, you can also use it corded. The cord is not that long though.

Ceenwes Dog Clippers

A clipper from Ceenwes is your all-in-all package for grooming your pets. Yes, I said pets. It works on cats as well as dogs or any other animals. Not just their body hair, you can also take care of their nails.

Ceenwes Dog Clippers

Why do I call it an “All-in-All” package? Well… A nail file and a nail clipper kit are included in the deal. With the clipper, you can cut their nails, and then smooth them with the nail file.

Just remember to be careful when cutting their nails. They have nerve endings running through their claws, and so you may accidentally injure them.

A pair of stainless-steel scissors and a stainless-steel comb are also there. With these, you can take care of places where the clipper will not do.

Moreover, the comb will help to untangle their fur. If it’s too long, you should cut it a bit first before using the clipper. This makes the whole matter of grooming very simple and mess-free.

This is another dog clipper that lets you adjust the blade levels. There is a rotating dial on the body with which you can choose from five length adjustments.

The measurements range from 0.8 mm to 2 mm. Different blade levels are suited for different hair types and where they are located.

This Ceenwes brand has got the best kind of blades hands down. The fixed blade is made of titanium. The moving blade is made of ceramic.

Ceramic blades remain sharp longer than stainless steel ones. They don’t get corroded easily either. I don’t think I have to tell you how good titanium is. This is a clipper that will last for years!

It comes with four guide combs. If you are not comfortable at using the clipper directly, the combs will help you to easily cut through the hair. On top of that, you can give your dog haircuts customized according to their personalities.

This is a silent pet clipper that can take care of all kinds of pets. You can groom a cat, rabbits, and even a horse. It makes little sound. Less than 60 decibels to be precise. If you’re willing to be geeky about it, this is the decibel count for day-to-day conversations.

As far as the vibrations are concerned, you’ll not even notice them. It will not frighten your pets. Thus, your pets can have a comfortable grooming session.

However, you should always familiarize the clipper first and let them feel assured that it is something that will not hurt them.

This clipper uses a precision motor that has a copper spindle. This allows the clipper to run smoothly no matter how thick the fur coat is.

Thus, it lasts long too. But the important thing is, as the motor will not lag it will not hurt your furry friends by pulling at their hairs.

The only issue I found with this otherwise great dog clipper is the time it takes to fully charge the battery. The battery itself is of good quality and it helps to run the clipper steadily for the complete 70-minute runtime.

However, it takes 5 hours to get fully charged. It’s too long if you ask me.

What Makes a Clipper Best for Dogs?

Actually, several things do that. When it concerns us, it’s easy to adjust even if the thing in question is a complete wreck. But that doesn’t happen with your four-pawed friends.

After all, a clipper is something man-made. We can’t just expect them to be okay with it. That is why we got to try to find the best clipper there is. This is where the following factors will come in handy when judging a product.

  • Noise and Vibration – The Two Most Important Things

Generally, a clipper is an alien object to our dogs. Unless they are used to seeing us use it on ourselves, they will not find it something they can trust. Even then, they might not still be okay with it.

So, the quietness of a clipper is actually vital for your dog. Low noise and vibration mean that dogs won’t feel alarmed by the clipper.

Vibration is a big deal because when you press that thing on the dog’s body, they will feel that vibration. And if the clipper buzzes too much, your dogs will be uncomfortable.

That is why the first thing you should check with these clippers is if it’s quiet or not.

  • Pay Attention to Coat/Fur Type

Technically, different clippers work on different types of furs. Very few clippers can deal with all types of coats. That’s why you’d have to be careful about the fur type when buying a clipper for our four-legged companions.

Dogs who have short coats are easy to work with. Most clippers can deal with short furs. When dogs have long and sometimes double coats, the job of grooming them becomes tricky.

Remember, dogs don’t necessarily have a double coat if they have long hair.

With double coats, you have to deal with two types of furs at the same time. The inner, smoother coat requires more care than the outer one. With long hair coats, there is always an issue about managing it.

And then there are dogs with curly, silky, or wiry furs. These babies require tailor-made clippers. So, choose the dog clipper that suits your dog’s coat type.

  • Your Dog’s Breed is Important

It would seem that knowing the coat/fur type is enough. But you’ve got to think about the dog breeds as well. This will give you a clear idea about the size of your furry friend.

