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Remington Balder Pro Review: Is It Better Than Pitbull Skull Shaver?

Since the popularity of short hair has never been more prominent and this influential, shaving the head can be a good way to hop on the trend. While estimating your face shape and hair type is necessary to obtain aesthetic results, having a good shaver in hand is just as mandatory if you’re planning to do it yourself, which is where Remington’s Balder Pro comes in.

At the moment, Remington Balder Pro is one of the most convenient purchases for beginners seeking a triple zero buzz cut as well as users with a low budget. The gadget provides a series of features that can be useful to obtain the best results possible, including a good runtime.

Moving on, if you prefer keeping your hair in check at all times, Remington’s Balder Pro can very well be a great candidate to put your money in. And if you’re seeking a reliable review that covers all the characteristics, pros, and cons, this write-up should definitely be sufficient.

Remington Balder Pro Summary Overview

Remington Balder Pro is one of the most desirable head shavers that one can pick up right now. It has various characteristics and traits that are beneficial, offering a price tag that one simply can’t refuse.

In addition to being one of the more affordable grooming tools currently on the rise, Remington Balder Pro contains various feats under its belt that make the shaver as reliable and as efficient as it is at the moment. From having an overwhelming amount of track heads to being the epitome of flexibility, here are the key features of Remington Balder Pro!

ModelRemington Balder Pro
Technology5 Dual Track Heads
Wet and Dry ShavingAvailable
BatteryLi-Ion Battery
Runtime50 Minutes
Special Feature(s) Hair capture chamber, Maximum skin contact
Price See On Amazon

The Basics To Remington Balder Pro: Description, Features, Benefits, Cons

Remington Balder Pro is one of the frontrunners among balding men right now, and it’s quite easy to see why. The shaver comprises 5 dual-track heads, all of which are curated with an incredibly agile base that can rotate at a degree of up to 360. The blades not only travel back and forth to remove every piece of hair possible but also extend as much as they can to make an impressive amount of contact with the skin to generate a close shave.

The Basics To Remington Balder Pro

This head shaver is a win-win investment for those that desire both a wet and dry shave, since the build of it is waterproof. Once fully charged, the Remington Balder Pro offers a 50-minute runtime with seamless operation.

For its price tag, Remington’s Balder Pro carries an incredible build with durable materials. The device is packed with surprises, one of which is its hair-capture chamber.

On top of carrying the benefits mentioned formerly, Remington’s Balder Pro also seems advantageous due to its easy going maintenance routine. To keep the blades as good as new, one needs to lubricate and clean all 5 of the dual tracking heads after each shave.

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All in all, Remington’s Balder Pro is an asset when it comes to transforming coarse as well as fine pieces of hair into a buzz cut. The device has yet to back up its ability to be long-lasting, but it remains a must-have in our eyes due to how easy it is to maintain and efficient when put to use.

An In-depth Analysis Of Remington Balder Pro: My Experience With The Shaver

Remington has always been renowned for offering the best hair care tools at reasonable price tags. The Remington Balder Pro is one of the representatives that backs the former claim up perfectly.

While the previous segment unveiled the basic fundamentals regarding Remington Balder Pro and how high the ceiling is of this head shaver, the coverage might still fall short of being useful if you’re seeking to build expectations. And if watching videos isn’t one of your fortes, move on to the following section to learn about the fruitful experience I had with the Remington Balder Pro to extend your understanding of the device.

Inside the Box of Remington Balder Pro

Packaging: What’s in the box?

The first area that I assessed when I finally got the Remington Balder Pro in my hand is its packaging, which threw me off, but in a good way.

In addition to providing the shaver itself, the packaging carried a pouch for making journeys easier, an oil and cleaning brush for maintenance, and a guard to prevent the shaving head from collecting unwanted residue, dust, and build-up. For its price, the cover for the shaving head and travel bag felt like two added bonuses.

My two cents on its housing

In contrast to prominent head shavers like Skull Shaver and Freedom Grooming, Remington’s Balder Pro feels more compact and comfortable in the palm of my hand. The shaver’s materials feel as though they’re made of high-quality goods, with dimensions that can work quite well for those with small hands.

The device does lack a screen that acts as a battery indicator, but has two LED indicators that monitor its power and battery life. The spacing between each dual track head is a bit narrower than expected, but fits remarkably well with my lanky fingers.

Smooth and steady: Rating its performance and mechanics

As opposed to renowned brands that are also known for manufacturing top-notch head shavers, the Remington Balder Pro feels weightless. It only weighs a little less than half a pound, which explains its ability to provide a seamless session without any hiccups.

The dual track heads and their reach really come in clutch when removing even the tiniest particle of hair, getting the job done in a jiffy. The navigation is smooth and steady, leaving behind zero signs of redness, tugging, and friction, thanks to its ability to rotate at an angle of 360 degrees at all times.

