Remington HC4250 Shortcut Pro Review: Get a Perfect Haircut at Home

Are you one of those who enjoy keeping a longer hair style or the shorter ones?

For those who love the idea of shorter hair styles but are put off by thought visiting the barber for a cut every few weeks – I know the feeling! One of the only reasons that I do not go for shorter hair styles is that my hair grows out of the style in a matter of just 2 weeks.

This means that with a short haircut, you have to visit the barbershop twice a month to maintain a fresh look. So, why not get a trimmer and take care of it at home?

But at home haircuts and professional barber haircuts are not the same!

Yes, you can pick up a trimmer and make your hair shorter at home to your desired length. But the finesse in detailing done by barber cannot be replicated. Or can it?

The grooming industry is dominated by the three heavyweights – the Wahl, Oster and Andis. There is not a clear ranking of who takes a particular spot, but they combined are the best three. In this same industry, Remington has managed to make a mark of its own as The Innovators!

Remington has repeatedly broken boundaries to create innovative designs for its users with the number one focus on convenience. The HC4250 Shortcut Pro is an incredibly innovative tool which is easy to use and the perfect cordless clipper for home users.

Let’s take a close look at one of the best trimmers for short or long hair – the Remington HC4250 Shortcut Pro!

Remington Shortcut Pro Specification

FeaturesRemington HC4250
Length Settings1.5 to 15 mm
Length Combs 9
kit14 piece
Warranty5 Years
Blade sizeExtra wide
Run time40 Minutes
Charge Time4 Hours
Corded/cordless Both
Travel pouchYes
Price Check Price

Who is Going to Benefit by Using it?

The Shortcut Pro is for those who love keep short hair.

How short? You may think… This Remington model is built for keeping hair around 1/2 inch or shorter. It is just the ideal solution for that stubble look for your head. Even for those who want to flaunt a cool buzz cut, it is most useful.

Who is Going to Benefit by Using it

In fact, for the cool buzz cut, it is not only easy, but quick! So, given that its ridiculously lightweight, it’s a double winner. It is the best cordless option and the best clipper for balding. It’s a tool that anyone will love to use!

The innovative design is comfortable for not only your hands, but just your palm! Yes, you heard that

right, it will fit in the palm of your hand. This makes it easy for trimming the back of your head, neckline, around the ears, etc. without any struggle. Given its small size, the stainless-steel blades are able to easily cut through both silky soft hair and even the thickest hair.

For those of who have the toughest time dealing with loud noises during haircuts, this is perfect. Not only is the motor efficient in reducing pulling and snagging of your hair, it has very low noise levels.

A portable clipper which is both quiet and effective for clipping hair effortlessly. The humming noise is not at all distracting and is perfect for reserved, private use.

The Promise by Remington Shortcut Pro

The promise of Remington from its innovative Shortcut Pro model is quick & convenient clipping!

It is one of the smallest & stylish designs which is an excellent portable hair clipping solution. This Pro clipper is a complete Self-Haircut Kit which provides all the short style trimming needs. You can use it without too much complications for trimming your own hair in various lengths comfortably & quickly. There are 9 combs for the many different hair lengths.

Remington promises that you can turn cutting your hair as a tried & tested DIY project!

With all the things needed for a quality haircut at home, the ergonomic design is not just innovative but also comfortable. The curved blade works well with the natural shape of your head for comfortable and precise haircuts.

Another big plus is it’s blade which is easily over 50% wider compared to most standard clippers. What this means is that you cut through more hair with every stride. The Lithium battery powered machine provides an easy 40 minutes of runtime for finishing what you started, every time!

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Accessories Which Make the Promise Worthy

Accessories of Remington HC4250 Shortcut Pro

If the promises by Remington were not enough to convince you then maybe what comes in the box will. The Shortcut Pro is a complete Self-Haircut Kit.

It is in total a 13-piece kit which accompanies the cool hand-held clipper. There are 9 combs which come in various sizes between 1/16″ to 5/8″. Interestingly, they all follow the slight curvy design of the trimmer for a more effective cut.

The kit also comes with a small tube of clipper oil which is perfect to keep the self-sharpening blades lubricated for a long lifetime. A brush for cleaning any trapped hair or otherwise general cleaning. There is the trademark Remington bag to keep all the precious accessories safely together.

Reviewing the Design of the Remington

The Remington HC4250 has dimensions of 9.8 x 7 x 2.5 inches. It is without a doubt in the smaller range of products. It has no room to feature anything unnecessary. An absolute compact design where you get the exact functional product. The size is not just important to frequent travelers but also for those who like to use up little space in storage.

Remington HC4250 Shortcut Pro design

The Remington flaunts a beautifully compact body which is fully waterproof. The body of the HC4250 clipper is not just aesthetically pleasing, it is also quite energetically & practically designed. The full rights have been given to the user’s convenience.

Let’s look at a few things of the Haircut Pro from both the perspectives of design & functionality, you quickly realize its amazing offering:

  • A corded or cordless hair clipper.
  • A fully waterproof machine with minimal mess and maximum results.
  • An innovative, compact design for ultimate control & comfort.

A truly winning combination with both design and function. All this is topped off with the 40 minutes of battery backup provided by a Lithium-ion battery. Of course, with the ability to use it corded if that’s what you want.

The battery life and the compact design of the Remington makes it quite the travel companion for not just those who are always on the go, but also for those who want to store it away without taking up room. The non-slip grip ensures total control under any condition.

The design of the blade of the Shortcut Pro features an Extra-wide Curved Blade. Now, that doesn’t just mean that it’s a wider blade, but the wider blade is able to cater to the varying contours of your head as well. This makes it possible to get a closer and cleaner cut.