That is, a large breed dog means more fur and vice versa. Plus, if you’re into dogs for a long time like me, you’ll find some insanely huge dogs as well.

Clippers are machines that have their limits. If it needs to tackle more body hair, it needs to be built for it.

Some clippers are made for cutting small hair that has even texture. They cut hair in small amounts. If you use that clipper to groom your giant St. Bernard, the clipper will not be able to do it. That is why breed sizes matter.

  • The Clipper Should Not Get Hot

A machine is meant to heat up if it runs for hours. So does the clipper. But the part that gets hot is the clipper head that gets in direct contact with your dogs.

Luckily for them, most machines are made in such a way that they don’t get hot easily. And even if they do, it’s only the housing that gets hot and that part remains in your hands.

Ceramic blades are best in this regard. Along with many other qualities, they are good at remaining cool. Generally, metal blades become hot through friction.

But ceramic doesn’t do that. In fact, now some clippers remain cool throughout their body, and so they don’t heat up even if they have a metallic clipper head.

  • Blades are Important As Well

I feel that blades are the part of a clipper that is the easiest to decide on. Almost all clippers are made with stainless steel blades. So, if the clipper is for you, you can just get anyone.

However, even stainless-steel blades are not of the same quality. Depending on how coarse your dog’s fur is, the blades may not even work at all. Or they might get dulled or corroded very soon.

When I talk about blades, I am also talking about their overall designs. The blades of the dog clippers are specially designed to cut dense and thick animal fur. Their teeth are further apart and more durable than regular clippers.

In short, find a clipper whose blades are made of durable and sturdy materials. There are some clippers with titanium blades, and they are surprisingly affordable.

Some clippers have adjustable blades, and I have seen that they have both ceramic and stainless-steel blades. And that actually works very well.

  • Now You Need Power

Blades alone will not do any good if the motor is not powerful enough. So, the clippers which have a powerful motor work the best even if the blades are of medium quality.

There are various types of motors available these days. I don’t really know all the technical details. What I know is, these motors need to be quiet as well. You see, the bigger the machine, the more noise it makes.

So, don’t get a clipper just because it is powerful. Make sure it is quiet too. Power is still important as it helps you to cut the dog hairs with ease. And that means comfort for your dog as well.

Weak motors tend to lag when the clipper encounters hair that is hard to cut, and that’s when it gets stuck and clogs the hair in the blades. You don’t want that to happen with your dogs.

  • Convenience Plays a Key Role

Until this point, my focus has been on our dogs. But now that we have talked about things concerning them. Let’s talk about us – the groomers.

Dog clippers are either corded, cordless, or both. Each type has its benefits. Personally, I like clippers that work both ways, although I prefer cordless use. I don’t like a wire hanging from my hand all the time I am grooming my dogs.

However, well thought corded clippers do come with long (at least 12 feet) cords. It’s not entirely inconvenient to work with.

Of course, for cordless use, the battery is a matter of concern here as well. You should get clippers that can run at least an hour after being fully charged.

  • Let the Combs Guide You

Grooming is not just about trimming dog coats. At times, we shave the excess hair off our dogs. Sometimes, we just want to trim a bit of their already luxurious coat.

This is where guide combs come into action. They are the most helpful if you have never groomed your dog before. They help to ensure safety and give you the room to improve as you go.

Unfortunately, all dog clippers don’t include guide combs, although you may be able to buy them separately later. But I think all clippers should come with guide combs.

In The End, It’s All about The Dogs

I don’t think I need to tell you this. It’s a strange and beautiful relationship we share with your dogs. When I first got my golden retriever, I had no idea what world I was letting myself into.

When I got my husky, things actually went a little crazy. The two have different dispositions, they like different things and yet they are so great together. There’s always a sense of adventure for me every day.

This is even more true when it comes to trimming their hairs. My boys are restless and are easily startled. That’s why I need some of the very best quiet dog clippers out there. This article should let you in on my choices.

This is the point where I play a bit of a “Favorite” pick and choose one. For me, it’ll be a tie between Wahl and Oster Golden A5. If you really want to save some bucks for a solid investment later, go for the Andis Clipper on my list.

I’d be very much interested in knowing about the choices you’ve made. Or is the fact that you have some questions that need answering?Let me know about them in the comment section of this article.

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