While I am an advocate of dry shaving, I must say that Remington Balder Pro’s ability to simultaneously be a wet and dry shaver should be music to the ears of those that prefer shaving in the shower. Since the base is also curated with a non-slip grip, struggling to use the gadget when the palms are clammy only exists in theory.

The Li-Ion battery was initially installed to provide more time with the device, which can indeed serve for 5 different sessions at a time. However, I also believe that the Li-Ion battery makes the device faster at removing hair, reducing the time taken to achieve a clean shave.

Upkeep and maintenance

The clean-up process of Remington’s Balder Pro is another element that I was quite fond of. Since the head shaver carries a separate chamber for capturing hair, none of the sessions that I spent with the Balder Pro was messy or overwhelming. In fact, as soon as I opened the chamber over the sink, every little and sizable piece of hair came out without a hassle, clearing out the device with ease.

To keep the blades as good as new after each shave, I tried using the lubricant provided with the box. While the cleansing agent was effective at first, I replaced the item with olive oil since the latter seemed more effective in cleaning the dual-track heads.

Budget-friendly: Is it worth the investment?

An element that still makes me admire Remington’s Balder Pro is its lenient price tag, catering to both beginners and veterans.

The head shaver currently carries a value that barely crosses $50, being a must-have for anyone with a tight budget. Since the device also carries promising technological features and goes above and beyond to generate the best possible buzz cut on any hair, I would also recommend this item to novices in the male grooming community.

Achieving Ultimate Shaving Results With Remington Balder Pro: A Step-by-step Tutorial!

The section above has every minor detail regarding Remington Balder Pro and just how well it adapts to one’s skin to generate extremely impressive results. However, in order for one to do that, following a specific set of rules is necessary.

While it doesn’t come with a handbook, shaving the head properly can really enable one to transform their appearance without facing repercussions like nicks, cuts and bruises. And if you’re eager to discover the steps you must abide by when putting the Remington Balder Pro to use, remember to read the guide below!

Wash your scalp properly

Since the scalp accumulates glands of sweat, and carries a compilation of build-up and dirt, shaving it without cleaning the surface beforehand can lead to injuries, such as nicks and cuts.

To avoid that with your Remington Balder Pro, wash the scalp thoroughly prior to letting the shaver work its magic. Use a gentle cleansing foam to make sure the area is as clean as a whistle!

Apply shaving foam or gel

If your scalp is susceptible to damage, even the hypoallergenic blades of the Remington Balder Pro won’t save you from enduring injuries. However, if you use shaving foam or hydrating gel to protect the layer of skin before running the head shaver through the surface, the shaving experience should be as delightful as the results.

Eliminate thinning areas first

Once the foam settles in, start with the thinning areas first, since they’re easier to remove. While clearing the region should also take a shorter amount of time than locations with thicker strands, make sure each stroke is as lenient as possible, since thinning areas are also quite vulnerable to injuries.

Remington Balder Pro Gripping

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Ensure you have a good grip

In addition to being as gentle as possible, one should also have a stable grip when using the Remington Balder Pro to shave the scalp. Doing so won’t just eliminate more strands of hair with ease, but also mininmize the damage incurred.

On a separate note, if you feel that your palms are too clammy, and get in the way of your form, use baby powder or chalk powder, two agents that absorb moisture from damp surfaces.

Wash the scalp to avoid repercussions

Once your scalp is all clean and clear, take the necessary steps to wipe out the shaved pieces of hair. In addition, rinse your scalp thoroughly shortly after to avoid repercussions which may involve razor burns, itchiness, acne and more. You may also use an aftershave lotion with zero to no alcohol to clean the area without drying it out.

Remington Balder Pro vs. Pitbull Skull Shaver: How Well It Holds Up Against Its Archenemy

Remington Balder Pro vs. Pitbull Skull Shaver

Remington’s Balder Pro is definitely a great tool to carry around and utilize if you prioritize aesthetic results, carrying skin-friendly blades that operate in a time-friendly manner with tons of precision. When push comes to shove, it is believed that Remington’s Balder Pro has what it takes to be a frontrunner in the industry of head shavers.

Life on top isn’t easy for a brand like Remington, however, since the Balder Pro is always pitted against Pitbull’s Skull Shaver Gold, a candidate which carries essential components to produce high-quality, long-lasting, and memorable shaving results.

The two candidates are, without a doubt, the best equipment to place one’s trust in when shaving the scalp. But if you’re wondering which companion takes home the grand prize, toggle through the assessment left below.


Remington’s Balder Pro contains 5 dual track heads as opposed to the 4 head pro blades of Pitbull’s Skull Shaver Pro. In the grand scheme of things, both options are quite delightful, since the rotary blades on each item are agile, efficient, and hypoallergenic, making both candidates great companions for damaged and sensitive skin. For carrying hypoallergenic blades, both candidates provide a clean look without leaving behind signs of bruising and injuries.