The Lithium-ion Battery Backup of the Shortcut Pro

The Remington HC4250 Shortcut Pro Hair Clipper features the industry standard battery using the lithium-ion technology. The Rechargeable Battery gives a solid cordless runtime of 40 minutes. But it does have the versatility of being used as a corded clipper, if necessary.

Lithium-ion Battery Backup of the Shortcut Pro

The clipper needs a massive 4 hours of charging to reach its full potential. As mentioned earlier, that will give the user 40 minutes of actual trimming time. Depending on how long it takes you, you can cut your up to 10 times or barely once before a recharge.

It may not be such an appealing option in the modern day to have the corded option. But think about it, if you needed a longer clipping time, or forgot to charge it, then the corded operation using a power outlet will be a great rescue. The freedom to choose to be tied down or not – to the user!

Now, it does not have the few niggling issues such as typical trimmers which don’t work at all until charged. Also, you don’t have to rely on the 4 hours for a full charge. A quick rescue is provided by the quick charge option for a 5-minute backup.

The lithium battery technology may be the current standard, but it’s not just average, however not so spectacular either. A shift in the battery technology will prove to be massive. For this particular model, at least 2 or 3 shorter haircuts can be completed in the 40 minutes.

Remington’s Overall Performance Level

Remington’s Overall Performance Level

The Remington HC4250 Hair Trimmer designed to perform!

The overall performance of the Shortcut Pro hair clipper is so impressive, that you can single handedly get a fine haircut. The rubberized grips make it a strong hold to never lose control. You will not easily lose your grip or control, making it effective under all circumstances.

However, it is to be well-understood that this Remington HC4250 Shortcut Pro is not meant to be a professional use clipper. It does not have the power or endurance needed for professional use. But for casual, home users, it is simply perfect!

Given its affordable price, compact size, standard battery backup – it is an absolute bargain. You can easily clip your hair and rinse after for cleanup. Done & dusted!

The compact & minimalistic design does not compromise on its performance. The pure innovative genius of its design is reflected through the ease of usage it offers for everyday users.

Ultimate Convenience for Cleaning & Maintenance

Just imagine being in a hotel room, you need a trim without the fuss. You reach in the side pocket of your luggage, get a hold of the Shortcut Pro and clip your hair in just 2 minutes. You can simply rinse and let dry, before putting it back.

Ultimate Convenience for Cleaning & Maintenance

That’s the convenience of using this hair clipper – a quality trim with absolutely no strings attached.

Whether you are preparing for a date, a quick meeting, making yourself sharp on a dull morning – you will look your best without having to spend hours cleaning up using the Remington HC4250.

If you want to take a shower and still trim your hair, you can do both together! The Remington HC4250 has no issues with water, as it is 100% fully waterproof. In the shower, you can get a quick trim, rinse and be on your way with a sharp look.

The cleaning of the clipper is simply done best using water. It is the easiest way to wash it without harming your trimmer. Simply left under the tap in running water, it will clean up without any hassle. The stainless-steel blades are corrosion and rust free so danger of harming the blades. However, it is the best practice to let dry after every wash.

The blades are not high maintenance as they are self-sharpening blades. But drying after washing will ensure that the blades last you longer without risk of rust and corrosion.

The hair clipper itself is very easy to clean. The blades can be removed if you want to give the inside a thorough cleaning using the brush that comes included. Also, it is a good idea to apply a bit of the oil after each use for longer lasting, longer performing and an over fully satisfied experience.

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What I Like About It

  • The stunningly innovative & ergonomic design is amazing – it is extremely light in weight and fits perfectly in the palm of your hand, making it easy to reach all around your head, the neckline, around the ears, and the back of your head.
  • A complete kit with 14 pieces which are stored in a nice Storage Pouch – the combs are length-adjustable similar to any other standard size clipper and it comes with brush and oil for cleaning & maintenance.
  • The Removable Stainless-Steel Blades – The precision blades use self-sharpening technology and easily take care of all kinds of hair such as thick hair without pulling and snagging.
  • Incredible independence of corded and cordless use – 40 minutes back up after a full charge and quick charge for a quick 5-minute use.
  • The Extra-Wide Curved Blade – the curved blades match the varying contours of the clipping surface for closer and neater cut.
  • Fully Washable using just water & 100% Waterproof.
  • The motor runs quiet & peacefully.

What I Don’t Like About It

  • Battery life is just par at 40 minutes but it is saved by the quick charge and corded use.
  • Slightly sensitive machine which requires slower and delicate movement for perfect cuts.
  • Around the ears cutting is most difficult due to the extra wide curved blade – a downside to the curved blade since the area around the ears is flat.
  • The added feature of vacuum function will massively improve the positives for the Remington Shortcut Pro hair clipper.


From this thorough review of the Remington HC4250 Shortcut Pro hair clipper it can be said that it is quite the powerhouse packed in a mini size. For all your basic needs of cutting hair, it is definitely a product that should be considered.

The Shortcut Pro is highly recommended for home users & frequent travelers for a simple and effective solution, any day!

It has a precise and effortless cutting ability which is enhanced by the ability of the blade to adjust to the shape of your head. The battery life is standard and versatility is on offer for corded usage. For shorter and longer hairstyles, the adjusted length settings and combs are perfect.

The innovative design of the Remington HC4250 makes it effortless it is to handle. It is also simple to clean and very easy to maintain. All in all, a great product for a bargain price in a compact size!

If you are casual user, you will love it and it is most recommended. But for professionals, there are more demanding & specific requirements which will be better catered through alternative options.

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