Things gravitate more in favor of Pitbull when it comes to endurance, since the Li-Ion battery it carries lasts for over an hour and 30 minutes, giving it the edge over its counterpart, which often serves for 50 minutes on a full charge.


Both devices are virtually identical from afar, comprising a narrow frame that fits quite easily in the palm of the hand. And although both offer smooth shaving sessions without a hassle, Remington’s Balder Pro has the upper hand in this scenario due to weighing significantly less than its counterpart.

The weight difference, at the end of the day, is quite minimal. However, Remington’s Balder Pro weighs a whole pound less than the Skull Shaver Pitbull Gold Pro, making it the better option for clumsy and lightweight users to resort to.


The durability of each item is dependable and indestructible, which explains why both items can last you a couple of good years. However, the design and housing of each item vary, creating conflict once again.

Pitbull’s Skull Shaver Gold Pro and Remington’s Balder Pro are both formed with ergonomic materials, but the former is more technologically advanced.

While both of them have necessities like a non-slip grip, Pitbull’s Skull Shaver Gold Pro looks more luxurious due to comprising an LED display that monitors the battery life.

Versatility and Compatibility

Despite being classified as a shaver, both Remington Balder Pro and Skull Shaver Gold Pro should only be used to groom, maintain, and shave the scalp. To deliver top-notch results each time, the blades of each product need to be lubricated and replaced every 3 months or so.

When it comes to replacement blades, the Remington Balder Pro is only compatible with one. That’s where Pitbull’s Skull Shaver gets the better of its opponent once again, being compatible with 3 different types of blades.


Remington Balder Pro loses out tremendously in terms of versatility when pitted against Pitbull’s Skull Shaver. However, it makes a remarkable comeback with its convenient pricing, catering to both beginners and veterans with a knack for male grooming.

As opposed to Remington, Skull Shaver is almost double the amount. This can be perceived normally if you have a budget with no rope, but can be difficult to fathom for those with a moderately-low budget.

Remington Balder Pro vs. Skull Shaver Pitbull Pro: A Thorough Recap

If the previous coverage was too long to be comprehensible, here’s a table that will give you a recap on the battle between Remington Balder Pro and Skull Shaver Pitbull Pro; two specialists in the art of head shaving!

Model Remington Balder Pro Skull Shaver Pitbull Pro
Shaving Head 5 Dual Track Heads Forte Pro 4 (4 shaving heads)
Hypoallergenic Blades AvailableAvailable
BatteryLi-Ion Battery Li-Ion Battery
Wet/Dry Shaving YesYes
Price Check Price Check Price

Frequently Asked Question

Now that you’re wary of how helpful Remington Balder Pro can be when used on a daily basis to maintain a clean-cut appearance, and the ways in which the grooming companion dominates the Pitbull Gold Pro, we assume your purchase is minutes away.

However, if things still seem blurry due to unresolved feelings of doubt, consider skimming through the following set of questions to tackle each one effectively!

Q: How long does it take Remington’s Balder Pro to reach a full battery life?

Ans: In its prime, Remington’s Balder Pro takes around 4 complete hours to reach a full battery life. Once fully charged, the top-grade head shaver can serve any individual for 50 straight minutes, irrespective of hair type.

Q: Is Remington Balder Pro good for sensitive skin?

Ans: In addition to being easy to work with, Remington’s Balder Pro is a master at its job with its 5 dual track heads, all of which are hypoallergenic. Hypoallergenic blades are known for being just as efficient as any other blade, but are also more polished at removing hair without leaving behind signs of scarring, pulling, and applying any unnecessary amounts of pressure.

Q: Can I use Remington Balder Pro to shave other parts of my body?

Ans: Remington Balder Pro contains enough quickness and effectiveness to compete against the top brands in the world of grooming. However, since its main purpose is to maintain and iron out the strands on the scalp, using the gadget to take care of hairy issues on other body parts might seem more harmful than beneficial, to say the least.

Final Takeaway: A Shaver That Caters To Everyone

Regardless of whether you’re a newbie or simply seeking a substitute for your current head shaver, a compelling replacement that has what it takes to be the frontline of your styling needs is Remington Balder Pro, a user-friendly and cost-efficient head shaver carrying multiple selling points.

From carrying a shaving head with quintuple hypoallergenic blades to being a convenient handheld device, the Remington Balder Pro ensures professional results, and does so in under 10 minutes. The device is easy to navigate, and carries a Li-Ion battery that can survive for 50 minutes, making it sufficient enough for 5 shaving sessions.

In contrast to Pitbull’s Skull Shaver Gold Pro, Remington’s Balder Pro is a tad bit more efficient at removing coarse pieces. And although the former has the edge due to having a battery life that is two times as powerful as its counterpart, Remington’s Balder Pro has the last laugh with its incredibly reasonable price tag, making it the better option in the Personal Grooming Community.

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